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Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 | Day 7 as it happened

Simone Biles wins her fifth World all-around title while Angelina Melnikova takes bronze – re-live the action here.

By ZK Goh and Scott Bregman ·

Welcome to the Olympic Channel's blog coverage of the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, bringing you all the latest news, videos, and updates.

Simone Biles led from start to finish to clinch her fifth world all-around title, and her 16th overall Worlds gold. China's Tang Xijing and Russia's Angelina Melnikova completed the podium.

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4 - 13 Oct 2019

2019 FIG World Championships - Stuttgart


All times below are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2 hours). Latest updates first.

8:20 pm – Six-for-six for Biles

That draws our coverage of today's women's all-around final to an end.

Simone Biles is now six-for-fix in major international all-around finals: five World Championships and one Olympic Games.

Tomorrow, it'll be the men's turn with a likely Russian battle between defending champ Artur Dalaloyan and European champ Nikita Nagornyy.

Join us tomorrow afternoon from 3:30 pm!

8:00 pm – Biles compares this year's win to 2018: "Last year was kind of tragic"

Simone Biles reacts after winning fifth World all-around gold

Simone Biles is now a 16-time world champion after clinching her fifth all-...

7:40 pm – Melnikova on "really cool" bronze

"This is really cool, I felt a very big fight between us.

"We had a big rivalry, if you noticed, the fourth and the fifth place – the gap was rather small. It was really difficult. I approximately knew what I had to do to get on the podium. I am happy that I did it.

"I had an approximate idea on how I had to do it. Inside of myself I wasn’t counting on something to go wrong. I roughly knew what score I had to get."

7:30 pm – Biles explains mic drop

"So me and MyKayla [Skinner, USA alternate] saw a tweet about it last night.

"And she was like, 'oh my gosh you should do it'. And I was like, 'are you sure?', and she’s like, 'yeah, sure'. And I was like, 'ok, if it’s a good routine I’ll do it.'

"It wasn’t my best performance but... I landed on my feet and that’s all I can be happy about."

6:45 pm – Ellie Black injury update

6:45 pm – Biles imperious in Stuttgart

Simone Biles led from start to finish to clinch her fifth world all-around title, and her 16th overall Worlds gold.

Read our report here.

6:30 pm – Record margin of victory for Simone Biles

Even with a 0.1 deduction on vault and 0.4 penalty on floor, Biles was too good for everyone else.

6:26 pm – Ellie Black on crutches

Ellie Black is attending the awards ceremony on crutches.

The top eight athletes are all involved.

6:22 pm – Statement from FIG on terrorist attack in Germany

Two athlete representatives are currently making a statement from FIG, the German Gymnastics Federation, and the local organising committee condemning yesterday's anti-Semitic terrorist attack that took place in Halle, eastern Germany.

6:14 pm – Top five gymnasts

GOLD Simone Biles, USA, 58.999

SILVER Tang Xijing, China, 56.899

BRONZE Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 56.399

Fourth place: Ellie Black, Canada, 56.232

Fifth place: Nina Derwael, Belgium, 56.033

As it turns out, Ellie Black's vault – which she injured herself on – could well have put her into the medals had her landing been clean.

6:11 pm – Simone Biles is world champion again!

Biles can't quite control her Biles II triple double on her first pass, and there are a couple of other steps out of bounds, but that will do it!

She needs just 12.300.

UPDATE (6:13 pm): It's 14.400 even with a penalty of 0.4!

6:08 pm – Sunisa Lee off the podium

Flawless on floor from Sunisa Lee, who needs 14.9 or thereabouts on floor to move into the medals.

A nervous wait for both her and Melnikova…

It's 14.200!

So with Simone Biles left to go, Tang and Melnikova are guaranteed medals.

6:04 pm – 13.600 for Derwael!

Derwael is off the podium!

6:01 pm – Melnikova behind Tang

It's 14.066 for Melnikova, so she's behind Tang. A nervous wait now to see how Nina Derwael does on vault.

Derwael needs 13.966 to draw level, having been 0.100 ahead. But she's going for a low-difficulty 4.6 vault.

A big step back for Derwael on her vault landing! That may well be bronze for Melnikova!

6:01 pm – Black hurt on vault

Canada's Ellie Black looks like she hurt herself on her vault landing.

If she's badly hurt and has to withdraw from her balance beam event final, Kara Eaker will take her place as first reserve.

5:57 pm – Tang in lead for now

Tang Xijing gets 13.600 on floor and is in the lead… for now. 56.899 total.

Here comes Angelina Melnikova. 14.566 to overtake Tang.

5:50 pm – Iorio out of final

Italy's Elisa Iorio is not starting this final rotation. She's out of the final.

5:47 pm – YMCA time!

That old Village People classic is being blasted out in the arena.

5:45 pm – Biles approaching milestone 5th world AA title

Simone Biles will go last on floor in this final rotation. She will have all eyes on her. She's surely all but guaranteed this fifth world all-around title?

Simone Biles 44.599 (floor left)

Tang Xijing 43.299 (floor left)

Nina Derwael 42.433 (vault left)

Angelina Melnikova 42.333 (floor left)

Li Shijia 41.799 (floor left)

5:34 pm – Melnikova hits on beam

14.000 for Melnikova, which is joint-fourth best on that apparatus. It keeps her fourth overall as things stand, just 0.100 behind Nina Derwael.

Tang Xijing, the late replacement for Liu Tingting, is still second.

5:28 pm – Tang into second!

Li Shijia receives 13.700 on balance beam after a dismount that took a few steps too many.

But she's submitted an inquiry into her difficulty – and it's been accepted. Make that 14.000, a total of 41.499 and into third for the Chinese.

Her team-mate Tang Xijing follows with a big 14.600 on beam, only behind Biles – and that moves Tang into second overall!

5:18 pm – No worries for Biles on beam

Simone Biles is just one routine – floor – away from this all-around title.

No problems for her on beam.

She did not do her eponymous double-double dismount, which is widely thought to be under-valued in difficulty by the International Gymnastics Federation.

14.633, for a total of 44.599.

Just 13.500 for Nina Derwael on floor so Biles now has a 2.166-point lead.

5:09 pm – Midway scores

Simone Biles 29.966

Nina Derwael 28.933

Tang Xijing 28.699

Angelina Melnikova 28.333

Ellie Black 28.133

5:06 pm – MDJDS off bars TWICE!

Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos has fallen off the uneven bars.

And off for a second time!

She sticks the landing though, good fightback.

Her score is 11.933, the lowest on the apparatus of the 12 so far. It leaves her 16th overall.

5:04 pm – Melnikova's early struggles

A few troubles for Melnikova through her uneven bars routine.

13.900 puts her in fourth as of now but she's facing a fight on her hands to be in contention for medals.

5:02 pm – Biles' boyfriend watches on…

4:51 pm – Biles back ahead

The third-best score of the day on uneven bars for Simone Biles, 14.733, puts her back ahead. Over a whole point ahead of Nina Derwael.

4:44 pm – Americans lead off rotation 2 on bars

It'll be Sunisa Lee and Simone Biles leading off on uneven bars in this second rotation.

Lee has fallen early into her routine. She caught her Nabieva too far away, generating too much swing into her release move from high to low. She couldn't control it and slammed her feet into the mount, coming off the bars.

13.133 for Lee.

4:38 pm – First rotation scores

Simone Biles 15.233

Nina Derwael 15.200

Elisabeth Seitz 14.866

Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos 14.633

Sunisa Lee 14.466

4:25 pm – Battle of the double-twisting Yurchenkos

Other than Biles, all of the top six qualifiers performed Yurchenko double on vault to open their competitions. France's Melanie de Jesus dos Santos posted the top mark among the five, earning a 14.600. USA's Sunisa Lee earned a 14.466, with China's Li Shijia and Russia's Angelina Melnikova close behind at 14.433. Tang Xijing of China posted a 14.166.

4:21 pm – Home crowd factor?

How much of a factor is the home support going to be?

The crowd absolutely erupts as Sarah Voss lands her balance beam dismount. There were a few "auf gehts" shouts from the crowd during her routine, too.

4:16 pm – Biles leads

Simone Biles opted not to do the Biles on vault, opting for a Cheng, but despite a 0.100 deduction is still in the lead. 15.233.

The reigning uneven bars world champ, Nina Derwael, posts 15.200 on that apparatus with a perfect routine to move behind Biles.

4:12 pm – First score on the board

Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos is into the lead, the first gymnast to record a score, with 14.633 on vault.

The crowd have just gone bonkers for Elisabeth Seitz on uneven bars.

A big score for Seitz! 14.866 and that puts her ahead of de Jesus dos Santos. The home crowd love it!

4:06 pm – It's tough being an adult…

… Just ask Simone Biles.

3:59 pm – Are you ready?

Because we certainly are. It's time. The gymnasts are about to be introduced to the packed arena.

It's not an exaggeration to suggest this is the fullest this stadium has been all week.

3:45 pm – All Around

The trailer for the Olympic Channel original series All Around just played in the arena.

It features finalist from today Angelina Melnikova, as well as Morgan Hurd and Chen Yile.

You can watch the episodes by clicking on the link below.

3:35 pm – Today's finalists

There are 24 gymnasts in today's final. China have replaced Liu Tingting with Tang Xijing for the final.

Starting on vault: Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, Sunisa Lee, Simone Biles, Li Shijia, Tang Xijing, Angelina Melnikova

Starting on uneven bars: Elisabeth Seitz, Elsabeth Black, Nina Derwael, Giorgia Villa, Liliia Akhaimova, Flavia Saraiva

Starting on balance beam: Asuka Teramoto, Alice Kinsella, Sarah Voss, Elisa Iorio, Giulia Steingruber, Aline Friess

Starting on floor: Naomi Visser, Hitomi Hatekada, Georgia Godwin, Cintia Rodríguez, Diana Varinska, Brooklyn Moors

3:30 pm – An emotional day for Lee

Team USA's second finalist is Sunisa Lee.

The 16-year-old has been competing in Stuttgart while her father recovers from a fall which has left him needing a wheelchair, paralysed from the waist down.

3:25 pm – Yet more history awaits

Simone Biles could win her record fifth all-around World title today, something no woman has ever done. (She is also the current record holder on four.)

Good afternoon from Stuttgart, where we could be about to witness yet more history from the greatest female gymnast of all time, at least in terms of World Championship medals.

She already has 21, 15 of them gold, and could make it 22 and 16 today.

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