Boxing Olympic Qualification – Amman | Day 8 As It Happened

Bout-by-bout text updates, video highlights, and reaction from the eighth day of Asia/Oceania qualifiers, as Olympic Channel brings you all the action on the Road to Tokyo 2020

By Ben Dirs ·

Seconds out, day nine, at the Olympic Boxing Qualification event in Amman, Jordan.

Below you'll find the bout-by-bout round-up of another action-packed couple of sessions on Wednesday 11th March, and the best of the reaction below.

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20 Feb - 15 Mar

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification Tournaments

Dakar, Amman, London, Buenos Aires, Paris

Day 9 - Wednesday 11th March - Live Blog

All times UTC/GMT. Local time in Amman is UTC/GMT +2 hours.

1825 - One more day to go...

Right, there ends the penultimate day and it's finals all the way tomorrow, plus box-offs, to decide the final 11 qualifying spots. Looking forward to it, hope to see you again.

18:22 - Jaololov to box Huni in super-heavy final

Jalolov is 6ft 9in tall, makes Kumar look tiny - and he's not. Kumar's task is to get inside those telescopic arms but at the moment it's all Jalolov, picking and poking with that right-hand lead. Straight left from Jalolov, right on Kumar's chin, not much the Indian could do there, it's 10-9 Jalolov across the board.

Kumar doing a lot better in the second, getting through with some beefy left hands, but Jalolov takes it across the board again. The pace drops slightly in the third and the left cross from Jalolov triggers a standing count on the bell. Jalolov wins the last bout of the day, via unanimous decision, and he will box Australia's Justis Huni tomorrow for the gold.

18:10 - One bout to go...

Only one bout left tonight, the super-heavy semi between Uzbek top seed and reigning world champion Bakhodir Jalolov and India's Satish Kumar. We already know who the winner will box in the final - Australia's Justis Huni, because Kazakhstan's Kamshybek Kunkabayev failed a medical this morning.

18:06 - Aussie Aokuso into light-heavy final

The second light-heavyweight semi is between China's Daxaing Chen and Australia's Paulo Aokuso. A lot of fencing in round one, not much landed, but what a left hand that is by the Aussie, and it probably won him the round, 5-0.

Lovely long jab by Chen and the Chinese boxer has probably one round two, largely based on the fact Aokuso didn't really throw much. No, the Aussie takes it 4-1. Chen with a nice triple-shot combination in round three but he didn't exactly go for it down the stretch. Aokuso wins via a unanimous decision and is the second Aussie into finals day.

17:50 - World champ Nurdauletov into light-heavy final

Now for the light-heavies, first up it's Bekzad Nurdauletov, the world champion and top seed from Kazakhstan, versus Jordan's Odai Alhindawi.

Alhindawi with a southpaw left to the chin of the Kazakh and he has quite a bit of success in that round, but it's Nurdauletov who takes it 5-0 across the board. The Kazakh's left jab is a serious weapon and here he is with a ripping left cross. Another tough round for Alhindawi, the world champ takes it 5-0. Nurdauletov lands with a crackerjack left and the Kazakh senses blood. Alhindawi was a little bit at sea there, but manages to regather. Nurdauletov is the fourth Kazakh through to finals day, via unanimous decision.

17:34 - Amankul sets up middleweight final with Marcial

The second men's middleweight semi is between the tough as teak Kazakh Abilkhan Amankul and Tanglatihan Erbieke of China. Amankul with a left cross down the pipe but Erbieke is landing with counter shots. For those of you familiar with Britain's former super-middleweight world champion Carl Froch, Amankul boxes a bit like him. Quite flat-footed, low lead hand, stalking. Erbieke has taken that first round 3-2...

Amankul marching Erbieke down at the start of the second but the Chinese boxer is landing with counter combinations. Erbieke lands with a right cross, Lovely lead left by Amankul, who seems to be getting stronger as the fight wears on, as he usually does. Amankul takes round two 3-2...

Good right hand by Amankul but that's a neat counter left by Erbieke. Cracking right-left from Amankul, right jab, check hook, Erbieke totters slightly. Great finish, both men trading on the bell, this is close... Amankul has his arm raised, split decision. Him versus Marcial in the final is a bout worth watching.

17:18 - Top seed Marcial beats Kumar in middleweight semi

Been looking forward to the men's middleweight semis, and the first one features Philippine Eumir Marcial, the top seed, against Ashish Kumar of India.

Marcial the only Philippine boxer to book a ticket for Tokyo in this event, that will be a disappointment for a proud boxing nation. It's Marcial with the better start but the lanky Indian grows into it. Marcial takes it across the board, 5-0.

Kumar gets through with a couple of long lefts and Marcial replies with a flashing right hook to the chin. Kumar can't miss with that left jab, but Marcial also getting through with plenty of left crosses. Rugged contest, chopping right from Kumar up close, excellent stuff. Marcial wins round two 4-1. The pace has dropped markedly in the third, but here are some rugged exchanges... Marcial gets a standing count, after a left from Kumar, but comes back banging. Good fight, Kumar gave almost as good as he got, Marcial wins it on a split decision.

17:02 - Jordan's Alwadi through to featherweight final

It's time for the local hero, Mohammad Alwadi of Jordan. Bows all round before the opening bell, he's up against Vietnam knockout merchant Van Duong Nguyen, who can bang with the best of them.

The Vietnamese boxer leading off and Alwadi landing with plenty of stuff on the counter, that first round six of one, half a dozen of another. But four judges award the first round to Van Duong. Beautiful right hand from Va Duong, right on the button, but it's Alwadi who wins the round 3-2, it's all to play for. The local fans making a racket for their favourite son, but it's Van Duong coming on strong down the stretch, landing with some clubbing right hands. Alwadi still landing with counter shots, terrific fight, two tough men. Both men think they've nicked it, but it's Alwadi who gets the nod, to the delight of the home fans. Lovely stuff.

16:46 - World champ Mirzakhalilov reaches featherweight final

It's all chaps from here on in, and first up, men-wise, are the men's featherweight semi-finals. First bout is top seed and reigning world champ Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov of Uzbekistan versus the excellent Kazakh youngster Serik Temirzhanov.

Great start, both men marching to the centre of the ring and getting down to it. Cleaner work from the Kazakh from distance, lovely jab there. The Uzbek trying to goad Termizhanov in, but he's not having that, staying at range and landing a sweet left. The Kazakh takes round one 4-1, not sure what that one judge was watching.

Mirzakhalilov showing more urgency at the start of the second. Great left hook by the Uzbek, Temerzhanov switches to southpaw, the Uzbek working the body from the inside. Temirzhanov looking a little ragged towards the end of round two, Mirzakhalilov did a good job of turning things round there. takes the round 4-1. It's all up for grabs in round three.

Crashing right hook from the Uzbek, flurry to the body, the Kazakh looks shattered. Left hook from Mirzakhalilov, and another, and another, it's mostly Uzbekistan in the final round. Mirzakhalilov pours it on down the stretch and the final left hook finally earns the Kazakh a standing count. Great comeback from the world champ, he gets the nod.

16:30 - Aussie Parker to box Li in middleweight final

Li of China will box either Kazakhstan's Nadezhda Ryabets or Caitlin Parker of Australia in tomorrow's middleweight final. Parker staying long and landing with jabs and her rival unable to close the gap to any great effect. 5-0 Parker in round one.

Better start to the second round by Ryabets, clearly having learned that attempting to box the rangier Parker is not a wise move. Lovely right cross by the Aussie, Ryabets doing good work up close, Parker takes round two 4-1. Parker is on the deck when the final bell tolls, but only because Ryabets has thrown her on there. Parker takes the unanimous decision and will box top seed Li Qian of China in tomorrow's final.

16:14 - China's Li eases into women's middleweight final

Right, some women's middleweight semis now. First it's Li Qian, the top seed and reigning Olympic bronze medallist from China, against Pooja Rani of India. Two boxing superpowers collide.

Li Qian switching between orthodox and southpaw, making her opponent miss and landing the punisher. Li with a bit of rough stuff up close, laces in the face, and she owns that first round, 5-0. Lovely left hook by Li as Rani comes in, and now a lead left. Li is an economical boxer, doesn't throw much, but is accurate with what she does throw. 5-0 again for Li. Same again in the third, Li coasts through to the women's middleweight final.

15:57 - India's Baatth into women's lightweight final

Oh will meet either Chinese Taipei's Shih-Yi Wu or India's Simranjit Baatth in the women's lightweight final.

Beautiful let-right combination from Baatth, followed by a clunking right. Wu's work not as crisp, but she does land with cleaner shots towards the end of the round. Wu takes round one 4-1, the judges deciding she landed enough of those jabs.

Wu with some cracking long jabs but there's a lovely left hook from Baatth, who takes round two 3-2. All up for grabs. Baatth counters Wu with a dazzling combination as Wu overreaches, and the Indian takes the split decision win.

15:40 - South Korea's Oh cruises through to lightweight final

Women's 60kg lightweight semis now, and first to scrap it's South Korea's Yeonji Oh versus the talented Sudaporn Seesondee of Thailand.

Tight opening round, both women standing their ground and having a look, Oh takes it 4-1 on the scorecards. Seesondee steps up the pace at the start of the second but Oh largely keeping her at bay, here she is with a double-jab right cross combo. Oh with a right down the pipe that snaps the Thai's head back, Seesondee not landing with much. Oh takes round two 5-0.

Much the same in the third, that was quite comfortable for Oh, who moves into the final via a unanimous decision.

15:24 - China's Chang beats Kom to reach flyweight final

Cagey opening, both boxers feinting and trying to draw their opponent in, and Kom lands with a sweeping right hand. Chang doesn't land with much but it might be enough... yep, she takes that first round 4-1.

Sharp right by Kom, and another, but this is mostly a fencing match. Chang landing with right jabs as Kom tries to close the gap and that's a lovely right uppercut by the Chinese woman, followed by a right hook on the bell. Another 4-1 round for Chang. Nice combination from Chang, before she lands with a spearing jab. This Chang is a fine boxer, not giving the great Kom many looks, and she's awarded a unanimous decision.

15:12 - The great Mary Kom on display

Namiki of Japan will box the winner of this next flyweight bout in tomorrow's final - Yuan Chang of China versus Mary Kom of India, the six-time world champion and 2012 Olympic bronze medallist. China's Ren Cancan won a silver for China in London eight years ago, as you can see in the video below:

Ren takes bronze in Women's Boxing Fly 51kg

Cancan Ren takes bronze for China in the women's fly bronze medal match aft...

15:08 - Japan's Namiki through to flyweight final on abandonment

Huang towers over her Japanese rival, whose main job will be to get inside that ramrod left jab. Crazy to see a height difference like this between two boxers of only 51kg, which is a little over eight stone in old money. And it's off! Huang's corner have thrown in the towel at the end of round one, and I have no idea why, she didn't look in any distress. Namiki looks as bemused as anyone, but it's her who goes through to Wednesday's final.

15:02 - Back to the coalface

Hello you and welcome back to the evening session of the eighth and penultimate day of Asia/Oceania qualifying. First up we have a women's flyweight match between Hsiao-Wen Huang of Chinese Taipei, the top seed, and little dynamo Tsukimi Namiki, who is already one of two Japanese women to have booked a ticket for a home Games in Japan.

12:52 - Session one over

Don't go too far, we've got 13 more bouts in the evening session - women's fly, light and middleweight; men's feather, middle, light-heavy and super-heavyweight. The scheduled final bout between Australia's Justis Huni and Kamshybek Kunkabayev of is off after the Kazakh failed a medical. I'm off for a break but stick around for more pics and quotes and videos in my absence.

12:47 - India's Kumar reaches light-heavy box-off final

The final bout of the session is the second light-heavyweight box-off semi, between Sachin Kumar and Vietnam's Manh Cuong Nguyen.

Nguyen's compatriot Van Duong Nguyen has qualified for Tokyo at featherweight, can Manh Cuong follow him through? Standing count for Manh Cuong after a slapping right hand by Kumar. Bit odd. Kumar with the superior movement and better punches so far, but now he's got a standing count after an overhand right from Manh Cuong. Bit odd again. Kumar takes round one 4-1.

The Vietnamese lands with a couple of stiff rights but Kumar does more than enough, boxing off the back foot, to win round three across the board. Kumar doesn't have to do a great deal to close things out in round three, he gets a split decision and will box Negmatulleov of Tajikistan for the fifth light-heavyweight spot in Tokyo.

12:33 - Tajik light-heavy Negmatulleov into box-off final

First it's Tajikistan's Shabbos Negmatulleov versus Jakkapong Yomkhot of Thailand.

The Tajik is a smooth, unflustered customer and he's getting the better of Yomkhot early on. Standing eight for the Thai, just taking too many unanswered clean shots, including a wicked chopping right. Yomkhot makes it through the round, but loses it 5-0, with two 10-8s. Negmatulleov is one of the most accurate boxers we've seen this week and he's picking his rival apart in round two, with every shot in the book. Big right on the bell by the Tajik, one-way traffic, another 5-0.

Huge right uppercut from the Tajik, someone should be thinking about pulling Yomkhot out here, whether the referee or someone in his corner. Negmatulleov awarded a unanimous decision, he's through to tomorrow's box-off final.

12:20 - Jirov paves the way for Asia

Next it's the light-heavyweight box-off semis - Asia have had a bit of Olympic success in this division, with Kazakhstan's Vassiliy Jirov winning gold in 1996, as per the video below - he went on to be an IBF cruiserweight champion in the professional ranks.

Jirov takes light heavyweight gold for Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan's first Summer Olympic Games since independence, Vassiliy Jir...

12:16 - Kiwi Nyika into heavyweight final

This second heavyweight semi should be a goodun, third seed Sanjar Tursunov of Uzbekistan versus David Nyika of New Zealand, the second seed.

Tursunov is shorter and chunkier but is a good mover, with an excellent jab. Nyika is tall and upright and more typically amateur. Good right hand by the Kiwi, followed by a jab, and Tursunov doesn't land with a great deal in round one. But he landed with enough, because the judges have it 4-1 to Tursunov.

Cracking jab by Tursunov followed by a check hook. Stiff jab by Nyika, who has turned southpaw. Briefly. Better from Nyika, sending out more jabs and keeping Tursunov off-balance. Cute left-right from Tursunov but Nyika probably won that round based on the sheer volume of jabs he landed. Yep, 10-9 across the board for the All Black.

More of the same at the start of round three, Nyika having plenty of joy with the jab, and also getting the better of the close exchanges. Excellent from the Kiwi, worked out a way to beat Tursunov and stuck with it - jab, jab, jab. Nyika awarded a split decision, very well deserved.

Vassiliy Levit: "Boxing is my lifestyle"

Olympic silver medallist Vassiliy Levit from Kazakhstan opens up on why he ...

12:00 - Levit beats Jordan's Iashaish in heavyweight semi

The men's heavyweight semis now, and first up it's top seed and reigning Olympic silver medallist Vassiliy Levit of Kazakhstan versus Hussein Iashaish, whose brother it through to the welterweight final already.

The heavier Iashaish is not quite as wild as his brother but he's still a handful. Levit holding his feet and landing with lovely combinations as Iashaish comes forward, but that's Iashaish's round across the board, courtesy of his superior pressure. Lovely work off the back foot from Levit at the start of round two, picking his rival off with jabs and crosses, and that was a better round overall for the Kazakh, who takes it 5-0. All square going into round three...

Clash of heads, Levit dabs at his eye, no cut. Iashaish on unsteady legs and being picked off by Levit. Levit steps into a big right hand as the Jordanian sways on the ropes. Iashaish, just like his brother, has a heart as big as an ox, but I think Levit did enough in that final round. Yep, split decision victory for Levit.

11:42 - India's Vikas through to welterweight final

The second men's welterweight semi is between Vikas Kirshan of India and Ablaikhan Zhussupov of Kazakhstan, the second seed.

Two correct southpaws in this one, in complete contrast to the previous semi. Battle of the jabs in round one, the Indian takes it 4-1. Vikas kicks off round two with a smart jab and follows up with an overhand left. More nice work with the left hand from the Indian and now we have a clash of heads and Vikas is cut... the doctor says he's okay to carry on, despite a cut on the left eyebrow. Zhussupov looks enlivened by that cut to his rival but Vikas finishes the stronger, and takes it 3-2.

Zhussopuv finishes the bout the busier but not landing much clean. Vikas is the first Indian into a final, via a deserved split decision.

11:26 - Jordan's Eashash into welterweight final

Next it's the men's 69kg welterweights, and top seed Bobo-Usman Baturov versus Zeyad Eashash of Jordan, the fourth seed. This can't fail to be a tear-up.

It's rough and tumble all right, both men barrelling forward, letting their hands go and making it rough and nasty up close. Like a couple of fellas having a fight in a telephone box, filled to the knees with sand. Judge that... Eashash wins it 3-2.

Baturov hits the deck and it's been given as a count, to the Uzbek's disgust. Almost nothing in the way of inside boxing, they both prefer to wrestle and hold up close, but Eashash sweeps round two 5-0. Not much different in round three, that was more like a dust-up in a pub car park than a major semi-final, and it's Eashash who wins it via a split decision. Jordan have someone to cheer on finals day.

10:52 - Kazakh lightweight Safiullin pips Jordanian in thriller

Time for the men's lightweight semi-finals and first up it's a local boy, Jordan's Obada Alkasbeh, against the very talented Kazakhstan boxer Zakir Safiullin.

Alkasbeh landing with a couple of stiff jabs before Safiullin lets him know he's there with a stiff right of his own. Left-right from the Kazakh, chin and body, but he's taking shots whenever he lands some of his own. Tight first round, Alkasbeh takes it 5-0.

Akkasbeh swarming forwards and the more correct Safiullin finding it difficult to deal with. Strange, Alkasbeh edging backwards and just takes a look behind him to see how close to the corner post he is. Lovely left jab from Safiullin, right over the top, Safiullin pouring it on in the closing seconds and they give each other a little smile and a tap on the shoulder at the sound of the bell, lovely touch. 4-1 Safiullin, it's going down to the wire...

Great exchanges at the start of round three, both men going at it hammer and tongs. Both men have already booked their tickets for Tokyo, remember, but that does not appear to be enough for them. Safiullin landing with the cleaner shots as the round goes on, that was a great three minutes that they will always be able to share. Safiullin gets the decison, cracking fight.

10:36 - Thai teen Panmot upsets Olympic champion Zoirov

The second men's welterweight semi-final is between Thailand's talented 19-year-old Thitisan Panmot and reigning world and Olympic champion Shakhobidin Zoirov of Uzbekistan.

Two excellent boxers but I fear this could be one for the purists, both men back-foot, counter-punching boxers. Panmot lands with a left jab, southpaw Zoirov on his toes as expected. Panmot with a right to the chest, Zoirov, as is his wont, not throwing a great deal, but does land with a couple of southpaw lefts. Panmot takes the opener 4-1.

Zoirov looking to engage in round two, but Panmot is very calm on the retreat. Lovely couple of counter right hands by Panmot, Zoirov being picked off here. Zoirov getting frustrated now, Panmot doing to him what he usually does to others. Right to the gut by Panmot on the bell, the Thai teenager takes it 4-1 again.

Zoirov needs to win this last round big but instead he's being outboxed. Zoirov getting through with a left hand but not much else, that was a brilliant performance by the Thai teenager and he's awarded a unanimous decision over the reigning Olympic and world champion.

10:21 - China's Hu beats India's Amit in flyweight semi

We move on to the men and the first flyweight semi-final is between top seed and big Indian hope Amit versus Jianuan Hu of China, who comes running towards the ring.

This is a rematch of the Asian Championships semi-final from last year, when Amit came out on top. Hu targets the body as Amit comes forward, which is not the Indian's normal style. Hu doing most of the landing on the counter in round one, Amit only really letting his hands go towards the end, the Chinese boxer taking it 3-2.

Amit lands to the body, lovely right through the guard by Hu, and while Amit is boxing on the front foot, it's Hu landing with the crisper shots. 3-2 again to Hu, this is tight heading into the final round. Both men letting their hands go in round three, Amit getting through with some cuffing left hands and going at it until the final bell, but Hu is awarded a split decision.

10:04 - China welterweight Gu sets up Chen final

Chen of Chinese Taipei will box the winner of this next bout in tomorrow's women's welterweight final - China's Hong Gu, the third seed, versus India's Lovlina Borgohain, the second seed.

Borghohain won bronze at last year's World Champs and beat Melieva of Uzbekistan to qualify for Tokyo. Gu, meanwhile, was impressive in outpointing Khalzova of Kazakhstan. Bit of a messy first round, styles not gelling because of their similarities, Gu takes it 4-1. Gu with a lovely check left hand as Borgohain comes in, but mostly it's fencing. Gu gets another left through, followed by a sweeping right on the bell. Gu takes round two 5-0, the Indian needs a stoppage.

Borgohain doesn't get the stoppage, Gu waltzes the final round and her final against Chen of Chinese Taipei could be a peach.

0947 - Chinese Taipei's Chen reaches welterweight final in style

On to the women's 69kg welterweight category and the first semi-final between Nien-Chin Chen of Chinese Taipei, the top seed, and Baison Manikon of Thailand.

In my opinion, the 22-year-old Chen, who boxed at Rio 2016, has been the best female boxer in this tournament. Lovely overhand right as Manikon comes forward, Chen is a lovely mover and thicker set than most of her rivals. Some nice check hooks from Chen, Manikon does land with a couple of lefts to the body, Chen takes round one 5-0.

Chen is a switch-hitter as well, which makes her doubly difficult to work out. Manikon landing with a couple of backhand lefts in round two but it's mostly Chen, and she takes it across the board with two 10-8s. Manikon no mug, but Chen has been a class apart in this bout, she wins round three as well and is through to the final.

09:32 - Lin of Chinese Taipei reaches featherweight final

Japan's Irie will box the winner of this next bout between Skye Nicolson of Australia, the third seed, and Yu-Ting Lin, who is one of four Chinese Taipei women to have qualified for Tokyo and the second seed.

Lin, who towers over Nicolson, gets a couple of big right hands through early on. And another. That's the shot against a southpaw. Now she's shoe-shining to the body, all Lin in that opening round, Nicolson with it all to do. More of the same in round two, Nicolson reduced to covering up on the ropes, the Aussie just can't get past that long left jab. More of the same in round three, Lin with a one-sided unanimous decision, she boxes Irie Sena in tomorrow's featherweight final.

Japan's Irie Sena is through to the finals after defeating South Korea's Im Aeji

09:15 - Japan featherweight Irie through to final

Right, let's have some boxing. First in the ring is a women's featherweight contest between Sena Irie of Japan, the first Japanese woman boxer to qualify for an Olympics and who eliminated world champion Nesthy Petecio in the last round, and South Korea's Aeji Im. All five judges prefer the work of Irie in round one.

Irie straight down the pipe as Im comes forward, but Im hits back with a southpaw right of her own. Irie loses her rhythm in round two, Im getting through with one or two lunging left crosses, but the Japanese woman takes it 3-2. Im needs to find a big one from somewhere, and I'm not sure she's got it in her, at least not against someone of Irie's quality. Irie gets the decision and is through to tomorrow's final.

09:50 - Time to go again

Hello again and welcome to day eight of the Asia/Oceania Olympic boxing qualifying tournament in Amman, Jordan.

Twenty-four boxers qualified for Tokyo yesterday, 28 the day before, which means there are 52 Asian/Oceania boxers with tickets for the plane. Today, it's all about the bragging rights, with semi-finals across the board. There are also the men's light-heavyweight box-off semi-finals in session one. All kicks off at 09:00 UTC/GMT, make sure to get involved.

Day 8 - Morning session, 09:00 GMT/UTC.

1) Women's Feather (54-57kg)

IRIE Sena (Japan) v IM Aeji (Republic of Korea)

2) Women's Feather (54-57kg)

NICOLSON Skye (3, Australia) v LIN Yu-Ting (2, Chinese Taipei)

3) Women's Welter (64-69kg)

CHEN Nien-Chin (1, Chinese Taipei) v MANIKON Baison (Thailand)

4) Women's Welter (64-69kg)

GU Hong (3, China) v BORGOHAIN Lovlina (2, India)

5) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

AMIT (1, India) v HU Jianguan (China)

6) Men's Fly (48-52kg)

PANMOT Thitisan (Thailand) v ZOIROV Shakhobidin (2, Uzbekistan)

7) Men's Light (57-63kg)

ALKASBEH Obada Mohammad Mustafa (Jordan) v SAFIULLIN Zakir (4, Kazakhstan)

8) Men's Light (57-63kg)

BAATARSUKH Chinzorig (3, Mongolia) v ABDURAIMOV Elnur (Uzbekistan)

9) Men's Welter (63-69kg)

BATUROV Bobo-Usmon (1, Uzbekistan) v EASHASH Zeyad Eishaih Hussein (4, Jordan)

10) Men's Welter (63-69kg)

KIRSHAN Vikas (India) v ZHUSSUPOV Ablaikhan (2, Kazakhstan)

11) Men's Heavy (81-91kg)

LEVIT Vassiliy (1, Kazakhstan) v IASHAISH Hussein Eishaish Hussein (4, Jordan)

12) Men's Heavy (81-91kg)

TURSUNOV Sanjar (3, Uzbekistan) v NYIKA David (2, New Zealand)

13) Men's Light-heavy (75-81kg

NEGMATULLOEV Shabbos (Tajikistan) v YOMKHOT Jakkapong (Thailand)

14) Men's Light-heavy (75-81kg)

SACHIN KUMAR (India) v NGUYEN Manh Cuong (Vietnam)

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Day 8 - Evening session, 17:00 local time

15) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

HUANG Hsiao-Wen (1, Chinese Taipei) v NAMIKI Tsukimi (4, Japan)

16) Women's Fly (48-51kg)

CHANG Yuan (China) v HMANGTE Mery Kom (2, India)

17) Women's Light (57-60kg)

OH Yeonji (Republic of ,Korea) v SEESONDEE Sudaporn (Thailand)

18) Women's Light (57-60kg)

WU Shih-Yi (3, Chinese Taipei) v BAATTH Simranjit Kaur (India)

19) Women's Middle (69-75kg)

LI Qian (1, China) v POOJA RANI (4, India)

20) Women's Middle (69-75kg)

RYABETS Nadezhda (Kazakhstan) v PARKER Caitlin (2, Australia)

21) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

MIRZAKHALILOV Mirazizbek (1, Uzbekistan) v TEMIRZHANOV Serik (Kazakhstan)

22) Men's Feather (52-57kg)

NGUYEN Van Duong (Vietnam) v ALWADI Mohammad Abdelaziz Mohamm (Jordan)

23) Men's Middle (69-75kg)

MARCIAL Eumir (1, Philippines) v ASHISH KUMAR (India)

24) Men's Middle (69-75kg)

AMANKUL Abilkhan (Kazakhstan) v TUOHETA ERBIEKE Tanglatihan (China)

25) Men's Light-heavy (75-81kg)

NURDAULETOV Bekzad (1, Kazakhstan) v ALHINDAWI Odai Riyad Adel (Jordan)

26) Men's Light-heavy (75-81kg)

CHEN Daxaing (China) v AOKUSO Paulo (Australia)

27) Men's Super-heavy (69-75kg)

JALOLOV Bakhodir (1, Uzbekistan) v SATISH KUMAR (4, India)

28) Men's Super-heavy (+91kg)

HUNI Justis (3, Australia) v KUNKABAYEV Kamshybek (2, Kazakhstan)


20 Feb - 15 Mar

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification Tournaments

Dakar, Amman, London, Buenos Aires, Paris

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