European Games 2019 Day 10 and closing ceremony: As it happened

Highlights and how it all happened on the last day of action, Day 10 - 30th June - at the 2019 European Games in Minsk, Belarus.

10:26 -Time to say goodbye

A beautiful song, beautifully performed.

But unfortunately we've run out of time.

Thanks for following along, it's been fun.

Goodbye, goodnight, да пабачэння.

10:13pm - Tesla Boy

Tesla Boy are playing right now, a song called 'Compromise' - a bit Coldplay, a bit Muse, they're a Russian electro-pop group who sing in English.

Anton Sevidov is the lead singer, his grandfather, Aleksandr Sevidov, was a football manager with Dinamo Minsk, Dinamo Kyiv and Dinamo Moscow.

Two Soviet Championships and two Soviet Cups for grandad.

10:09pm - Gymnastic Fan tattoo

You know you've made it when someone gets a tattoo of you on half their arm: "I didn't believe it. The woman asked me to send a picture because she wanted to make a tattoo and then two weeks later she sent me a photo with my image on half of her arm. I was shocked. It's cool."
- Belarus' bronze medal-winning rhythmic gymnast Katsiaryna HALKINA tells us about her No.1 fan getting inked up.

10:07 - The pagan electric project

Shuma are up next - 'a popular electronic project' says the media guide, "combining ancient pagan songs with electronic music. The group has won many awards in Belarus and excellent reviews in the international media."

Not surprised, they're good.

10:02pm - Somebody think of the coaches

Nice moment for the coaches there, they suffer as much - sometimes more - than the athletes themselves.

Now a song by Naviband - a Belarusian music group from Minsk. They represented Belarus at the 2017 Eurovision Contest.

They came 17th.

9:58pm Song: 'The Air'

This is a song by the J:Mors, a rock band set up in 1999 by Uladzimir Pugach and Artsiom Liadowski.

They've been one of the most played bands on the radio in the past decade.

The song isn't bad either.

9:56pm - The bison's speech

The Bison Speaks
The Bison SpeaksThe Bison Speaks

9:52pm - Merci Minsk!

9:46 - Lesik has multiplied!

It's like someone's poured water on him like Mogwai from the Gremlins, there are dozens of him!

DJ, dancers, dancing foxes.

It's a bit lit here.

9:42am - The bison is back!

The head of a huge bison – a symbol of Belarus – is back from Opening Ceremony. This time he'd dedicated n a new atmosphere dedicated to the present times, modern Belarus.

He wishes good luck to the new generation of Belarusians and we hear a song about moder Minsk, city of start-ups.

The Bison is back - Dinamo Stadium, Minsk, Belarus - June 30, 2019. Closing ceremony. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko
The Bison is back - Dinamo Stadium, Minsk, Belarus - June 30, 2019. Closing ceremony. REUTERS/Valentyn OgirenkoThe Bison is back - Dinamo Stadium, Minsk, Belarus - June 30, 2019. Closing ceremony. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

9:39pm - Quotes of the Games

"I have been preparing for this competition for four months. I'm ready, I'm sure of that, so on Sunday I will kill everybody." - France's Clarisse Agbegnenou

She did too.

Monstered the -63kg women's judo event.

"I want to eat some chocolate right now. I need it. I love chocolate." - Also France's Clarisse Agbegnenou

9:34pm - The flame burns on

The thousands of volunteers are having their moment here, 8,000 in all signed up, 6,000 are in the stadium right now.

"You're the heart and soul of the 2nd European Games!"

Tony Muir, former singer with Iron Maiden is singing 'We Are the Light,' dedicated to the volunteer.

9:28pm - Team GB's tournament

9:24 - The Presidents

President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko speak in the stands during the closing ceremony of the 2019 European Games in Minsk. REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko
President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko speak in the stands during the closing ceremony of the 2019 European Games in Minsk. REUTERS/Vasily FedosenkoPresident of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko speak in the stands during the closing ceremony of the 2019 European Games in Minsk. REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

9:19pm - Athletes create 'honour circle'

Belarus athletes glittering from all the medals all they do their lap of honour.

Thumbs up from president Lukashenko.

They gave these out earlier, hopefully they won't be necessary.
They gave these out earlier, hopefully they won't be necessary.They gave these out earlier, hopefully they won't be necessary.

9:13 - Athletes Parade

The athletes are out on the track led by respective captains. 50 nations took part, and they're parading to the soundtrack of some tradition Belorussian music.

9:04pm - Closing Ceremony kicks off

We're underway here in Dinamo Stadium.

The dignitaries are introduced, the national anthem is underway, performed by the presidential orchestra.

7:33 - Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony

This was the best of the action from Rio's final hurrah.

7:28pm - Blast from the past

And here's some highlights from the Barcelona 1992 closing ceremony.

Remember Freddie Mercury's song?

7:16pm - Fond of a Closing Ceremony?

Here's EXO performing in PyeongChang at the 2018 Winter Games finals bash:

7pm - It's warming up here for the closing ceremony

Queues are forming and the atmosphere's warming here in the Belorussian capital, the closing ceremony is coming up.

It's been a great tournament for the hosts, the organisation has been praiseworthy and everything has gone off without a hitch really.

Belarus did brilliantly too, winning more medals than every other country bar Russia.

69 overall, 24 gold, 16 silver, and 29 bronze.

European Games to "go on proudly"

EOC President Janez Kocijancic has been wrapping things up nicely.

6:52pm - Mathilde Gros wins silver at 19

This young French starlet isn't one for the future, she's one for right now.

A silver medal in the women's team sprint at the European Games proves it.

She told Olympic Channel that she was a basketball player until they came to her school with some watt bikes.

They couldn't believe the power she had.

"I started with basket at the age of 4, I loved it and it was my passion," she began.

"I wanted to become a professional basketball player. I was playing as a small forward and sometimes as a shooting guard, because I wasn’t afraid of contact, even if I was younger than my teammates.

Then one day they brought some watt bikes to my school, which had a sports programme.

I was 14 and the coach of the BMX team, who was then based in Aix-en-Provence, made us try some sprints on these bikes. They saw I could push a quite impressive level of power for a girl of my age, up to 1200W, and they couldn’t believe it.

They made me try with a different bike and I repeated those numbers.

Before that I didn’t know anything about cycling, especially about track cycling. I only know the Tour de France, a bit of MTB…

So, after the BMX coach spoke with the cycling Olympic coaches, I was invited to Paris to try track cycling, I liked it and from September 2014, when I was 15, I joined the INSEP, France’s Sports Centre of excellence."

Now she's one of the most promising cyclists in the French ranks, and has delivered on that here in Minsk.

6:20pm - European Games 2019 Medal table

Here's the medal table if that's your thing.

5:54pm - Something's happened

Hang on a minute.

They've all gone.

It's over!

They have officially stopped doing the sport at the 2019 European Games!

But the closing ceremony is still to come so stay with us.

Look who's here for the grand finale:

5:39pm - Jason Kenny: "We're not worried"

It hasn't been the kind of tournament many expected from Britain's 6-time Olympic gold medallist Jason Kenny.

Just one bronze medal in the men's team sprint to take back, but Kenny isn't too bothered.

Olympic Channel spoke to Kenny about how Tokyo 2020 preps are going:

"Preparation is going OK. We are not worried, we've still got one year and a bit to get some work done, so we are OK with where we are."

"European Games were an important step on the way and it's good to have experienced the atmosphere of a multi-sport event."

We asked Kenny if becoming a father had changed him.

"It changed me a little bit, it put things into perspective. I think it helps, kind of, to keep going."

Kenny could become a history-maker yet again at Tokyo 2020.

5:14pm - Nina Darwael speaks to Olympic Channel

Get mad. get even.

That was the story for Belgian gymnast Nina Darwael today after a mistake on her uneven bars routine left her furious.

"I was so mad with myself," she told us, "Being mad helped me a lot to be more aggressive."

Darwael took that anger and turned it to aggression, putting in her best display on the beam to date.

A display that gave her the gold medal she so badly wanted.

"I really wanted to end on a high note, I'm really happy I was able to do that."

Nina Derwael poses for Olympic Channel with her gold medal from the Artistic gymnastics beam event.
Nina Derwael poses for Olympic Channel with her gold medal from the Artistic gymnastics beam event.Nina Derwael poses for Olympic Channel with her gold medal from the Artistic gymnastics beam event.

Darwael: Dog person

Throughout the tournament we've noticed that many of the best gymnasts have a cute dog, with pugs and poodles the favourites.

This Belgian star has a poodle named Ella.

"I've always been a dog person," Nina continued, "because growing up I had three big dogs and now my mum decided to have a little one and we take her everywhere."

4:46pm - Track cycling gold for GB, Russia, Holland

Back to the velodrome and there was gold for Great Britain in the women’s madison thanks to Jessica Roberts and Megan Barker.

They won from the Dutch pair of Kirsten Wild and Amber van der Hulst with Russia’s Diana Klimova and Mariia Novolodskaia taking the bronze.

* Daria Shmeleva* won her second medal of the day, and her fourth of the week, as she claimed gold in the 500m time trial.

 The Russian had earlier taking bronze in the sprint to add to her team sprint gold and keirin bronze.

 The 24-year-old clocked 33.209s to take victory from Ukraine’s Olena Starikova and Miriam Vece of Italy.

 The track cycling finale was the men’s omnium points race with Dutchman Jan-Willem van Schip taking it to secure his first gold of the meeting after silver in both the points race and the madison.

 Switzerland’s Thery Schir took the silver with Daniel Staniszewski of Poland completing the podium places.

4:42 - Wrestling round-up

4:39pm - Russian revelry

Such dominance here in Minsk, the Russian Federation now has 109 medals in all, including 44 golds.

Hosts Belarus are closest on 69 overall, with 24 gold medals.

Life is not a competition, but the Russians are winning.

4:37pm - We're trying

Sorry if your event isn't getting the coverage you'd like.

It's just that this multisport event is so very very multi.

4:25pm - No fairytale finish

A fall from David Belyavskiy left the door open for the other gymnasts on the men's horizontal bars, the final performance of the final gymnastics event had a Belorussian gave the final performance.

Belarus' Andrey Likhovitskiy was cheered all the way by the crowd in the Minsk Arena.

They willed him into a medal position but the judges were unmoved by all the emotion.

Likhovitskiy placed 4th on 13.833, with Lithuania's Robert Tvorogal securing gold on 14.400 points.

No fairytale ending for Belarus but a great day of gymnastics all-round.

4.22pm - Someone's happy

4:05pm - Olympic Champ, Euro champ

Reigning Rio 2016 champion Oleg Verniaiev has won the European Games parallel bars gold.

Despite his surgery in January, he has recovered enough to finish top of the podium here.

Imagine what he'll be like when he's 100% recovered.

Here's his gold medal winning routine:

3:57pm - 2nd gold for Belyavskiy

Russia's other all-around gold medallist has just won another.

Check out Europe's brand new pommel champion:

3:54pm - Vault gold: Artur Davtyan

Armenia topped the podium again in the vault.

Well done Artur Davtyan.

3:50pm: Rings gold for Italy's Marco Ladadio

Marco Lodadio stole the show on rings.

Watch highlights here:

3:46pm - And the British flagbearer is...

Don't forget, the Closing Ceremony is tonight, from 7pm to around 11 CEST, that's 8pm to 12 in Minsk.

Marcus Ellis really deserves this.

3:34pm - 'White Bear' attack

Armenia's Artur Aleksanyan overpowered local wrester Aliaksandr Hrabovik to take gold in the -97kg Greco-Roman Wrestling final.

The 'White Bear' looks a good shout to retain his Olympic gold at Tokyo 2020, he's still only 27.

Armenia's Artur Aleksanyan celebrates victory over Aliaksandr Hrabovik of Belarus after they compete in the Men's Greco-Roman -97kg Gold Medal match or bout during Day Ten of the 2nd European Games at Sports Palace on June 30, 2019 in Minsk, Belarus. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
Armenia's Artur Aleksanyan celebrates victory over Aliaksandr Hrabovik of Belarus after they compete in the Men's Greco-Roman -97kg Gold Medal match or bout during Day Ten of the 2nd European Games at Sports Palace on June 30, 2019 in Minsk, Belarus. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)Armenia's Artur Aleksanyan celebrates victory over Aliaksandr Hrabovik of Belarus after they compete in the Men's Greco-Roman -97kg Gold Medal match or bout during Day Ten of the 2nd European Games at Sports Palace on June 30, 2019 in Minsk, Belarus. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

3:23pm - Gymnastics highlights: Angelina Melnikova

What a tournament it's been for Russia's Angelina Melnikova.

Two golds and two silvers already here in Minsk, including gold in an event that she hadn't even prepared to compete in.

That came in uneven bars.

Watch highlights here:

3:17pm - IOC President Thomas Bach in Minsk

President Bach is at the Minsk Arena awarding medals today.

3:11pm - Track cycling update

The first track cycling gold on the final day in Minsk went to the home team as Tatsiana Sharakova took victory in the women’s individual pursuit.

 Sharakova claimed bronze in the women’s road race last Saturday, and the 34-year-old beat Italy’s Marta Cavalli for her first European Games title.

 Anastasiia Voinova secured her second gold by beating France’s Mathilde Gros to take the women’s sprint title

 The 26-year-old won the team sprint on Thursday with Daria Shmeleva, and she beat Gros 2-0 for yet another Russian success in Minsk.

 Then there was drama in the men’s keirin… and another gold for the Netherlands as GB's Jason Kenny failed to qualify for the final.

 As Poland’s Kryzysztof Maksel led out the field, Juan Peralta touched wheels with France’s Rayan Helal and crashed heavily taking out Czech rider Tomas Babek.

 Fortunately, Spaniard Peralta was later able to cycle in unaided.

 At the front, yesterday’s individual sprint silver medallist Harrie Lavreysen got back in the gold-winning habit as he won from Helal with Denis Dmitriev taking bronze for Russia.

 That took Lavreysen’s tally to two golds out of three medals after his gold in the team sprint.

2:47pm - The Nina Derwael redemption!

So aggressive, so determined after that mistake on the uneven bars, Nina Derwael wins gold on the beam!

That's how champions react.

13.766 wins it, Melnikova takes another silver with 13.600, Ukraine's Diana Varinska bags bronze with 13.100.

Watch that stunning beam routine here:

2:41pm - Mia Blichfeldt: women's badminton gold

Great reaction from Mia Blichfeldt, look how much it means to her.

The Danish shuttle star defeats Britain's Kirsty Gilmour. 21-16, 21-17.

She really is one of the most exciting prospects in women's badminton right now.

2:39pm - 5 match points for Blichfeldt

Mia is on the brink of gold here.

Gilmour again resisting.

But that's it!

Gold for Denmark!

2:34pm - Nina Derwael at Tokyo 2020

Speaking of Nellie Kim...

Nina Derwael may have had a rare mishap in her favourite event at the European Games, but Nellie Kim thinks she can challenge for gold at next year’s Olympics.

Hear what she thinks of her and Belgium’s rise in gymnastics here:

2:29pm - Melnikova brilliant on the beam

Russia's gym superstar is having the time of her life.

All-around gold, uneven bars gold, vault silver, now Angelina Melnikova leads beam on 13.600.

Nellie Kim fancies her chances at Tokyo 2020.

2:25pm - GB's Georgia-Mae Fenton leads Beam

All-around silver medallist Lorette Charpy took time to get going and had a couple of dismounts leaving the door open.

GB's Georgia-Mae Fenton leads after a very confident routine, the 18-year-old scored 12.800 to Charpy's 11.566.

But maybe not for long... Here comes Melnikova.

2:15pm - Blichfeldt takes 1st game

That's long from Gilmour giving Blichfeldt the first game.


2:11pm - Denmark lead badminton final

Big shot and a big roar from Mia Blichfeldt who looks in control of this women's singles final.

She's 20-12 ahead in the first game.

Good score from Gilmour facing 8 game points.

The British shuttler rallying back here, lovely cross-court shot that drops just over the net 15-20.

2:04pm - Melnikova takes gold in uneven bars

Sublime display and landing from Melnikova who took silver in vault behind Slovenia's Tega Belak

She wasn't even supposed to take part in this event, taking a teammates place who suffered an allergic reaction yesterday.

Silver for GB's Becky Downie and bronze for Belarus.

Melnikova's 14.466 good enough for gold.

World champ Nina Derwael drops into fourth, finishes off the podium and has yet to qualify for Tokyo 2020.

1:54pm - Nina Derwael falls on uneven bars!

A fall for the favourite in this event.

The Belgian world champion missed her Stalder Tkatchev on the half-turn, that's usually such a stable skill for her, normally such a consistent performer.

She got back up, repeated, and caught it without a problem.

Derwael still gets a very impressive score of 13.933, but it's not enough to overtake Great Britain leader Becky Downie.

Big reaction as Belarus gymnast Anastasiya Alistratava lands beautifully after a perfectly executed routine.

She goes into second.

All-around gold medallist Angelina Melnikova is up now.

Great dismount.

1:29pm - Gold for Denmark!

Danish promise being fulfilled here, 22-year-old Anders Antonsen defeats France's Brice Leverdez 19- 21, 21-14, 10-21.

Denmark have a chance to sweep the singles events with another young shuttler on a meteoric rise.

Mia Blichfeldt vs. Great Britain's surprise finalist Kirsty Glimour is up next.

1:28pm - Matchpoint in men's badminton!

Antonsen is 20-10 up!

1:17pm - Sofiane Oumiha takes silver

French boxer and Rio silver-medallist Sofiane Oumiha loses out by the tightest of margins (3-2 split decision) to Armenia's Hovhannes Bachkov in the men's light welterweight -64kg class.

It's a good result for the Frenchman after he move up a class from -60kg.

He defeated GB's Luke McCormack to qualify for the final.

The 24-year-old Frenchman used to practise rugby, the most popular sport in his home city of Toulouse he told Olympic Channel about how he started:

“I discovered boxing thanks to my cousin. I started when I was 9 and I remained in this sport because I was successful – Oumiha told the Olympic Channel - For 8 years I was practising rugby at the same time, but when I saw the Games of London on TV I decided to quit it to focus on boxing and qualify for the Olympics."

"It worked because I went to Rio and I made my dream come true. It was hard to mix the two sports, because in the morning I was practising boxing and in the afternoon rugby. But I was young, I had plenty of energies and I was happy to do it. Both sports share the values of fight, courage and respect and more or less you stand on your legs in the same way.”

Ahead the World Champs in Hamburg in 2017, he was forced to train on a football pitch because he couldn’t find a facility open during the month of August. He won the -60kg title (“I proved the the medal in Rio wasn’t a fluke”) and has now moved up to 64: “It’s a new challenge, plus I can eat a bit more now and I don’t have to do crazy stuff to lose weight!”

One year after his world title, Oumiha opened his own gym called ‘Boxoum’. On one of the walls you can read the quote ‘victory loves the effort’: ‘It’s not by chance that I am silver Olympic medallist and world champion – explains the boxer - these results are a reward for the sacrifices I’ve made.”

Now he has a European Games silver medal too.

1:14pm - Men's badminton final

Antonsen up 9-4 in the decider after Leverdez forced a third set.

Some world-class badminton being played out there.

10-4 Antonsen.

1:07pm - Greco-Roman Wrestling

The -97kg Greco-Roman wrestling final is underway featuring Armenia’s Rio 2016 gold medallist Artur Aleksanyan.

1:03pm - Another gold for David Belyavskiy

But it's yesterday's all-around golden boy David Belyavskiy who takes gold in pommel.

How many will he add to the collection today?

Pommel results
Pommel resultsPommel results

12:55pm - Gymnastics going off

Finland's Emil Soravuo took gymnastic's first medal of the day winning the floor event with a score of 14.433.

Silver for GB's Giarnni Regini-Moran with 12.233, Ukraine's Petro Pakhniuk takes home bronze scoring 14.200.

Local lad Andrey Likhovitskiy has got the crowd going with his pommel performance:

12:48pm - French comeback

33-year-old Brice Leverdez isn't just going to give it up to the 22-year-old Dane though.

Leverdez was up 7-1 at one point, now it's 10-4.

12:39pm - Antonsen the new Axelsen?

Great things were expected of Denmark's badminton cohort here at the 2019 European Games and Anders Antonsen is certainly holding up his end.

He takes the first game 21-19.

Antonsen taking his chance to shine in the absence of star shuttler Viktor Akselsen who missed out as he's suffering from allergies and asthma.

While he isn't quite as tall as the Danish Olympic bronze medallist: 1.83m to Viktor's 1.94m, he has a similar style - a big reach, a big jump, loves an overhead smash, full of running, timing and tenacity.

Antonsen dreams of moments like this:

12:32 - Men's badminton final

It's in full flow, Denmark's Anders Antonsen is currently leading Frenchman Brice Leverdez ...

Ooff... What a shot from Antonsen, absolutely smashed it.

Then a great little interchange at the net, such subtlety, magic touches.

18-16 to Antonsen in game 1.

12:17 - Gymnasts and cute dogs

Yesterday Olympic gold medallist Oleg Verniaiev gave away the secret to gymnastic greatness:

Having a cute dog.

"They are nice" he told Olympic Channel after winning all-around silver in Minsk, "they always welcome you and give you lots of positive energy."

"All of my teammates have one."

Look out for Belgium's uneven bars European champion Nina Derwael today, looks like she's heading for greatness too:

12:12 - Artistic gymnastics finals underway

The men's floor finals are underway right now.

The schedule looks like this:

Artistic gymnastic finals schedule - Minsk time
Artistic gymnastic finals schedule - Minsk timeArtistic gymnastic finals schedule - Minsk time

12:05pm - "Tokyo 2020 here we come!"

These European Games have been a springboard to the Tokyo 2020 for many athletes.

Germany's 5-time Olympic table tennis medallist Dimitrij Ovtcharov has punched his ticket to Tokyo.

11:55pm: More gold for Britain!

GB's Lauren Price takes gold in the middleweight -75kg category.

The Netherland's Nouchka Fontijn has to settle for silver.

11:51am - British badminton on a mission

Why have British shuttlers performed so well at the European Games?

A funding cut has inspired them to bring their A-game.

This is from yesterday's blog:

A funding cut seems to be a big part at least for Great Britain's outstanding badminton tournament.

While Team GB hasn't had its greatest tournament ever with stars like Jason Kenny failing to find their best, British shuttlers have outperformed.


As the Minsk 2019 media team notes, three years ago UK Sport stripped badminton's funding after British players returned a solitary medal – a Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge bronze in the men's doubles – from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

"It was a tricky time but I think it really spurred us on as a whole unit to show that it was the wrong decision," said Kirsty Gilmour who upset top seed Line Kjaersfeldt to reach the women's singles final on Saturday.

While UK Sport have since set aside a small pot of money purely to help leading British badminton players qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Gilmour said that the relative lack of support compared to other nations has made it difficult when facing the best in the world.

"I've spent a few stints in Asia without a coach and it's intimidating," she said.

"The top players will come into the hall with their personal coach, physio, psychologist, their entire entourage walking in with them, and I'm on my own, thinking, 'Excuse me, can I hit with you'?"

For Lauren Smith and Chloe Birch, who reached the women's doubles final in Minsk, an added incentive at the European Games was to show that British badminton players are worthy of more financial support in the future.

"We want to showcase how good we are and that we can perform with the best in the world," said Smith, who also reached the mixed doubles final with Ellis.

"Since we lost our funding, the squad's a lot smaller but we're all very determined and trying to get the best out of each other all the time because we know that we're good enough."

But other British players feel that in some ways being stripped of the full funding has been a blessing in disguise as the added pressure from needing to win matches to pay the bills has resulted in improved results.

"It's nice to have that pressure to have to perform," said Toby Penty, who reached the quarter-finals of the men's singles at Minsk 2019.

"Sometimes you can get it a little bit too easy and I think, in the past, when Badminton England had a lot of money, maybe after Athens [2004 Olympic Games], players got a little bit comfortable in their surroundings.

"So sometimes when these things happen, it pushes you to perform a little bit extra."

11:44 - Badminton Gold for Britain! (Silver too!)

Ellis/Smith win gold, defeating teammates Chris and Gabby Adcock 21-14, 21-9.

The final point is a fine display of lovely doubles badminton, a long engrossing rally finished off with a crushing smash from Rio bronze medallist Marcus Ellis.

11:38am - They're watching the British bat it out in Indonesia!

Popular Twitter handle @Badminton Talk are stuck to the Olympic Channel live stream in Indonesia.

"Both on screen graphics only write GBR, if people watch from the middle they get confused," is google translate's take.

They have a point - which GBR team is which?

Ellis/Smith leading the Adcocks 21-14, 19-9.

Matchpoint! 20-9

11:27 - First boxing medal

It's gold for Turkey's Buse Cakiroglu after a 4-1 split decision win.

Russia's Svetlana Soluianova is on the podum's silver step.

The next fight is the women's lightweight -60kg gold medal match but we won't have a fight unfortunately.

An injury to Ireland's Kellie Harrington will mean the gold goes to Finalnd's Mira Potkonen.

11:18am - Badminton: The Battle of Britain

The all-British mixed doubles final is underway at the Falcon Club in Minsk.

It's Team GB's Ellis/Smith vs. Team GB's husband-and-wife team of Gabby and Chris Adcock.

It's Gamepoint, and the first game goes to Ellis/Smith - 21-14.

10:57am - Welcome to Day 10 - the grand finale!

It's the final act, the last day of fun and Games here in Minsk, we'll bring you all of it as it builds in epic crescendo to the the Closing Ceremony.

Keep up with all the latest news, medals, highlights, funny bits and updates here on our live blog.

30 June:

11:00-15:00 Badminton: mixed doubles final, men's and women's singles finals

11:00-12:00 Boxing: women's (-51kg, -60kg, -75kg) finals

12:00-16:00 Gymnastics artistic: women's and men's apparatus finals

12:05-14:00 Boxing: men's (-49kg, -56kg, -64kg, -75kg, -91kg) finals

12:10-15:50 Cycling track: women's (individual pursuit, Individual sprint, madison, 500m time trial) and men's (keirin, omnium) finals

12:30-13:40 Wrestling: Greco-Roman finals (-87kg, -97kg, -130kg)

15:30-17:00 Karate: women's (-50kg, -55kg, -61kg) and men's (-60kg, -67kg, -75kg) kumite finals

19:00-23:05 Closing ceremony

What is the European Games?

The European Games is a multisport event that takes place every four years.

It doubles as European Championships in a number of sports and events, and counts towards Olympic qualifying in others.

The first event happened in Baku 2015, the second in Minsk, Belarus, and the third will be held in 2023 in the Polish city of Krakow and the Malopolska region.

At Minsk 2019, more than 4,000 athletes from 50 countries are taking part in the second European Gamesfrom 21 to 30 June 2019.

200 sets of medals will be awarded across 15 sports and 23 disciplines, with the action shown live on Olympic Channel (restrictions in certain countries and territories apply).

Four years ago, at the inaugural European Games in BakuRussia topped the medal table (164) ahead of hosts Azerbaijan (56), and Great Britain (47).

The event is live on Olympic Channel in many regions (click here to watch or get more information), and find out more in our Olympic Channel guide to all you need to know about the European Games.

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