Boxing Olympic Qualification – Amman | Day 5 As It Happened

Bout-by-bout text updates, video highlights, and reaction from the fifth day of Asia/Oceania qualifiers, as Olympic Channel brings you all the action on the Road to Tokyo 2020

By Ben Dirs ·

Seconds out, day five, at the Olympic Boxing Qualification event in Amman, Jordan.

Below you'll find the bout-by-bout round-up of another action-packed couple of sessions on Saturday 7th March, and the best of the reaction below.

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20 Feb - 15 Mar 2020

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification Tournaments

Dakar, Amman, London, Buenos Aires, Paris

Day 5 - Saturday 7th March - Live Blog

All times UTC/GMT. Local time in Amman is UTC/GMT +2 hours.

18:09 - That's your lot... until we go again

What a way to finish the session, crackerjack fight between two tough men. I will now say goodnight. Twenty-eight - yes, you read that correctly - bouts tomorrow and all of them quarter-finals, which means we will end the day with a stack of newly-minted Olympians. See you tomorrow.

Korea’s Ham Sangmyeong halts Mongolia’s Tsendbaatar Erdenebat’s journey in Amman and advances to the quarter-finals.

18:04 - Korean Ham upsets Erdenebat of Mongolia

The final fight of the day is a men's featherweight match-up between Sangmyeong Ham of South Korea and Tsendbaatar Erdenebat of Mongolia, the second seed, reigning World Championships bronze medallist and Rio 2016 Olympian.

The shaven-headed Erdenebat comes out swinging - he's had a long wait, it's his first bout of the tournament. Not much dancing in this bout, both men with heads down, high guards, digging them in. Ham giving as good as he's getting, landing with a thudding uppercut on the bell, and he takes round one 3-2. We might have an upset on our hands.

This is a very rugged encounter, no place for dancers or poseurs, and there really isn't anything in it. Cracking body shots by Ham, followed up by a left-right combination, and Erdenebat looks shattered. Ham takes round two 4-1. Six of one, half a dozen of another in a brutal round three, like watching two men trying to chop down trees. What a bout to finish the day and Ham of South Korea causes an upset via split decision.

18:00 - Reigning Olympic and world champion Shakhobidin Zoirov 

"Today I won my first bout, this victory is dedicated to all our women and girls. Taking this opportunity I would like to congratulate my dear mom, to wish her all the best and warm wishes, I want her to be near as much as possible. Also, I want to send congratulations to all female population of Jordan and Uzbekistan!

As per the bout, my opponent was worthy enough, he had the same physical opportunity as me, two arms, two legs, that’s why I considered him as a worthy. I’m satisfied with this bout, next one will be better." - Shakhobidin Zoirov (Uzbekistan)


“I can’t describe how I feel at the moment, all my family and friends are here and I’m so happy with this result. I’m happy with how I boxed, my opponent was very aggressive, but I have been training for this scenario and I focused on the counterattack. That got the me the win.” - Mohammad Abdelaziz Mohammad Alwadi

Mohammad Abdelaziz Mohammad Alwadi wins at home to advance to the quarter-finals

17:47 - Home boxer Alwadi cheered into last eight

Our penultimate bout of the evening is a men's featherweight contest between Mohammad Alwadi of Jordan and Lucky Hari of Indonesia.

Hari wades forward and Alwadi picks him off with counter rights. The Jordanian looks like he had a tough paper round but he's doing most of the early damage. Head clash and Alwadi has been cut above the hairline, but he bossed that first round for a 5-0 card.

Hari finding his range at the beginning of the second and landing with some chopping right hands and lefts to the body. Alwadi has a dancer's moves, can tie you up on the inside and is very difficult to pin down for too long. He wins round two 4-1.

Alwadi loving this, imploring the crowd to cheer him more after cuffing Hari to the canvas, and he sees it through to earn a unanimous decision. Much love for the home fighter.

Vietnam’s Nguyen Van Duong bounced back to end the fight in the second round against Charlie Senior from Australia

17:32 Van Duong of Vietnam stops Aussie teenager

Next it's a featherweight bout between Charlie Senior of Australia and Van Duong Nguyen of Vietnam. Senior, only 18, takes the first round across the board - not sure about that - before Van Duong comes out all guns blazing in round two.

Van Duong swarms all over his teenage opponent, the referee has to step in to administer a standing count and calls the fight off. Senior was very unsteady on his feet, swaying from side to side, right decision. That happened quickly.

Thailand’s Chatchai-Decha Butdee is all smiles after winning his bout against Ian Bautista from the Philippines

17:23 - Thai featherweight Butdee on verge of third Olympics

We move on to the men's featherweights, and first up it's Chatchai-Decha Butdee, the third seed and two-time Olympian from Thailand, and Ian Clark Bautista from the Philippines. Butdee has got long levers and he's using them to control this first round, which he takes 4-1

Bautista comes barrelling forward in round two and has a bit of success with his right hand. Butdee working Bautista's midriff, having quite a bit of success with that left downstairs, and it's another 5-0 round for the Thai. Butdee with the unanimous decision, through to the last eight.

Reigning Olympic and world champion Shakhobidin Zoirov from Uzbekistan sweeps to victory at the expense of Aldoms Suguro from Indonesia

17:05 - World and Olympic champ Zoirov eases through

We've got an amateur boxing great in the ring next, Uzbekistan's reigning world and Olympic flyweight champion Shakhobidin Zoirov. He's up against Indonesia's Aldoms Suguro.

Good start by Suguro, landing with a couple of counter rights, and for Zoirov that first round was mostly a range-finder, not much landed despite all that bouncing. That said, he takes it across the board. Zoirov is 3-0 as a pro and has plenty of craft but he's still not landing a great deal in the second. Mind you, neither is Suguro. Zoirov flattering to deceive at the moment, but that's another 5-0 round. Zoirov wins a unanimous decision, he'll box Iran's Ahmadisafa for a place in Tokyo.

16:48 - Iran beats Iraq in flyweight preliminary

Next up in the men's 52kg division it's a local derby between Murtadha Raad Qasim Al-Sudani of Iraq against Omid Ahmadisafa of Iran. Bit of a scrappy opener, not much landing clean, but every judge favouring Ahmadisafa,

Chopping right hand by the Iranian, and another to cap off an exchange, before Al-Sadani hits back with a neat left-right combination. The Iranian is the more cultured boxer and that is reflected in the scorecard, 5-0 again in round two. Ahmadisafa gets loose in the third, knowing most of his work is done, and that's a fairly comfortable unanimous victory for the Iranian.

16:33 - Aussie flyweight Winwood to fight Thai teen

The next men's flyweight match is between Alex Winwood of Australia and Chun Hin Kanneth Tam of Hong Kong.

Tam landing with some eye-catching rights but the short, stocky Winwood seems to have more on his punches, every time he lands with the overhand right Tam looks in a bit of bother. Winwood takes the opener 5-0, with three 10-8s.

Winwood swarming Tam at the start of the second and he can't miss with that right hand. Lovely left jab by Winwood, Tam being dismantled, here he is wearing some beefy body shots. Standing count for Tam, before he's sent reeling by another chopping right, not so long ago this bout would have been long since abandoned. The Aussie takes round two with 10-8s across the board.

Another standing count in round three, after a fearsome overhand right, and this perhaps should have been stopped long before the final bell, those last two minutes were pretty pointless and not easy to watch. Winwood wins a wide unanimous decision and will pose Thailand's Panmot plenty of problems.


“I’m not very happy with my boxing today, I felt very slow in the ring. But I’m only 19 years old and this is my first Olympic qualification event and so I’m very happy with the result today.” -  Thitisan Panmot (Thailand)

Thailand teenager Thitisan Panmot of Thailand get his hand raised over South Korea's Inkyu Kim

16:17 - Thai teenager Panmot into quarters

Some men's flyweight action now and first up it's South Korea's Inkyu Kim, the third seed, Thitisan Panmot of Thailand, the 19-year-old who looked very impressive in his first-round bout.

Panmot is a box of tricks and he takes that first round 4-1. Lovely left cross by Kim and Panmot struggling to close the gap in round two. Panmot hits back with a left-right combination and a left hook on the run, all good stuff. Kim takes round two 3-2.

Panmot marauding forward now but Kim picking him off on the back foot. It's a case of what the judges like, Panmot's aggression or Kim's punch picking in reverse. Kim digs in a superb left cross and a sweet right uppercut as Panmot lunges in, this could be Kim's fight... no, Panmot gets a split decision victory. That was a tight one.

16:01 - Indian great Kom sees off Kiwi opponent

Kom's most recent major medal was a bronze at last year's Worlds, so she's still got it at 37. Benny taller and rangier than Kom and she lands with a good left cross around the corner. The Kiwi using her superior reach well, Kom struggling to close the gap. Benny with another left cross, Kom gets through with a jab on the bell... Kom wins it across the board with one 10-8. Not sure about that.

Better from Kom at the start of round two, finding the target with a couple of flashing rights. Lovely combination from Kom, who has now managed to find her range. Kom across the board again, with a 10-8. No idea where these 10-8s are coming from.

Kom controlling things in round three, primarily with that wand of a lead right, and she earns a unanimous decision. Felt a bit sorry for the Kiwi, thought she won round one, but she'll learn a lot from that.

15:47 - Mary Kom enters the building

Irish Magno will fight the winner of this next bout between Tasmyn Benny of New Zealand and the great Mary Kom, India's six-time world champion and a bronze medallist at London 2012. She boxed at the first ever women's world championships in 2001.

Mary Kom on how an Olympic medal changed her life and why she wants another

"Fighting 20 years is not an easy job" - The words of India's six-time Worl...

15:45 - Philippines flyweight into last eight

Now we have a women's flyweight match between Winnie Yin Yin Au of Hong Kong and Irish Magno of the Philippines. And an Irish ref! I'm sure that won't sway his objectivity.

Two orthodox boxers, beefy right cross from Magno that has Au stumbling forwards and more of the same, that probably should have triggered a standing count. Left uppercut from Magno, lefts to the gut, Au being outclassed. Magno across the board in round one.

Magno bashing Au around the ring at the start of the second and the referee does finally step in and give a count. Another flashing left-right combination and that's another count and that's game over. Irish Magno through to the last eight.

Tajikistan’s Sumaiya Qosimova was the clear victor in her bout against home hero Jordan’s Reem al Shammary

15:31 - Qosimova beats home favourite to advance

Chang of China will box the winner of this one in the women's flyweight quarter-finals - Sumaiya Qosimova of Tajikistan versus Reem Hamdan Mansour Al-Mriheel of Jordan, a local lass. Plenty of noise in Prince Hamzah Hall, every one of her punches will be cheered, whatever the outcome.

Mriheel is the only Jordanian woman in this tournament and she'll have it all to do against the Tajikistan national champion. Good right hand from the home boxer, these two boxers look absolutely tiny by the way. Qosimova looks the more accomplished boxer, very relaxed on the back foot, and landing as the Jordanian comes in. 10-9 across the board for the Tajikistan boxer.

Lovely left-right combo from Qosimova, over and over again, but that's a nice right hand by Al-Mriheel. Qosimova 5-0 again. Qosimova coasts the third to earn a unanimous decision, Al-Mriheel hampered by her hair, which kept escaping her headguard, as much as her opponent.


"I’ve fought her many times and I’ve been watching videos of our past bouts as research. I made a game plan accordingly and am very happy that I managed to beat the third seed today." - Chang Yuan (China)

China’s Chang Yuan is all smiles after defeating the third seed Nguyen Thi Tam from Vietnam

15:14 - China flyweight Chang knocks out Vietnamese seed

Close first round between Nguyen and Chang, which the latter wins 4-1. Both women southpaws, and getting tangled up a lot on the inside, and Nguyen has been deducted a point for pushing Chang's head with the forearm. That could be catastrophic for the seed. Lovely left-hand counter from Chang, who is happy to box on the back foot, probably until the final bell.

Chang takes the second round 3-1-1, the seed needs a stoppage. Chang takes no chances, keeping her distance, landing with the odd jab, before bouncing back out of range. Unanimous decision for Chang, she's a win away from Tokyo.

15:05 - We're back!

Right, we're back for the day's second session. First in the ring it's some women's flyweights and Thi Tam Nguyen, the Vietnamese third seed, against China's Yuan Chang.

12:10 - One session down, one to go

That's the first session of day five in the bag, the second session kicks off at 15:00 UTC/GMT. Stick around for some quotes and pics in my absence, I'll be back soon.

12:06 - Iran featherweight Shahbakhsh dazzles again

The last bout of the session is a featherweight contest between Daniyal Shahbakhsh of Iran, so impressive in the first round, and Jamie Tumun Chang, the fourth seed from Papua New Guinea

Shahbakhsh is a tall, lanky southpaw and towers over Chang. The Iranian, only 19, lands with a couple of flashing right jabs and Chang is unable to close the gap in round one. Going through the gears now, lovely movement, a sweet uppercut and peach of a jab on the bell. Shahbakhsh sweeps round one 5-0.

Spearing jab again from the Iranian, Chang not landing with anything hurtful. The Iranian has every shot in the book and here's a standing eight for Chang, and another, and it's all off. Shahbakhsh is undoubtedly one of the stars of the tournament so far, he boxes Serik Temirzhanov of Kazakhstan for a place in Tokyo.

11:56 - Kazakh featherweight Termizhanov cruises through

Serik Temirzhanov of Kazakhstan versus Jaafar Abdulridha Ali Al-Sudani of Iraq next, the penultimate featherweight contest of this session. Al-Sudani walks onto a big right hand and the Kazakh is a real bag of tricks, wonderful head movement and counter combinations. Termizhanov, only 21, takes round one 5-0.

Couple of cracking right crosses from the Kazakh, he's intent on impressing - and is. Another 5-0 round, including a 10-8, and it's more of the same in round three. Unanimous decision, Termizhanov has an awful lot of skills for a young man, he should go far.

11:40 - Hong Kong pro Tso through to quarters

Next in the ring it's Bakhtovar Sagizov of Tajikistan and Sing Yu Tso of Hong Kong. Tso getting Sagizov's attention with a left-right to the head and body. Nice lead left by Sagizov and he probably edged that opener. Erm, no, Tso takes it 3-2.

Tso has had 22 pro contests (and won all of them) and competes under the name Rex - or The Wonder Kid. But this is a great example of how the two codes have come together, you wouldn't know who was the experienced pro and who had always been amateur. Flashing right by Tso, but it's a good finish to the round by Sagizov, hitting the mark with three or four head shots. Tso takes round two 4-1, the Tajik with it all to do.

Sagizov comes out blazing but Tso manages to pick him off off the ropes. Lovely right-left from Sagizov snaps Tso's head back and Tso not doing much in this final round, maybe thinking he doesn't have to. Lovely right down the pipe by Sagizov, Tso replies in kind, should have done enough, and has, wins by a split decision. He boxes world champion Mirzakhalilov next.

Reigning world champion Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov from Uzbekistan beats India’s Gaurav Solanki

11:24 - World featherweight champ Mirzakhalilov struggles through

Mirzakhalilov takes the first round across the board, despite his Indian opponent appearing to do pretty well in those first three minutes. Not an all-action bout by any means but Solanki getting jabs through from range. The rugged Uzbek smothering his own work but does get through with some punishing shots to the body on the inside. But Solanki takes it 4-1, it's up for grabs...

Right to the body from the Indian before the Uzbek gets through with an uppercut to the chin and chipping right to follow. Lovely right to the body, that must have hurt Solanki, and the Uzbek is getting tough down the stretch. Lovely jab-hook combination from the top seed, Solanki fires back with a left-right salvo. Great third round, world champ Mirzakhalilov awarded a split decision.

11:15 - World featherweight champ Mirzakhalilov makes bow

Time for some men's featherweights (57kg). First it's number one seed and reigning world champion Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov of Uzbekistan versus Gaurav Solanki, whose first-round win you can watch below.

Watch: Gaurav Solanki scores emphatic win in Olympic qualifying opener

2018 Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Gaurav Solanki begins his Olympic q...

11:10 - Kazakh flyweight Bibossinov books Hu bout

The final men's flyweight bout of the first session, Azat Usenaliev of Kyrgyzstan against fourth seed Saken Bibossinov of Kazakhstan, the reigning World Championships bronze medallist. Close first round which the more aggressive Bibossinov takes across the board.

Some hefty exchanges early in the second, with both men scoring with backhands. Bibossinov with the longer reach but Usenaliev gets through with a couple of lovely spearing jabs. Usanliev making his rival fall short and popping him with left-right counters and that looked like Usenaliev's round... nope, Bibossinov takes it 5-0.

Bibossinov gets through with a southpaw left but he knows he doesn't have to do a great deal in this last round and will still go through. Bibossinov through on a unanimous decision, he will box China's Jianguan Hu for a place in Tokyo.


“Even if the bout wasn’t stopped I feel the result would be the same as I controlled the bout and my opponent was not connecting his punches. I was slow to get up to speed in this bout and I must work on the for the next one.” - Hu Jianguan (China)

Hu Jianguan from China scrapes through to the next round after his contest against Chinese Taipei’s Tu Po-Wei was stopped

10:55 - Hu through after Tu injury

Tight opening round between Hu of China and Tu of Chinese Taipei and it's the latter who nicks it 3-2. Tu is elusive and Hu is spending a lot of time swinging and missing. Neither man able to bridge that gap for most of the round and even an exchange towards the end of the round produces no clean punches. Tu takes it 3-2 again...

Clash of heads and Tu has a bad cut over his left eye. The bout is called off and we will go to the scorecards, with that short portion of round three scored. Not sure what happened there, it seemed like a clash of heads, but Hu has won it on RSCI - referee stops contest due to injury. However, Tu was ahead on the scorecards 3-2. This is not the last we'll hear of this...

10:46 - Jianguan Hu steps into the fray

Next in the ring it's a flyweight contest between Jianguan Hu of China and Po-Wei Tu of Chinese Taipei. There's a video about Hu below - he won bronze at Rio 2016 and at last year's World Championships and is desperate to go a couple better in Tokyo:

Hu Jianguan's got some unfinished business

The Chinese boxer has recovered from a serious eyes injury and feels much b...


“It was a very tense bout and I have lost to him before so it was close. But I won the first round and the strategy was to keep up the pressure on him and take the win.” – Amit Panghal (India)

Amit Panghal from India gets the split decision against Enkhmandakh Kharkhuu from Mongolia

10:37 - Filipino flyweight Paalam books Amit quarter-final

Carlo Paalam of the Philippines is next, boxing Ramish Rahmani of Afghanistan. The winner of this boxes Indian top seed Amit. Scrappy opener, the better stuff coming from Paalam. He takes the opening round across the board.

Paalam boxing on the back foot, creating angles and picking Rahmani off on the counter. Rahmani just doesn't have the ringcraft to pin Paalam down for any length of time and the Philippine finishes the round boxing orthodox, and is pretty handy from that stance too. Paalam sweeps round two.

Paalam engaging in round three and that's a cracking right down the pipe. Feel a bit for the Afghan, completely outclassed here but has never stopped trying. Paalam is awarded a unanimous decision, Amit of India will have his work cut out.

10:22 - Indian hope Amit scrapes through

Amit with a couple of wicked left crosses on the counter and that was a pretty one-sided opening round, although he only took it 4-1. Amit does not stop moving but Kharkhuu is having more success in this second round, but only occasionally. Gets a right hand through Amit's guard, that was a far closer second... 3-2 to Amit, Kharkhuu still in it.

Round three turns into a centre-ring brawl and that's what Kharkhuu wants. Amit not scoring with much, Kharkhuu chucking plenty and probably landing with more. Amit almost out on his feet at the end, this could go either way... Amit has his arm raised, split decision, Kharkhuu not happy. That might be described as the first questionable decision of the tournament.


"This is my first bout so I was a little bit nervous but I got better round by round.

My opponent today is very strong and so I focused on my technique and used my speed to overcome her." - Namiki Tsukimi (Japan)

Japan Flyweight Namiki Tsukimi claims victory against Mongolia’s Altantsetseg Lutsaikhan

10:12 - Amit looking to impress

Next up it's Enkhmandakh Kharkhuu of Mongolia against flyweight top seed Amit Panghal of India. There's a video about Amit below - he's Indian boxing's next big hope, having won gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and Asian Championships.

10:06 - Japan's Namiki keeps Tokyo dream alive

Namiki of Japan, boxing out of a southpaw stance, makes a fast start and blitzes her Mongolian opponent with some dazzling combinations. A couple of lovely up-jabs by Namiki and here she is drilling Lutsaikhan onto the ropes. Namiki takes round one 5-0.

Namiki the shorter woman but she's able to get in and out courtesy of her superior foot speed. Lovely angled jab by Namiki and the Mongolian just cannot pin her down. Lutsaikhan does have more success towards the end of the round but it's still 4-1 to Namiki. Namiki looks like she's boxing on roller skates at times, bit of showboating at the end, she earns a unanimous decision and will box Thailand's Jutamas Juitpong for a place in Tokyo.

09:52 - Namiki looking to make history

Jitpong will box the winner of this next bout between Altantsetseg Lutsaikhan of Mongolia and fourth seed Tsukimi Namiki of Japan. No Japanese female boxer has ever qualified for the Olympics, and we have a nice video about Namiki and her Tokyo dreams below:

Japanese boxer aiming for history, and "the medal that shines brightest"

No female boxer from Japan has ever qualified for an Olympic Games. With th...

09:49 - Thai flyweight Jitpong through to last eight

Next up it's Kazakhstan's Angelina Lukas against Thailand's Jutamas Jitpong. Lukas is a real dynamo, up on her toes and moving non-stop. Jitpong with the longer reach and timing Lukas on the way in. Lovely left-right combination from Jitpong, who has had a few pro fights. Jitpong holds all the cards - bigger, stronger, better skills - but she only wins that first round 3-2.

Both women digging shots in in round two and that's a lovely flashing left hook by Jitpong. Lukas, too, getting shots through but Jitpong's straight punches seem to be having a greater effect. Lovely hook and jab by the Thai and she takes round two 4-1.

Lukas comes out firing in round three but it's Jitpong getting the better of the exchanges. Lukas paying a heavy price for her boundless enthusiasm, as is often the case in boxing, Jitpong cannot miss with that left-right combination. Beautiful jab to cap things off, Jitpong earns a split decision.

09:45 - Happy birthday coach!

"Today is my first bout, I feel tired a bit. Next one will be for Olympic qualification and I hope I’ll get it. Moreover, today we are celebrating a birthday of my coach Elshod Rasulov, all best wishes come to him this day. And finally I want to thank everyone for support!" - Tursunoy Rakhimova (Uzbekistan)

Tursunoy Rakhimova from Uzbekistan with her coaches Elshod Rasulov (L) and Lochin Kuchkarov (R) 

09:33 - Rakhimova to box Huang for Olympic spot

Huang will box the winner of this next bout between Joohyung Jung of the Republic of Korea and Tursunov Rakhimova of Uzbekistan, who has far more international experience.

The Korean's have been all-action in this tournament and southpaw Jung is out of the traps like a greyhound. Rakhimova, timing her rival on the way in, gets a combination through before landing with a thudding right hand. Jung lands with a left to the chin and I'd say the Uzbek just nicked that. She does, 5-0.

Jung taking a few to land a couple of her own at the moment and the better skills are being shown by her rival, especially with that lead left. Rakhimiva sweeps the second... and it's more of the same in round three, five-time Uzbekistan champion Rakhimova goes through on a unanimous decision.

Women’s fly top seed Huang Hsiao-Wen from Chinese Taipei takes the first win of the day by unanimous decision against Australia’s Kristy Harris

09:16 - World champ Huang sees off Aussie

Huang is a tall, rangy boxer - or as tall and rangy as you can be at 51kg - while Harris is no mug, she's a World Championships bronze medallist. Scrappy first round, with Huang poking occasional jabs and Harris looking to close the gap, and the Aussie wins it 4-1.

Huang gets through with a right cross before Harris lands with a shot on the break - stern stare from the ref, nothing more. Huang's left jab should be a real weapon but she's not employing it to great effect and Harris is able to step in behind the right cross. But Huang takes that second round courtesy of the cleaner shots and takes it across the board, it's down to the finale..

Big right cross by Harris and Huang not landing with much clean on the back foot. Cries of 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!' ring out around the Prince Hamzah Hall and their girl is right in this. Pick the bones out of that, could go either way... Huang gets it, via unanimous decison.

09:00 - Ready to Rumble

This is our first sighting of the women's flyweights and first in the ring today is top seed Hsiao-Wen Huang of Chinese Taipei, who won bantamweight gold at last year's World Championships, versus Australia's Kristy Harris. Whoever wins this bout will be one win from Tokyo, and there are also two box-off spots up for grabs at 51kg.

08:48 - Kom rides again

We've got an old favourite boxing in the second session, India's Mary Kom. Flyweight Kom has won six world titles and a bronze at London 2012. At 37, this will surely be her last chance to win Olympic gold. She boxes New Zealand's Tasmyn Benny.

08:42 - Hello again!

Hello again and welcome to day five of the Asian Olympic boxing qualifying tournament in Amman, Jordan. Some incredible action so far and there will be more of the same today, no doubt.

The morning session, which will kick off at 09:00 UTC/GMT, consists of women's flyweight (51kg), men's flyweight (52kg) and men's featherweight (57kg) preliminaries. And this afternoon's session, which kicks off at 15:00 UTC/GMT, is a repeat. Hold on to your hats...

Saturday is full of action. Here's what we can expect.

Day 5 - Morning session, 09:00 GMT/UTC.

1) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

HUANG Hsiao-Wen (1, Chinese Taipei) v HARRIS Kristy (Australia)

2) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

JUNG Joohyung (Republic of Korea) v RAKHIMOVA Tursunoy (Uzbekistan)

3) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

LUKAS Angelina (Kazakhstan) v JITPONG Jutamas (Thailand)

4) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

LUTSAIKHAN Altantsetseg (Mongolia) v NAMIKI Tsukimi (4, Japan)

5) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

AMIT (1, India) v KHARKHUU Enkhmandakh (Mongolia)

6) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

PAALAM Carlo (Philippines) v RAHMANI Ramish (Afghanistan)

7) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

HU Jianguan (China)v BLUE TU Po-Wei (Chinese Taipei)

8) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

USENALIEV Azat (Kyrgyzstan) v BIBOSSINOV Saken (4, Kazakhstan)

9) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

MIRZAKHALILOV Mirazizbek (1, Uzbekistan) v SOLANKI Gaurav (India)

10) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

SAGIZOV Bakhtovar (Tajikistan) v TSO Sing Yu (Hong Kong)

11) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

TEMIRZHANOV Serik (Kazakhstan) v AL-SUDANI Jaafar Abdulridha Ali (Iraq)

12) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

SHAHBAKHSH Daniyal (Iran) v CHANG Jamie Tumun (4, Papua New Guinea)

India's Krishan Vikas: I want to be an example for my kids

The reigning Commonwealth Middleweight champ has returned to amateur boxing...

Day 5 - Evening session, 17:00 local time

13) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

NGUYEN Thi Tam (3, Vietnam) v CHANG Yuan (China)

14) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

QOSIMOVA Sumaiya (Tajikistan) v AL-MRIHEEL Reem Hamdan Mansour (Jordan)

15) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

AU Yin Yin Winnie (Hong Kong) v MAGNO Irish (Philippines)

16) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

BENNY Tasmyn (New Zealand) v HMANGTE MC 'Mary' Kom (2, India)

17) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

KIM Inkyu (3, Republic of Korea) v PANMOT Thitisan (Thailand)

18) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

WINWOOD Alex (Australia) v TAM Chun Hin Kanneth (Hong Kong)

19) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

AL-SUDANI Murtadha Raad Qasim (Iraq) v AHMADISAFA Omid (Iran)

20) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

SUGURO Aldoms (Indonesia) v ZOIROV Shakhobidin (2, Uzbekistan)

21) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

BUTDEE Chatchai-Decha (3, Thailand) v BAUTISTA Ian Clark (Philippines)

22) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

SENIOR Charlie (Australia) v NGUYEN Van Duong (Vietnam)

23) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

ALWADI Mohammad Abdelaziz Mohamm (Jordan) v HARI Lucky Mira Agusto (Indonesia)

24) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

HAM Sangmyeong (Republic of Korea) v ERDENEBAT Tsendbaatar (2, Mongolia)


20 Feb - 15 Mar 2020

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification Tournaments

Dakar, Amman, London, Buenos Aires, Paris

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