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Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 | Day 6 as it happened

Russia won the men's team world title for the first time since the break-up of the Soviet Union – re-live all the action.

By ZK Goh and Scott Bregman ·

Welcome to the Olympic Channel's blog coverage of the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, bringing you all the latest news, videos, and updates.

Russia won their first men's team world title since the dissolution of the Soviet Union after a fall from China's Sun Wei on the final rotation opened the door for Nikita Nagornyy. Russia came from fifth at halfway to clinch victory.

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4 - 13 Oct 2019

2019 FIG World Championships - Stuttgart


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7:15 pm – Good night!

Thank you for joining us for another momentous day in Stuttgart.

Russia won their first men's team world title since the dissolution of the Soviet Union after a fall from China's Sun Wei on the final rotation opened the door for Nikita Nagornyy, who went last on the high bar.

Tomorrow, the women's all-around final takes place, when Simone Biles will look for her 16th gold and 22nd overall World Championships medal.

Come back tomorrow afternoon from around 3:30 pm!

6:55 pm – Dalaloyan puts 2018 nightmares to bed

In 2018, Artur Dalaloyan made an error in the team final that gave China the gold medal over Russia.

This year, he's put that to bed.

"After one year I can finally sleep well at nights," he said.

"I couldn’t sleep well because of the lack of this team gold medal. Because a year ago we lost to Team China. We had a huge aftertaste which motivated us to work harder, more, to get higher.

"Everything worked out. I am indescribably happy and satisfied."

6:45 pm – Nagornyy wasn't looking at the scores

Talk about nerves of steel: Nikita Nagornyy says he did not check what he needed to win gold on his final high bar routine.

"I wasn’t checking the scores, I didn’t see the whole table. My goal was to go and perform my program, close to the maximum.

"I had a very good score. I gave 300 percent out of 100."

His wife, team silver medallist in Stuttgart Daria Spiridonova, was watching on.

"I was a little happier than the other guys because my wife is here," Nagornyy joked.

6:18 pm – Dalaloyan "didn't want to scream"

There was pure emotion from Artur Dalaloyan when teammate Nikita Nagornyy hit his high bar dismount to win Russia the gold.

"I can’t recollect every second from that moment," he said.

"I understand that I was screaming. I didn’t want to scream; it happened automatically. Automatically there were words of support.

"Automatically it all came out that even now I don’t remember it. It’s the kind of emotions that make you scream."

6:05 pm – Mikulak confident heading to all-around final

In Friday's all-around final, Mikulak will be on the same rotation as he was today, starting on vault.

"I mean, in my mind, I was like, 'All right! A little practice round right now', and you know, it went well, so I can only hope that I can keep this mindset moving forward and try to execute a little better even.

"We've definitely got a lot more to do and I'll keep the momentum going from this one I think is my goal."

5:56 pm – Mikulak competed with back issues

Sam Mikulak, speaking in the mixed zone, thanked Team USA's physiotherapy and training staff for his performances today, saying he woke up with a stiff back.

"That finally felt like I was awake and ready to actually go and attack this, but I'll be honest, I woke up this morning, and I was like 'I might even have to pull out of a couple of events'.

"My back was just like locked up, so big shout out to our training staff out there because they fixed me up well enough to get through this and not just have a good day but have a great day."

5:24 pm – Chinese Taipei celebrate in arena

In a now-empty arena, the Chinese Taipei team just went up on the podium for some photos.

They finished a very creditable sixth today.

5:16 pm – Hambüchen in hot demand

The 2016 high bar Olympic champion, Fabian Hambüchen, has just come over to the Japanese parents for a few photos and to receive a gift from them.

He's then stopped by a Japanese journalist asking for his opinions on Kohei Uchimura and Kenzo Shirai.

Hambüchen said he hoped both men would be at Tokyo 2020.

Hambuechen wins Horizontal Bar gold

Germany's Fabian Hambuechen becomes the Olympic champion in the men's horiz...

5:08 pm – Liu Tingting out of women's all-around final

It appears that China's women's team captain, Liu Tingting, is out of the all-around final tomorrow.

She had a rough day in team finals yesterday as China missed out on a medal.

5:05 pm – Japan thank families

The Japanese men's team have come right up to our position in the media stands to thank their parents (!!) behind us.

They've just bowed and handed their flower bouquets from the medal ceremony to their families.

4:53 pm – Nellie Kim presenting the gold medals

Nellie Kim, the former Soviet gymnast and five-time Olympic champion, will present Russia with their gold medals.

We spoke to Kim on the Olympic Channel Podcast, which you can hear below:

4:45 pm – USA women and China men win 'Infinity Award'

The U.S. women are just collecting an award for displaying a high level of difficulty in their routines yesterday.

China take the men's equivalent award.

4:35 pm – Russia finally win team gold

Russia's gold medal is the first time they've won the men's team world title since 1991 as the Soviet Union.

GOLD Russia 261.726

SILVER China 260.729

BRONZE Japan 258.159

USA fourth, Great Britain fifth, Chinese Taipei sixth, Switzerland seventh, Ukraine eighth.

Russia came from fifth at halfway to clinch victory.

4:31 pm – NAILS IT! Russia win gold!

Hugs all around for the Russians.

Nikita Nagornyy has done it! 14.466!

China will have to settle for silver.

Dalaloyan goes over and hugs Sun Wei, who's sobbing.

4:29 pm – Nagornyy needs 13.470 to win gold

Lin Chaopan scores 14.500.

Russia and Nikita Nagornyy need 13.470 for gold.

4:27 pm – Whitlock off the pommel horse

Olympic champion Max Whitlock has fallen off the pommel horse. That should mean fifth for Great Britain.

4:25 pm – Dalaloyan salutes the crowd

The Russian fans are loving it!

Dalaloyan has nailed the high bar! Didn't he know it too, a huge grin!

He applauds the support as he walks off.

14.366, Russia lead China by 1.031.

4:24 pm – Six-from-six for Sam Mikulak

Wow. Sam Mikulak totals 86.931 from his six apparatus today.

That would have been good for second in all-around qualification.

4:19 pm – Russia in the lead

It's 14.666 for Stretovich! They now lead by 0.506! This is so tense…

Deng Shudi up second for China.

'Just' 13.841 for Deng, and here is Russia's glorious chance to snatch gold from China. Artur Dalaloyan needs 13.335 or better to put Russia back ahead.

4:13 pm – Sun Wei falls off high bar!

Is this the break Russia needed?

Don't forget, Russia and China are on the same apparatus, so it's a direct head-to-head.

12.766 for Sun! Ivan Stretovich, can you take the advantage? 14.160 will put his country ahead.

Meanwhile, GB are on pommel horse with Olympic champ Max Whitlock named to compete while USA are on rings in the fight for fourth.

4:04 pm – Zou knows what he needs

Zou Jingyuan up last on parallel bars.

China are currently 14.989 behind Russia with just his routine left on this rotation.

All eyes on Zou, the 2017 and 2018 world champ on the apparatus. A stray cowbell from the Swiss fans in the crowd with the arena completely silent. Not sure that was necessary?

Zou failed to make the event final this year, but that should put China back ahead of Russia.

Japan are now adrift in third.

Wow! 16.383 for Zou! China 1.4 points ahead!

4:02 pm – Moldauer submits score inquiry

Yul Moldauer has inquired into his pommel horse score.

Meanwhile, GB's Giarnni Regini-Moran fell on the floor and that will probably set GB back a little.

Sam Mikulak scores 13.966 on pommel horse to put the U.S. 2.2 points clear of GB for now, with that inquiry underway.

Update (4:04 pm): No change to Moldauer's score.

3:57 pm – USA and GB going for fourth

It's clear that the U.S. and Great Britain are both now fighting it out for fourth.

12.933 on horse for Yul Moldauer means the U.S. are now only about 1.5 ahead of GB.

Over on p-bars, Xiao Ruoteng just had a few small hiccups of his own. Maybe that head-to-head between China and Russia isn't done yet.

3:55 pm – Mistake from Dalaloyan!

Just 13.966 for him and the door is wide open for China and Japan now.

3:50 pm – Huge from Nagornyy

Nikita Nagornyy leads the Russians off on parallel bars and absolutely hits it!

Wow, 15.300 and that's better than Mikulak's score from earlier.

The gauntlet has been laid down to China and Japan.

Of course, the Chinese still have the two-time parallel bars world champ Zou Jingyuan to come.

3:44 pm – State of play

There are two rotations left.

China and Russia have to do parallel bars and high bar.

Japan will be on high bar and floor.

The Americans have pommel horse and rings.

3:36 pm – Redemption's the word

Sam Mikulak scores 14.666 on floor, the third-highest of the day on that apparatus, and he's personally four-from-four.

Talk about redemption from qualification.

Meanwhile, Joe Fraser just fell off high bar for Team GB. That might be a blow to their medal hopes.

A big blow, in fact. They're now 3.3 points behind the Americans. The U.S. are just over two points behind the medals, with just 0.652 points separating China in first from Russia in third.

3:23 pm – Still too close to call

Everyone is hitting their routines. Yul Moldauer just scored 14.400 on floor for USA, just about avoiding going out of bounds twice.

China and Russia's vaulting has been pretty much flawless – then Artur Dalaloan, the defending all-around world champion, takes an additional step to balance himself. That won't get Russia past China on this rotation.

But is there a crack for Britain? Max Whitlock just had to take a few steps back on his high bar dismount. Just 13.066 for the Brit.

The Americans are pumped up as Shane Wiskus follows Moldauer with a big routine. Fist pumps and high-fives all around, with Sam Mikulak still to come.

3:10 pm – Five teams in medal contention

It's incredibly tight at the top at the midway point, with Japan on 130.705, China on 130.482, Russia on 129.397, Great Britain on 128.864, and USA on 128.481.

That's five teams all within 2.5 points of each other.

3:07 pm – Mikulak nails high bar

That was breathtaking from Sam Mikulak, who is three-from-three today.

Nearly everyone was watching him go through his routine on the only apparatus he qualified to the event final in.

And he didn't disappoint.

14.666 for the American.

3:00 pm – Where's Max?

If you're wondering where Max Whitlock is, the Briton is competing today on high bar and pommel horse.

Just the two apparatus for Whitlock today.

2:44 pm – Mikulak top-scores on p-bars

So far, so good for Sam Mikulak after his rough day two days ago.

In fact, he's just got the top parallel bars score so far of 15.200. Remember, he fell on this apparatus in qualification.

Lukas Dauser's top score in qualification was below Mikulak's score just then.

That moved the U.S. men into third place after two rotations. China and Japan are ahead, with Great Britain fourth.

2:41 pm – Three hits for Russia on pommel horse

It wasn't perfect from either Nagornyy or Belyavskiy, who both lost in rhythm in their swing toward the end of their routines. But most importantly: they both stayed on the apparatus and delivered respectable scores. They're currently fifth, but expect them to climb as the meet continues.

2:37 pm – No pommel horse issues for Xiao

Xiao Ruoteng fell off pommel horse in qualifications two days ago, but no such troubles today. Clean for a 14.900, the top score so far on that apparatus.

2:29 pm – Critical rotation for Russia

The Russians are currently on pommel horse. In the past, this event has been somewhat inconsistent for them. Three hits here and they can cruise as they go to events like still rings and vault where they excel.

Meanwhile, over on vault, Great Britain have had three hits. Provisional first place for the Brits after two full rotations, with six teams still to complete their second rotation.

2:17 pm – Scores after one rotation

Russia 43.833 on floor, Japan 43.399 on pommel horse, China 43.333 on floor, USA 42.700 on vault, Great Britain 41.999 on rings, Chinese Taipei 41.165 on vault, Switzerland 40.699 on rings, Ukraine 39.633 on pommel horse.

Russia and China moving to pommel horse, Japan and Ukraine to rings, Great Britain and Switzerland to rings, and USA and Chinese Taipei to parallel bars.

2:13 pm – Video: Nikita Nagornyy's triple back on floor

2:06 pm – Xiao nails floor routine

Xiao Ruoteng is happy!

A big fist pump after he finished his floor routine. Waiting on a score now.

It's 15.033, top score on floor to this point.

1:56 pm – Sportsmanship at its finest

As Russian Ivan Stretovich left the floor podium he and China's Lin Chaopan exchanged a high five. It's likely to come down to these two countries for team gold today in Stuttgart.

Lin hopped out of bounds on his second tumbling pass, earning a deduction that put him and China behind Stretovich and Russia.

1:50 pm – Opening rotations

Russia and China on floor; Japan and Ukraine on pommel horse; Great Britain and Switzerland on rings; USA and Chinese Taipei on vault.

1:35 pm – Video: Men in podium training

While we wait – we're about 10 minutes away – why not watch our videos of the gymnasts in action in podium training?

1:23 pm – Nikita Nagornyy wants Tokyo team gold

Nikita Nagornyy eyes "ultimate goal" of team gold in Tokyo

Nikita Nagornyy helped Russia to men's team silver at Rio 2016. But the 201...

1:15 pm – U.S. puts trust in Mikulak

Despite his struggles in qualification, Team USA has named Sam Mikulak on all six apparatus today.

1:05 pm – Japanese fans in the house!

Hello from Stuttgart!

After Simone Biles won her 21st World Championships medal yesterday by helping Team USA to gold in the women's team final, today it's the turn of the men.

Russia are looking for their first title since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, while Japan – backed by large numbers of fans, some of whom were already seated in the arena an hour before competition – and China will aim to keep their spots on the medal podium.

We have live streaming of the final in selected countries: click here to find out more. (U.S. viewers should click here for the NBC Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA stream.) Please note streaming may not be available in your territory. But don't worry, you can still stay with us on the blog for all the updates.

If you're following our live blog, do let us know @olympicchannel on Twitter or by using the official event hashtags, #Stuttgart2019 and #setnewsigns.

The parents of the Japanese men's team ready to cheer on their sons at the 2019 World Championships