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Liz Gleadle: Win the Morning

Start your year off right with the Canadian javelin record holder and two-time Olympian who plans to wake up your mind and body ready for the day.

By Rory Jiwani ·

Are you a morning person? If not, Canadian javelin record holder Liz Gleadle has the solution.

The 2015 Pan American Games champion and two-time Olympian admits she is "obsessed with habits and routines" stemming from how she qualified for London 2012 after a very lucky escape when she was hit by a hammer - of the athletics rather than hardware variety.

A professional athlete for nine years, she says her most effective habit is her morning drill which she has passed on to other sportspeople and companies.

Gleadle has teamed up with the IOC and Worldwide Olympic Partner Airbnb to host an Online Experience where you can learn her morning routine "that sets you up to win the day".

Win the Morning with Liz Gleadle - Airbnb

"I have a night-time routine and training routines, but the morning one is the easiest to share. How we start our day is what regulates the rest of the day." - Liz Gleadle

Airbnb Experience - Liz Gleadle

The Online Olympic Experience

As well as being a world-class athlete, Gleadle has a degree in kinesiology - the study of body movement mechanics and their impact on health and wellbeing.

That expertise helps shape her online experience which covers everything you need to start off your day in the best possible way.

First, she will take you through the morning routine which helps her compete at a world-class level starting with a glass of cold water flavoured with lime and salt.

Next up are some "gentle but energising movements" to wake up the body followed by "journaling cues" - questions to ask yourself - to activate a positive and motivated mindset.

Then comes a short meditation and, to finish, an explanation of the benefits of having a cold shower and how to enjoy one! And yes, you will be expected to have one right then.

Throughout the 90-minute session, your engaging host will tell stories about her career - including how she never used to be a morning person - and discuss what you hope to achieve.

The 32-year-old is aiming to compete at her third Olympic Games in Tokyo this year.

One thing's for certain - she will do everything in her power to maximise her chances of making that trip to Japan.

"Track and field is a game of centimetres. Every little thing I do helps me in some way. I looked at the science of all these things and I know they will benefit me and keep me motivated."