Cristiano Ronaldo's new 'do and Naomi Osaka dances to Drake: Updates from around the world

LeBron rocks TikTok, Federer plays the wall, pro cyclist Martinelli delivers,  and figure skating costumes - all the fun that happened on 4th April.

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Friendship, excellence, and respect are the three core Olympic values, and we have been touched by the way the sports world has responded to these challenging times.

Here's a collection of tweets, posts, memes, gifs, gags, and messages that inspired and made us smile today.

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We'll leave you with the story of Ragen Chastain - the heaviest woman to ever complete a marathon from our Body+ series.


Meet Ragen Chastain the heaviest woman to ever complete a marathon

Ragen is always seeking that next challenge. We follow her to a triathlon a...

5:56pm - Shhhh... 🤣

Surf's up, just keep it down.

5:31pm - Sergio Ramos' challenge

Spain and Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos has just posted a new challenge.

Think you can handle it?

Ramos is just one of the big names that we might see at the Tokyo Olympics next year.

France and PSG's Kylian Mbappe, Liverpool and Egypt flyer Mo Salah, Ramos' Real Madrid teammates Vinicius Jr., and Reinier are all names we may see play at the Olympics.

Messi and Neymar are already Olympic gold medallists.

Who's next?

5:20pm - Ronaldo has a new hairdresser

With the message 'stay at home,' football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo has posted a video of his wife Georgina shaving his head.

Don't slip Georgina!

4:50pm - Olympic age limit raised to 24 for footballers

With the Tokyo Olympics now set to be played in 2021, FIFA has extended the age limit for footballers to 24 from 23.

The rule was amended following the postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Players born on or after 1 January 1997 will be eligible to play in Japan, which means players who turn 24 will still be allowed to participate as part of the regular squad and not one of the three overage players that each team can choose.

The men’s football tournament kicks off before the 23 July 2021 opening ceremony in Tokyo.

The 14 of 16 men’s teams qualified are Argentina, holders Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, New Zealand, Egypt, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and hosts Japan.

The remaining two places will be decided at the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Championship.

There is no age limit on the women’s competition, hosts Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, and Zambia are the 9 of twelve teams qualified.

There are three more spots up for grabs with two teams coming from Asia's AFC qualifying tournament.

The runners-up from the CAF qualifiers will then meet Copa America runners-up Chile in a two-leg playoff to decide who takes the last spot in Tokyo.

Missing football?

Here are the men's and women's finals from Rio 2016.


4:30pm - Feline fine

It's not just us hoomans who need to keep active in lockdown.

There really needs to be cat high jump.

4:05pm - When the kids take over

3:30pm - Heptathlon roll call

2:53pm - Naomi Osaka vs. Drake

"Drake is so strategic," complains Japanese tennis ace Naomi Osaka.

"He makes a new dance challenge right when TikTok is at its peak and no one has anything better to do."

But did she do it?

Of course she did.

Osaka told Olympic Channel how the first of her two grand slams changed her life.

The 22-year old is targeting Tokyo Olympic gold, but loves fashion and has something else she'd love to dabble in too...

Naomi Osaka on learning business, loving fashion, and being inspired by Tokyo

Japanese tennis star opens up about how the first of her two grand slams ch...

2:31pm - Original series free to watch

Don't forget, you can watch our original series and live TV right here on Olympic Channel, including classic Olympic finals replays, Opening Ceremonies and much more.

Have you seen Shredding Monsters?

Garrett McNamara, Jamie Mitchell, Hugo Vau, Andrew Cotton and Alessandro Marciano are some of the world's best big wave surfers.

Watch as they take on Nazaré in Portugal and catch some of the biggest waves on the planet.

2:20pm - Surfer stays fit with giant trophy

Brazilian surfer Italo Ferreira has found a great weights to practice with.

He's made this video for all of us who aren't lucky enough to have their own gym in their house, and have to improvise!

Italo's already qualified to surf for Brazil at the Tokyo Olympics so there's plenty to train for.

2:15pm - Roger Feder: 'Like in the olden days'

Tennis titan Roger Federer is feeling nostalgic, out knocking a ball against a wall like days gone by.

1:45pm - MC Shaq

Need a quarantine DJ?

We know who our pick is...

1:25pm - Some people are really missing live sport

1:05pm - 😂

This is amazing.

Lockdown around the world really has brought out the brilliant in creative minds.

Double Olympic ski champ Marcel Hirscher teamed up with the talented Philipp Klein to bring you this work of art:

12:49pm - Wrestling: Brain, brawn or both?

Looking for a good read?

Look no further.

125kg wrestler Nick Gwiazdowski talks about how brain is as essential as brawn in his quest for Olympic glory.

12:36pm - Lowdown

Did you catch this week's fun in the lowdown?

Here it is in case you missed it:

12:01pm - Saturday inspiration

Toni Ponce started in Para Swimming after watching London 2012 at home, now he has three world medals and swam at Rio 2016.

"In the aquatic environment my disability is not as important as outside the water," Toni told us, find more about his journey here:

NewsAquatic Sports

Para swimmer Toni Ponce: I train as hard as I can despite my disease

The Spaniard started in Para Swimming after watching London 2012 at home. W...

11:54am - Joseph Schooling doing his part

Singapore's superstar swimmer has a message for all the frontline staff, and for everyone to do their part.

Schooling is a huge celebrity in Singapore, winning the country's first ever gold medal at Rio 2016.

He was the only swimmer to beat Michael Phelps in Brazil.

Find out how he did it here:

11:40am - Our new figure skating costume designers

We asked figure skating fans from around the world to design uniforms for their favourite stars, and they did not disappoint! 

Here are some of these exciting new designers that we featured on our Instagram page.

11:30am - Manu Bhaker steadies aim

India's ace pistol shooter Manu Bhaker is staying focused.

“The Olympics, when it happens, is huge, so we need to be prepared. I am preparing for the Olympics as planned,” she said recently.

The 18-year-old won an Olympic quota in women’s 10m Air Pistol and five World Cup gold medals in individual and team events in 2019.

She isn't bad with a tennis racket either!

11:25am - Working those calves

Finnish pro cyclist Jaakko Hänninen has a new training partner.

11:10am - Dodging the dogs

It's all about creative workouts these days.

Mountain bike Olympian Victor Koretzky is making use of the outdoor space, and dodging the dogs chasing him about is a job in itself!

10:56am - From pro riding to delivering medicine

Pro cycling Davide Martinelli is putting his cycling skills to good use during lockdown in Italy.

The Astana rider is a one-man peloton and courier service, delivering food and medicines to the elderly in his home village who can’t get out due to the coronavirus quarantine.

There are no shops or a pharmacy in his hometown - the Italian village of Lodetto, near Brescia in Lombardy - so the pro cyclist has been riding to the nearby town of Rovato, picking up medicine for an elderly couple.

“It all started thanks to a group of Lodettesi boys including my cousin Stefano,” Martinelli wrote on Instagram, “who organised themselves for the delivery of medicines and food to people, especially the elderly, who cannot go to Rovato to buy them.

“I have heard various stories that have touched me, people unable to get out but thanks to these volunteers have solved their problems! Over the years I have received so much from my community but I hardly had a chance to repay because of the life that often leads me to be away from home.

“I am very attached to my Lodetto, a community of just over 1,500 people, where unfortunately there is neither a pharmacy nor a grocery store! It is my chance to make myself useful and repay the many people who have always supported me over the years, and helping those who need it right now.”

“I have a bike, two legs, which are now not very trained and a backpack, and nothing to do. Therefore, I had the honour of being able to go to the pharmacy to collect medicines for an elderly couple, in total 30 minutes and about 10km, nothing special for an athlete but when I delivered them to her door, obviously with due precautions (mask and gloves) I felt good, which still echoes in my head,” Martinelli said.

“I am the happiest man in the world, cycling is beautiful, everything is beautiful, but being useful to others is priceless. As the president of my fan club said, the late Don Ettore Piceni: ‘In Lodetto there is no pharmacy and there are no shops but there is a united and strong communication. Let’s prove it once more! If you can do something for others, do it, the satisfaction will be enormous!'”

Here's Davide's home workout if you're looking for something cycling oriented:

10:30am - LeBron James 'forced to kick it'

What else is LeBron going to do in quarantine? Time to rock TikTok again!

"I promise there was only 9 other people here at this party last night! 10 if you include me in which I was forced to kick it! So why not then! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. #JamesGang👑 #QuarentinedFiles Bryce Tiktok- bryce23james

10:20am - Morning!

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