What do Colin Jackson and Adam Rippon have in common?

The Olympic medallists 30 years apart both have political aspirations.

They may come from opposite sites of the Atlantic Ocean, but Colin Jackson and Adam Rippon have many things in common.

The pair won Olympic medals in Korea 30 years apart — Jackson taking silver in the men's 110m hurdles at Seoul 1988, with Rippon claming team figure skating bronze for USA in February at PyeongChang 2018.

And now both are thinking about entering the world of politics.

"I'm considering it very seriously."

—Colin Jackson

"It's not too far away," Jackson said. "I do find it interesting, I do have a passion for politics. I live in Wales, and we have the Welsh Assembly, and I've always been passionate about what's happening at that local level."

Rippon has been vocal about politics and LGBT rights, publicly criticising American Vice-President Mike Pence during the PyeongChang Games.

"I think that my spat with Mike Pence, if anything, shows that I want to be involved in politics," he said in an interview with Advocate. "I've always been passionate about it, I think it's really fascinating."

Celebrity status

Rippon is a man in demand having admitted he will probably not skate competitively again.

And his career could follow a similar path to twice world champion and former world record holder Jackson who quit athletics in 2003.

After retirement, the Welshman quickly moved into television and currently works as an analyst for the BBC, in addition to appearing on shows such as Celebrity Masterchef.

"I still have something different to do every day," he told Olympic Channel. "It's a mixed bag, with being a celebrity on TV and having a professional hat on in knowing my event of athletics."

The pair have also both appeared on reality dancing shows.

Rippon won season 26 of the U.S. show Dancing with the Stars, three months after his success in PyeongChang.

Jackson performed on the British version of the show, Strictly Come Dancing, in 2005 and made an appearance on a Christmas special last year.

After excelling as a contestant, Rippon will be one of the three judges for Dancing with the Stars: Juniors starting on 7 October.

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