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Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 | Day 2 as it happened

Simone Biles landed the triple-double on floor and double-double dismount off beam in Worlds qualification.

By ZK Goh and Scott Bregman ·

Welcome to the Olympic Channel's blog coverage of the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, bringing you all the latest news, videos, and updates.

Simone Biles made history – again – on the second day of women's qualification (5 October) in Stuttgart. She had not one but two skills named after her in the Gymnastics Code of Points – the Biles II on floor and the Biles on beam, to go with skills already named for her on floor and vault.

After day 1 of women's qualification, the all-around leader was France's Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, but Biles was on imperious form, qualifying for all four apparatus finals and topping the all-around standings.

You can watch the Championships on Olympic Channel (starting on Tuesday 8 October), subject to territorial restrictions. Click the link below to find out if there is coverage in your area.


4 - 13 Oct 2019

2019 FIG World Championships - Stuttgart


All times below are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2 hours). Re-live all of the action below, most recent updates first.

10:50 pm – An incredible day

That was an incredible day of gymnastics.

Simone Biles was the star attraction for the fans who attended, and lived up to her billing.

We'll have men's qualification tomorrow, when we'll focus on Russia. Join us tomorrow afternoon.

10:34 pm – Biles on nailing her beam routine and qualifying for all finals

10:30 pm – Spain celebrate qualifying for Olympics

10:29 pm – Biles talks Uchimura

Biles was asked if she was aware that Kohei Uchimura praised her on Twitter.

"I think it's really cool that he praises me on Twitter. But other than that I feel like he's an idol just because he's won so many world championships so he knows exactly what it's like to have all the pressure on him and go out there and hit it. So it's really exciting."

10:26 pm – Biles talks about controversial difficulty grade awarded to her beam dismount

"I don't know, you have to reward it if it's… it's hard."

Asked by Olympic Channel if she considered not doing the double-double dismount, now named the Biles after her, she said: "I feel like personally, I did. But I feel like I still wanted to go out there and get it named after me, for myself. And then we'll see what happens."

10:20 pm – Biles says she intends to do eponymous vault in final

Asked by Olympic Channel if she intends to do the Biles on vault in the event final, she said: "Yeah, I think so".

She went with a Cheng and an Amanar in qualifying today.

10:08 pm – Event final qualifiers

On vault:

Jade Carey, Simone Biles, Alexa Moreno, Ellie Downie, Yeo Seojeong, Shallon Olsen, Liliia Akhaimova, Qi Qi

On uneven bars:

Nina Derwael, Daria Spiridonova, Sunisa Lee, Elisabeth Seitz, Becky Downie, Liu Tingting, Simone Biles, Angelina Melnikova

On balance beam:

Simone Biles, Li Shijia, Liu Tingting, Flavia Saraiva, Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, Sarah Voss, Ellie Black, Anne-Marie Padurariu (China's Chen Yile misses out due to the two-per-country maximum)

On floor:

Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, Angelina Melnikova, Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, Liliia Akhaimova, Flavia Saraiva, Roxana Popa, Nina Derwael (USA's Jade Carey and Grace McCallum miss out due to the two-per-country maximum)

9:58 pm – Olympic qualifiers

We now know the 12 teams (and another 20 athletes) qualified for Tokyo 2020.

The teams are:

USA, Russia, China, France, Canada, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Spain.

And the 20 gymnasts, who have qualified by name, are:

Flavia Saraiva (Brazil), Giulia Steingruber (Switzerland), Georgia Godwin (Australia), Diana Varinska (Ukraine), Lee Yunseo (South Korea), Zsofia Kovacs (Hungary), Martina Dominici (Argentina), Alexa Moreno (Mexico), Danusia Francis (Jamaica), Kim Su Jong (North Korea), Aneta Holasova (Czech Rep), Marcia Vidiaux (Cuba), Maria Holbura (Romania), Elisa Hämmerle (Austria), Anastasia Alistratava (Belarus), Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (Malaysia), Mandy Mohamed (Egypt), Nazli Savranbasi (Turkey), Barbora Mokosova (Slovakia), Filipa Martins (Portugal).

9:52 pm – Finalists

The eight team finalists on Tuesday, 8 October:

USA, China, Russia, France, Canada, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy.

The individual all-around finalists (Thursday, 10 October):

Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, Angelina Melnikova, Liu Tingting, Li Shijia, Nina Derwael, Ellie Black, Eli Seitz, Flavia Saraiva, Liliia Akhaimova, Giorgia Villa, Sarah Voss, Alice Kinsella, Asuka Teramoto, Aline Friess, Giulia Steingruber, Elisa Iorio, Georgia Godwin, Hitomi Hatakeda, Naomi Visser, Brooklyn Moors, Diana Varinska, Cintia Rodríguez.

9:45 pm – Simone Biles makes history once again

Read our report about tonight's incredible display here.

9:32 pm – Still to come…

Stay tuned, we'll have a full report from tonight, as well as reaction from the mixed zone, and a recap of all our finalists and Olympic qualifiers.

9:28 pm – The Biles on beam!

There it is, the double-double dismount from Simone Biles off beam. It's going to be named after her too.

WATCH: Simone Biles on balance beam at podium training

Simone Biles landed her double-double dismount, which will be named after h...

9:27 pm – Spain qualify for Tokyo 2020

Spain have taken the last women's team spot at Tokyo 2020.

Their fans are going mad.

9:21 pm – Eaker to the rescue!

Not that the U.S. needed rescuing - but two falls in a row is a rare sight for the U.S. women. Eaker's signature routine was nearly flawless, minus a small check on her full turn. Biles next. Will we see her second original element?

Update (9:42 pm): After an inquiry, Eaker's score was lowered, pushing her out of the event final.

9:20 pm – Flavia Saraiva gets the crowd clapping

The crowd loved the finale to Flavia Saraiva's floor routine, which was set to the Can-Can. They were clapping along.

9:15 pm – McCallum and Lee fall on beam routine

Grace McCallum has fallen during her beam routine. She had been 5th in the all-around before that apparatus. Sunisa Lee falls as well!

And Brazil's hopes of Tokyo 2020 qualification appear to have taken a major hit with Jade Barbosa out. Thais Fidelis just fell on floor.

9:06 pm – Lee leads Americans on bars

Sunisa Lee was the top-scoring U.S. gymnast on uneven bars, a 15.000 good for third. She and Biles will be the two Americans in the bars final.

9:00 pm – The silence!

It's nearly deathly quiet in here but for camera shutters as Simone Biles starts her uneven bars routine.

But she lands to a huge roar.

14.733 is good for sixth on the apparatus.

8:52 pm – Eaker overcomes fall

Kara Eaker, competing on her first event today for Team USA, shook off a fall in the warm-up to set the tone nicely for her team on the uneven bars with a 14.000.

WATCH: USA practice on uneven bars in podium training

Team USA and Simone Biles train on the uneven bars at the 2019 World Champi...

8:50 pm – Barbosa out

Just to confirm, Brazil's Jade Barbosa did not perform on uneven bars. Her World Championships appears to be over.

8:45 pm – Dance cam time!

Former German gymnast and 2012 Olympian Philipp Boy is leading the crowd in 'Dance Cam'.

8:34 pm – No slowing down on vault

Like on floor Suni Lee, Grace McCallum and Jade Carey are the prelude to Biles. They posted scores of 14.566, 14.566 and 15.300, respectively.

Carey's second vault came in at 15.100, for an average of 15.200 – comfortably in the lead. For now.

It's 15.199 for Biles as an average (15.066 Cheng and 15.333 Amanar – the same vaults as Carey's), so Carey ahead of Biles by 0.001 as the two American qualifiers to the vault final.

Jade Carey vaults at the 2019 World Championships (Photo: Olympic Channel)

8:23 pm – Triple double!

She just makes it look effortless. The crowd are loving Simone Biles.

The triple double is landed in competition and will now officially be known as the Biles II. The 22-year-old was hyped in the warm-up and still struggled a bit to control her incredible power during competition, going out of bounds twice. No matter though, she still earned a 14.833 and the top mark.

The two-per-country rule means Biles and Sunisa Lee will make the floor final from USA. Jade Carey misses out on the tiebreak execution score.

WATCH: Simone Biles performs floor exercise routine in podium training

Simone Biles lands a triple-double on floor in podium training at the 2019 ...

8:18 pm – Brazil injury?

We're also keeping an eye on Brazil, and there appear to be a few concerned faces over in the vault area.

It's Jade Barbosa who appears to have injured herself on landing.

8:14 pm – U.S. women off and running

Grace McCallum wasted no time for the U.S. women, starting with the fifth best score of the day on floor, a 13.766. The crowd really enjoyed clapping along to Hava Nagila, McCallum's selected music.

Suni Lee made her World Championships debut with an impressive 14.200 score on the floor. That tops Russia's Angelina Melnikova as the top score of the day, for now...

8:10 pm – Other rotations

Aside from USA and Brazil, gymnasts from Finland, New Zealand, and Singapore are also in this sub-division on the other rotations.

8:00 pm – The SCREAMS!

It is loud in here as USA are introduced!

Brazil are getting a very noisy welcome too.

The Americans will start on floor; Brazil on vault.

Team USA introductions during qualification at the 2019 World Championships (Photo: Olympic Channel)

7:55 pm – Simone Biles fever

The arena is packed. Everyone's waiting for Simone Biles, and so are we.

Why not watch our latest feature on her?

Simone Biles: How does the best in the world get better?

The American gymnast hopes to become the first woman to repeat as Olympic a...

7:45 pm – Teams qualified for final

We also know six of the eight teams guaranteed to be in Tuesday's team final:

China, Russia, France, Canada, Netherlands, and Great Britain.

Just Brazil and the USA left to come, with Italy and Germany sweating over their spots in the final. You'd imagine USA will knock Germany out.

7:35 pm – Belgium and Japan qualify for Tokyo 2020

Hungary have only managed to finish 15th (as things stand) ahead of Argentina in the team qualification standings, which means Belgium have secured their ticket to Tokyo 2020.

And Switzerland slot in just ahead of the Hungarians (into 15th) which means Olympic hosts Japan will be in the women's event in their capital next year too!

This puts Spain in the hot-seat, with just Brazil left to compete tonight of the teams that haven't qualified.

7:00 pm – Simone Biles' parents are here

Simone Biles parents arrive at the 2019 World Championships (Photo: Olympic Channel)

6:10 pm – Crowd loving the music

We're being treated to a Europop-style cover of Qué Será, Será and the crowd are bopping along to it. It's… interesting.

5:27 pm – Melnikova on hair coming loose on floor: "It was the first time it happened to me"

"Actually, when I was coming up to floor, I checked my bun and thought about whether I should re-do it, but I decided not to.

"On the second pass, it came undone and the rest of the floor routine, I was just thinking about my hair, that it didn't get in my eye or anything, because I know how much it can bother you.

"Actually, it was the first time it happened to me.

"Of course, if it was in training, I would have stopped and changed it, but here I couldn't stop so I was just thinking about it, I hoped it wouldn't get in my eye."

5:18 pm – Social media love for Team USA's leotards

Team USA are in the final sub-division at 8 pm.

5:10 pm – Germany qualify for Tokyo 2020

Argentina could only manage 15th overall in the team standings, which means the Championships hosts Germany have qualified a women's team for Tokyo 2020.

4:58 pm – Confirmation: Oksana Chusovitina to miss vault final

Liliia Akhaimova of Russia has pushed Uzbekistan's veteran seven-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina out of the vault event final.

4:41 pm – Into second for Melnikova in the all-around standings!

Four-for-four. Angelina Melnikova finishes her day off with an 14.700 on the uneven bars and moves behind France's Melanie de Jesus dos Santos in the all-around standings for second place with a 56.599.

Her uneven bars routine included an in-bar full pirouette, in-bar Shaposhnikova, Pak salto to Maloney half opening sequence. She dismounted with a tucked full out.

WATCH: Angelina Melnikova's routine on uneven bars in podium training

Angelina Melnikova practises on uneven bars at the 2019 World Championships...

4:26 pm – Melnikova continues to cruise...

Melnikova earned a 14.433 on vault for her double-twisting Yurchenko.

You can watch her podium training vaults below:

WATCH: Angelina Melnikova vaults in podium training at 2019 Worlds

Angelina Melnikova practices on vault at podium training at Stuttgart 2019 ...

4:09 pm – Melnikova jumps to top of floor exercise standings

Angelina Melnikova is having a great day! She tumbled a full-twisting, double layout and a double layout to open.

Then, despite her hair bun coming out, finished her routine strongly with a front through to double twist and a double pike. She earned a 14.100 which is the top mark on the event to this point.

Angelina Melnikova performs on floor at the 2019 World Championships (Photo: Olympic Channel)

3:42 pm – Solid start for Melnikova

2016 Olympic team silver medalist and All Around star Angelina Melnikova of Russia got off to a strong start in Stuttgart on the balance beam, executing a super solid routine that included a switch leap mount, a back handspring to layout step out series and a double pike dismount. She earned a 13.366.

Angelina Melnikova performs on balance beam at the 2019 World Championships (Photo: Olympic Channel)

3:15 pm – Qualified for Tokyo 2020

In addition to the three medalling teams from last year, USA, Russia, and China, the following teams have mathematically booked their spots to Tokyo 2020 with just four non-qualified teams left to compete: France, Canada, Netherlands, Great Britain, and Italy.

The four teams that could be pushed out are: Germany, Belgium, Japan, and Spain. Argentina, Hungary, Switzerland and Brazil are the non-qualified teams still in action today.

2:40 pm – USA Gymnastics says it "respectfully disagrees" with FIG difficulty value assigned to Biles' dismount off beam

2:33 pm – Missing Mai

Though the Japanese do not appear to be in any doubt for their Tokyo 2020 qualification, the absence of 2018 World all-around silver medallist Mai Murakami is being felt. A sore back kept Murakami out of Japan's selection events and, thus, off the team they named in June.

Japan's floor rotation was the 10th best among all teams so far and surely Murakami's routine, which won the 2017 World title, was sorely missed.

They've put up three solid, if unspectacular, routines on the uneven bars. Asuka Teramoto nearly hit her face on the bar on her Gienger release move.

2:28 pm – It's 2019…

And gymnasts are just like everyone else, they can't get away from their devices!

2:18 pm – Five history-making gymnasts

Olga Korbut. Nadia Comaneci. Svetlana Khorkina. Nastia Liukin. Simone Biles.

Five women who changed the sport of gymnastics.

Are we missing anyone? Let us know.

1:57 pm – Japan in action

Among those in action in this afternoon's sub-division is Japan, who are without their star Mai Murakami here in Stuttgart.

1:00 pm – Youth Olympic Games champion Giorgia Vila shines

Italy's Giorgia Vila, making her senior Worlds debut aged 16, totalled 54.399 in qualification this morning.

The Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games champion looks like she'll make the all-around final here.

12:57 pm – Great Britain's Becky Downie reflects on her future

After Great Britain's qualifying sub-division this morning, we caught up with Beckie Downie to ask the 2008 and 2016 Olympian what her plans are for after Tokyo 2020.

Becky Downie discusses future after 2019 Worlds

Great Britain's Becky Downie speaks about what the future after the 2019 Wo...

12:55 pm – Good afternoon from Stuttgart!

It's a wet and windy one in southern Germany but don't fret, we're here in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle to bring you the exciting conclusion to women's qualification!

The Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart