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London 1908 1908
Games Results Sport Event
London 1908 1908
#AC Athletics Marathon
#2 h1 r1/2 Athletics 3 mile, Team

Dorando PIETRI


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1 Olympic Games

Dorando PIETRI biography

Dorando Pietri is the most famous loser in Olympic history. Entering the stadium at the end of the 1908 Olympic marathon he held a comfortable lead over Johnny Hayes (USA), but then collapsed five times and had to be helped across the finishing line. This assistance from well-meaning officials resulted in his disqualification but, in defeat, Pietri's fame far exceeded that of the winner. Queen Alexandra presented him with a large gold cup which was an exact replica of the one awarded to the Olympic champion, and Irving Berlin wrote the popular song "Dorando" in his honor. Pietri turned professional shortly after the 1908 Olympics and enjoyed a successful career in America and Europe.

Personal Best: Mar – 2-38:49 (1910).