Let top Olympic athletes give you a mind and body tune-up

Through Olympic State of Mind, Airbnb Experiences and Home Workouts, sport stars show you how to reach your mental and physical peak in 2021.

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Get yourself in peak mental and physical shape with the help of Olympic Channel in 2021.

Olympic State of Mind comprises sport stars showing how they use the techniques of motivation, visualisation and mindfulness to aid them in their sporting careers and day-to-day lives.

There is also a range of Airbnb Experiences where you can interact with Olympians who will pass on their advice on topics from goal-setting to being productive and making the most of your morning.

And for the body, there are a number of Home Workouts including the Olympic Day Workout and sport-specific exercises for you to try.

Olympic State of Mind

Olympic Channel, Bridgestone and top athletes in Olympic sports have teamed up to help you be the best version of yourself.

Those passing on their experience and wisdom are Team Bridgestone athlete ambassadors:

Watch videos featuring these stars and athletes of all abilities from around the world, and enhance your knowledge of motivation, visualisation and mindfulness.

Olympic State of Mind 2.0 | Trailer

Olympic State of Mind is a short video series that guide viewers through ea...


Six-time gold medallist Allyson Felix has new motivation as she targets a fifth Olympic Games at Tokyo 2020.

Now 35, Felix has not even let the postponement of the Games get in the way of her achieving her goals.

The American track star has won medals at each Games since Athens 2004.

As well as great triumphs, she has suffered painful defeats including in the individual 400m at Rio 2016 where she was denied gold by Shaunae Miller-Uibo's dive at the finish line.

But she rebounded from that setback, winning gold in the 4x100m and 4x400m relay to take her tally to six gold and three silvers and make her the most successful woman in .

In November 2018, Felix gave birth to her first child by emergency Caesarean section 32 weeks into her pregnancy after suffering severe pre-eclampsia.

Daughter Camryn had to spend a month in newborn intensive care before going home.

Felix also had to deal with one of her main sponsors cutting her pay due to her taking time out for childbirth.

Those events have fired her up ahead of what will be her final Games, and she remains a force to be reckoned with.

Victory in the women's and mixed 4x400m relays at the 2019 World Championships in Doha saw her go clear of Usain Bolt as the most successful athlete in the event's history with 13 golds.

"I feel like my motivation is different now. I think about doing things so that my daughter can see them so that she can have a great example."

Olympic State of Mind | Allyson Felix’s Motivation to succeed

Family is the only motivation needed for six-time gold medallist and Americ...


Ueda Ai is Japan's 'Iron Girl' after her six titles at Asian Championships and two gold medals from from the 2014 Asian Games,

Now 37, she has been at the top for over 15 years with her first Asian crown coming back in 2005.

Her fifth individual Asian title capped a spectacular 2019 which included four ITU World Cup wins.

By visualising the moment of triumph and how she feels in that instant, Ueda has managed to combine excellence with longevity in her chosen sport.

Great self-belief has also been essential in her career and she admits, "It's probably going to be difficult to achieve your goals if you don't have personal faith in your own potential."

Her advice is to, "Visualise the joy you'll feel when you make it happen. Keep a smile on your face in the good times and bad. A smile is something you can always manage to pull off.

"Use that smile to turn the people offering support around you into allies. There is no limit to ambition."

Olympic State of Mind | Visualise success with Japan’s ‘Iron Girl’, Ai Ueda

Visualisation and self-belief have played a major role for Japan’s 'Iron Gi...


Reigning Olympic javelin champion Thomas Rohler is pretty laidback about life in general.

Even when things are not going exactly to plan, he stays calm because he knows that they will soon go his way.

For the German, his mindfulness - the ability to be present in the moment - comes from experience and the knowledge he has built up over the years.

He says, "As an athlete, you don't wake up every morning being the perfect version of yourself.

"It's actually a good thing if you're feeling mentally exhausted, if you're physically exhausted. We know these situations. We know that it's going to be better the next day or the week after or actually a year after - some processes in sport take so long."

That mindful approach extends to competition where he takes in his surroundings rather than trying to shut out what's going on around him.

"I always want to have a good feeling of the situation where I am in the stadium and it starts at the warm-up track. I want to stay mentally super-clear in the surroundings of the competition venue."

"Turning negative thoughts into something positive is something you learn over the years because in training it's so normal to fail."

Olympic State of Mind | Use Mindfulness to remain calm like Thomas Rohler

Rio 2016 javelin champion Thomas Rohler takes a mindful approach to help hi...

Airbnb Experiences

Olympic diving champion Matthew Mitcham is one of the athletes providing Airbnb Experiences for the New Year.

The Australian will teach you how to crush your goals as only he can, using his 'SMART Goals' philosophy.

Former sprint relay world champion Mechelle Lewis Freeman uses her experiences as an Olympian and motivational speaker in her seminar called 'Optimising Mind and Body Performance'.

American marathon star and best-selling author Deena Kastor can help you channel "the power of positivity" whatever your profession or passion.

If you're not a morning person, Canadian javelin record holder and two-time Olympian Liz Gleadle has the solution with her experience entitled 'Win The Morning'.

Like Gleadle, sprint kayak world champion Alyce Burnett also hopes to compete at Tokyo 2020, and she lays out the difference between being busy and being productive over a coffee or beverage of your choice.

Airbnb Experience - Mechelle Lewis Freeman

Home Workouts

Search for 'Workout' in Olympic Channel and you will find a plethora of videos of athletes with something for everyone.

From Olympic figure skating champion Aljona Savchenko with her baby, to world artistic gymnastics champion Morgan Hurd with her cat, plus the record-breaking Olympic Day Workout, there's plenty to choose from.

Summer and Winter Olympian Pita Taufatofua, the topless Tongan flagbearer at Rio 2016 and PyeongChang 2018, had a set of daily workouts which you can enjoy here.

There are even sport-specific workouts featuring Jordanian taekwondo Olympic champion, Ahmad Abu Ghosh, and USA's figure skating team medallist from Sochi 2014, Jason Brown.

Home workout with Jason Brown and MD

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