Isolation Diaries: With Indian high jumper Tejaswin Shankar

The youngster is completing online classes and has found his diet going haywire amidst a reduced lockdown in Kansas.

By Rahul Venkat ·

Indian high jumper Tejaswin Shankar announced himself to the world by winning a prestigious gold in his debut season in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for Kansas State University in 2018.

He jumped 2.29 metres, setting a new national record in the process and it remains his best effort thus far. The 21-year-old is aiming to qualify for his maiden Olympics next year and has to either jump 2.33m or make the top-32 by participating in European competitions.

However, all that is on the backburner now.

The Olympic Channel caught up with Tejaswin Shankar to know his activities during lockdown in Kansas, where he is pursuing an undergrad course in business administration and found out that his love for cooking has meant that his diet has gone for a toss.

Last time you were indoors for this long?

Never! Even in school, you still could get out of the house to play or whatever, so this is new for me.

One new skill you learnt/tried out.

I’m quite fond of cooking so I took it up now.

I recently looked up a Mediterranean dish called Shakshuka and prepared it a few days back. Must say it turned out quite well! (says with pride) It looks like a poached egg at the end of it, I found it interesting.

One task/chore you have found yourself to be poor at.

I’m pretty bad at cleaning my house, it was an issue for me even before the lockdown (chuckles).

Anything related to it I’m bad, be it doing my laundry or keeping my room tidy so that is something I want to get better at.

Your preferred way to workout from home.

(Thinks hard) Let me be honest here,  my preferred way to workout at home is not workout at all, I like to keep all that out on the field.

What's your diet been like in times of shutdown?

The one drawback of the lockdown is that I tend to eat a lot more junk food - colas and chips have been on the rise.

A TV series or book that you have enjoyed.

I recently watched You on Netflix, I found it a bit creepy (laughs).

A person you have video-called with the most.

I talk to my sister a lot, she lives in New Delhi currently. Unfortunately, her 12th-grade exams were on and one last paper was postponed due to the lockdown.

First thing you will do after isolation ends.

I’ll probably go out and see my teammates.