Isolation Diaries: With Indian golfer Aditi Ashok

The 22-year-old reveals a peculiar new skill she is cultivating and why she does not watch TV shows.

By Rahul Venkat ·

Indian golfer Aditi Ashok has already accomplished an awful lot in her career, with three Ladies European Tour (LET) wins, a place on the LPGA Tour as well as representing her country at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Ashok was just beginning her 2020 season, playing four tournaments, before things were brought to a halt.

She is currently at home in Bengaluru, and the Olympic Channel’s recent chat revealed that she has been spending her time getting reacquainted with some old passions that had taken a backseat due to her career.

Have you been indoors for this long before?

Not at all. I have probably stayed home for two or three days maybe after I come back from tour for the off-season but never for so long.

One new skill you have learnt in the past month.

Since I have so much time, I have tried writing with my left hand recently. I just thought it would be good to engage both sides of the brain.

Other than that, I have started baking more. I baked a cake once or twice in between my travels but could never perfect it, so now I can do it five or six times to get it right. I’m not a chef or anything (chuckles).

What's your diet been like in these times?

I am a vegan, so my diet has not changed too much.

The only thing I’d say is I have eaten a lot more cakes in the past month than I have in three or four years.

Your preferred way to workout from home.

During the regular season, my workouts were usually hour-long drills, be it golf-specific or otherwise.

Now, I mostly do high-intensity workouts for a short time so I do skipping and cycling, it is just better for me to do.

A TV series or book that you have enjoyed?

Oh, I do not watch TV shows because I get too invested in the story and addicted to the habit, so I prefer movies. I watched Knives Out recently and loved it.

As for books, I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, so I re-read all seven of them.

A person you have video-called with the most.

Umm no, not really. I chat with people a lot but have not gotten on video calls with them.

What is the first thing you will do after the isolation ends?

I’m used to being at the golf course early in the morning, with the cool air and the smell of fresh grass. It is something I have done since childhood, so I’d just like to go and have a good practice session and maybe play on the course.