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Games Results Sport Event
Antwerp 1920
Games Results Sport Event
Antwerp 1920
Figure Skating Pairs

Alexia BRYN

Birth date
24 Mar 1889 Oslo, Norway

Number of medals

1 Olympic medals

Olympic Games

1 Olympic Games

Alexia BRYN biography

At the age of 18 Kristiania-born Alexia Schøien started to compete in pairs skating with Yngvar Bryn, at that time a well-known Norwegian athlete. Together they won 11 Norwegian pairs championships, from 1908-13 and 1919-22. The couple married in 1912, after winning the bronze medal in the World Figure Skating Championships earlier the same year. In addition to the couple’s silver medal from the 1920 Olympics, they ended their active career at the 1923 World Figure Skating Championships by earning another silver medal. Alexia also competed in swimming, cycling and skiing. She died in Oslo at the age of 94.