Boxing Olympic Qualification – Amman | Day 7 As It Happened

Bout-by-bout text updates, video highlights, and reaction from the seventh day of Asia/Oceania qualifiers, as Olympic Channel brings you all the action on the Road to Tokyo 2020

By Ben Dirs ·

Seconds out, day seven, at the Olympic Boxing Qualification event in Amman, Jordan.

Below you'll find the bout-by-bout round-up of another action-packed couple of sessions on Monday 9th March, and the best of the reaction below.

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20 Feb - 15 Mar 2020

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification Tournaments

Dakar, Amman, London, Buenos Aires, Paris

Day 7 - Monday 9th March - Live Blog

All times UTC/GMT. Local time in Amman is UTC/GMT +2 hours.

18:46 - Until tomorrow

Right, that's the quarter-finals done and dusted, it's all about the semi-finals tomorrow. It will be high-class boxing from start to finish, don't miss a second of it. See you tomorrow.

18:40 - Iran's Mousavi into middleweight box-off final

One more bout to go and it's the other men's middleweight box-off semi between Fanat Kakhramonov of Uzbekistan and Seyedshahin Mousavi of Iran, the second seed.

Kakhramonov was battered over three rounds by the brilliant Amankul of Kazakhstan in the last round but he is a fine boxer in his own right. Mousavi is a very messy operator and most boxers don't seem to know what to do with him. Mousavi takes that first round 4-1. The Uzbek lands with a spearing jab but not much else clean. Mousavi is an absolute nightmare, it must be like boxing a giant spool of rope, but the Uzbek takes round two 4-1.

Clash of heads and Mousavi goes down, before popping straight back up again. It's all gone a bit bar room in round three, this is desperate stuff from two exhausted men. Mousavi wins it by split decision, he goes into the box-off final against Otgonbaatar of Mongolia.

18:22 - Otgonbaatar through to middleweight box-off final

Two more bouts to go, men's middleweight box-off semi-finals. First up it's Byamba-Erdene Otgonbaatar of Mongolia versus Maikhel Muskita of Indonesia.

Not much action in that first round but Otgonbaatar takes it 5-0 across the board. Muskita steps it up at the start of round two, landing with some punishing right hands, and he's rewarded for his improved work-rate with a 4-1 split of the cards.

Muskita lands with a lashing right hand and Otgonbaatar seems a little groggy. Both men trade blows centre ring, the Mongolian with a late right hand, and a left hook right on the bell. That is close... Otgonbaatar gets the decision, goes through to the box-off final, Muskita will get one more chance at the final qualifier in Paris in May.


“I lost to Butdee in the South East Asian Games final last year and so I’m really happy to have managed to get revenge here today and it’s even more special that I also qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.” – Nguyen Van Duong (Vietnam)

Vietnam’s Nguyen Van Duong defeats Thailand’s Chatchai-Decha Butdee to qualify for the Olympics

18:05 - Featherweight Alwadi makes it five for Jordan

The final men's featherweight quarter-final is between Mohammad Alwadi of Jordan and Sangmyeong Ham of South Korea. Deary me, more drama as Ham floors Alwadi with a right hand on the break. Ham is a tough, marauding hooker and he's breaking Alwadi down in round one. Alwadi landing with some straight shots on the bell. Interesting, 3-2 Ham.

Alwadi is certainly no mug and he's scoring with some nice combinations on the back foot. Ham lands with an overhand right and another on the bell, pick the bones out of that... the home boxer takes it 5-0 across the board...

Cracking final round, the Korean marching forward, Alwadi moving and pecking and probably winning the round. Alwadi has been around for years and looks like it, but he boxed like the younger man there. Spectacular display by the man from Amman, fully deserved the decision in the end. Cheers and tears as the decision is announced, lovely stuff.

17:49 - Vietnam featherweight Van Duong is through to Tokyo

Next up it's a men's featherweight quarter-final between Chatchai-Decha Butdee of Thailand and Van Duong Nguyen of Vietnam. And Butdee is gone in under 60 seconds! Two left hooks to the body from the fearsome punching Vietnamese boxer and the ref has seen enough. Van Duong is Vietnam's first boxer through to Tokyo.

17:44 - Featherweight Temirzhanov makes it eight for Kazakhstan

This should be a cracker, two quality operators in Serik Temirzhanov of Kazakhstan and Daniyal Shahbakhsh of Iran, who's only 19. Some beautiful exchanges in that first round, the Kazakh with plenty of straight scoring shots, Shahbakhsh landing from angles, the judges give round one to Temirzhanov 4-1.

Nice left jab from Temirzhanov and a flashing left hook. The Iranian's work a bit messier in round two but he lands with a right up-jab. Temirzhanov takes round two across the board, his rival probably needs a knockout. Swingeing right hook by the Iranian, who is cut by the right eye. And, just like that, it's over, the towel comes in. Temirzhanov qualifies for Tokyo, Shahbakhsh goes into the box-offs.


“I couldn’t sleep the whole day thinking about the bout. Because she was the number 2 seed and just won a medal in 2019 at the world championships. I just thought of boxing well to show how good I can play the sport. I’ve given it everything I’ve got and I can’t express in words what I’m feeling. Just thank you India.” - Simranjit Kaur Baatth

मैच जीतने के बाद सिमरनजीत कौर (दाएं से दूसरी)

17:28 - Uzbek featherweight Mirkakhalilov books Tokyo ticket

Back to the men, and the next bout is a featherweight contest between Mirazizbek Mirkakhalilov of Uzbekistan and Sing Yu Tso of Hong Kong. Tso has had a few pro fights, but not like that boring bloke down the pub, and goes by the name of Rex - or The Wonder Kid. I suspect that won't impress Mirkakhalilov much.

Lovely uppercut by the Uzbek, followed by a jab, left hook. Cracking overhand right by Mirkakhalilov, Tso takes it well. Tso being outgunned in round one, the Uzbek takes it 4-1. Tso has fast hands when he lets them go, but not much power. The Uzbek can't miss with his right in round two, Tso getting busted up, the referee should think about taking a closer look. 5-0 again, with a 10-8.

Mirkakhalilov with a hurtful flurry to the body of Tso, the Hong Kong man is certainly tough. That said, I'm not sure that needed to go the distance. The brilliant Mirkakhalilov awarded a unanimous decision, qualifies for Tokyo, Tso drops into the box-offs.

17:11 - Lightweight Baatth eighth Indian to qualify

The final women's lightweight quarter-final is between Kaur Baatth of India and second seed Namuun Monkhor of Mongolia, who is also boxing for the first time this week.

Monkhur, no relation of former West Ham midfielder John Moncur, kicks off with a brutal right to the chin. But that's a nice flurry from Baatth. Too busy orthodox boxers, lovely right by Monkhor, lovely right hook by Baatth. Nip and tuck. Baatth with a right to the body, big right hand by Monkhor, pick the bones out of that one... Baatth wins it 5-0.

Monkhor triggered into action by some unjust scorecards and she's drilled Baatth on to the ropes. Landing rights aplenty, but Baatth comes swinging back at her. Lovely right-left combo by Baatth, who's finding the target more and more as Monkhur slows. Two huge rights by Monkhur on the bell... Baatth wins it 5-0. The final round is more of the same, Baatth awarded a unanimous decision. Felt sorry for the Mongolian there, didn't deserve to lose it that widely.

16:55 - Wu fourth woman to qualify from Chinese Taipei

More women's lightweights now, Shih-Yi Wu of Chinese Taipei, the third seed, against Riza Pasuit of the Philippines.

I do believe that this is Wu's first bout, she too has had to wait a week to appear after receiving a first-round bye. Hasn't been a great event so far for the Philppines, men's middleweight Eumir Marcial is through to Japan, but other hopes have fallen by the wayside.

The woman from Chinese Taipei is tall and lean and has all the advantages, it would seem. Wu landing with jabs, Pasuit managing to get through with a couple of rugged right hands. Cute left on the inside from Pasuit, Wu continues to get left jabs through her rival's guard. Wu takes round one across the board, and the second, and the third. Wu is awarded a unanimous decision, Chinese Taipei are having a great run, they've now got four women through to Japan.

Thailand’s Sudaporn Seesondee defeats Uzbekistan’s Raykhona Kodirova and will head to Japan

16:39 - Thai lightweight Seesondee books ticket to Japan

Next it's Uzbekistan's Raykhona Kodirova versus Sudaporn Seesondee of Thailand, the 2018 world silver medallist.

Two southpaws, as so often in this tournament, and we have ourselves a proper boxing match. Seesondee totting up the points with single shots, or so it would seem to me. Yep, the Thai wins round one across the board. Seesondee landing with some chunky right hands in round two, and here's a beautiful left cross. Kodirova can't get a foothold, another five 10-9s.

Kodirova having to chase and that means leaving herself open to counter-shots. Excellent performance from Seesondee, she's awarded a unanimous decision.

16:21 - South Korea lightweight Oh upsets Aussie Stridsman

Next we have some women's lightweights and, remarkably, it's Australian top seed Anja Stridsman's first bout. The Commonwealth Games champion is up against Yeonji Oh of South Korea.

Scrappy opening round, not much landed clean, the Korean woman takes it 4-1, the judges overwhelmingly preferring the Korean's work on the back foot. More of the same in round two, 5-0 this time, the judges unimpressed by the Aussie's come-forward style. What an anti-climax for top seed Stridsman, she has to hang around for six and a half days and then loses on a unanimous decision. No box-offs for the women's lightweights, but she can qualify at the world event in Paris in May.

16:05 - Indian great Kom reaches second Olympics

Right, time for a bona fide great, it's six-time flyweight world champion Mary Kom of India, bidding to qualify for her second Olympics, having won a bronze at London 2012. She up against a tough cookie in Irish Magno of the Philippines. Kom will not have it all her own way.

Cuffing right by Magno, Kom with a spearing jab, Magno with a body shot. Couple of decent right crosses from Magno, Lom with a right-left combination, that's a close first round. Kom takes it 3-2. Some lovely counters from Kom at the start of the second, big right hand by Magno, sharp jab by Kom. It's tight in there. Kom with the sharper work as the round ticks on, including a bolo punch on the bell. Kom takes round two across the board, Magno needs something special in the final three minutes.

Kom's jab is a lethal weapon in this one, landing it repeatedly as Magno lunges in, and Kom earns a unanimous decision to reach her second Olympics, eight years after her first. Magno into the box-offs.


“I can’t stop smiling, and I think I will keep smiling till we get back to the hotel. This means a lot to me but I also know that the job is not done. I need to focus on the remaining bouts to get a better seed for the Olympics.” – Chang Yuan (China)

China’s Chang Yuan is all smiles after securing her spot at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

15:49 - Flyweight Chang is sixth Chinese qualifier

Next in the ring it's Yuan Chang of China against Sumaiya Qosimova of Tajikistan. Lovely stuff from Chang from long range and Qosimova gets a standing count. Great punch-picking from Chang, to head and body, and Qosimova looks to be outgunned here. Chang takes round one across the board, with three 10-8s.

Qosimova makes more of a fight of things in round two, Chang mostly limited to single shots, but the Chinese woman takes it across the board again, with one 10-8. Chang takes the third as well, lovely mover, she's China's sixth qualifier.


“I feel relieved! It’s been my dream to go to the Olympics and I’m so happy that I managed to achieve that today. My body didn’t move very well in the ring today, but my motivation to win helped me overcome that.” – Namiki Tsukimi

Japan’s Namiki Tsukimi realises her dream of qualifying for the Olympic Games

15:32 - Flyweight Namiki qualifies for home Olympics

Jutamas Jitpong of Thailand versus the talented Japanese flyweight Tsukimi Namiki, the fourth seed, next. We did think Namiki might be the first female boxer from Japan to qualify for an Olympics, but featherweight Sena Irie pipped her to it this morning.

Jitpong has a height and reach advantage but Namiki fights like a buzzsaw, she can soon chew through that gap. Long jab from Jitpong, cracking counter left by Namiki. Namiki getting in and out, as is her wont, but Jitpong lands with a peach of a right. Cracking first round, Namiki takes it 4-1. It's much more of the same in round two, Namiki with a spot of showboating, Namiki takes it 3-2.

Both women only 21 but they've got some dark arts up their sleeve, plenty of elbows and forearms flying on the inside. Crackerjack left cross by Namiki, and another, the little Japanese dynamo has surely won this. And she has, by unanimous decision, two women will be boxing on home soil in Tokyo.

Chinese Taipei’s Huang Hsiao-Wen wins the ticket to Tokyo 2020 after defeating Tursunoy Rakhimova

15:15 - Flyweight Huang third Chinese Taipei boxer to qualify

We will start in the women's 51kg flyweight division and Hsiao-Wen Huang of Chinese Taipei, the top seed, versus Tursunoy Rakhimova of Uzbekistan.

Huang with the longer reach but Rakhimova manages to close the gap early. Big overhand right by Rakhimova, and another, and here's a right-left-right. All Rakhimova so far but somehow that first round is won 3-2 by Huang. Huang getting the jab going in round two bur here's another strafing fight by the Uzbek. Better second round from Huang but I thought Rakhimova nicked it... no, Huang takes it 4-1.

Only one winner after those first two rounds, Huang gets the unanimous decision and is the third Chinese Taipei boxer through to Tokyo. Rakhimova will box-off for an Olympic place.

14:54 - Twelve more spots up for grabs

I'm back - again! And I'm not going to stop coming back until this is all done and dusted on Wednesday. Today's second session will see 12 more boxers seal their Tokyo spots - women's fly and lightweight and men's featherweight - plus men's middleweight box-off semi-finals. The biggest name in action is India's Mary Kom, the great flyweight goes in bout four.

Japan's Quincy Okazawa will face China’s Ersun Qiong for the final welterweight qualification spot 

12:50 - Come back soon

I do declare that the first session of day seven is over. We started the day with 10 different countries qualified for the Olympics, we now have 13 - Japan, South Korea and Mongolia have also joined the party. Second session kicks off at 15:00 UTC/GMT.

12:47 - Japan's Okazawa into box-off final

Ersun of China will box either Japan's Quincy Okazawa, the third seed or experienced Thai Wuttichai Masuk in the box-off final. Wuttichai is a former two-time Asian champion and world bronze medallist, Okazawa lost a tight one against Britain's Pat McCormack at last year's Worlds.

Both men going for it centre ring, Masuk's punches seem to have more on them. Difficult round to score, think Masuk won it due to being the busier boxer. Yes, 3-2 Masuk. You'll struggle to find two more evenly matched boxers, but here's Masuk trying to put some distance between them with a couple of huge overhand lefts. Oh dear, the Thai has a point deducted for punching with the wrong palm the glove. Huge swing in momentum, Okazawa loses the second 4-1. Scorecards wrong, however, because it's not possible for him to win a round 10-9, having been deducted a point.

Okazawa looking quite comfortable in there down the stretch, he knows he only has to nurse this over the line and he's into the box-off final. Okazawa does enough in round three to stay alive, he boxes China's Ersun in the welterweight box-off final.

China's Ersun Qiong will get a second shot at qualifying for Tokyo after winning the box-off against Samoa’s Marion Ah Tong

12:29 - China's Ersun reaches welterweight box-off final

Couple of men's welterweight box-offs to complete the session, the first between Qiong Ersun of China and Marion Ah Tong of Samoa. The winner of this will have to fight the winner of the final box-off semi.

Ersun sweeps the board after a cagey opening round and he's winning the second courtesy of some snaking straight shots from long range. Ah Tong not doing enough, and he drops round two 5-0 again, with two 10-8s. This is the young Samoan's fourth bout of the tournament and it looks like he's worn out. A strange bout all in all, not much urgency from either man, Ersun gets the decision and goes through to the box-off final.

12:15 - Uzbek lightweight Abduraimov sees off Aussie

The final men's lightweight quarter-final is between Uzbekistan's Elnur Abduraimov, a former Asian champion and world bronze medallist, and Harrison Garside of Australia, the second seed.

Garside is down from almost the first punch thrown, a sweeping right hand around the corner. Garside stunned and receives a standing eight count. That's what you call getting caught cold. Garside having some success on the counter but the Uzbek is clearly the harder puncher. Terrific right to the body from Abduraimov, who is built like a tank. No scorecards given, so we have to guess what the judges thought.

Better from Garside in round two, Abduraimov a bit quieter in round two. Garside landing with left uppercuts as the Uzbek comes in, this one could be tight... no scorecards again! Garside being outworked in round three, this has been a very curious bout and the Aussie has done brilliantly to chisel his way back in it. Right hook from Abduraimov, they're still going at it at the final bell.

Abduraimov is awarded a split decision, but hats off to Garside, he did great after that first-round knockdown.

11:58 - Lightweight Baatarsukh first Mongolian through

The next men's lightweights are Chinzorig Baatarsukh of Mongolia, the number three seed, and Manish Kaushik of India.

Baatarsukh boxed at Rio 2016, reaching the second round, and is a former Asian Champs bronze and silver medallist. Cracking right hand from the Mongolian, followed by a left-right combination. And again, Kaushik being blitzed early on. Kaushik lands with a left cross and he has a better end to the round. Close one, it ebbed and flowed, Kaushik takes it 4-1.

Eye-catching flurries to the body from Baatarsukh but Kaushik landing with some sharp counters to the head. Another tight round, both men are clearly very handy. Sorry about that, my screen froze, so I can't tell you the second-round scores. Baatarsukh spends most of round three marching after the Indian and Kaushik looks shattered at the final bell. The Mongolian raises his arms, but I don't know which way this will go... Baatarsukh gets the split decision, he's the first Mongolian to qualify.


“Wow I can’t believe I will be going to the Olympic Games!

I’m turning 34 so this is my last chance to compete at the Games. I’ve made so much sacrifice to be here. I have an eight-year-old daughter that I don’t get to see as much as I would like because I need to train. Same for my wife and family, so I’m delighted to get this ticket.” – Zakir Safiullin (Kazakhstan)

Zakir Safiullin can book his plane ticket to the 2020 Olympic Games


“We have huge support here and we are boxing from our hearts. It’s a great feeling to qualify for my second Olympics. I know my opponent very well, we’ve fought before. He tried to attack but I focused on the counter attack.” – Obada Alkasbeh

Obada Alkasbeh joins adds his name to the list of Jordanian boxers who will compete at Tokyo 2020

11:42 - Lightweight Safiullin seventh Kazakh to qualify

Next it's Ashkan Rezaei of Iran versus Zakir Safiullin of Kazakhstan, the fourth seed and two-time Asian Champs lightweight silver medallist.

Safiullin waiting for Rezaei to come forward and picking him off. Cracking right to the body from the Kazakh, he makes it all look so easy. Rezaei gets through with a right cross before Safiullin fires back with a wicked right uppercut. Safiullin takes round one 5-0.

Beautiful punch-picking from Safiullin and Rezaei appears to have been hit to a virtual standstill. Cracking lefts dug in to Rezaei's body, plenty of straight rights and lefts pouring through Rezaei's guard, another 5-0 round. That was a clinic from Safiullin, who is awarded a wide unanimous decision. If Rezaei doesn't learn anything from that, he never will.


“I feel very well after this bout, don’t feel tired at all. I hope all next fights will be just as easy. I’m in a good and very confident shape right now. But still, the opponent was quite serious and professional, we shouldn’t underestimate any of the athletes here.” - Shakhobidin Zoirov (Uzbekistan)

Was there ever any doubt that reigning Olympic and world champion Shakhobidin Zoirov would qualify for Tokyo 2020

11:28 - Jordanians doing home fans proud

Big home crowd in today and they loved that. Alkasbeh bursts into tears on hearing the decision, and he'll have plenty of company on the flight over to Tokyo, with the Eashash brothers and light-heavyweight Alhindawi also qualified.

11:25 - Jordan lightweight Alkasbeh upsets Usmonov

On to the men's 63kg lightweights, and the first quarter-final is between Bakhodur Usmonov, the top seed from Tajikistan, and Obada Alkasbeh of Jordan. These boys boxed at the Asian Champs last year, Usmonov beating Alkasbeh in the gold-medal match.

Alkasbeh comes out swinging, he absolutely bolted out of his corner with revenge on his mind. Home boxer, of course, so plenty of support in Prince Hamzah Hall. Alkasbeh catching Usmonov repeatedly, the Uzbek not throwing enough back. Alkasbeh typical of Middle Eastern boxers, marauding forward and throwing everything at it, and he takes round one 5-0.

Usmonov doesn't now how to handle this, just can't keep him off. Better from Usmonov, landing with a few counters as Alkasbeh comes in, but that has to be the Jordanian's round again, he's just got too much vim and vigour for the Uzbek. 5-0 again, Usmonov needs a knockout... Sweeping left by Usmonov but it's Alkasbeh landing with more, and that's a wide points victory for the home boxer over a man who recently signed for European pro management company MTK Global.

11:09 - Uzbek flyweight Zoirov will defend title in Tokyo

Next it's Iran's Omid Ahmadisafa versus Shakhobidin Zoirov of Uzbekistan, the reigning world and Olympic champion.

Zoirov did a lot of running in his first bout but didn't land with much, his timing was all off. Zoirov certainly has quick reflexes but he doesn't throw much, although he's won that first round courtesy of a handful of flashing counters, including a couple of sharp right leads. 5-0 Zoirov.

Poor old Ahmadisafa just cannot find his man, it's like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Zoirov is not the most exciting boxer by any means, but he usually does enough to win the round. Good left to the body from Zoirov, right to the head, the Uzbek cruising. The Iranian did land with a couple of rights in that round, but Zoirov takes it 5-0 again.

Zoirov, perpetual motion, eases through the final round, is awarded a unanimous decision and will defend his Olympic title in Tokyo.

10:52 - Panmot beats Winwood to become second Thai qualifier

This should a be a goodun, Thai teenager Thitisan Panmot versus Alex Winwood of Australia - slickster versus boxer.

Winwood had a knockout in his last fight, while Panmot only just scraped through. But he might like Winwood's style better. Sweet left-right from Panmot from range, Winwood with a bit of showboating on the bell, not sure why. Winwood takes round one 3-2.

The fight opens up at the start of round two, with both men landing. Panmot with a right down the pipe, Winwood with a flashing left hook and chopping right. This is close. Panmot stiffens Winwood with a eye-catching combination, the Aussie looks a little dazed. Panmot looked to be taking control towards the end of that round, he takes it 5-0.

Lovely, snappy combinations from Panmot, Winwood fires back with a right over the top. Winwood stiffened again by a big left hand and he receives a standing count. Excellent adjustments from Panmot, he takes it via a unanimous decision. Winwood will go into the box-offs.


“We've achieved this ticket together. I want to thank my coaches and the support staff for motivating us. They work very hard and without the support of the coaches, players can't achieve much.” – Amit Panghal (India)

Top seed Amit Panghal does enough to earn the ticket at the expense of Carlo Paalam


“I’m more experienced than my opponent today and I used my speed and flexibility to my advantage. I’m happy to get another chance to go to the Olympics.” – Hu Jianguan

China’s Hu Jianguan easily defeated Saken Bibossinov from Kazakhstan

10:37 - Hu is fifth Chinese boxer to qualify

Next up it's China's Jianguan Hu against fourth seed Saken Bibossinov of Kazakhstan. No Kazakh man has lost yet in the quarter-finals.

Bibossinov is a very sharp boxer from long range and he's landing with the cleaner punches in round one. HU does have some success of his own, including with a short right on the bell, but I thought Bibossinov had the better of that. Not the judges, who have it 5-0 to Hu.

Hu is very elusive, Bibossinov hitting a lot of fresh air in round two, and Hu lands with a lovely combination on the bell. The Chinese boxer definitely won the second, 5-0. Bibossinov mot doing enough in round three, but it's not easy with a man like Hu in front of you - or not. Hu wins it on a unanimous decision, is through to his second Olympics. Bibossinov is the first Kazakh man to lose in this tournament.

10:22 - Flyweight Amit is sixth Indian to qualify

Men's flyweights now, the little men, and first up it's Indian first seed Amit versus Carlo Paalam of the Philippines.

Amit holding his feet more than in his previous bout, in which he rather ran out of gas down the stretch. Paalam getting through with some clunking shots through the guard late in the round and he takes round one 3-2. Amit not landing with much in round two, Paalam getting through with the sharper shots, until Amit does land with a left-right combination. Amit got some generous scoring in his first bout, and he's getting some again, he takes round two 4-1.

As in the previous two rounds, Paalam just looks the sharper boxer in all areas and here he is landing with a right hand followed by a left uppercut. Amit holding on the inside, he looks shattered in the final stages. Amit gets it on a split decision, don't agree with that one bit. Paalam could still qualify via the box-offs.

Lin Yu-Tin from Chinese Taipei beats China’s Yin Junhua

10:05 - Featherweight Lin makes it two for Chinese Taipei

The last women's featherweight qualifier will either be Junhua Yin of China or Yu-Ting Lin of Chinese Taipei, the second seed. Already one woman from Chinese Taipei through, impressive welterweight Nien-Chin Chen.

Good tempo in the opening round, both boxers well up for it. Body shot from Lin, followed by a lovely right-hand counter shortly before the bell. Yin the more compact boxer but not able to land much clean, Lin takes round one 4-1. Yin gets a point deducted in round two and a tall task just got even taller. Yin needs a KO in round three, let's see...

Lin lands with a counter-right from a long way out and while Yin does find a monster right hand just before the bell, Lin stays upright. Lin takes the unanimous decision.

0949 - Nicolson is fourth Aussie to book Tokyo spot

Next it's a women's featherweight match between Australia's Skye Nicolson against Bolortuul Tumurkhuyag Mongolia. The Mongolian is a bobbing, weaving front-foot fighter, Nicolson a counter-punching southpaw. Classic match-up.

Nice jabbing from Nicolson before landing a lovely check right. The Aussie is a slick mover and Tumurkhuyag just isn't able to pin her down, 5-0 Nicolson in round one. Like watching two dancers in the ring, one doing a back-foot waltz, the other moshing. It's Nicolson, the waltzer, who's winning it at a canter. Landing check right hands and left crosses almost at will, another 5-0.

Tumurkhuyag never stopped trying but Nicolson never stopped showing her class, she takes a unanimous decision and is the fourth Aussie to qualify for Tokyo.

09:32 - Im is first South Korean to qualify for Tokyo

Next up it's Aeji Im of South Korea versus Sakshi of India. South Korea, who have a long and proud history in Olympic boxing, haven't qualified anyone yet. Let's see.

Not much in it in the first couple of minutes, lots of tippy-tappy from range, but Im takes it 4-1. Lovely right-left combo from Im, Sakshi unable to close the gap as her rival goes on little raids. Sakshi catching Im as she lunges in and that's a 5-0 round. Sakshi can't put many dents in Im in round three, Im wins through to Tokyo via a unanimous decision. She's South Korea's first qualifier.


“I can’t believe I defeated the world champion to get this ticket to Tokyo 2020. When I fought Petecio at the world championships I felt a lot of pressure, but today I fought bravely and am so happy I got the win.” - Irie Sena (Japan)

Japan’s Irie Sena pulls of a huge upset to defeat world champion Nesthy Petecio from the Philippines to qualify for Tokyo 2020

09:18 - Japan's Irie upsets Petecio to qualify

Righto, time to stop mucking around. First in the ring it's two women's featherweights, Nesthy Petecio of the Philippines, the number one seed and world champion, against Sena Irie of Japan. Petecio bidding to qualify for her first Olympics.

Irie, boxing out of the orthodox stance, having quite a bit of success in this first round and the favourite looks a bit tense to me. Irie takes round one 3-2. Lovely right hand counter by Irie, who is only 19, and Petecio is being timed coming in. Oh dear, point deducted for excessive holding, Petecio is in real trouble here. Lovely left cross by Petecio and she finishes the round the stronger. But Irie takes round two 3-2, Petecio with it all to do and might need something spectacular.

Petecio lands with some crunching shots down the stretch but that might not be enough for the world champion... Sena Irie gets the decision, she's the first Japanese female boxer to qualify for an Olympics.

09:50 - Time to go again

Hello again and welcome to day seven of the Asian Olympic boxing qualifying tournament in Amman, Jordan.

Twenty-eight boxers qualified for Tokyo yesterday, there are 24 more spots up for grabs today, plus four box-off semi-finals, in the men's welterweight and middleweight divisions.

The morning session consists of women's featherweights (57kg), men's flyweights (52kg), men's lightweights (63kg) and men's welterweight (69kg) box-offs. All kicks off at 09:00 UTC/GMT.

28 tickets to Tokyo 2020 are up for grabs in Amman today

Day 7 - Morning session, 09:00 GMT/UTC.

1) Women's Feather (54-57kg)

PETECIO Nesthy (1, Philippines) v IRIE Sena (Japan)

2) Women's Feather (54-57kg)

IM Aeji (Republic of Korea) v SAKSHI (India)

3) Women's Feather (54-57kg)

NICOLSON Skye (3, Australia) v TUMURKHUYAG Bolortuul (Mongolia)

4) Women's Feather (54-57kg)

YIN Junhua (China) v LIN Yu-Ting (2, Chinese Taipei)

5) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

AMIT (1, India) v PAALAM Carlo (Philippines)

6) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

HU Jianguan (China) v BIBOSSINOV Saken (4, Kazakhstan)

7) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

PANMOT Thitisan 9Thailand) v WINWOOD Alex (Australia)

8) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

AHMADISAFA Omid (Iran) v ZOIROV Shakhobidin (2, Uzbekistan)

9) Men's Light (57-63kg)

USMONOV Bakhodur (1, Tajikistan) v ALKASBEH Obada Mohammad Mustafa (Jordan)

10) Men's Light (57-63kg)

REZAEI Ashkan (Iran) v SAFIULLIN Zakir (4, Kazakhstan)

11) Men's Light (57-63kg)

BAATARSUKH Chinzorig (3, Mongolia) v KAUSHIK Manish (India)

12) Men's Light (57-63kg)

ABDURAIMOV Elnur (Uzbekistan) v GARSIDE Harrison (2, Australia)

13) Men's Welter (63-69kg

MAIMAITITU ERSUN Qiong (China) v AH TONG Marion Faustino (Samoa)

14) Men's Welter (63-69kg)

OKAZAWA Sewonrets Quincy Mensah (3, Japan) v MASUK Wuttichai (Thailand)

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Day 7 - Evening session, 17:00 local time

15) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

HUANG Hsiao-Wen (1, Chinese Taipei) v RAKHIMOVA Tursunoy (Uzbekistan)

16) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

JITPONG Jutamas (Thailand) v NAMIKI Tsukimi (4. Japan)

17) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

CHANG Yuan (Chinas) v QOSIMOVA Sumaiya (Tajikistan)

18) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

MAGNO Irish (Philippines) v HMANGTE Mery Kom (2, India)

19) Women's Light (57-60kg)

STRIDSMAN Anja (1, Australia) v OH Yeonji (Republic of Korea)

20) Women's Light (57-60kg)

KODIROVA Raykhona (Uzbekistan) v SEESONDEE Sudaporn (Thailand)

21) Women's Light (57-60kg)

WU Shih-Yi (3, Chinese Taipei) v PASUIT Riza (Philippines)

22) Women's Light (57-60kg)

BAATTH Simranjit Kaur (India) v MONKHOR Namuun (2, Mongolia)

23) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

MIRZAKHALILOV Mirazizbek (1, Uzbekistan) v TSO Sing Yu (Hong Kong)

24) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

TEMIRZHANOV Serik (Kazakhstan) v SHAHBAKHSH Daniyal (Iran)

25) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

BUTDEE Chatchai-Decha (3, Thailand) v NGUYEN Van Duong (Vietnam)

26) Men's Feather 52-57kg)

ALWADI Mohammad Abdelaziz Mohamm (Jordan) v HAM Sangmyeong (Republic of Korea)

27) Men's Middle (69-75kg)

OTGONBAATAR Byamba-Erdene (Mongolia) v MUSKITA Maikhel Roberrd (Indonesia)

28) Men's Middle (69-75kg)

KAKHRAMONOV Fanat (Uzbekistan) v MOUSAVI Seyedshahin (2, Iran)


20 Feb - 15 Mar 2020

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification Tournaments

Dakar, Amman, London, Buenos Aires, Paris

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