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Original Series


The strangest moments, Athletes before they were Superstars, Records under the microscope and more. All the shows of the Olympic Channel, including every episode available, just one click away.

5 episodes

Against All Odds

Inspiring stories of athletes who’ve overcome great personal and professional adversity before finding success at the highest levels.

18 episodes

The Tech Race

A global exploration of the past, present and future of technology and science as applied to Olympic sports and athletes.

10 episodes

Patagonia Dreaming

World-class skiers and snowboarders travel to the end of the world to live and train during the summer off-season months.

4 episodes

Camps to Champs

Olympians travel to refugee camps around the world to see how sport can positively affect the lives of the displaced

14 episodes

Generation Rise: Middle East and North Africa

A first-hand look at what it takes to be an up-and-coming athlete in the Middle East & North Africa, a region on the rise.

9 episodes

Coming of age: China after Beijing 2008

The legacy of the radical national sports program undertaken by China for the 2008 Games

1 episode

The Beautiful Games

The beauty of the Olympic Games, and the most famous moments in its history, brought to life through animation.

8 episodes

A Game for two

Olympic couples tell their love stories, victories and defeats in competition and life.

12 episodes

Hitting The Wall

Fitness-minded social influencers are paired with Olympians from around the world in order to experience their highly demanding workouts.

6 episodes

Road to Glory

A journey through individual sports and prominent sporting figures, from the origins of Athens 1896 to the modern day.

5 episodes

Flame Catchers

A look back at the legacy of hosting the Olympic Games from the perspective of the young lives, spectators, and athletes impacted most.

6 episodes

Anatomy of

In a sport science lab, the physiques and unique body characteristics of Olympic athletes are analysed to reveal what makes them so special.

2 episodes

Flow Mode

Sports are more than just competitions and results. Athlete engage with their sport in often personal way away from the crowds and cameras.

13 episodes

Kids Call

Kids act as sportscasters while watching some of the famous moments from Olympic history, offering their own unique take.

16 episodes

Transform My Meal

World class chefs help Olympic athletes transform their boring eating habits into gourmet dishes while preserving nutritional values.

1 episode

Cambodia's Search For Glory

Olympic scholarship recipient Sorn Seavmey gave sports a facelift in Cambodia under the tutelage of Korean taekwondo master, Choi Yong Sok.

8 episodes

The Z Team

Struggling sports teams receive a helping hand from a game-changing coach and Olympic legend for whom losing is not an option.

12 episodes

Gold Medal Entourage

Behind every Olympic athlete is a strong support team that plays a critical role in every victory, no matter how big or small.

9 episodes

On The Line

The fascinating inside track on the Games talking points, pieced together with exclusive archive footage and insightful telephone interviews

40 episodes

Before They Were Superstars

Revisiting what the world's biggest stars were like in their early years before they experienced glory at the Olympic Games.

16 episodes

Heroes of the Future

The Olympic champions of tomorrow are already hard at work. Meet those young athletes from around the world at the top of their game.

8 episodes

Flag and Family

Profiles of what it means to be a first-generation athlete in Europe as they try to balance national and personal identities.

28 episodes

Strangest Moments

The most unusual moments from Olympic history are investigated once again to reveal the stranger side of the five rings.

50 episodes

The Olympics On the Record

The most famous Olympic Records are presented in entertaining packages using recreations, animations and a mix of other visual methods.

5 episodes

Five Lives

Five everyday Brazilians witness the transformative power of the Olympics in the lead up to the 2016 Games in Rio.

26 episodes

Vinicius and Tom

Official Rio mascots Vinicius and Tom guarantee mischief and mayhem at the Olympics and Paralympics in a series by CN.