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Games Results Sport Event
Los Angeles 1984 1984
Games Results Sport Event
Los Angeles 1984 1984
Rhythmic Gymnastics Individual


Rhythmic Gymnastics
163 cm / 5'4''
43 kg / 94 pounds
Birth date
21 Feb 1963 Vancouver, Canada

Number of medals

1 Olympic medals

Olympic Games

1 Olympic Games

Lori FUNG biography

Lori Fung took up rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 13 and, only one year later, competed in her first Canadian Championships. She did not win it, but she persevered and attended her first World Championships in 1981, placing 30th, which was more representative of Eastern Europe’s domination in the sport than any lack of talent from Fung. She earned her first national title in 1982 and did not relinquish this crown until her 1988 retirement. Moving up to 23rd at the World Championships in 1983, her chances for an Olympic medal were boosted by the Soviet-led boycott of the 1984 Summer Games, but she still faced many strong competitors, most notably Romania’s Doina Stăiculescu, the tournament favorite. In a surprising upset, however, Fung not only medaled, but defeated Stăiculescu and took home the first-ever Olympic gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics.

With the return of Eastern Europe, Fung had a respectable ninth-place showing at the 1985 World Championships, the same year that she was made a Member of the Order of Canada. In 1987, on her way to that year’s World Championships, she was struck with appendicitis and forced to abandon the tournament. Although she attempted to qualify for the 1988 Summer Olympics, the lingering effects of the appendicitis, coupled with the Epstein–Barr virus and tendinitis, caused her to retire from active competition. Since then she has worked as a coach and, in addition to the Order of Canada, she has received the Order of British Columbia (1990) and been inducted into the British Columbia Sports (1985) and Canada’s Sports (2004) Halls of Fame.