Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games Day 13 and Closing Ceremony highlights

Highlights and all the results from the final day of action at the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games.

By Ken Browne ·

Relive all the final day action that saw Russia overcome the USA in the men's ice hockey final and Japan do the double double in snowboard big air.

Catch highlights too of the spectacular closing ceremony as Lausanne stayed lit for one more night.

Scroll down for highlights and how it all happened.


9 - 22 Jan 2020

Lausanne 2020 | Youth Olympic Games



8pm - Au Revoir!

We will see another new wave in Gangwon in four years, but right now it's lights out Lausanne.

Don't forget you can relive highlights and all the best bits from Lausanne 2020 right here with us.

7:51pm - High wire!

22-year-old Lyell Grunberg is walking a slackline above the athletes, he's dropping snowflakes to extinguish the Olympic flame.

The flame goes out on another historic Winter Youth Olympic Games.

7:47pm - Sport-Up choreography with some extra Yodli

The sport-up dancers are back, ably aided by the Lausanne 2020 mascot Yodli.

Yodli after around 140 students from Eracom, a local art and communication school, contributed to the design of the mascot.

The final choice was made by 500 young Swiss athletes aged 12 to 18, who voted on the final design.

A spectacular effort from this dance group who only had 3 months to come up with and practice this choreography.

7:38pm - Lowering of the flag

The Olympic flag is now being lowered with the Olympic anthem ringing out in the Plaza.

We found out the next host of the Youth Olympic Games, it's going to be in Gangwon, Korea, in 2024 - the same province where PyeongChang 2018 took place.

Grégoire Junod, the mayor of Lausanne, hands over the flag to the vice-governor of Gangwon Sungho Kim.

7:32pm - IOC President Back speaks: Merci a vous tous!'

Next up is IOC President Thomas Bach, an Olympic fencing champion.

There's an 'Applause-O-Meter'!

Lausanne raises the roof - ok, it's outside but you get the idea.

The athletes, the volunteers, the spectators are remembered in the President's speech, the fans really have been incredible, packing venues and supporting these young stars.

7:29pm - "Thank you for lighting the Olympic spirit in all of us"

Now the President of the Organising Committee of the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020, Virginie Faivre is up to give her speech.

'Lausanne is where Olympic dreams are born,' gets a big cheer, as does this message to the athletes:

'You were fearless, you were strong, you were Olympians.'

The speech is also in French, and live bloggers wish they had listened more in French class.

7:24pm - Thank you volunteers!

Now it's time to honour the volunteers, without their help Olympic events like Lausanne 2020 would simply not be possible.

We're going to see five athletes give five gifts to five volunteers in a grand gesture of thanks.

We've just seen a highlight reel from all the fun at Lausanne over the past 13 days.

It's been incredible.

7:18pm - Sport-Up choreography

Now aound 35 disabled children aged between 5 and 22 years old from the Vaud region, accompanied by able-bodied young athletes perform.

This is entirely produced by young, non-professionals.

It's all about inclusion, respect and friendship.

They're dancing to 'Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)' by Safri Duo, a classic.

Sport-Up is a Swiss NGO based in Lausanne that promotes inclusion within sport.

An ode to Olympism and to the power of sport as a driving force of social inclusion.

7:11pm - The Swiss national anthem

The flags enter the Arena and there's a welcome for IOC President Thomas Bach and we're listening to the Swiss national anthem as the Swiss and Olympic flags go up.

Camille Jaquenoud and Guillaume Dutoit-Ruiz give us a lovely rendition of one verse from the Swiss national anthem in French.

You might remember these talented young singers from the Opening Ceremony.

The flag hoisting reminds us of the Swiss Army’s work in the preparation of the host venues of Lausanne 2020 and the delivery of the Games.

7:09pm - Dance dance dance!

Team Canada have learned the dance to the official song of Lausanne 2020, go Canada!

And there's Yodli... No stopping him.

7pm - Closing ceremony gets underway

The show starts!

The athletes have arrived at the at the Medal Plaza in Flon, a neighbourhood in the centre of Lausanne, from the Youth Olympic Village 'Vortex' by metro, another nod to a sustainable Games.

As was the case for the Opening Ceremony, the athletes enter in one huge group, without countries or borders.

916 athletes having one more great collective moment of togetherness.

6:50pm - Finish strong!

The closing ceremony is less than 10 minutes away, it's time to say goodbye, watch Lausanne say it in style.

Watch it live right here.

6:17pm - Closing Ceremony awaits

The ice hockey gold medal match was our final event of the Games, but stay with us for the Closing Ceremony which promises even more fireworks.

Keep it locked on the live blog.

5:21pm - Watch our final live show of Lausanne 2020

4:57pm - All of yesterday's fun and Games

Just half an hour to our live show with all the top highlights and

If you missed it yesterday, don't worry, catch up on Winter Youth Olympic athletes being taught the dance sport of breaking by Buenos Aires 2018 gold medallist Bumblebee.

What can go wrong?

We have Lausanne 2020 freeski champions Gu Ailing Eileen from China and Kiernan Fagan from USA, and Australian Winter YOG snowboard champion Josie Baff chatting to Ash in the athletes village studio about their experiences at the Games.

Plus extreme sports photographer Antoine Truchet getting in on the action and sharing tips on how to take the perfect pictures for Instagram.

Live Show - Day 12 | Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020

A bunch of Winter Youth Olympic athletes being taught the dance sport of br...

4:37pm - Ice hockey: Russia win YOG gold

That's it!

Russia are Lausanne 2020 ice hockey gold medallists.

Final score:

Russia 4-0 USA

Lovely scene at the end, the Russian star Michkov who's just turned 15 leads the line in shaking hands and hugging their U.S. opponents, great sportsmanship from both teams.

4:25pm - Russia's defence holds firm

A lot has said about the Russian attack with Michkov, Gazizov, and Miroshnichenko, but their defensive work has been just as good, the 6ft 6 defender 'Kiril the Great' has been colossal and they've been so disciplined.

The defence deserves as much credit as the attack.

Russia have outscored opponents 29-3 in four games at Lausanne 2020 and are worthy YOG gold medal winners.

4:15pm - Ice Hockey: Russia make it 4

The U.S. attacks break on the rock of the Russian defence and goalkeeper Ivanov.

And a breakaway for Russia ends in the 4th and surely the killer goal for this gold medal match.

Vyacheslav Malov with all the moves and lifts it over Silverstein.

Long way back for the USA now.

Russia 4-0 USA

4:03pm - Curling dream team

The curling mixed NOC doubles final has just come to a close, Canada's Nathan Young and Laura Nagy from Hungary will take home gold from Lausanne 2020.

Silver goes to France's Chana Beitone and Nikolai Lysakov from Russia.

Bronze belongs to Pei Junhang from China and Czech Republic's Vit Chabicovsky.

3:59pm - Russia holding firm

The U.S. is battling and bringing it to the Russians, and a spectacular glove save from Sergei Ivanov, who looks hungry for a shut-out in this final.

And another penalty play for Russia.

There goes the buzzer, end of the 2nd period.

Russia 3-0 USA

3:43pm - Russia-USA - another penalty

Russia have scored both goals either during or just after power plays and now it's Ryan Chesley into the box for kicking away the Russian player's stick.

5 on 5 this game is really evenly matched, but Russia are punishing the U.S. with that man advantage.

And there it is!

Goal for Russia, another one of their big-game players Gazizov has made it 3, assist for Michkov.

Russia 3-0 USA

3:32pm - Snowboard: Japan do the double double!

Another unbelievable performance from Japan who won gold and silver in the men's snowboard big air.

Yesterday they topped the podium in men's and women's halfpipe, today in's the big air.

Kimata Ryoma takes gold after brilliant runs 1&2, Kawakami Aota silver with his 2&3 runs, and it's bronze for Canada's Liam Brearley.

Men's snowboard big air results:

  1. Kimata Ryoma 195.00
  2. Kawakami Aota 191.75
  3. Liam Brearley 183.25

3:24pm - Japan win women's snowboard big air!

Another first-class flight from Asanuma Hinari wins her gold!

172.50 is the winning score.

Germany's Annika Morgan takes silver and Melissa Peperkamp from Netherlands makes the podium in bronze.

Women's snowboard big air results:

  1. Asanuma Hinari 172.50
  2. Annika Morgan 160.50
  3. Melissa Peperkamp 150.00

3:20pm - Michkov makes it 2-0!

The USA cough up another penalty and manage to see it off but Russia score right at the death!

Ivan Miroshnichenko did all the work and thought he's scored but the puck dropped on the line and who's there to poke it home?

Matvei Michkov.

End of the 1st.

Russia 2-0 USA

3:10pm - USA give up another penalty

Those disciplinary problems plaguing the U.S. again, Rutger McGroarty slashes Michkov, easy call for the ref.

Michkov close, huge save from Silverstein and the U.S. kill the penalty.

Russia 1-0 USA

3:03pm - Ice hockey: Michkov strikes first!

The U.S. give up a penalty and Russia punish them immediately.

That man Michkov, a fine finish from Russia leading light, the kid doesn't miss.

Russia 1-0 USA

3:01pm - Ice hockey final: USA-Russia

It's on!

Russia vs. USA, Howard vs. Michkov.

2:53pm - Ice Hockey: USA-Russia

His grandad was Olympian, his dad was an Olympian, now USA captain Jimmy Snuggerud is about to face Russia for a Winter Youth Olympic Games gold medal.

Here's what Jimmy told us about this journey of generations:

Jimmy Snuggerud bids to reach NHL and emulate Dad

His father and grandfather both played ice hockey for the United States at ...

2:50pm - Women's Big Air final run 2

Here come the women with the second run of three.

Down goes Belgian Evy Poppe, she can't land that jump and she won't be on the podium today, Poppe won slopestyle gold but won't repeat here in the big air competition.

That means we'll have someone new on the top of the podium.

And it could very well be host gold with Bianca Gisler, the home hope leading right now on 134.75 points.

But Dutch rider Melissa Peperkamp throws down a beast!

150 points.

Peperkamp leads.

Men's Run 2 up now.

2:37pm - Men's snowboard big air final run 1

Liam Brearley lands a 1440 and goes into top, giant score for the Canadian: 91.25

New Zealand's Mitchell Davern is next, rides switch into a 1260 grab, he racks up 84.75.

Up steps Dusty Hendricksen - gold medallist in slopestyle - and he stomps Run 1, 94.25!


But step aside for Japan's Kimata Ryoma! A front treble 14 perfectly landed puts him into top spot!

96.50 is the mark to beat.

And that's the end of Final Run 1, two more to come, women's Run 2 coming up.

2:10pm - Women's snowboard big air final

Japanese boarder Asanuma Hinari is first after Run 1 of the women's snowboard big air final, Germany's Annika Morgan is in the silver medal position and Melissa Peperkamp is third.

1:50pm - Ice hockey: Canada win bronze

Finland made a real match of this, Elmeri Laakso scoring his second of the game to make it 3-2 but Canada held on.

A goal in an empty net finished it and Canada take bronze.

1:36pm - Men's freeski big air: Gold for Matej Svancer

He finished off the podium in the slopestyle, but he's top here in the men's big air.

Matej Svancer went big and goes home with gold.

Slopestyle gold medallist Kiernan Fagan secures silver and Ukranian Orest Kovalenko puts down an incredible final run to knock Hunter Henderson off the podium.

Men's freeski big air final results:

  1. Matej Svancer 186.00
  2. Kiernan Fagan 183.00
  3. Orest Kovalenko 179.50

1:29pm - Gu Ailing Eileen: Lausanne 2020's brightest star?

Gu Ailing Eileen is one of if not the breakout star of Lausanne 2020.

Gold in big air today is her second gold medal of the Games after she won the freeski halfpipe and took silver in the freeski slopestyle.

Youth Olympic Games double gold medallist, model, born to an American father and a Chinese mother, find out more about her here:

1:21pm - Gu is pure Gold!

That's huge.

Gu Ailing Eileen into first with an enormous run, riding switch into that run, huge elevation and one of the most difficult jumps we've seen technically, - she's top with 171.25.

And it's silver for Britain's Kirsty Muir from Scotland just behind Gu.

Bronze goes to Sweden's Jennie-Lee Burmansson.

Women's freeski big air results:

  1. Gu Ailing Eileen 171.25
  2. Kirsty Muir 170.00
  3. Jennie-Lee Burmansson 151.75

1:02pm - Ice hockey: Finland cling on

Huge period from Finnish goalkeeper Leinonen who sees off a two-man penalty.

Canada can't press it home despite all that pressure.

Still not over.

Canada 3-1 Finland

12:49pm - Stomping!

Czech skier Matej Svancer has set the bar high in the men's freeski big air final.


After the first final run Svancer leads with Hunter Henderson second, Melvin Moren third and Kiernan Fagan fourth.

12:46pm - Ice hockey: Finland-Canada back on ice

At 3-1, if Finland can get the next goal they would blow this bronze medal match wide open.

A much more cagey start to period 2.

Canada 3-1 Finland

12:37pm - Ice hockey: USA-Russia

The gold medal match starts at 3pm, it's a classic for the ages.

Watch it live on Olympic Channel and get a full preview here:

12:29pm - Women's Freeski Big Air: Kirsty Muir flying high

Big first run from Britain's Kirsty Muir, she leads the final on 82.50, Gu Ailing Eileen is in 7th and Jennie-Lee Burmansson 4th, but remember, there are 3 final runs.

Lots of air to come.

12:25am - 1st period: Finland back in it

The Canadians with 3 in the penalty box and Finland make the advantage count.

Elmeri Laakso slaps it home and Filion is beaten for the first time.

It's a lifeline for the Finns right at the end of the first period when it looked like it might get away from them.

Game on!

Canada 3-1 Finland

12:16pm - Canada score a third!

Heavy blow for Finland as Canada make it 3-0, Cedrick Guindon with lightning quick hands, you could only see that on the replay!

Canada 3-0 Finland

12:11pm - Ice Hockey: Canada in control

5 minutes left on the clock in the 1st period and Canada lead 2-0, but what a chance for Finland!

Vincent Filion is full length across the goal and keeps it out, great goalkeeping from Canada's keeper who maintains his team's goal advantage.

Some superb stickwork from Joakim Kemmell, but nothing comes of it... Finland need a goal..

Canada 2-0 Finland

11:59am - Ice hockey: Canada-Finland

We're on the ice.

And it's a goal for Canada inside two minutes!

Antonin Verrault snipes his 3rd goal of WYOG just over the keeper's right shoulder.

Canada 1-0 Finland

And another! Nate Danielson puts away the rebound with Topias Leinonen out of position after the first shot from Tristan Luneau.

Canada 2-0 Finland

11:56am - Steezy, park-rat, pow-pow, whiteout...


11:52am - Lausanne 2020 is chill

Deckchairs in the snow at Leysin

11:45am - Ice Hockey: Canada-Finland

15 minutes to the first medal match of the day, Canada and Finland will face off for bronze.

From what we've seen many will consider Canada favourites with the likes of Adamo Fantilli and Matthew Savoie in the line-up, but Finland have a lot of fight in them.

They made a remarkable comeback against the USA before eventually losing 7-5, and have enough in the armory to trouble the maple leaf wearers.

Less than 10 minutes to go now.

11:36am - Curling mixed doubles final

At 1:30pm we're going to have the final of the curling mixed doubles, it's Hungary/Canada vs. France/Russia in the gold medal final.

The bronze medal final is a contest between curlers from China/Czech Rep. and Japan/France.

11:27am - Women's freeski Big Air final

Final run starting in 20 minutes, can China's Gu Ailing Eileen make it two Lausanne 2020 gold medals in freeski Big Air today?

With freeski halfpipe gold and silver in the freeski slopestyle already in the bag, Gu is in pole position after big air qualifying yesterday.

Super Swede Jennie-Lee Burmansson is second and Britain's Kirsty Muir qualifying in third.

Final Run 1 starts at 11:50am.

11:02am - More snowboard gold for Japan?

Yesterday Japan went 1-2 in the men's snowboard halfpipe with the two Hiranos winning gold and silver, and now they're top of the snowboard Big Air qualification too.

Kimata Ryoma is top of the board right now, but he's got the USA's Dusty Henricksen for company, Henricksen is gunning for his second gold of the Games after he won the men's slopestyle on Monday.

New Zealand's Mitchell Davern is in the mix in third, as is Canada's Liam Brearley who qualifies in fourth.

Snowboard Big Air qualifying:

  1. Kimata Ryoma 95.75
  2. Dusty Henricksen 90.50
  3. Mitchell Davern 85.25
  4. Liam Brearley 84.00
  5. Kawakami Aoto 80.00

10:40am - Morning!

It's all happening on the final day of action at Lausanne 2020, the ski and snowboard Big Air is already airborne and the final of the mixed team speed skating final is about to get underway.

Lausanne Day 13 Schedule - Wednesday, 22 January

Finals: Curling, Freestyle Skiing x2, Ice hockey, Nordic combined, Short track speed skating, Snowboarding x2

Curling (Champery Curling Arena)

09:30 - 11:30 Mixed NOC doubles semi-finals

13:30 - 15:30 Mixed NOC doubles final - Medal final

Freestyle skiing / snowboarding (Leysin Park & Pipe)

10:00 - 13:00 Women's & Men's Big Air finals - Medal finals, Streamed on Olympic Channel 11:15 - 13:00 and 17:00 - 19:00

Ice hockey - Six-Teams Tournament (Lausanne Vaudoise Arena)

12:00 - 14:00 Canada-Finland  - Bronze medal final, Streamed on Olympic Channel 13:00 - 15:00

15:00 - 17:00 Russia-USA - Gold medal final, Streamed on Olympic Channel 15:00 - 17:00

Nordic combined (Les Tuffes Nordic Centre)

10:00 - 11:30 Mixed team NH 4x3.3 km ski jumping

13:00 - 14:30 Mixed team NH 4x3.3 km cross-country

Short-track speed skating (Malley Arena)

10:00 - 11:15 Mixed NOC relay, Streamed on Olympic Channel 10:00 - 11:15

CLOSING CEREMONY - Streamed on Olympic Channel 19:00 - 19:45

The 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games will finish as they started, with a firework-filled celebration, before the Flame is put out.

The first party is open to everyone at the Flon, in the heart of Lausanne, with a second celebration reserved for the athletes at the SwissTech Convention Centre.

Ice Hockey Preview

Canada vs. Finland for bronze, USA vs. Russia for gold.

Need we say more?

Two classic international hockey matches that will give us a glimpse at the next generation of NHL and Olympic stars.

Names like Adamo Fantilli, Isaac Howard, and Matvei Michkov have exploded onto the scene at Lausanne 2020.

USA vs. Russia

Russia ran riot against Finland in the semi-final winning 10-1 and the USA dug deep to overcome Canada 2-1.

But that's all in the past and anything can happen in a final.

These are two teams jam-packed with talent, there will be fireworks.

Freestyle ski women's Big Air Preview: Gu Ailing Eileen tops qualifier

She already has one gold medal, can China's Gu Ailing Eileen make it two in Big Air today?

China's future superstar skier already won gold in the freeski halfpipe, silver in the freeski slopestyle, and qualified in top spot for the Big Air today.

She'll have a battle on her hands with super Swede Jennie-Lee Burmansson in second and Britain's Kirsty Muir qualifying in third.

The final will take place tomorrow after the men's qualifiers with Run 1 starting at 11:50am.

Where does Gu Ailing Eileen find the time?

Equally at home on the slopes as she is in photo shoots, 16-year-old high s...

Freestyle ski men’s Big Air: Fagan to fly again?

Today we'll see the first ever freestyle skiing Big Air Olympic medal at any level.

It will be a medal event at Beijing 2022 for the first time at the Winter Olympics and we may even get a glimpse into the future at a winner in Beijing.

The big favourites will be freeski slopestyle gold medallist Kiernan Fagan, Air New Zealand's Luca Harrington won bronze in the men's halfpipe, Hunter Henderson who took slopestyle bronze (USA),.

But look out to for Tevje Skaug (NOR), Ben Barclay (NZL), and Valterri Kautonen (FIN).

On the maiden outing for this event anything could happen.

Freestyle skier Kiernan Fagan: "You can do whatever you want"

U.S. freestyle prodigy Kiernan Fagan is into creating new tricks. "Every ru...

Snowboard women’s Big Air

The first ever freestyle ski Big Air champ at an Olympic event will be crowned today too.

Look out for Belgian Evy Poppe who won YOG 2020 gold in women's slopestyle and this stacked list ready for the runway:

Mona Danuser (SUI), Courtney Rummel (USA), Ty Schnorrbusch (USA), Annika Morgan (GER), Bianca Gisler (SUI), and Asanuma Hinari (JPN), .

Snowboard men’s Big Air

This event was a medal event in PyeongChang 2018 for the first time ever at Winter Olympics, but today is the first time we'll see it at a Winter YOG.

William Buffey the Canadian boarder is a name on many watcher's list, but keep an eye on: Jake Canter (USA), Kimata Ryoma (JPN), Kawakami Aoto (JPN), Mitchell Davern (NZL), and Valterri Kautonen (FIN).

Men's Big Air Finals - Snowboard | PyeongChang 2018 Highlights

The Men's Big Air Finals event took place on the 24th February 2018

Curling Preview

The finals are today in The Mixed NOC Doubles, Hungary/Canada and France/Russia look good, we'll have our medal winners today.

Behind the scenes at mixed doubles curling

The mixed doubles event is contested by pairs formed of a female and male c...

What is Lausanne 2020?

Lausanne 2020 is the third edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games following on from Innsbruck 2012 and Lillehammer 2016.

YOGs bring together the most promising young athletes on the planet, giving the next generation of Olympic stars a stage to shine.

Lausanne 2020 will be the biggest Winter Youth Games ever with over 1870 athletes (A 40% rise on 2016) 79 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) taking part, 12 of those taking part in the WYOGs for the first time ever

Albania, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Haiti, Hong Kong (China), Kosovo, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Turkmenistan and Trinidad & Tobago.

The Games in Lausanne in the mountains of Switzerland and France will be the first Winter Youth Olympics with equal numbers of female and male athletes.

See a list of athletes to watch here, and who to follow on social media here.

Lausanne Scenics | Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020

A mellow stroll through the host city of the Winter Youth Olympic Games 202...

Where to watch Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games

Olympic Channel will stream 300 hours of action from the 13 days of competition in Lausanne 2020 with a dedicated Winter YOG channel available on, YouTube and connected devices such as Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV and Roku.

There will be an action-packed daily live show featuring news, highlights, trending stories and interviews in a fun and interactive format streamed on Facebook, Twitter and, plus a daily Olympic Channel Podcast featuring insightful interviews with personalities from across the Olympic world, a Live Show presented from our studio in the athletes village each day, and regular editions of our social media show 'The Lowdown'.

Fans can also follow Olympic Channel's coverage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about the event, and a full Lausanne 2020 schedule can be found here.