Games & medals

Games Results Sport Event
Nagano 1998 1998
Games Results Sport Event
Nagano 1998 1998
#7 Alpine Skiing Slalom
#AC Alpine Skiing Combined
Lillehammer 1994 1994
Games Results Sport Event
Lillehammer 1994 1994
#6 Alpine Skiing Slalom
Albertville 1992 1992
Games Results Sport Event
Albertville 1992 1992
Alpine Skiing Slalom
Calgary 1988 1988
Games Results Sport Event
Calgary 1988 1988
#35 Alpine Skiing Downhill
#AC Alpine Skiing Super G
#AC Alpine Skiing Giant Slalom
#AC Alpine Skiing Slalom
#9 Alpine Skiing Combined


Finn Christian JAGGE

Alpine Skiing
178 cm / 5'10''
89 kg / 195 pounds
Birth date
4 Apr 1966 Oslo, Norway

Number of medals

1 Olympic medals

Olympic Games

4 Olympic Games

Finn Christian JAGGE biography

Finn Christian Jagge was brought up in a highly competitove sports family. His father Finn Dag Jagge has 42 Norwegian Championships wins in tennis in the period 1955-68, still the highest number of national championships gold for a Norwegian tennis player. His mother Liv Jagge-Christiansen was an Olympian in alpine skiing in 1960 and 1964. Together they won the Norwegian championships in mixed doubles tennis in 1968.

Finn Christian Jagge won his first of eight national titles in Alpine skiing when he won the slalom event in 1985, aged 18. He qualified for the 1988 Winter Olympics where he competed in every Alpine skiing events with little success. After that he specialized in slalom, which resulted in Olympic gold in 1992, sixth place in 1994 and seventh place in 1998. He won seven World Cup competitions in slalom in the period 1992-2000, and ended his skiing career after the 1999/2000 season. He later settled in Oslo, working as a Director of Business Development for a Norwegian mobile telephone company.