Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games Day 6: Highlights

Highlights and all the results from Day 6 at the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games.

By Ken Browne ·

On Day 6 we reached the half-way point of Lausanne 2020 and said goodby to figure skating and alpine skiing.


But both went out with a big bang, there were gold medals for Japanese ice dancers Yoshida Utana and Nishiyama Shingo, a silver for Kagiyama Yuma, and the mixed ski parallels were off the scale.

Estonian twins made an ice hockey podium and we saw curling at its finest too, Japan-Germany was exhibition stuff.

Scroll down to find highlights and how it all went down.

Lausanne 2020 Day 6 Highlights

Day 6 Highlights | Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020

The 6th day brought Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Figure Skating and the 3-on-3 ...

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9 - 22 Jan 2020

Lausanne 2020 | Youth Olympic Games


Figure skating highlights

Mixed parallel ski highlights

7pm - Gute Nacht!

That's it from the live team.

See you tomorrow!

6:55pm - The lowdown

May have posted this already here but... hey.. too funny.

That intro. 🤣

6:39pm - Yodli and a gorilla!

We've seen some unforgettable moments at Les Diablerets, but it's time to say goodbye as the alpine ski events finished today with the parallels.

6:02pm - LOLZ

5:30pm - Live show!

Head to our Facebook page to catch the live show right now.

5:07pm - Kagiyama wins men's free skate

It started so well, a quad toe-double toe combination that echoed his clean skate in the men's singles' on Sunday.

Just a few short days after he won gold, Kagiyama Yuma was back on the ice.

And he didn't hold back.

His speed across the ice was incredible again, but after a brilliant beginning Kagiyama crashed to the ice attempting his second quad - a quad toe.

But he got back up, nailed a triple Axel-triple Salchow, triple flip-triple toe, and was down again on a triple Lutz.

Such a gutsy skate from the Japanese star fighting through the fatigue.

His score 157.62 is enough to win him the free skate and overall silver for his team - Team Focus (Kagiyama Yuma, Kate Wang, Sofya Tyutyunina, Alexander Shustitskiy, Cate Fleming, Jedidah Isbell).

Team Courage takes gold! (Arlet Levandi, Kseniia Sinitsyna, Yoshida Utana, Nishiyama Shingo, Alina Butaeva and Luka Berulava)

5pm - Mozalev sets the challenge for Kagiyama

Mozalev has just skated, putting it to Kagiyama, he lands a triple Lutz-Euler-triple Salchow combination, he's out for revenge over Kagiyama who edged him to gold.

154.97, super skate from Mozalev.

Can Kagiyama do it again?

4:45pm - You Young is here!

South Korean skater Cha Younghyun is coming up in the men's free skate, he'll have some stellar support from gold medallist You Young.

You Young was papped earlier rocking her Olympic Channel bag here at team figure skating final.

And Cha Younghyun responds with a fabulous performance, 133.13, that puts him top of the scoring charts.

Love the bag You Young!

4:29pm - Lausanne 2020 Curling final confirmed

It's official, here's tomorrow's final:


You can watch it live right here on Olympic Channel.

The bronze medal match will start at the same time, Russia and New Zealand vie for that final spot on the podium.

4:26pm - Kagiyama and Mozalev to skate again

Andrei Mozalev and Kagiyama Yuma will skate again as the last two in the men's singles.

Get comfortable!

Team Courage is currently top of the team standings, Kagiyama skates for Team Focus who are 4th.

Gotta love that Japan kit! Yuma Kagiyama JPN (centre, gold medallist), Andrei Mozalev RUS (right, silver medallist) and Daniil Samsonov RUS (left, bronze medallist) at the medal ceremony for the Figure Skating Men’s Single Free Skating at Medal Plaza. The Winter Youth Olympic Games, Lausanne, Switzerland, Sunday 12 January 2020. Photo: OIS/Joe Toth.

4:20pm - 🎧

4:15pm - Figure skating: Men's singles

The men's singles is underway, gold medallist Kagiyama Yuma skates last, Italy's Matteo Nalbone just got us started.

4:05pm - Fancy yourself a figure skating judge?

How to judge figure skating

Judging figure skating is a science in itself. Find out what judges are pay...

3:51pm - Ice hockey twins face off at Lausanne 2020

The Estonian ice hockey twins Marek and Erik Potsinok played against each other at Lausanne 2020.

Marek just won gold in the mixed NOC ice hockey 3x3 final, and Erik took bronze, later at Lausanne 2020 they'll get a chance to play together.

Anything for peace at home.

Never a dull moment with ice hockey twins

The Estonian ice hockey twins Marek and Erik Potsinok like to tease each ot...

3:45pm - Kseniia Sinitsyna stars again

The silver medallist behind You Young in the women's singles competition has shone bright in the mixed competition again.

Sinitsyna tops the table on 127.63 points, another show-stopper from the Russian starlet.

That's a huge help for her Team Courage.

3:40pm - Carle skates through the pain

A really brave skate from Canada's Catherine Carle.

The 16 year-old fell on her opening triple Lutz and stopped her from really performing the way she can, looks like she really hurt herself, or is carrying an injury.

She completes the program and struggles through, an admirable effort from Carle.

3:22pm - Figure skating: Ladies' singles final group

The ladies' mixed NOC event is into the final group, some of the strongest skaters coming up.

Anna Frolova has just gone top on 126 points just ahead of Italy's Alessia Tornaghi.

Kseniia Sinitsyna up last.

3:12pm - Curling semi-finals update

Japan are running away with this, 7-2 up in End 5 and Norway are looking strong too in End 6.

Japan 7-2 New Zealand

Russia 1-4 Norway

2:40pm - Ice hockey gold medals!

Celebrations for Team Green in the men's mixed NOC final, and in the women's event Yellow have come out on top.

2:27pm - Curling: First blood to Norway

The curling semi-finals are underway and Norway are 2-0 up on Russia in End 3.

Over in the other semi-final Japan have the edge on New Zealand, it's 2-1 to Japan who have really grown throughout these Games.

A place in the final is the prize for winning this game.

2:25pm - Figure skating women's singles

So next up in the figure skating mixed teams is the women's singles starting in five minutes.

No You Young today, but just look at this line-up, loaded with top talent, including the silver and bronze medallists from the women's singles competition, they'll skate last.

1 PELKONEN Nella Team Determination  FIN

2 WANG Kate Team Focus  USA

3 SCHERMANN Regina Team Vision  HUN

4 CARLE Catherine Team Discovery  CAN

5 MAZZARA Maia Team Hope  FRA

6 TORNAGHI Alessia Team Motivation  ITA

7 FROLOVA Anna Team Future  RUS

8 SINITSYNA Kseniia Team Courage RUS

2:03pm - Russian Pairs shine again

Georgians Alina Butaeva and Luka Berulava didn't have their best skate ever, but still managed to score 100.70 to go into the lead.

But the top two once again showed their quality.

Diana Mukhametzianova / Ilya Mironov had a fall but still managed to amass 101.89 points to take the lead from the Georgian pair.

But what more can you say about Apollinariia Panfilova and Dmitry Rylov?

Gold medallists in the pairs competition, unbeatable all season, they were electrifying once again.

They made a tricky triple twist look so easy, and that was for starters, perfect double Salchows, an immaculate triple loop throw, a triple Axel-double Salchow with absolutely nothing lacking.

There is so much more to come from these two.

126.49 is almost 25 points ahead of second place!

These two are phemonenal.

At the halfway point in this Mixed NOC Team figure skating competition it's Team Courage looking good.

1:43pm - Figure skating pairs

The party goes on in the Mixed NOC Team competition, the pairs are on the ice now.

Another top performance from China's Wang Yuchen and Huang Yihang see them top of the leader board right now on 91.35 points, but here come the Canadians Brooke McIntosh and Brandon Toste.

That's a flawless free skate from them!

Stunning stuff from the Canadians, they look delighted at the end of it and they deserve it.

They're skating with Team Determination

96.73 puts them into the lead!

But there are three teams to come, including the gold, silver, and bronze medallists from the pairs competition.

1:30pm You Young on our Live Show

Missed it yesterday?

Not a problem, catch the whole show here, Ash sat with superstar skater You Young, U.S. biathlon Kikkan Randall gold medallist and so much more, don't miss today's show at 5:30pm local time, that's four hours from now.

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1:25pm - Curling semi-finals

So after those tension-filled quarter finals we're on to the semis, here's what awaits:

Japan-New Zealand


That's coming up at 2pm local time in Lausanne - just over half an hour.

1:18pm - Curling: Japan defeat Canada

Big result for Japan as they knock one of the favourites Canada out of the tournament.

It went all the way to an extra end as Japan scored a point to make it 4-4 at the top of the 8th.

A single score was enough to send Japan into the semi-finals, but that was a memorable game from the Canadian team.

They'll take home some very valuable lessons and experience.

Quarter-final results

Canada 4-5 Japan

Germany 4-7 New Zealand

Russia 7-5 Switzerland

Norway 8-6 Italy

12:49pm - Speed skate gold for mixed team

Team 3 had the edge in the Mixed NOC Team Sprint Final, it's gold for Yoshida Yukino JPN, Sini Siro FIN, Alexander Sergeev RUS, and Ignaz Gschwentner AUT.

Team 16 (Daria Kopacz POL , Laura Kiviola FINArito Motonaga JPNTheo CollinsGBR) win silver.

Team 14 will take home bronze: Valeriia Sorokoletova RUS, Ramona Ionel ROU, Jonathan Tobon USA, Tuuka Suomalainen FIN

So great to all these athletes from different nations and NOCs competing together today, very much in the inclusive spirit of Lausanne 2020.

Great to see Finnish skater Tuuka Suomalainen on a speed skating podium, he has a great story:

Tuuka Suomalainen tipped for success by his Olympic champion coach

The youngest of the Suomalainen speed skating siblings, Tuuka is a flying f...

12:33pm - Gold for Finland in parallel ski!

The adrenaline is still flowing for the Finnish team after that thoroughly entertaining competition.

This thriller was absolutely packed with talent and top skiers

It's flying Finns Rosa Pohjolainen and Jaakko Tapanainen who grab gold in Les Diablerets.

They defeat Germany 4-0 in the final to win it convincingly.

Lara Klein and Max Geissler-Hauber take silver and Austria's Amanda Salzgeber and Philip Hoffman will add bronze to their personal collection of precious metals.

12:20pm - Biathlon gold for Italy!

Italy have won the mixed relay biathlon, that's a huge result ahead of a seriously stacked Russian team who have to settle for silver.

There's less than a second between the two teams, a fantastic contest there in the biathlon.

France will take home the bronze medal.

  1. Italy 1:10.55.3 (Martina Trabucchi, Linda Zingerle, Nicolo Betemps, Marco Barale
  2. Russia 1:11.39.0 (Alena Mokhova, Anastasiia Zenova, Denis Irodov, Oleg Domichek
  3. France 1:12.23.9 (Fany Bertrand, Leonie Jeannier, Theo Guiraud-Poillot, Mathieu Garcia)

12:12pm - Parallel Ski mixed teams final

We have our finalists in this exciting event.

Austria vs. France is taking to the slopes right now, the bronze medal will be decided here.

And the gold medal match-up is between Germany and Finland, coming up in a few minutes.

12:03pm - Curling: Two points for Canada!

The Canadians retake the lead after scoring 2 in end 7, it's 4-3.

This one could go either way as we approach 8 ends.

11:58am - Yoshida Utana and Nishiyama Shingo take the ice

Another gorgeous skate from Ukraine pair Anna Cherniavska and Oleg Muratov, they're straight into the lead on 80.86 points, Team Future into the lead.

Japan's favourite duo Yoshida Utana and Nishiyama Shingo are up skating for Team Courage.

They're so much fun, it's always showtime with these two on the ice.

And they're into the lead!

99.21 points.... Sparkling skating!

11:39am - Figure skating Ice dance on the ice

We've just seen the Swiss ice dance pair Gina Zehnder and Beda Leon Sieber on the ice for Team Motivation, French duo Celina Fradji and Jean-Hans Fourneaux are up now all dressed up in matching electric blue.

Great, emotional skate from them again, they always give it their all, representing Team Discovery today.

75.86 for the French deux, they go into first!

11:34am - Curling: Two for Japan!

That was brilliantly done, Japan knock out that red stone leaving two of their yellows practically on the button.

That puts Japan into the lead 3-2.

Incredible comeback curling from Italy who were 5-0 down against Norway, they've now drawn level.

Top curling.

The other quarter-finals look like this:

Germany 4-5 New Zealand

Russia 3-4 Switzerland

Norway 5-5 Italy

The stakes are high.

11:24am - Curling quarterfinals


Canada-Japan is living up to its expectation here in the Champery Arena, this is tight and tense.

Two really top curling teams with move and counter-move, it's Canada in the lead by 1, it's 2-1 in end six, the Canadians have three stones in the house.

Japan sizing it up...

Day 6 Preview

Day 5 brought a Swedish slalom double as Adam Hofstedt won his second gold medal of the Games and Emma Sahlin aced the women's slalom.

The biathlon had some familiar faces too, Russia's Alena Mokhova won her second gold in the women's 6k sprint and the curling got tasty as the quarters were decided.

So what's up on Day 6?

Six sets of medals will be won in alpine skiing, biathlon, ice hockey, speed skating and figure skating on an action packed day of... action.

Figure skating: Mixed NOC Team Event

The final event of figure skating at Lausanne 2020 takes place tomorrow, and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Skaters from different nations will compete side by side and the plan is to have 8 teams with one man, one woman, one pair and one Ice Dance couple from different NOCs (National Olympic Committees).

Points will be added up from four free skating events - Men’s and Women’s Singles Free Skating, Pairs Free Skating and Ice Dance Free Dance.

The team with the most points wins.


You Young: Time to sleep

Youth Olympic figure skating champion You Young is well on her way to becom...

Alpine skiing parallel mixed team event

The parallel mixed team event is pure pyrotechnics.

Skiers race side-by-side at breakneck speed in a knockout event that is always impossible to predict.

Two athlete – one man, one woman – race against another in a knockout slalom event involving 16 countries.

At the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games, gold went to Germany, Russia won silver and Finland won the bronze medal.

The format?

Two athletes race against each other on a short course: man v. man; woman v. woman.

The winner gets a point, the loser nothing. After four heats, the team with the most points goes through to the next round.

This adrenaline-fuelled ski spectacle has no respect for reputations or seeding.

At Lillehammer 2012 the USA went out in the first round despite boasting the talents of Keely Cashman and River Radamus, winner of three gold medals at the last Winter Youth Olympic Games.

“You know, this isn’t an event we typically do,” said Radamus afterwards.

“It’s something that’s reserved for special a race series like this. It’s something no one is really experienced in, it’s a new feeling for everyone, which is fun and it adds that much more excitement. Everyone has a chance.”

Expect fireworks.

Biathlon Mixed relay

Russia has taken three of four biathlon medals so far and will be heavily favoured for this one too.

Alena Mokhova swept the women's individual events, Anastasiia Zenova won silver in the 6k, Denis Irodov also won silver in the 7.5k, and Oleg Domichek was gold medallist in the 12.5k.


But Germany and Norway have history in this event, they went 1-2 at Innsbruck 2012 and reversed the order in 2016, both will be keen to get to reclaim the top of the podium today.

Italy, France, Sweden and Swizterland are also very much in the running.

France took bronze in 2012 and Italy in 2016.

Alpine Skiing | Sport Explainer - Lausanne 2020

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Canada-Japan will be live streamed on Olympic Channel today, that's going to be a screamer of a quarter-final.

New Zealand and Switzerland come into this knockout round with a perfect record but both Russia and Germany have proved their quality in making it this far.

Here's are the quarters match-ups to look forward to today:

Canada v Japan

New Zealand v Germany

Switzerland v Russia

Italy v Norway

Speed skating Mixed NOC Team Sprint

The Mixed NOC Team Sprint is comprised of 14 teams composed of four athletes – all from different NOCs.

Each skater completes one lap of the 400m course, with two teams taking part in each heat.

There is only one competition lane, and the fastest overall time wins gold.

Ice Hockey Mixed NOC 3-on-3 tournament

Our first hockey final happens today!

We'll see men's and women's bronze and gold medal matches today.

Which melting pot team of 13 different nationalities will find the common ground and a way to play together?

In the women's final it's Black vs. Yellow and in facing off for the men's gold medal it's Green vs. Red.

Lausanne 2020 Day 6 Schedule

January 15th

Alpine Skiing

11-12:30 Parallel mixed team event

Figure Skating

11:30-5:15 Mixed NOC Team Event


10:30 - 12:35 Mixed

Ice Hockey Mixed NOC 3-on-3 tournament

12:00 - 13:30 Women’s / Men’s Bronze Medal

13:30 - 15:00 Women’s / Men’s Gold Medal

Speed Sprint

11:30 - 12:30 Mixed NOC Team Sprint


10:00 - 12:15 Mixed Team Quarterfinals

14:00 - 16:15 Mixed Team Semifinals

What is Lausanne 2020?

Lausanne 2020 is the third edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games following on from Innsbruck 2012 and Lillehammer 2016.

YOGs bring together the most promising young athletes on the planet, giving the next generation of Olympic stars a stage to shine.

Lausanne 2020 will be the biggest Winter Youth Games ever with over 1870 athletes (A 40% rise on 2016) 79 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) taking part, 12 of those taking part in the WYOGs for the first time ever

Albania, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Haiti, Hong Kong (China), Kosovo, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Turkmenistan and Trinidad & Tobago.

The Games in Lausanne in the mountains of Switzerland and France will be the first Winter Youth Olympics with equal numbers of female and male athletes.

See a list of athletes to watch here, and who to follow on social media here.

Where to watch Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games

Olympic Channel will stream 300 hours of action from the 13 days of competition in Lausanne 2020 with a dedicated Winter YOG channel available on olympicchannel.comYouTube and connected devices such as Amazon FireApple TVAndroid TV and Roku.

There will be an action-packed daily live show featuring news, highlights, trending stories and interviews in a fun and interactive format streamed on FacebookTwitter and, plus a daily Olympic Channel Podcast featuring insightful interviews with personalities from across the Olympic world.

Fans can also follow Olympic Channel's coverage on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube to learn more about the event, and a full Lausanne 2020 schedule can be found here.