Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games Day 3: Highlights

Highlights and all the results from Day 3 at the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games.

By Ken Browne ·

Day 3 of Lausanne 2020 saw more joy for Swiss breakout ski star Amelie Klopfenstein, and the Kagiyama Yuma show.

Scroll down to find highlights and how it all went down.


9 - 22 Jan 2020

Lausanne 2020 | Youth Olympic Games



Day 3 Highlights | Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020

Day 3 of the Lausanne 2020 Games saw decisions in Alpine Skiing, Biathlon a...

Top Moments

8:42pm - Gute Nacht

That's it from us, be here tomorrow.

8:15pm - The Lowdown!

Catch this round-up of viral moments and all the fun stuff from Lausanne 2020.

7:53pm - Russia 11-4 Spain

3 points in end 7 puts this one out of reach for the Spanish team, even though they had a good conversation about carrying on.

Wisely they decided against it, and that's the final result. Russia 11-4 Spain

Poland and Estonia is official too, 9-3 the result there.

Canada have beaten South Korea 6-3, and there was a cracking game between France and Slovenia, tense and tight right to the end.

Slovenia edged it 8-7.

7:30pm - Curling: Spain keep fighting

The Spanish are still fighting the good fight against Russia, and that's a cracking shot, right on the button.

It's Russia 8-4 Spain.

Russia have a great tradition in Curling, Spain are much newer to the table but they've held their own in Lausanne.

It's end 7 and Russia have the hammer so a turnaround from here looks near-impossible for Spain, but they've played well against a very strong opposition.

7:25pm - The medal ceremonies are on

No Game of Thrones today, boo...

Here comes the men's figure skating singles ceremony, the medal plaza is packed again.

Kagiyama has a shy entrance to his gold medal award ceremony, then beams out a smile, he's flanked by two very talented Russians who can be proud of their own performances today.

7:13pm - Ice Hockey

This new concept has brought young athletes from all over the world together.

Luckily they all speak hockey.

The Mixed NOC 3-on-3 competition is well underway, and it's been a lot of fun.

The rink is divided in two with two games going on side by side, so it's fast and frantic and full of goals.

The medal games are on Wednesday, January 15

We made this video that tells you all about the idea, and what it's like coaching 13 players who speak different languages.

13 nations, one team: How to form a winning mix

Only three players and a goalie are allowed on the ice at any time but that...

6:55pm - "Once in a lifetime moment"

Backstage we found a beaming Yuma Kagiyama, here's what he had to say about winning gold in the men's figure skating tradition.

"I am super happy to be standing on the podium today. It’s a once in a lifetime moment.

Happy Kagiyama Yuma is happy.

6:17pm - Russia in control in Curling

Russia have taken control against Spain, they're 5-0 up in end two, trying to steamroll the Spanish early in this match.

On the other sheets Estonia are two up against Poland, Korea are winning 1-0 vs Canada, and Slovenia are 1 up against France.

6:10pm - Tune in every day!

Enjoyed that live show, great to see Dina Asher Smith, 2020 is a big year for her, and Noa Szollos is amazing too, the first Israeli to win an Olympic Winter Games medal - at any level.

Don't forget to tune in at the same time tomorrow.

5:27pm - Live!

5:22pm - Live show coming up!

We'll have Patrick Chan on the live show with our very own Ash Tulloch, just about to embed it here.

Isaeli skier Noa Szollos is also on the show too, tune in!

5:18pm - Curling final session coming up

Our final session is coming up this evening, we'll have Spain-Russia live on Olympic Channel.

Here's how the midday session finished:

Japan 8-2 USA

Italy 10-7 Latvia

Czech Rep 2-8 Sweden

New Zealand 7-6 Turkey

And starting at 5:55pm in Lausanne, this is what awaits:



Canada-South Korea


4:36pm - Men's figure skating free skate results

It looked impossible after the class and quality of the free skate by Russia's Mozalev, but somehow Kagiyama conjured some magic and came up with a bewildering array of jumps to top the podium.

  1. Kagiyama Yuma 239.17
  2. Andrei Mozalev 237.94
  3. Daniil Samsonov 215.21

4:25pm - Kagiyama Yuma steals the show!


Kagiyama Yuma, take a bow, and another and another.

That was astonishing, such a high level of technical difficulty, just look at these elements:

Quad toe, triple loop, quad toe-double toe combination, triple Axel-Euler-double Salchow combination, triple flip-triple toe combination, triple Lutz, a triple Axel right at the end...

Blinding footwork and brilliant skating all around, his little jump for joy at the end of the routine said it all.

But is it enough to win gold?


Gold for Yuma!

166.41 wins the free skate and 239.17 wins the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games gold medal!

4:17pm - Mozalev superb in Switzerland

Andrei Mozalev has only added to the hype with that performance.

Look at that for an opener, a quad toe-triple toe as good as any you'll ever see.

Another quad, a triple loop, bad entry into a triple Axel but managed to recover, sublime skating.

158.22 for that free skate puts Mozalev into first place on 237.94

4:09 - Spirited Samsonov

Daniil Samsonov lands first quad of Lausanne 2020!

At 14 years old it's sometimes hard to believe what you're seeing with Samsonov, so brave, so daring with his jumps, we had a few mistakes there but the way he recovers is way beyond his years.

He popped his first triple jump to a single, then nailed a quad Lutz, fell on triple Axel, his foot went from under him on a triple Lutz, then put down a perfect triple flip-triple toe, also landed a triple Lutz-double toe.

A spirited performance from a kid with a very bright future.

138.59 in the free, 215.21 guarantees him a medal, but which one?

Mozalev is up next.

4:02pm - Cha Younghyun into second

South Korean skater Cha Younghyun put his best foot forward there, a couple of mistakes that he patched up nicely thinking on feet.

His skating came to saucy sounds of Je Me Souviens De Nous by Maxime Rodriguez, and he really did that justice.

A triple Lutz-triple toe, double Axel, level 4 camel spin, triple Lutz, triple loop, a double Axel among his elements.

The mistakes have cost him though.

He's into second on 199.12.

3:59 Canada's Aleksa Rakic skates clean

A lovely liquid skate from Canada's Rakic performing to Rachmaninov.

Aleksa presented his case for a medal here, that was as good as we've seen him skate, great execution, a clean skate.

He hit a triple Lutz-triple toe, double Axel, triple loop, another triple Lutz, triple flip-double toe, triple Salchow, triple toeloop.

134.27 for Rakic, a personal best, that gives him 205.23 overall, also a personal best, the first to crack 200 points.

Straight into first place ahead of Chen Yudong.

3:48pm - Running order

11 Aleksa Rakic CAN

12 Cha Younghyun KOR

13 Daniil Samsonov RUS

14 Andrei Mozalev RUS

15 Kagiyama Yuma JAP

3:43pm - Yuma fan club is in Kagiyama's corner

We spotted Japanese skaters Yoshida Utana and Watanabe Mae in the stands: “We came to cheer for Yuma Kagiyama. Japan!”

Yoshida Utana and Watanabe Mae cheering for Yuma Kagiyama

3:35pm - Curling results

The USA have conceded to Japan after six ends with the score at 8-2.

There are three more games running, here's how it stands in those:

Italy 6-3 Latvia

Czech Rep 2-6 Sweden 

New Zealand 4-5 Turkey

3:28pm - Men's free skate: Final group coming up

After Group 2 it's Chinese skater Chen Yudong topping the leader-board and local star Noah Bodenstein in second, but the final five contains the three leaders from the short program.

Andrei Mozalev, Daniil Samsonov, and Kagiyama Yuma are coming up.

Things are about to get quaddy.

3:21pm - Curling: Japan score 6 in one end!

Wow, six points in one end for Japan, they're currently 8-2 ahead in End 6.

3:03pm - Noah raises the roof

The local hero puts on a show again, they love that in the Lausanne Skating Arena skating to 'Desert' (Cirque du Soleil) by Benoit Jutras

Highlights included a pristine opening triple toe-triple toe, a lovely triple Salchow, a nice double Axel...

And that's a massive score for him!

Bodenstein goes into second place scoring 116.36, lifting him to 184.60 overall.

2:56pm - Men's free: Chen Yudong sets the tone

China's Chen Yudong started spectacularly and kept the momentum throughout his entire routine.

That was stacked with quality technical elements:

Triple loop-triple toeloop combination, triple flip, remarkable elevation on that triple Lutz, triple flip-double Axel, triple loop, triple Salchow-double toe.. Quality!

127.29 for the free and 184.60 overall puts Yudong into the lead, the top skaters will have to be at their best today.

Now there's a massive roar for local skater Noah Bodenstein.

2:46pm - Curling live!

The USA take on Japan in today's second session as the mixed team robins continue in curling, Japan currently lead the U.S. 2-1.

Watch live here.

In the other games this is how it looks at around the half-way point:

Italy 3-1 Latvia

USA 1-2 Japan

Czech Rep 1-2 Sweden 

New Zealand 2-2 Turkey

2:29pm - Men's Free skate underway

Andrei Mozalev, Daniil Samsonov, and Kagiyama Yuma are the three stars to watch today.

Mozalev seized the short program but the free skate will let loose all the talent in these next-gen skaters.

Quads, triple Axels, it's all fair game in the men's free so sit back and watch the show.

After four skaters in the first group it's USA skater Liam Kapeikis leading the way on 161.59.

2:27pm - Take a bow Amelie

It's official, here are the results from the women's Giant Slalom:

  1. Amelie Klopfenstein (SUI) 2:08.68
  2. Rosa Pohjolainen (FIN) 2:08.82
  3. Amanda Salzgeber (AUT) 2:08.83

A second gold medal for Klopfenstein at her home Games, the dream goes on.

2:26pm - Message from a world champ

2:07pm - Don't miss Yuma!

The men's free skate has just started, can Kagiyama Yuma go from 3rd to first in the free?

1:54pm - It's all about the future at Lausanne 2020

Get those NHL scouts down to St. Moritz

1:45pm - “I’ll sleep with my medal under my pillow!”

Isabel Grevelt was winner of the first gold medal in St Moritz - the 500m speed skating, our man on the frozen lake caught up with an absolutely delighted Dutchwoman.

So what's she going to do with that gold medal?

“I’ll sleep with my medal under my pillow!”

Isabel Grevelt - women's 500m speed skate champion

1:25pm - Giant Slalom thriller

We're coming to the end of a thrilling second run here, Amelie Kloppfenstein is underlining her status as a breakout star at Lausanne 2020, in top spot.

Emma Resnick is in third, can she hold on with Fin Rosa Pohjolainen on the slope?

Huge run from Pohjolainen, but it isn't enough to knock Kloppfenstein off top spot, Austria's Amanda Salzgeber in third now, Resnick fourth.

Amelie Kloppfenstein, comes off her sick bed, shakes off her selection as a reserve and wows the world.

It looks like it'll be a second gold medal of the Games for her after she won the Super G on Day 1.

Incredible stuff.

Amelie Klopfenstein: From alternate to first gold at Lausanne 2020

A week before the start of Lausanne 2020 Amelie Klopfenstein was not even p...

1:10pm - Japan wins men's speed skate 500m

Yamamoto Yudai has topped the charts in the men's 500m, super skating from Japan's blade runner, Spain's Nil Llop takes silver, what a story for him after that serious accident in 2018.

They told him he'd never skate again and look at him now, on an Olympic podium.

Bronze goes to China's Xue Zhiwen, and Colombia's Diego Amaya finishes fourth, just off the podium.


  1. Yamamoto Yudai 36.42
  2. Nil Llop 36.60
  3. Xue Zhiwen 36.67
  4. Diego Amaya 37.05

12:54pm - Dutch slider wins speed skate gold

The women's 500m gold has gone to Netherlands, Isabel Grevelt brought that Dutch dynamite with her.

It's silver for China, bronze for Japan. 

Official results:

  1. Isabel Grevelt 40.57
  2. Wang Jingyi 41.07
  3. Yoshida Yukino 41.16

12.45pm - Russian 1-2 in figure skating pairs!

Russia's favourites have topped the podium, that was amazing, here are the final results:

  1. Apollinariia Panfilova / Dmitry Rylov (RUS) 199.21
  2. Diana Mukhametzianova / Ilya Mironov (RUS) 175.42
  3. Alina Butaeva / Luka Berulava (GEO) 157.29
  4. Brooke McIntosh / Brandon Toste (CAN) 146.15
  5. Wang Yuchen / Huang Yihang (CHN) 141.61
  6. Cate Fleming / Jedidah Isbell (USA) 137.97

12:43pm - Breathtaking skating from Russia's leading lights

Grace, elegance, strength and balance, these two have it all.

Apollinariia Panfilova and Dmitry Rylov rise to the occasion and their score is 127.47 for that free skate, it's gold and silver for Russia!

199.21 is the winning score.

Where do you start after that routine!

A stunning twist, amazing triple loops, seemless double Axels, side-by-side double Salchows, throw triple flip, an inside death spiral as low as is humanly possible to go, supreme lifts and a unison of movement that is close to perfection.

That was beautiful.

12:28pm - Figure skating pairs competition heats up

Georgia's Alina Butaeva and Luka Berulava put down a tight routine and have taken the lead on 157.29 points after scoring the highest free skate so far: 98.15 points.

Just two pairs left to come, the two Russian duos who will be favoured to take the top two spots.

Wow, what a routine from Diana Mukhametzianova and Ilya Mironov, they've really put pressure on the final two.

Stunning side-by-side Lutzes, she lost it on the side-by-side triple flips, but then recovered with a perfect landing on the throw triple Salchow.

114.97 for that free skate, they're first and way ahead on 175.42.

12:22pm - Cheese break

We have a break between the two Giant Slalom runs, it's time for some delicious Swiss cheese called Tête de moine (Monk’s head).

Slice of monk's head anyone?

12:19pm - Curling results in

The morning session is done and here are the results:

China 3-2 Hungary

Germany 2-7 Switzerland

Denmark 12-3 Brazil

Norway 8-3 Great Britain

12:11am - Flying Finn leads Giant Slalom

Run one is finished in the Giant Slalom, Rosa Pohjolainen has the advantage before run 2, the top 30 from run one will go to run 2 in reverse order.

Some big names very much still in contention, keep your eye on Les Diablarets.

11:54am - Figure skating: Canadian pair light it up

A gorgeous routine from Canadian pair Brooke McIntosh and Brandon Toste and the crowd love it!

Those throws really caught the eye, great height and distance on the throw triple Salchow and the throw triple toe, clean double Axels, throw triple toe, superb ice coverage.

96.77 points, a personal best for these two, massive performance, they into first place on 146.15 points overall, that may even threaten the medal positions.

The Chinese national champions Wang Yuchen and Huang Yihang are up next.

They've given it their all, highlights a big throw triple Salchow, nice side-by-side double loops.

94.65 for the free skate, 141.61 overall puts them into second for now.

11:44am - Packed house for figure skating

Yet another sell-out venue here at Lausanne 2020, the Swiss have shown superb support for the event.

The figure skating is underway, watch it live on Olympic Channel, but keep the live blog open for all the analysis, photos and highlights.

Our first pair has already finished, NESTEROVA Sofiia / DARENSKYI Artem the Ukraine pair skated to music from the Titanic soundtrack and had some lovely elements.

The triple toe-double toe combination was flawless, the triple flip was nice too and that back outside death-spiral was textbook, but a few errors cost them.

They don't look happy, they know they can skate better.

11:34pm - The quickest Colombian on ice

This Colombian speed skater has much more ambition than just being a novelty item on ice.

He'll compete in the men's 500m coming up soon.

11:31am - Figure skating start lists

Running order lists are in for figure skating.

Pairs free start list

11:16am - First gold medal of the day!

France win the biathlon single mixed relay!

A fantastic biathlon from the French who won every exchange of that race.

The french come home in 42:03.5, it's silver for Italy, bronze for Sweden.

10:58am - Noa Szollos crashes out

Really tough conditions over at Les Diablerets has seen Israeli star Noa Szollos crash out, the sun is up and making things difficult for the skiers.

Not for the faint hearted this sport.

Finand's Rosa Pohjolainen is still leading, with Swedish skier Hanna Aronsson Elfman second, and France's Caitlin McFarlane second.

Sindre Myklebust NOR crashing during the Alpine Skiing Men’s Super-G at Les Diablerets Alpine Centre. The Winter Youth Olympic Games, Lausanne, Switzerland, Friday 10 January 2020. Photo: OIS/Joel Marklund. 

10:48am - Stunning

Switzerland is a post card this morning!

'Oh, think twice, just another day in this frozen paradise...', come on let's sing it together...



Morning in St. Moritz

10:44am - Curling: Switzerland 5-0 Germany

The Swiss are delighting the home faithful with a stellar showing at the Champery Curling Arena.

Three scores in end 3 gives them a 5-0 lead, but Germany with the hammer now in end 4.

We've seen some incredible comebacks already in curling at Lausanne 2020, so write the Germans off at your peril.

10:34am - Speed skating: Race day!

It’s race day at St. Moritz!

The speed skaters have started warming up in FREEZING conditions on the frozen lake at St. Moritz, it was -11 earlier, warmed up to a toasty -6 right now.

Today we have the 500m and the women go first at 11.30am, by then the sun will be up over the mountain and temperatures will be warmer... Hopefully.

It was a seriously cold night, meaning a few cracks appeared that are being worked on now.

As these are only surface cracks, so there is no safety issue.

Cracks in the ice not a problem with these experienced hands about..
Race day today! Get ready for some speedy skating.

10:30am - Now where's this guy from?

10:23am - Giant Slalom gets fast - and international

The Giant Slalom is also well underway, currently Swede Hanna Aronsson Elfman leads on her run of 1:05.38... No, wait..

Finnish skier Rosa Pohjolainen has just bettered that, great run, 1:04.99 the new mark to beat.

There's a truly international feel to today's competition, when you look down the start list, skiers from these countries still to compete:

Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan, Thailand, the Philipinnes, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, Iran, Ireland, Lebanon, Pakistan, Spain.

10:11am - Bonjour!

Morning, no time to waste on formalities here, they're doing the sport all over the place in Lausanne.

Curling slid into action about 15 minutes ago, Germany take on Switzerland in 'The Battle of the Unbeaten', two wins each, big game, still 0-0 in end 2, Germany with the hammer.

Day 3 Preview

Day 2 brought a gold medal-winning daughter of Olympians and a You Young show that blew Lausanne away.

And 18 medals are on the line on Day 3 in alpine skiing, biathlon, figure skating, ice hockey, and speed skating.

Figure Skating: Pairs and men's singles medals

Today is a huge day for figure skating, first the pairs are up at 11.30am, Russian duet Apollinariia Panfilova and Dmitry Rylov have continued their untouchable form this season.

They scored 71.74 in the short program and will take some beating.

But anything can happen in a free, this was how the top four finished after Friday's short program:

  1. Apollinariia Panfilova / Dmitry Rylov 71.74
  2. Diana Mukhametzianova / Ilya Mironov 60.45
  3. Alina Butaeva / Luka Berulava 59.14
  4. Cate Fleming and Jedidah Isbell 49.87

Men's singles free skate

Andrei Mozalev, Daniil Samsonov, and Kagiyama Yuma play the leading roles in the men's free skate box office event.

Mozalev seized the short program but the free skate will let loose the talent in these next-gen skaters.

Quads, triple Axels, it's all fair game in the men's free today so sit back and watch the show.

Alpine skiing giant slalom

In the women’s Giant Slalom yesterday's combined hero Amanda Salzberger will try to make it two gold medals in a row, watch out for the latest U.S. ski star in the making Emma Resnick, she's got moves.

Here are some other skiers to keep an eye on: Hanna Aronsson Elfman (SWE), Nicola Rountree-Williams (USA), Chiara Pogneaux (FRA), Emma Sahlin (SWE).

Emma Resnick has all the right moves

The young U.S. skier wants to shuffle and flow her way to Youth Olympic gol...

Biathlon single mixed relay

China, Norway, Germany, Poland, and the USA should vie for supremacy here.

China edged Norway by by 0.2s in a mad dash to the line at Lillehammer 2016 after more than 40min of racing, today should provide us with some equally unforgettable moments.

Biathlon | Sport Explainer - Lausanne 2020

How much do you know about Biathlon? Find out in this Sport Explainer for L...

Speed skating on St. Mortz Lake begins

It's an historic day as Olympic speed skating returns to the St.Moritz Lake for the first time since the 1948 Winter Olympics.

Today we'll see medals in the men's and women's 500m.

Women's 500m

Look out for German blade runner Victoria Stirnemann, daughter of the 8 time Olympic medallist Gunda Stirnemann.

But she'll have plenty of competitio from the likes of Korea's Kim Min-Hui and she'll know all about the talents of German teammate Anna Ostlender.

Korea have won every gold medal so far at the WYOGs and are always strong, as are China and Netherlands.

Meet Gunda Niemann's daughter: "My mum is my inspiration"

16-year-old Victoria Stirnemann wants to follow in her mum's footsteps - a...

Men's 500m

Look out for Colombia's Diego Amaya flying around the frozen lake today, he's the first ever colombian speed skater at Winter YOG and his times make him a medal contender.

Colombia on ice: Speed skater Diego Amaya and his mother take on the world 

With no ice speed skating facilities in Colombia, Diego Amaya begged his fa...

Finnish speed demon Tuukka Suomalainen is another one to watch, he's the youngest brother of three speed skaters, he's learned a lot from his two older brothers Joona and Samulii, and even more from his coach Peter Mueller - 1976 Olympic gold medallist in speed skating.

Samuli Suomalainen finished 4th in the 500m in Lillehammer 2016 Winter YOG.

can Tuukka go one better?

Tuuka Suomalainen tipped for success by his Olympic champion coach

The youngest of the Suomalainen speed skating siblings, Tuuka is a flying f...

There are plenty of other speed machines to watch out for:

South Korea's Park Seong-Hyeon and Yang Sukhoon, Austria's Ignaz Gschwentner, Spain's Nil Llop who is the first Spanish skater to qualify in this discipline, he's back from a bad injury when he hit a tree in 2018 that kept him out for months, the doctors told him he'd never skate again.

But here he is making history for Spain.

China have ruled this event winning gold at Innsbruck 2012 and Lillehammer 2016, so watch out for their next big thing on long skates.

Lausanne 2020 Day 3 Schedule

January 11th

Alpine Skiing

10:00 - 11:30 Women’s Giant Slalom Run 1

12:45 - 14:15 Women’s Giant Slalom Run 2


10:30 - 11:40 Single Mixed Relay

Ice Hockey Mixed NOC 3-on-3 tournament

09:00 - 12:00 Men’s Round 4

12:00 - 15:00 Women’s Round 4

16:00 - 19:00 Men’s Round 5

19:00 - 22:00 Women’s Round 5

Figure Skating

11:30 - 12:45 Pairs Free Skating

14:00 - 16:40 Men’s Single Free Skating

Speed skating

11:30 - 14:30 Women’s / Men’s 500m


10:00 - 12:15 Mixed Team Round Robin

14:00 - 16:15 Mixed Team Round Robin

18:00 - 20:15 Mixed Team Round Robin

What is Lausanne 2020?

Lausanne 2020 is the third edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games following on from Innsbruck 2012 and Lillehammer 2016.

YOGs bring together the most promising young athletes on the planet, giving the next generation of Olympic stars a stage to shine.

Lausanne 2020 will be the biggest Winter Youth Games ever with over 1870 athletes (A 40% rise on 2016) 79 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) taking part, 12 of those taking part in the WYOGs for the first time ever

Albania, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Haiti, Hong Kong (China), Kosovo, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Turkmenistan and Trinidad & Tobago.

The Games in Lausanne in the mountains of Switzerland and France will be the first Winter Youth Olympics with equal numbers of female and male athletes.

See a list of athletes to watch here, and who to follow on social media here.

Where to watch Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games

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