Rafa Nadal's message, Hanyu inspires, and lots of cats: Updates from homes around the world

Rafa Nadal's message for Spain, Yuzuru Hanyu's inspirational story, fantastic gymnastics, and many, many cats were the highlights today.

By Ken Browne ·

Friendship, excellence, and respect are the three core Olympic values, and we have been touched by the way the sports world has responded to these challenging times.

Here's a collection of tweets, posts, memes, gifs, gags, and messages that inspired and made us smile today.

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8pm - Scenario planning for Tokyo 2020

We're going to leave you on a serious note.

With the spread of coronavirus across the globe, the IOC is now planning for all scenarios - including possible postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Full story here.

7:30pm - The deaf basketball team making big noise

Imagine what the game of basketball would be like without any sound.

No bouncing, no calls from teammates, no referees' whistle, silent stands and quiet nets.

Gallaudet Basketball is the only deaf college basketball team in the USA.

The team competes against hearing teams and deafness hasn’t limited them from showing their greatness on the court.

To immerse you in their world, much of this episode of the original Olympic Channel series Body+ is shot in silence, which makes it an intense extra-sensory experience for anyone used to the screech and slam of your average basketball game.

Watch how the the players come together as one and take their connection to a different level.

Meet Gallaudet the only deaf college men’s basketball team in America

Gallaudet Basketball is the only deaf college basketball team in the US. We...

7:15pm - So true

Let's look after each other, we're all in this together now.

7pm - Game! Spot the difference...

Can you get all eight?

6:43pm - No cat around? Use your kids!

The creativity that people are showing to stay active while at home is mind-blowing.

Why not get the whole family involved like Team Slovenia!

6:15pm - Jess Fox works out with her 84-year-old granny

"The times are changing but it’s all about doing what you can with what you’ve got and finding joy," says Olympic canoe slalom silver medallist Jessica Fox.

"I’m so grateful for this moment I got to share with my grandma."

"Mamie came outside when she saw me working out and wanted to join my stretch. 84 years young ! She is the best we are going to make this a daily ritual!"

*her little clap at the end 😍😂 #stayinghome and staying safe.

It's just another generation of the Fox family impressing us.

We're used to it.

6pm - Caster cooks up a storm

Caster Semenya is chopping up some greens, remember to eat well when you're at home!

Are you making makako Caster?

5:25pm: Hanyu Yuzuru: Inspiration

We're all looking for a bit of inspiration right now.

Here's the story of how Hanyu Yuzuru went from earthquake survivor at 16 to become arguably the greatest figure skater the world has ever seen.

How earthquake survivor Yuzuru Hanyu persevered to achieve his dream

Yuzuru Hanyu became double Olympic champion after surviving the huge earthq...

When we asked you on twitter what you wanted to see, many replied with 'more Yuzu!'

So here you go, every single Olympic performance of Japan's double Olympic winning champ:

Every Yuzuru Hanyu performance at the Olympic Games

Sit back and enjoy nearly 45 minutes of Yuzuru Hanyu with every performance...

5:09pm - If cats competed in Olympic long jump

This one would be a multiple gold medallist:

4:56pm - Carli Lloyd working that right foot

If you can go outside, a bit of juggling with a football will do you good. USA soccer star Carli Lloyd is working that small ball.

Stuck inside?

Practice that close control!

Remember Carli Lloyd's goal at London 2012?

Absolute screamer, watch it here in a compilation featuring Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe, Neymar and more:

4:45pm - Hockey skills

London 2012 bronze medal-winning hockey player Kieran Gover is making use of this outdoor space.

4:29pm - Weight training at home level: Brazilian

4:05pm - Badminton brilliance

New badminton challenge just in from Mombasa, Kenya!

We love this. 😎

3:50pm - Cats replace gym weights

Looks like U.S. gymnast Morgan Hurd has started a thing with her workout yesterday.

Felines be warned!

3:27pm - What to watch today

The Nagano Tapes is free to watch on Olympic Channel right now, it tells the story of the 1988 Olympics when NHL ice hockey players were allowed to play at the Olympics for the first time.

No-one else had a chance but the U.S. and Canada said most observers.

So how did the Czech Republic win gold?

Because they had revelations like Dominic Hasek, Jaromir Jagr, Petr Svoboda...

Watch the full-length feature for free right now, just hit play:

The Nagano Tapes | Five Rings Films

The inspiring story of how Czech Republic won gold at the first Olympics to...

2:51pm - Laughing babies, gymnasts and toilet roll

This gymnastics compilation has it all!

2:38pm - Meryl Davis' self care: Body, mind and soul

A poem that Meryl Davis shared with us.

"Hope everyone is taking good care. These are stressful times and the underlying anxiety I’m sure many of us feel (as well as the spare time at home) is inspiring me to actively partake in self care - body, mind and soul."

"I was reminded today of a poem I came across a few years ago and wanted to share it with you.

If you’re feeling uneasy, know that you’re not alone. We must work together to diminish the domestic and global impact of this virus as best we can while not forgetting to tend to our own well-being along the way.

"Let’s take care of one another with good and thoughtful choices while remembering that we can serve our communities best when we are healthy and well, ourselves. ♥️ •••⁠

“Today I asked my body what she needed,⁠
Which is a big deal⁠
Considering my journey of⁠
Not Really Asking That Much.⁠

I thought she might need more water.⁠
Or protein.⁠
Or greens.⁠
Or yoga.⁠
Or supplements.⁠
Or movement.⁠

But as I stood in the shower⁠
Reflecting on her stretch marks,⁠
Her roundness where I would like flatness,⁠
Her softness where I would like firmness,⁠
All those conditioned wishes⁠
That form a bundle of⁠
She whispered very gently:⁠

Could you just love me like this?”⁠
Author: Hollie Holden⁠
Art: @yizdan

2:32pm - Argentine football commentator stays sharp

It isn't just athletes who have to stay in form.

This football commentator in Argentina grabs the opportunity to commentate on his daughter making a glass of chocolate milk.

Bianca doesn't look too impressed.

The video was done by Argentine comedian Agustín Aristarán @soyrada

2:10pm - The greatest table tennis shot ever?

Did you know you could play a shot under the net?

China's Fan Zhendong does!

China has won every single gold medal on offer at the last three Olympics - and 28 of 32 Olympic gold medals ever awarded.

How did they build that dynasty?

Here's how:

Why China's dominance in table tennis is unmatched at the Olympics

From ‘sick man of Asia’ to Olympic superpower, explore why China rose to ta...

2:07pm - Olympic quiz

Know the answer?

1:50pm - Skipping level: Pro

Indonesia's pro surfer Rio Waida rules the jump rope.


1:12pm - Use what you have!

Double trampoline Olympic champ Rosie MacLennan shows us what she's doing to stay in shape.

Here's more on Canada's springy star:

12:40pm - Figure skating: Stay jump ready with Julian Yee

Malaysian figure skater Julian Yee gives some top tips for practising off-ice jumps.

Find out more about Malaysia's ice skater who spent most of his time training in a shopping mall ice rink as a kid, then made history at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics.

Watch here:

Malaysia’s first Olympic figure skater trains in a shopping mall

Malaysia’s first figure skating Olympian Julian Yee wants sport, and his pr...

12:10pm - Max Whitlock goes couch surfing

Double Olympic gold medallist Max Whitlock is making use of what he has.

Whitlock is staying in shape for good reason too.

Cute baby!

Max's warm-up is helped by his baby daughter Willow in her pajamas.

Mother's Day

With this time of reflection at home, people are appreciating what they have.

"Happy Mother's Day," says Whitlock - today is Mother's Day in Great Britain - "me and Willow are very lucky."

12:03pm - Man's best friend

While the band is great, as Christian Hartford shows in this piece, we love the pets in the background in these vids!

Hartford is the US Athletic Performance Coach for the USA Beach Volleyball Program, here are more ideas for staying in shape while at home.

11:52am - No rest for Ronaldo

It's leg day for Cristiano Ronaldo.

11:48am - Homemade table tennis

No you!

11:41am - Genius!

11:15am - Can you really run a marathon at home?

Yes! And ultra runner Diego Casabbone proves it!

10:40am - Rafa Nadal: "A message about coronavirus"

Spanish tennis superstar Rafa Nadal posted a message of support on his Instagram, with Spain one of the countries suffeing most at the moment, Nadal had this to say:

"Hi everyone, first I just wanted to say sorry that I haven't been active lately on social media, but these are difficult times for everyone. This situation is a bit overwhelming and we're all coping the best we can at home.

"Firstly I just wanted to send a simple message of thanks to all the doctors, nurses, the entire health staff who are protecting us, also the police forces, the civil guard, the police, the army, everyone helping us to feel a little safer, the people on the front lines who are putting themselves at risk of contagion, they are our heroes.

I just wanted to express my admiration, appreciation, and a huge thanks to all involved.

"I also want to send a message of love and encouragement to the families, to everyone who's suffering, people who have been infected, families who have lost love ones to coronavirus, I just want to send my support, it's hard to know what to say at a time like this, but I just want to say we all feel great sympathy and also that we are going to through this, hopefully as soon as possible.

"Finally, there are some positive moments in these tough times, we are showing that we are a united people, many companies are showing their solidarity, people are demonstrating day after day that we are following the advice of the health officials and and the restrictions put in place by the authorities, we're all staying home and helping to rid ourselves of this pandemic as soon as possible.

Thank you and we'll see each other soon."

Nadal has won two Olympic gold medals.

Relive them here:

10am - Time for a morning stretch

This is definitely going to become a thing...

"‼️NEW CHALLENGE‼️" says USA gymnast Kara Eaker, "what kind of stretch can you do from home? I challenge y’all to find a creative way to stretch at home!"

Eaker is a double world champ and two-time Pan American champ, so don't worry if you can't quite match this.

If it make you feel any better the Olympic Channel live blog team struggles to get out of the chair.

Morning all, welcome to a new day of updates from around the world. Get involved and send us some inspiration on our social media handles @olympicchannel.