Messi's little helpers, pets steal show in home workouts: Updates from homes around the world 

The Messi family, figure skating outfits, inspiring Olympic tales and La Liga FIFA 20 winner Real Madrid all featured today. Scroll down and enjoy.

By Ken Browne ·

Friendship, excellence, and respect are the three core Olympic values, and we have been touched by the way the sports world has responded to these challenging times.

Here's a collection of tweets, posts, memes, gifs, gags, and messages that inspired and made us smile today.

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8pm - See you tomorrow

That's all from our live team today, thanks for being here.

We'll be back tomorrow, hopefully you will too!

8pm - Hanyu's superslam, Nathan Chen's super year

We're going to leave you with some figure skating.

Here's our full 2019-2020 season review, we didn't get the Hanyu-Chen showdown we were all hoping for at the Worlds, but there was so much more to this season.

Read all about Yuzu, Chen, the Triple A game-changers, and so much more right here.

7:37pm - Live workout with Pita Taufatofua

Save the date and time!

Better known as the 'Topless Tongan,' or sometimes the 'Shirtless Tongan,' he made quite the impression at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, showing up with no shirt.

7:08pm - David de Gea approves

When you're an only child and a goalkeeper!

Even Spain and Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea enjoyed this one.

6:54pm - Pure inspiration

Ever heard of Oscar Figueroa?

This Colombian national hero came up hard, but the boy from the barrio refused to give up - despite the danger of becoming quadriplegic - on his Olympic dream.

Watch his story, it'll make your day.

Oscar Figueroa: a Colombian hero's final salvation

After a serious injury derailed his previous medal hopes, Oscar Figueroa pu...

6:30pm - Ilya Kovalchuk and his wife

Russian ice hockey gold medallist Ilya Kovalchuk needs something bigger than a cat to get a proper workout.

Nicole, his wife, steps up.

Kovalchuk has played at five Olympic Games and has two Olympic medals, a bronze from Salt Lake City 2002, and gold from PyeongChang 2018.

But the NHL player at the Washington Capitals isn't ready to hang up the skates yet.

6:08pm - The pole-vaulting record-breaking great-grandmother

Flo Meiler is an 85-year-old high-flier.

She started to pole vault at 65 and 20 years later no-one can stop her.

Flo is now one of the most decorated senior athletes ever and holds eight different National Senior Games records.

She features in this episode of our original Body+ series.

Watch it here:

Meet Flo Meiler the 85-year-old grandma breaking world records

Flo started to pole vault at 65. Every day she proves that age is no barrie...

5:45pm - The curling champ fighting coronavirus

Vicky Wright is a world-class curler and a trained nurse.

She took a step away from her job as a general surgical ward nurse in July last year to focus fully on curling ahead of the Winter Olympics set for Beijing in February 2022.

But with the spread of coronavirus, the 26-year-old is back working in Forth Valley Larbert Hospital in Scotland.

Her decision came last week after the World Championships in Canada were cancelled.

Wright plays lead on the Eve Muirhead-skippered Scottish team that was among the favourites to win a world title in Prince George.

The Worlds were cancelled, and now Wright has joined a new team:

"It is time to make a difference in a different way and I will now play my part in a much bigger team" - Vicky Wright

5:35pm - 🥰

Is it just us, or have pets become even cuter in quarantine?

5:25pm - Chen Long's new motivation

He's Olympic champion, a badminton titan, and now Chen Long has a new motivation.

5:15pm - Kia kaha

We love these inspirational quotes from New Zealand Olympians.

Kia kaha means 'be strong' in Maori.

4:57pm - Operation home gym transformation 😍

Bianca Walkden and Jade Jones are best friends.

Jade is double Taekwondo Olympic champion, Bianca a three-time World champion.

And they've just done one of the greatest garage to gym transformations of all time.

“When you still believe in your dream and you have to do whatever it takes to keep fighting :first<em>place</em>medal: WE CAN…” posted Bianca on Instagram.

Jones is the London 2012 and Rio 2016 champ in the 57kg category, here's how she retained her crown in Brazil, and a podcast we did with her on some interesting topics - like dating!

4:17pm - Delivery!

Sanne Wevers is the Olympic balance beam champion from the Netherlands, and wasn't going to go without training during quarantine.

Even if it meant getting a balance beam delivered through the window of her second-floor apartment.

Here is the 28-year-old on the beam with her twin sister:

At Rio 2016 Wevers was the only woman to beat Simone Biles at anything!

She won the beam title, surprising favourites Laurie Hernandez and Biles.

Wevers also became the oldest female Olympic gymnastics champion since 1968, but will need to watch out for Simone and Laurie at Tokyo 2020 who will be looking for revenge.

4:10pm - Cristiano Ronaldo's kids have clean hands

Global football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo is making sure his kids stay on message with clean hands.

You can hear his wife Georgina Rodriguez giving some advice in the background: 'Rub them together, very good!'

3:55pm - A new way to play

With so many people in quarantine or self-isolating, we have to be a bit creative.

These neighbours are getting in a game of 'padel' whenever and wherever they can!

Our only question is, who gets the ball?

3:44pm - Olympic Ceremonies live!

Love an Olympic ceremony?

Well, we've created a live channel just for you, non-stop streaming opening and closing ceremonies back-to-back, right now we're streaming the Rio 2016 ceremony.

Watch it live here.

3:05pm - Design your own figure skating costume

This is going to be great..

Evgenia Medvedeva's design is amazing, we can't to see what you come up with.

Want to hear more from Evgenia?

Here are two Olympic Channel podcasts we've done with Russia's skate star:

Here's Evgenia's performance that won her silver at PyeongChang 2018:

Evgenia Medvedeva (OAR) - Silver Medal | Women's Free Skating

The women's single free figure skating competition was held at the Gangneun...

Gold was won by her fellow Russian skater Alina Zagitova:

2:06pm - Liverpool legend Steven Gerard's message

It's a simple one.

2:01pm - Mario and Sonic at Tokyo 2020

With all the gaming going on as people are staying home, don't forget that two of the most famous ever have their own Tokyo 2020 video game.

1:46pm - Morgan Hurd's tattoo!

U.S. gymnast Morgan Hurd has been helping us with home workouts in quarantine, and her cat has been entertaining us, here's her latest workout that she posted on twitter.

Most of the comments are about the tattoo we can see.

Is it new Morgi?

We like the toilet roll Morgan, but where's your cat?

1:35pm - Nigeria's Olufunke ‘Funke’ Oshonaike on the bounce

More table tennis is happening in the home of Africa's most successful female table tennis player ever.

Olufunke ‘Funke’ Oshonaike will make history at the Tokyo Olympics by taking part at her seventh Olympic Games.

Read more about Oshonaike's story here, her battle with depression and how her sport has helped her move on in life.

“You know the way you can play football on the streets, I played table tennis on the streets in Nigeria, on the roadside.

"I remember I also used to play on the table in my living room.”

1:20pm - Inspiration, improvisation

We're all trying to make the best we can of the current situation.

If you don't have a table tennis net... be the table tennis net.

Austria's five-time Olympian Liu Jia is not going without her daily dose of the sport she loves.

Wonder will the kid ever get a chance to play?

12:52pm - Marco Asensio wins La Liga's FIFA tournament

Staying with e-sports, Real Madrid's Marco Asensio won the La Liga Fifa 20 video game tournament.

170,000 people tuned in to watch Asensio's Real Madrid beat Aitor Ruibal of Leganes 4-1 in the final, completing a weekend of action involving 18 La Liga sides. 

Spectators were allowed to donate to COVID-19 relief and more than €140,000 (About US$150,000) was raised.

Some claimed that Asensio had an unfair advantage as he's been injured all season in real life, giving him plenty of time to practice for this virtual challenge.

Fully kitted out, here's Marco celebrating:

Asensio hits the right tone off the field too

"It's been a spectacular tournament." starts Asensio's post.

The whole point was to have a good time, laugh, entertain each other in these difficult times for everyone, and donate to the fight against COVID-19."

"And we've achieved that."

"Congratulations to everyone who made this possible. It's a first ever La Liga Challenge title for the Real Madrid family. Thanks to everyone for all the support.

"P.S. Couldn't pass on the celebration!"

And here's the final match, complete with some very enthusiastic Spanish commentary.

12:42pm - Chris Hoy joins Formula 1

Chris Hoy won six gold medals as an Olympic cyclist, now he's ready to race Formula 1.

Online of course.

E-Sports are one way that people are connecting and replacing all the live sport we've taken for granted for so long.

The Bahrain Virtual Grand Prix is on right now, featuring some real F1 drivers, with some global celebrities from the world of sports and beyond.

One Direction's Liam Payne is involved, this should be fun!

12:35pm - How to get figure skater legs

Ever fancied having the legs like a figure skater's?

Here's how..

12:16pm - Climbing the walls!

"Where there's a will there's a way," says sports climber Jessica Pilz.

Sport climbing will make its debut at the next Olympics, and Slovenian Janja Garnbret is heavily fancied by many to win the sport's first ever Olympic gold medal.

can anyone stop sport climbing star Janja Garnbret?

The 17-year-old adds another crown to her stellar haul in 2016. The Sloveni...

But Indonesia has a rising star of its own in Aries Susanti.

Climbing record holder Susanti on what could help her reach Tokyo 2020

After missing out on a Tokyo 2020 spot at the Olympic Qualifying Event in T...

One thing's for sure, sport climbing is rising rapidly in popularity and is inspiring a lot of people around the world.

Sport Climbing Compilation I Inspired by Olympians

You are your only limit. Watch these inspiring climbers stopping at nothing...

12:04pm - Beach volleyball without the beach

Double Olympic medal-winning beach volleyball player April Ross brings the beach to her back yard.

This is a brilliant work-around.

The beach is overrated anyway.

11:40am - More pets in home workout vids!

Canadian baseball's Anne-Sophie Lavallee is getting a little help too.

Pets of the world must be absolutely baffled right now.

11am - Messi's little helper

Leo is staying in shape with this intense workout, he's getting just a little help too.

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