Introducing the four sports making their Youth Olympic Games debuts

From Breaking to Sport Climbing, here’s the lowdown on Buenos Aires 2018’s new sports.

The Youth Olympic Games not only presents a chance for the world’s best young athletes to compete, but also for new sports to be brought to the Olympic audience.

One of the Olympic Agenda 2020’s key objectives was to increase engagement with the younger generation.

This has been achieved with the inclusion of urban, upcoming and globally-popular sports on the Youth Olympic Games programme.

Lets take a look at the sports making their YOG debut, and where you can watch them in Buenos Aires.

Dancesport - Breaking

Spinning and twisting in street dance style to big beats, Breaking is perhaps the most radical of the new events.

The dancesport featured possibly the most innovative Olympic qualifying process ever, where athletes submitted videos of themselve online, with the winners being selected for the World Youth Breaking Championships in Japan.

Two breakers will go head to head in a 'battle' - one performing first followed by their opponent's response.

The dancers will be scored by five judges on criteria including creativity, personality, technique and musicality.

There will be 12 b-boys and 12 b-girls who will do battle in separate competitions.

Also keep an eye on the exciting mixed event, where one boy and one girl will be paired together based on their individual event ranking.

Breaking will take place in the Urban Park from 7-11 October and you can watch all the action on Olympic Channel.


From ancient Japan to the modern metropolis of Buenos Aires, Karate is sure to be a YOG 2018 hit.

Eight karatekas will compete in each of the three different weight categories per gender.

Each bout lasts two minutes, though it is not full-contact fighting with athletes focusing on technique.

One point is awarded for “Yuko” – a straight punch or strikes delivered to the body and/or face, while a middle kick delivered to the body is rewarded with two points.

“Ippon” is worth three points and is scored for a high kick delivered to the head, or for a punch delivered on an opponent who has been taken to the ground after takedown.

There will be particularly high interest in the martial art, which makes its full Olympic debut in the country of its birth at Tokyo 2020.

You can catch Karate at the Europa Pavilion in the Youth Olympic Park on 17-18 October and you can watch all the action on Olympic Channel.

Roller sports

Here is another youth-driven inclusion that should satisfy any fans with a need for speed.

Roller Sports combine the thrills of the cycling velodrome with the spills and overtaking of short track on ice.

For each gender, 12 athletes will race over 500m, 1000m and the 5000m elimination, and the cumulative results will determine the winner.

The event was first seen on the Olympic stage at Nanjing 2014 YOG, where it was well received as a demonstration sport.

Catch the action on 7-8 October at the Paseo de la Costa, and you can watch all the action on Olympic Channel.

Sport climbing

Sport Climbing is as much a mental test as it is an extreme physical workout with 20 boys and 20 girls participating.

Athletes will compete across the three climbing disciplines of bouldering, lead and speed climbing, and their combined scores will decide the medals.

Bouldering involves navigating a short route without a rope and climbers can take multiple attempts at the problem within a four-minute time limit.

Lead climbing sees competitors start at the bottom of a route, ascending within a certain time frame and 'clipping in' at certain points. They are only allowed one attempt per problem.

Speed climbing lives up to its name with athletes scaling a standardised route as quickly as possible, often within eight seconds.

Like Karate, Sport Climbing has also been included in the full Olympic programme for Tokyo 2020.

Sport climbers in Buenos Aires will take to Urban Park's Sport Climbing Wall from 7-10 October and you can watch all the action on Olympic Channel.

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