Get moving with Olympic and Paralympic Week 2021!

The Paris 2024 innovative idea promotes the benefits of an active lifestyle, with the help of professional athletes.

By Andrew Binner ·

Today, February 1st, marks the start of Olympic and Paralympic Week - and it’s time to get moving!

In a world where screen-time is on the up and the global coronavirus pandemic continues, young people are leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

The Paris 2024 Organising Committee have come up with an innovative idea to combat that trend.

The aim of Olympic and Paralympic Week is to get children doing 30 minutes of physical activity per day at school, in addition to the traditional physical and sports education sessions.

The 30 mins of additional exercise can be organised at any time of the day, and can be held in one or several daily modules.

Even if the pandemic forces schools to shut, the exercise can be undertaken at home.

Digital campaign

Over 2200 schools, 200 athletes and over 380,000 students in France are taking part in the event. 

Professional athletes will meet students - either in person or via video link - to introduce their sports, run demonstrations and promote the benefits of physical exercise.

Every day from February 1 to 6, a 30 min video featuring a athlete-influencer duo will be shared on the Paris 2024 Facebook page, and broadcast in schools.

They will be followed by 30min live sessions allowing students and teachers to interact with the athletes and influencers.


·        Monday: Dance/Breaking with Bboy Gaetan Alin and Bgirl Kami

·        Tuesday : Boxing with Sarah Ourahmoune and Sandra Laoura

·        Wednesday : physical training with Samir Aït Saïd and Angelina Lanza

·        Thursday: Live Surprise

·        Friday: Cardio with Clarisse Agbegnenou & Hélène Defrance

·        Saturday 11: Family session (a mix of the week sessions)


26 Jul - 11 Aug 2024

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