Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games Day 9: Highlights

Highlights and all the results from Day 9 at the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games.

By Ken Browne ·

Day 9 was lit in Lausanne, Kelly Sildaru won YOG gold, Germany was unstoppable in luge, South Korea in short track speed skating, and we saw the beginning of the men's ice hockey competition.

Russia-Canada and USA-Finland set Lausanne alight.

Scroll down to see how it all went down live.


9 - 22 Jan 2020

Lausanne 2020 | Youth Olympic Games



10pm - Goodnight!

We'll leave you with the comedy genius of the one and only MD in the Lowdown.

9:55pm Ice hockey result: USA 7-5 Finland

That had it all.

The U.S. came out with an intensity and looked like they might rack up the score against Finland but the Finns found their edges and played their way back into the game.

Even at 7-3 down Finland refused to lose and they showed a lot of character, but that slow start was too much to overcome.

The U.S. have a lot of quality but need to be more disciplined and give away fewer penalties.

Both of these should make the semi-finals, two top teams, can't wait to see them play next.

Tomorrow the U.S. plays Switzerland at 8pm live streamed on Olympic Channel.

Be here!

9:47pm - Spectacular hockey!

The USA and Finland trade spectacular goals.

First Charlie Stramel scores USA's 7th (He also scored their 1st) to make it 7-3 to the USA. Top drawer shot.

Then Finland get another, a beautiful wraparound finish from Jere Lassila.

And another for Finland! This isn't over yet...

USA 7-5 Finland

9:39pm - USA's Isaac Howard hits hat-trick

What a goal for the U.S.

Isaac Howard is causing a scene at the Vaudois, that's the best of the three too, he went solo, shaked, baked and found the five-hole.

This kid will go far.

USA 6-3 Finland

9:27pm - Finland fight back

A power play goal puts the Finns right back in it!

And they're still on a power play here, a two man advantage!

Finland apply the pressure.

USA 5-3 Finland

9:13pm USA 5-2 Finland end of 2nd

Just before the final quarter here and we're seeing some quality hockey.

Finland are trying their best to fight back but the U.S. have a deep roster and lots of talented players all looking to prove themselves.

Frank Nazar and Isaac Howard scored the USA's two goals in that 2nd period, meaning they have 5 different scorers on the board.

USA 5-2 Finland

8:18pm - Finland score!

Finland gets one on the board, Elmery Laakso brings some hope to the Finnish team and they celebrate that one big time.

Finland look like a different team now.

That's the end of the first period.

USA 3-1 Finland

8:11pm - USA 3-0 Finland

There's the third for the USA, Charlie Stramel struck first, Gavin Brindley got the second and now Isaac Brindley has made it three.

The Finns look deflated, that was too easy, so much space right in front of goal.

8:04pm - Ice hockey: 2 goals in 2 minutes for USA!

USA have lit the fuse in Lausanne and exploded into the tournament with two quickfire goals.

Finland look dazed, they need to stop the bleeding fast.

USA 2-0 Finland

7:30pm - Happy birthday to you!

Japan went and won their first game at Lausanne 2020, then sang happy birthday to their coach.

Cuteness overload.

6:56pm - Ice hockey: USA-Finland coming up

Watch it live on Olympic Channel and keep it locked on the live blog.

7:55pm the puck drops Lausanne time, just under an hour from now.

6:55pm - Bumblebee breaks Lausanne

6:30pm - Ice hockey: Japan win 4-1

The Czechs pull the keeper, Ito Makoto blocks a shot and has an empty net to score in right at the end of the period.

It looked like the Czechs might run away with it after Tereza Pistekova's early goal but Japan proved themselves technically capable and tactically astute.

That's a huge win for Japan that puts one skate in the semi-finals.

And now the Japanese team makes a semi-circle around the bench and sings happy birthday to their coach.

Who duly bows.

Gotta love this Japanese team, oh so Kawaii.

6:24pm - Japan go two up - and do the bow!

That is the coolest celebration we've seen at Lausanne 2020.

The goal wasn't bad either, Japan are really enjoying themselves on the ice, another goal, another group bow.

Kamada Minami on target this time.

Czech Rep 1-3 Japan

5:48pm - Japan into the lead!

Japan go 1 up!

Another sharp finish puts Japan in to the lead, Shimomukai Hina is the scorer this time.

Czech Rep 1-2 Japan

Do the celebration...

Yes! They did it again! This is going to go viral...

5:43pm - Goooooal for Japan!

Japan level it up in the second period with an absolute beauty!

Czech Rep 1-1 Japan

Ito Makoto with the move to tie the Czech keeper in knots and slot it home.

Then that celebration...

They form a circle and bow at each other, that was brilliant!

5:30pm - Watch our Live Show now!

5:21pm - Ice hockey: Czechs lead after 1st period

Tereza Pistekova's top-shelfer is all that separates these two at the end of period 1.

Japan have done well and created opportunities against the physically stronger and more experienced Czechs, this could turn out to be more of a contest than many expected.

5:11pm - Yodli Yummies

A bakery has joined in the Lausanne 2020 fun, check out these Yodli goodies they've cooked up.

5:08pm - New life goal

Getting on this ice slide in Lausanne in a rubber tyre is our new life goal...

4:58pm - Czech Rep - Japan

Japan and Czech Republic up next live.

And first blood to the Czechs, Tereza Pistekova roofs it, lovely goal.

Czech Rep 1-0 Japan

It's Japan's first time on the ice here at Lausanne and the Czechs will be favoured to come out on top.

4:40pm - 🎧

Today's podcast: We find out what trick Kiernan Fagan would love to land at the Winter Youth Olympic Games. Plus, we sent influencer Tobi Jizzle down a luge and asked him some Olympic trivia questions.

4:38pm - Live Show in less than an hour!

Catch up Ash and guests on yesterday's show an hour before we go live for today's edition.

Live Show - Day 8 | Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020

Join Olympic gold medal winner Viktor Knoch for an unusual training session...

3:45pm - Russia 6-2 Canada

That's it, a late goal in the 3rd ended any chance of a Canadian comeback, and Russia look strong medal contenders already.

Stars of the show for Russia were Matvei Michkov who chalked up 2 goals and 2 assists, goalkeeper Ivanov had a big game too and with four different scorers Russia look like they've got plenty of strength in depth.

Canada were shell-shocked by that early Russian siege, but recovered well after that, they won the second period 2-1 and the the third was really close too.

They still have a chance to make it through and will be stronger for this experience, nothing teaches you discipline like defeat.

Stay tuned for more hockey with Japan v Czech Republic (Women) coming up at 5pm and USA facing Finland in the men's competition at 7pm.

You can watch both live on Olympic Channel.

3:31pm - Ice hockey: Russia shut it down

Russia have closed ranks in this final period, they lead 5-2 and look strong, recovering that earlier intensity that saw them blitz Canada 4-0 in the first period.

Canada's Adamo Fantilli had a huge chance to make it 5-3 in the first few seconds of this final period, but couldn't convert.

Big performance from Russian 'keeper Sergei Ivanov who has kept Canada at bay.

Just 3 minutes on the clock.

3:24pm - Austria sweeps Nordic combined

Austria's Lisa Hirner wins the women's Nordic combined and Stefan Rettenegger the men's!

Women's Nordic combined results:

  1. Lisa Hirner 11:45.6
  2. Miyazake Azane 11:48.8
  3. Jenny Nowak 11:50.3

Men's Nordic combined results:

  1. Stefan Rettenegger 14:45.8
  2. Perttu Reponen 14:59.6
  3. Sebastian Oestwold 15:02.1

3:10pm - Evy Poppe takes Chloe Kim's crown

Snowboard slopestyle Gold for Belgium's Evy Poppe, Netherland's Melissa Peperkamp bags silver and Bianca Gisler boosts the hosts hardware collection with bronze.

  1. Evy Poppe 94
  2. Melissa Peperkamp 91.75
  3. Bianca Gisler 78.25

Look at the Tweet below for THE sporting moment of the game as Peperkamp gives Poppe a massive hug at the finish. Awwww....

3:08pm - Lovely moment

Friendship before rivalry.

3pm - Canada battle back

A much better period of ice hockey for the men in red, they've scored 2 in period 2, but Russia have one two.

Russia 5-2 Canada

Adamo Fantilli and Denton Mateychuk have given Canada a glimpse of hope, and a big save from Canada's Dylan Ernst right at the end of the 2nd has kept it at 5.

A big ask for Canada to threaten Russia now but still 15 minutes of hockey to come in the 3rd period.

2:53pm - Double double for Korean speed skaters!

Anything South Korea's women can do...

Men's speed skating 1000m gold and silver go to Korea, inspired by the women just before them.

Men's speed skating 1000m results:

  1. Jang Sungwoo 1;33.531
  2. Lee Jeongmin 1:33.646
  3. Li Kongchao 133.851

2:42pm - Speed skating gold for Korea!

Gold at 2012, gold at 2016, and now gold at 2020 too, the Koreans have made it three in a row in Lausanne!

World leaders.

Incredible skating gives them gold and silver.

Seo Whi Min and Kim Chanseocan't be caught, it's bronze for Canada's Florence Brunelle.

Women's speed skating 1000m results:

  1. Seo Whi Min 1:29.439
  2. Kim Chanseo 1:29.538
  3. Florence Brunelle 1:30.024

2:37pm - Ice hockey: Russia 4-0 Canada

A real shock here in the first game of the men's ice hockey competition as Russia score 4 in the first period.

Russia's star man Matvei Michkov has scored two and led Russia to a huge advantage over the maple leafers.

Canada have had a chance to regroup and rethink, will they come out firing in the second period?

Here we go...

2:30pm - Men's ski cross gold for Norway!

The men's event is won by Nikolai Holmboe from Norway with Sweden winning silver and bronze just as they did in the women's event.

Men's freeski ski cross results:

  1. Nikolai Holmboe 4:09.97
  2. Edvin Anger 4:11.74
  3. Albin Aastroem 4:13.51

2:09pm - Ski cross gold for Switzerland

Home joy for Siri Wigger as she secures gold for the hosts in ski cross, and it's silver and bronze for Sweden - Maerta Rosenborg will wear silver and Tove Ericsson bronze.

Women's freeski ski cross results:

  1. Siri Wigger 4:39.95
  2. Maerta Rosenborg 4:40.72
  3. Tove Ericsson 4:41.10

2pm - Puck drops on Canada-Russia

The opening game of the men's ice hockey competition could be one of its best.

Canada's Luneau straight into the sin bin, penalty play for Russia.

Remember, we'll have three periods of 15 mins and straight to a shoot-out if the score is tied.

1:34pm - Kelly Sildaru wins gold!

She was favourite at PyeongChang 2018 but injury struck, now she has that first taste of Olympic success, it's gold for Estonia's ski star in the freeski slopestyle event.

It's silver for China's Gu Ailing and who steals it from Sweden's Jennie Lee Burmansson on the final run!

Dramatic late switch at the top of the podium, Gu came close to Sildaru with that one, just 0.5 of a point from gold.

Lausanne 2020 freeski slopestyle Result:

  1. Kelly Sildaru 93.75
  2. Gu Ailing 93.25
  3. Jennie Lee Burmansson 90.00

1:21pm - Keep calm and Mexican wave

So what do you do when the scoreboards freeze and you're waiting for the techies to sort it out and the speed skaters to get back on the ice?

You have some fun!

Much love for the Lausanne 2020 crowds, the fans have brought so much support, atmosphere and energy to these Games, keep it lit!

1:16pm - Big crowds!

Swiss fans continue their amazing support of Lausanne 2020, look at these queues outside Leysin for first day of women’s free ski and halfpipe competition.

1:04pm - Future NHL stars

Canada v Russia will be live in about 50 mins, look out for 15-year-old future big leagues star Matvei Michkov on the Russian side wearing number 20, this kid has got it all: skates, great hands, powerhouse of a shot.

Many big hockey sides are already vying for his signature.

The Canadians to watch for are forwards Matthew Savoie (Number 14) and Adamo Fantilli (11) who's huge for his age and the speed to match, both have a bright future.

1pm - Game Faces: On

Eight medals still to be won today.

Get in the zone.

Show us your game face

12:48pm - Men's Ice Hockey: Canada-Russia

Watch the next generation of this box office clash right here on Olympic Channel.

Coming up at 2pm, here are the line-ups:


FILION Vincent GK 3





LUNEAU Tristan D 9

JOVANOVIC Matthew D 10


SAVOIE Matthew F 14

DELIC Kocha F 15

GUINDON Cedrick F17

FIMIS Pano F 18



VERREAULT Antonin F 21

COTE Justin F 30


Russian Federation


SAFIN Adel D 3

SAPUNOV Vladislav D 4


GULYAYEV Mikhail D 9



GAZIZOV Ruslan F 13


DUDA Artyom D 15


MALYAVIN Andrei D 18

RYZHOV Nikita F 19

MICHKOV Matvei F 20


MALOV Vyacheslav F 30


12:35pm - How to live up to the hype by Kelly Sildaru

The Estonian is a class apart on the slope, making it look easy today, she qualifies top.

Can anyone stop her?

12:31pm - Ice hockey: Sweden 7-2 Germany

This one is lit, Sweden really finding their stride here.

And that's how it finishes, Sweden ignited in this match, watch out world!

12:23pm - Luge Gold for Germany!

Germany have just sped their way to a third gold medal at St. Moritz.

This time it's the women's doubles, Jessica Degenhardt and Vanessa Schneider topping the charts on the very last run.

It's silver for Canada's Natalie Corless and Caitlin Nash, bronze belongs to Latvian duo Viktorija Ziedina and Selina Zvilna.

12:09pm - Men's short track qualifiers

Hayashi Kosei (JPN) took heat one as many expected, Russia's Balbekov Heat 2 with Thailand's Natthapat Kancharinas in second, he makes the quarter-final as the first ever Thai speed skater!

Great qualifying run from him.

Russia's Daniil Nikolaev tops Heat 3 and new Zealand's Ethan de Rose Heat 4.

Lee Jeongmin (KOR), Jonathan So (USA), Zhang Tianyi (CHN), and Li Kongchao (CHN) win the remaining groups.

The Philipinnes's Julian Macaraegbecame the country's first ever short track competitor today, he finished 4th in Heat 1, but has another chance in the 500m on Monday.

He's got a great story to tell:

Filipino Julian Macaraeg: "In short track anything is possible"

Julian Macaraeg became the first Filipino to qualify for the Winter Youth O...

12:02pm - Speed skating back on

After a delay for some scoreboard techy glitches at the Malley Arena we're back, just turn off the computer and turn it on again.

Always works.

Right before that we saw a stunning opening statement from Russia's Vlademir Balbekov who stormed heat 129.692, the fastest heat we've seen today.

11:57pm Ice hockey: Sweden 1-0 Germany

Swden on top against Germany, a well-deserved goal for the defending champs, they needed penalties to overcome plucky Slovakia last night, can they win in regulation time this morning?

11:46am - Women's luge doubles coming up

Less than 15 minutes to the final Run here, the German pair Jessica Degenhardt and Vanessa Schneider are leading after competition Run 1, can the German team make it three from three?

It's been a stellar showing from the Germans already, Jessica Degenhardt won the women's singles yesterday, is she going to double her money today?

Run 2 starts at 12.

Luge: faster than being fired out of a cannon

11:35am - Playing while you spraying

When you suddenly remember the Games are on while you're spraying the strawberries...

11:32am - Women's short track qualification ends

Right on time, China's Zhang Chutong takes the 8th qualification group, the men are up next.

11:17am - Short track Sliders

The speed skaters are out on track, South Korea are showing their strength in depth already, Whi Min Seo the latest to roll of the talent production line.

It's women's 1000m qualifying heats right now, we're on heat 6 of 8 with men's qualification up next.

Whi Min Seo (KOR), Petra Rusnakova (SVK), Kim Chanseo (KOR), Hailey Choi (USA), Michelle Velzeboer (NED), Nagamori Haruna (JPN), Iulia Beresneva (RUS) are the seven group winners so far.

Strong start from many of the favourites, the final group, group 8 is up now.

11.14am - First gold medal in luge!

Gold for Latvian Gints Berzins, silver for Russian Pavel Repilov and silver for German Timon Grancagnolo.

1:48.05 is the winning time.

11:11am - Winter Wonderland

Today, the sunny skies of st moritz have been replaced by grey- snow filled clouds, making it a real-life winter wonderland and the fans love it!

And we've already had our first gold medal in the men's singles luge.

This time keeper is frozen stiff.

11:06pm - Curling

The mixed nations doubles curling is well underway too, Norway and Latvia are currently playing against Denmark/China, it's 6-4 to the Danes and the Chinese right now.

10:58am - Snowboard slopestyle

Netherlands boarder Melissa Pepercamp was first in qualification Run 1, with Ty Schnorrnusch (USA) second and Guo Junyan (CHN) third, but Belgian Evy Poppe has just put down a serious Run 2, 83.50 the mark to beat.

10:42am - It's on!

No time for pleasantries this morning as it's all happening.

We're had Run 2 of the Women's Freeski Slopestyle Qualification Run 2 and Kelly Sildaru is killing it!

The Estonian is different class, the score from your best run is the one that counts and Kelly just put down an effortless 95.50.

That's currently over 12 points ahead of second placed Chinese skier Gu Ailing.

Jennie-Lee Burmansson lies in third.

Day 9 Preview

There are 10 medals up for grabs today in a bumper packed super Saturday.

Live blog posts will appear here as soon as the action starts in Lausanne, so bookmark this page and come back at Games time.

Here's what we have to look forward to tomorrow, scroll down for a schedule and individual previews of each event.

Day 9 Schedule - Saturday, 18 January

Cross-country skiing (Vallee de Joux Cross-country Centre)

11:00 - 14:30 Women's & Men's Cross - Medal finals

Curling (Champery Curling Arena)

10:00 - 20:00 Mixed NOC Doubles knock out

Freestyle skiing / Snowboarding (Leysin Park & Pipe)

09:30 - 12:00 Women's Slopestyle qualifiers - Streamed on Olympic Channel 09:30 - 11:00 and 14:30 - 17:00

12:30 - 15:00 Women's Slopestyle finals - Medal finals

Luge (St. Moritz Olympic Bob Run)

08:30 - 10:30 Men's Single - Medal final

11:00 - 12:30 Women's Double - Medal final

Ice hockey - Six-Teams Tournament (Lausanne Vaudoise Arena)

11:00 - 13:00 Germany v Sweden (Women)

14:00 - 16:00 Canada v Russia (Men)

17:00 - 19:00 Japan v Czech Republic (Women) - Streamed on Olympic Channel 17:00 - 19:00

20:00 - 22:00 USA v Finland (Men) Streamed on Olympic Channel 20:00 - 22:00

Nordic combined (Les Tuffes Nordic Centre)

10:30 - 16:00 Women's Individual NH/4km - Medal final

10:30 - 16:00 Men's Individual NH/6km - Medal final

Short-track speed skating (Malley Arena)

11:00 - 14:30 Women's & Men's 1000m - Medal finals, streamed on Olympic Channel 11:00 - 14:30

Medal ceremonies (Le Flon and St. Moritz)

19:00 Medal Plaza - Streamed on Olympic Channel 19:00 - 19:50

Snowboard women’s slopestyle

So who's going to set it off and take Chloe Kim's crown?

The USA superstar snowboarder won slopestyle and halfpipe double gold at Lillehammer 2016 then went on to a dream PyeongChang 2018, winning a gold medal in Korea too.

Now four years later there's a packed field looking to follow Chloe's path.

Look out for Annika Morgan (GER), Eveliina Taka (FIN), Marie Kreisingerová (CZE), Courtney Rummel (USA), Evy Poppe (BEL), Ty Schnorrnusch (USA), Guo Junyan (CHN).

Freestyle skiing women’s slopestyle

Kelly Sildaru hardly needs any introduction.

The 17-year-old Estonian is one of the biggest stars at these 3rd Winter YOGs, Sildaru is a 3-time junior world champion (in slopestyle), and halfpipe senior world champion.

At just 13, Sildaru became the youngest gold medalist ever to win a Winter X Games gold medal, and the first person to win a Winter X Games medal for Estonia.

She also became the first woman to ever land a Switch 1260° Mute and a 1440° in competition in 2017.

At just 15 she was already one of the favourites to take gold at PyeongChang 2018 but injury struck at the worst possible moment.

Sildaru got back on her skis proved her class at the Worlds in February last year beating Olympic gold medallist Cassie Sharpe to become world halfpipe champion.

This multi X Games medallist now Sildaru has another chance to make her opening Olympic statement at Lausanne 2020.

Kelly Sildaru of Estonia wins the gold medal during the FIS World Freestyle Ski Championships Men's and Women's Halfpipe on February 9, 2019 in Park City, USA. (Photo by Laurent Salino/Agence Zoom/Getty Images)

Swedish skier Jennie Burmansson has already reached an Olympic final, won a World Cup crystal globe, struck X Games gold, and she's still only 17.

Fully recovered from a nasty ligament injury that's kept her out of competition for a year, now is the perfect time to prove that she's back better than ever.

But it's a packed field in women's slopestyle, Sildaru and Burmansson will have to contend with the challenge of Britain's Kirsty Muir, Another Swede in Wilma Johansson, Canada's Sky Clarke, Jade Michaud from France and USA's Montana Osinski.

Don't be surprised to see a surprise in this event.

Russia won gold ahead of France and Great Britain at Lillehammer 2016.

Ice Hockey

There is some serious hockey action coming your way tomorrow, at 11 reigning champs Sweden will take on Germany in another tough test.

The Swedes had to dig deep to beat Slovakia in their opener last night, needing penalties and heroics from captain Nicole Hall to get them out of trouble.

11:00 - 13:00 Germany v Sweden (Women)

At 2pm we have one of the games of the Games, a real classic international encounter between Canada and Russia.

Want to see the next generation of NHL and European hockey stars?

Don't miss it.

14:00 - 16:00 Canada v Russia (Men)

We'll see Japan for the first time this evening against Czech Republic who played last night against the hosts.

17:00 - 19:00 Japan v Czech Republic (Women) - Streamed on Olympic Channel 17:00 - 19:00

At 8pm there's another classic encounter as the USA face Finland in the Lausanne 2020 opener for both.

With just six men's and six women's teams in each competition every game counts and it's essential to start strong.

20:00 - 22:00 USA v Finland (Men) Streamed on Olympic Channel 20:00 - 22:00

Short track speed skating women’s 1000m

Short track excitement will take place at the Malley Arena with South Korea the winners of all the gold medals in this event at WYOGs so far - men's and women's.

South Korea's Shim Suk-hee won this event in Lillehammer 2012 before sparkling Sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018 winning 4 Olympic medals.

South Korea went 1-2 in 2016, and won gold again in 2012 ahead of China and Japan - this event has been dominated by Asian nations and Germany are the only non-Asian country to have medalled at a WYOG.

The next gen speedskaters here in Switzerland showing a lot of promise include: Elisa Confortola (ITA), Petra Rusnakova (SVK), Seo Whi Min (KOR), Kim Chanseo (KOR), Nagamori Haruna (JPN), Zhang Chutong (CHN).

Singapore’s flagbearer Alyssa Pok will become the first ever Singaporean woman to compete at the Winter YOG.

Short Track Speed Skating | Sport Explainer - Lausanne 2020

Learn every little detail about Short Track Speed Skating in this Sport Exp...

Short track speed skating men’s 1000m

In 2016 Chinese blade runner Shaoang Liu silver in 2016 then won an Olympic gold medal in the 5000m relay in 2018.

Olympic champions of the future watchers have these men on their list: Mateusz Krzeminski (POL), Vladimir Balbekov (RUS), Warre Van Damme (BEL), Lee Jeongmin (KOR), Jang Sungwoo (KOR), Hayashi Kosei (JPN), and Miyata Shogo (JPN).

Julian Macaraeg was born and is based in New York but will become first ever short track speed skater from Philippines to compete at Winter YOG today.

He'll be joined by Natthapat Kancharinas the first ever Thai skater to compete at Winter YOG in short track

Luge men’s singles

Latvia's Kaspars Rinks already has a silver medal in the swag bag from yesterday's doubles and is one of the favourites for a podium perch today too.

But his Latvian teammate Gints Berzins will challenge him, as will Russia's Pavel Repilov, Georgian Lasha Mitchedliani, and, of course, the German challenge.

Germany won half the luge medals on offer yesterday finishing first and second in the women's singles and in gold medal position in the men's doubles too.

Timon Grancagnolo and Pascal Kunze are the two Germans tipped for the top today.

At Innsbruck 2012 Germany won gold and Latvia silver, then at Lillehammer 2016 Latvia won gold and Germany silver.

Lausanne 2020?

Luge women’s doubles

It was all about Germany yesterday in the women's singles and expect a strong showing from the dynamite deutsch today again.

Jessica Degenhardt won gold yesterday and could repeat the feat today, she races with Vanessa Schneider.

But these pairs could all do some damage too: Egle/Kipp (AUT), Nash/Corless (CAN), Korotaeva/Chirkova (RUS), Ziedina/Zvilna (LAT), Chan/Weiler (USA).

Austrian Selina Egle is little sister of Madeleine Egle won 2016 YOG singles bronze and then went to repeat the feat at PyeongChang 2018, speed runs in the family.

We'll witness a bit of history too as this is the first ever time that a women’s luge doubles event is scheduled at YOG or Winter Olympics.

Cross country skiing

Women’s cross country cross

This exciting event is very similar to the cross country sprint, but the competition course features some extra elements (like jumps, turns, etc.) that test the skier's abilities to the limit.

The free skiing technique is used for the cross-country cross events, skis are prepped with glide wax and athletes use edges of the skis to generate speed, also called skating.

Sweden have history in this event going 1-2 in 2016, with France winning bronze.

Ones to watch: Eliska Sibravova (CZE), Maelle Veyre (FRA), Lara Dellit (GER), Bianca Buholzer (SUI), Kendall Kramer (USA), Sydney Palmer-Leger (USA), Maria Melling (NOR).

Look out too for Thailand's Duangkamon Hitchana who will become the first ever Thai female to compete at Winter YOG in cross country skiing.

Cross-Country | Sport Explainer - Lausanne 2020

How much do you know about Cross-Country Skiing? Find out in this Sport Exp...

Men’s cross country cross

In the men's cross country cross we'll see another set of twins in Norwegians Nikolai and Aleksander Holmboe, can they emulate the Estonian twins who won an ice hockey medal each or Swiss skimo stars Thomas and Robin Bussard who lit it up in skimo.

Here are some names at the top of the lists of those in the know: Anze Gros (SLO), Mathias Vacek (CZE), Jost Muleh (SLO), Alexander Stahlberg (FIN).

Nordic combined women’s individual

This is another historic moment as this is the first ever time that a women’s Nordic combined medal event is scheduled at any YOG or Winter Olympics.

Keep an eye on Miyazaki Ayane, the Japanese skier took the first ever women's Nordic combined junior world champion in 2019.

She'll have plenty of quality company in Gyda Westvold Hansen (NOR), Jenny Nowak (GER), Lisa Hirner (AUT), Daniela Dejori (ITA), Ema Volavsek (SLO).

Nordic combined men’s individual

Germany and the Czech Republic are always strong in this event having shared a gold each in the last two WYOGs.

Here are some names tipped to light up the Les Tuffes Nordic Centre:

Waltteri Karhumaa (FIN), Perttu Reponen (FIN), Matteo Baud (FRA), Iacopo Bortolas (ITA), Walterri Karhumaa (FIN), Stefan Rettenegger (AUT).

The cross country portion has been lengthened from 5km to 6km.

Lausanne Scenics | Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020

A mellow stroll through the host city of the Winter Youth Olympic Games 202...

What is Lausanne 2020?

Lausanne 2020 is the third edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games following on from Innsbruck 2012 and Lillehammer 2016.

YOGs bring together the most promising young athletes on the planet, giving the next generation of Olympic stars a stage to shine.

Lausanne 2020 will be the biggest Winter Youth Games ever with over 1870 athletes (A 40% rise on 2016) 79 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) taking part, 12 of those taking part in the WYOGs for the first time ever

Albania, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Haiti, Hong Kong (China), Kosovo, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Turkmenistan and Trinidad & Tobago.

The Games in Lausanne in the mountains of Switzerland and France will be the first Winter Youth Olympics with equal numbers of female and male athletes.

See a list of athletes to watch here, and who to follow on social media here.

Where to watch Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games

Olympic Channel will stream 300 hours of action from the 13 days of competition in Lausanne 2020 with a dedicated Winter YOG channel available on olympicchannel.comYouTube and connected devices such as Amazon FireApple TVAndroid TV and Roku.

There will be an action-packed daily live show featuring news, highlights, trending stories and interviews in a fun and interactive format streamed on FacebookTwitter and, plus a daily Olympic Channel Podcast featuring insightful interviews with personalities from across the Olympic world.

Fans can also follow Olympic Channel's coverage on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube to learn more about the event, and a full Lausanne 2020 schedule can be found here.