Games & medals

Games Results Sport Event
Innsbruck 1976
Games Results Sport Event
Innsbruck 1976
Cross Country Skiing 4 × 5 kilometres Relay
Grenoble 1968
Games Results Sport Event
Grenoble 1968
#18 Cross Country Skiing 10 kilometres


Cross Country Skiing
159 cm / 5'3''
54 kg / 118 pounds
Birth date
27 Sep 1943 Suonenjoki, Finland

Number of medals

1 Olympic medals

Olympic Games

2 Olympic Games

Liisa SUIKHONEN biography

Liisa Suihkonen made her international début at the 1966 World Championships and also competed at the 1968 Olympic Winter Games and 1970 and 1974 World Championships, but did not reach the podium at any of those meets. The high point of her career came at the 1976 Winter Olympics, when she won a silver in the relay, in her only start of those games. Domestically Suikhonen won one Finnish title in 1966 in the 10 km. During and after her sporting career Suihkonen worked as a school teacher. She has also worked with the Suonenjoki City Council, and from 1997 she has been the chairman of Suonenjoen Vasama.

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