Pan American Games | Day 15 - As it happened

Highlights, results, and all the fun and Games from Saturday 10th August at the Pan American Games in Lima.

By Ken Browne and James Pratt ·

Pan American Games 2019 highlights

Saturday 10th August will go down in history with Argentina's Delfina Pignatiello winning her third gold medal of the Games, Nathan Adrian his second and a sister act that is out to put Puerto Rico on the table tennis map.

There were 71 sets of medals handed out today on the busiest day of the 18th Pan American Games in Peru.

Scroll down to find out how it all happened on day 15.

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Live Blog - Saturday 10th August

12:01am - Delfina: "I will treasure this moment forever"

Olympic Channel caught up with an ecstatic Delfina Pignatiello after her historic day in the pool:

"I will treasure this moment forever."

"The podium was really emotional, listening to the Argentine anthem, having my family and my coach at the tribune, was something nice to live, I wanted to cry."

"During the race, it really helped me to have my competitor near me, as she made me pull much harder and not give up, I'm really happy about this third medal, but even happier makes me the incredible Argentine performance. The first two days of competitions we did history and that is really awesome."

Scroll down to find how she did it live!

11:26pm - Table Tennis: Buenas Diaz!

The incredible Puerto Rican sister act was at it again in table tennis.

Adriana and Melanie Diaz fulfilled more teenage dreams by finishing on the podium together for a second time at Lima 2019 in the women's team event.

The sisters defeated the USA in the women's doubles final on Tuesday 6th, and enjoyed the view from the highest step on the podium again today, by winning women's team gold.

Puerto Rico celebrated their second women’s gold medal after a two-hour contest with Brazil, winning 3-2.

Melanie Diaz, her sister Adriana Diaz, and Daniely Rios were the golden trio, while Brazil's Caroline Kumahara, Jessica Yamada and Bruna Takahashi, earn a shiny silver each. 

Puerto Rico were Toronto 2015 bronze medallists, while Brazil won silver four years ago.

This Pan Am edition, it was a game of podium twister between the three as Puerto Rico end the top and the USA (gold medal winners in Toronto) finished third, with Brazil splitting the two in second place.

“The chemistry we have as a team lead us to this incredible gold medal. We know really well the Brazilians and today we had a tough series." 

"I think the second match was the key that gave us the strength and then at the final match was more passion and will to win than tactics”, said Adriana Diaz.

Adriana Diaz, the teenager inspiring Puerto Rico's "table tennis revolution"

The 18-year-old is the highest-ranked female table tennis player from the A...

USA win Men's table tennis teams

Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Oympic Games bronze medallist Kanak Jha was on fire in the men's finals.

He won both of his match-ups to paddle the U.S. to the top of the podium.

They nearly didn't make it that far.

The men’s semi-final between the USA and Brazil was an epic, taking three hours to decide the finalist - the USA eventually overcoming an obstinate Brazil.

Argentina beat Cuba on their way to the final but didn't have enough to stop the U.S. claiming gold, Kanak Jha was outstanding for the States, winning both of his match-ups 3-0.

It finished 3-2 to paddlers from the north.

US table tennis prodigy Kanak Jha opens up about Olympic dreams

The 18-year-old has set his sights on Tokyo 2020, but first he wants to lea...

10:36pm - USA win men's 4x100 medley

It's official!

A new Pan American record.

Nathan Adrian sees it home: 3:57.64

What a thrilling way to finish the swimming at the 2019 Pan American Games.

Brazil played their part, pushing the U.S. to bring their A-Game and swim that record time, Guilhermo Guido, Joao Gomes, Vinicius Moreira and Marcelo Chierigini are collecting their medals right now.

Fully deserved.

Swimming says adios at the Centro Acuatico in la Videna to the sound of the Star Spangled Banner.

Official times:

  1. USA 3:30.25 (New Pan American Record)
  2. Brazil 3:30.98
  3. Argentina 3:38.41

10:31pm - Men's 4x100m medley relay

First swimmers in the water, Guilhermo Guido wins the first 50m over U.S. swimmer Daniel Carr.

Brazil and USA neck and neck, Nic Fink and Joao Gomes, Fink into first!

0.04s between them, USA first, Tom Shields vs. Vinicius Moreira.

Big butterfly from Shields, USA first, Nathan Adrian goes, against Marcelo Chierigini.

10:28pm - Basketball/Football finals

Brazil 67-60 4th quarter, 3:31 on the clock.

It's all over at the San Marcos Stadium, Argentina are Lima 2019 champions!

10:22pm - Men's 4x100m medley relay

Next up is the men's Lima 2019 grand finale.

The men's 4x100m mixed medley.

USA are favourites to sweep the relays tonight, just take a look at the team they're putting out:

Daniel Carr and Tom Shields (Individual champs), and with Nic Fink and Nathan Adrian anchoring.

Their prelim swim was 3:33.91, the best part of seven seconds ahead of nearest rivals Brazil who swam 3:40.11.

They'll imrove on that but enough to challenge this USA monster squad?

We'll see.

The Venga Bus is keeping the volume up: " The vengabus is coming and everybody's jumping," the dance cam has an easy job - everybody's dancing!

10:16pm - USA win 4x100 medley relay

USA gold, Canada silver, Brazil bronze.

No-one was catching Phoebe Bacon, Anne Lazor, Kendyl Stewart, and Margo Geer.

It finished:

  1. USA 3:57.64
  2. Canada 4:01.90
  3. Brazil 4:04.96

10:13pm - Women's 4x100m medley

USA clear favourites in this one, their morning swim was ahead by good distance.

They've chosen Phoebe Bacon, Anne Lazor, Kendyl Stewart, and Margo Geer this evening.

What a line-up, no surprise they're 3 seconds ahead of second-place Canada right now.

Final lap!


10:08pm - Basketball/Football finals

Still an even contest in the women's basketball final, Brazil 53-47 USA.

Not so in the men's football final however, Argentina have blown Honduras away in the second half, it's 4-1 to the albicelestes.

9:58pm - Men's 1500M free is Brazil's!

Powerful swimming from Guilherme Da Costa, he lead from the start and never let go.

Such explosive action, the underwater camera in the stadium really gave us a good idea of the commitment to every stroke from the brasileiro.

He doesn't crack the record however, finishing in 15:09.93, Ryan Cochrane's 15:06.40 Toronto mark is still the one to beat.

Nic Sweetser from the U.S. is second and the Mexican fans celebrated Ricardo Vargas' bronze as if it were gold.

Great to see such support for swimming here.

It finished:

  1. Guilherme Da Costa (BRA) 15:09.93
  2. Nic Sweetser (USA) 15:14.24
  3. Ricardo Vargas (MEX) 15:14.99

“This medal is a dream come true," Da Costa told Olympic Channel afterwards, "It’s always good to compete at these competitions and gaining a gold medal was a conquest that pushes my future forward."

"This is my first Pan Am experience and the gold is an honour. At the Villa (The Athletes Village) the whole Brazilian team had a great time, they are really supportive”.

9:55pm - Men's 1500m free: Da Costa out front

Da Costa turns it up, the Pan Am record is still on, 3 seconds between him and Vargas.

Final lap!

The Mexicans are on their feet!

Vamos chicos!

9:46pm - Men's 1500m freestyle

The men are in the pond, Da Costa is leading and is determined to win Brazil's first 1500m gold medal in 68 years.

He swam the fastest 1500 this morning, in 15:03.40.

Brazil hasn't won this one sin Buenos Aires '51.

Guilherme is going strong here, way ahead, 6:32.35.

Could we see the Brazilian break the Pan Am record here?

Past the half-way point and it's on.

Mexico's Jacobo Vargas 2nd, El Salvador's Acosta 3rd Abruzzo 4th.

Vargas closing the gap!

This is getting interesting.

9:38pm - Women's basketball final

It's bucket-for-bucket at the Eduardo Dibos Coliseo.

39-38 to Brazil right now.

9:30pm - Men's 200m IM: Lightning Licon!

Lightning can travel through water?

Who knew.

Will Licon takes the men's 200m individual medley with two Brazilians completing the podium, it finished:

  1. Will Licon (USA) 1:59.13
  2. Caio Rodrigues (BRA) 2:00.12
  3. Leonardo Coelho (BRA) 2:00.29

9:22pm - Men's football final

Meanwhile in the men's football final it's another fair fight, both teams landing a punch each.

Argentina 1-1 Honduras


9:20pm - Women's basketball final

The final is already in play, close in the first quarter, USA just score two-in-a-row and lead 22-18.

9:15pm - Men's 200m IM

Next up is the men's individual medley, Will Licon is favourite to match USA teammate Alex Walsh's swim in the women's 200m IM and sweep this event for the USA.

Licon topped qualifying in the men’s individual medley qualifiers this morning by a second and a half going 2:00.97.

And he's already broken one Pan Am record.

 Closest was Brazil's Caio Rodrigues.

9:05pm - 200m Women's medley

Meghan Small (2:13.05) and Alex Walsh (2:14.55) came into this as 1-2 seeds in this event, and so it was on the final leaderboard, just in the reverse order.

Alex Walsh wins the gold medal in 2:11.24 while Meghan Small swims to silver in 2:11.36.

Bronze belongs to Canada's Bailey Andison and her 2:14.14.

It finished:

  1. Alex Walsh (USA) 2:11.24
  2. Meghan Small (USA) 2:11.24
  3. Bailey Andison (CAN) 2:14.14

Dance cam is on with YMCA playing! Lima loves it...

8:52pm - Women's 1500m: Pignatiello's golden hat-trick!

Argentina's golden girl has won three individual medals at the 2019 Pan American Games.

She opened up in the final straight winning by a couple of lengths over a determined Kobrich who's earned that silver medal.

First ever 1500m gold at a Pan Ams (Check)

First ever woman to sweep all three distance freestyle gold medals (Check)

First woman to win the double since American Kaitlin Sandeno in 1999 (Check)

Take a bow Delfina.

Argentina's swimming hope Delfina aims big

Double Youth Olympic Games silver medallist swimmer Delfina Pignatiello fir...

8:35pm - Women's 1500m: Stroke for stroke

The Argentine is swimming strongly, but Chilean Kobrich is cutting the distance and staying on the radar.

Two seconds between the leaders with a group of four battling for bronze behind them.

This is set for a photo finish, Kobrich has reeled her in, .2 of a second between them.

And Kobrich leads!

'Mambo Number 5,' blares above their heads.

Neck and neck still, superb swimming from both matching each other stroke for stroke.

14:40.15 vs. 14:40.33 Pignatiello back in front by a fraction, 100m to go!

8:22pm - Women's 1500m: Delfina's 3rd ind. gold?

This race makes its Pan Am debut tonight, and Delfina Pignatiello has a chance to make more history by winning it.

The Argentine has already won the 400 and 800 - the first woman to win the double since American Kaitlin Sandeno in 1999 - and would become the first ever woman to sweep all three distance freestyle gold medals.

But she wasn't the fastest this morning, Chile's Kristel Kobrich swam 16:10.93, a full three seconds faster than Delfina's 16:13.98

19-year-old Pignatiello has swum a 15:51.68 this year however.

And she already has a 3-second lead after three laps.

They're swimming to Depeche Mode's 'People are People.'

Give that DJ a pay rise.

8:15pm - Swimming: waiting for tonight

We're here at the aquatics centre for the final night of swimming, we've had about a hundre volunteers dancing 'La Macarena' with mascot Milco and they're playing Jennifer Lopez' 'Waiting for tonight' right now.

Apt with all this waiting for us:

Saturday 10th August Pan American Games 2019 Swim schedule - evening session.

8:01pm - Adorable dogs up for adoption in Athletes Village

We brought you this story a couple of days ago, but managed to get a photo of one of the dogs, and it's such a lovely story that we said we'd tell it again:

Coca, Negrita, Preta, Bambye, Reina, Are, Hermes, Pablo, Chato, Puñete, Toby, Gringo and Sultan: just some of the dogs who are winning the hearts of Americas' finest in the Athletes Village.

13 dogs who live around the area in the streets were chosen to stay with the athletes, all are up for adoption and are proudly wearing their own accreditation, which shows that they've been well looked after and have had all of their vaccinations.

They're enjoying their stay with some of the best athletes in the world.

The head of the Athletes Village Paloma Yrrivarren explained that when construction started in 2017, the dogs befriended the workers on the site and now they're still here as part of a campaign to find homes for them.

"We have some older dogs who stayed around because there was food for them, every one of them has their story, some of them very sad, so we're looking for food, medicine and loving homes for them."

Will any of the athletes take one home?

Doggy acreditation!
Sacha - One of the dogs up for adoption at the Athletes' Village.

7:40pm - Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding's debut at the Pan American Games has harvested two gold medals for El Salvador, two of three that country has won so far at Lima 2019.

William Rodriguez won the men's event and Paulina Zamora the women's.



  1. William Rodriguez (ESA) 36 (points)
  2. Carlos Giraldo (COL) 38
  3. Jonathan Martinez (GUA) 40


  1. Paulina Zamora (ESA) 21
  2. Xyomara Valdivia (MEX) 26
  3. Macarena Figueroa (CHI) 31
Bodybuilding Selfie!

7:19pm - Hockey gold for Argentina

Argentina keep their Pan Am men's hockey throne for another four years after a 5-2 victory over Canada.

Goals from Maico Casella, Lucas Martinez, Jose Tolini, and Martin Ferreiro put it beyond any doubt.

Canada did score a couple of consolation goals, Gordon Johnston and Scott Tupper getting on the scoresheet.

Argentina's men equalled the Argentinian women's feat last night when they also defeated Canada by 5-1.

Los leones and las leonas (Argentina's lions!) have had a fine couple of days on the hockey pitch.

7:16pm - Kiss from a Pan Am champ

One of Peru's heroes of the day sends a kiss to an entire country.

"Hey I'm Alexandra Grande, thank you Peru for all the support, sending everyone a huge hug, and a kiss, ciao!"

6:39pm - Jordan Burroughs' message is pure gold

London 2012 Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs defended his Toronto 2015 title in the men's 74kg gold medal final and had this message for fans everywhere.

Watch out Worlds!

6:32pm - Karate highlights: Dream gold for Peru's Grande

"I want to win gold at home," was Grande's dream before the Games, and it's come to be.

Grande wins 6-1 in her karate under-61kg final, soundly defeating Venezuela's Garces Sequera.

6:28pm - Men's hockey final

It looks like this is going Argentina's way too, the men are 4-1 up against Canada and cruising towards gold.

6:06pm - Men's road race is Argentina's!

Max Richeze takes the coveted gold medal in the men's event with Mexico's Ignacio Prado second and Colombia's Bryan Gomez third.

The women's event was won by Cuban rider Arlenis Sierra, with Trinidad and Tobago's Teniel Campbell second and Lizbeth Salazar completed the podium flying the Mexican flag.

5:57pm - Pan Am records for Canada!

Two records were felled by Canada on the final day of action at La Videna track and field stadium

Genevieve Lalond shatters the Pan Am 3000m steeplechase record with a 9:41.45s, the previous record was 9:48.12 set by Ashley Hissinson at Toronto 2015.

Before that Marco Arop had shown the way with his record breaking 1:44.25s in the men's 800m.

And another Pan Am record was set in the men's javelin when Grenada's Anderson Peters hurled an 87.31m.

It's adios Videna as today was the final day of athletics action here at the stadium.

The U.S. leave Lima with most in the swag bag: 7 gold, 14 silver and 12 bronze medals for a total of 33 medals.

The final athletics events of the Pan Ams are the men's and women's 50km walk but that takes place at the Parque Kennedy.

5:48pm - Men's 100m hurdles: First gold for Barbados!

The men's 110m hurdles saw Shane Braithwaite win Barbados' first gold medal of the Games, he clocked a 13.31s season's best and finished ahead of USA's Freddie Crittenden III.

It finished:

  1. Shane Braithwaite (BAR) 13.31
  2. Freddie Crittenden III (USA) 13.32
  3. Eduardo Dos Santos (BRA) 13.48

5:30pm - USA three-in-a-row

Athletics began today with a dominant U.S. winning the first three gold medals.

The first event was the women's hammer throw, which was won by U.S. athlete Berry Gwendolyn whose best throw was 74.62.

Her teammate Brooke Anderson claimed the silver medal.

Stars and Stripes' Christopher Nilsen confirmed his pole vault gold with a 5.76m vault, close to the Pan Am record of 5.80.

Brazil go home with silver through Augusto Dutra Da Silva.

The third event was the men's triple jump final and another USA man topped the podium, Omar Craddock clearing 17.42m.

5:21pm - Podium for Peru

Peru took bronze in the 3000m steeplechase much to the delight of the fans inside and outside the stadium.

Trailing in 4th and 5th coming up to the final lap, Mario Bazan dug deep and was urged over the line by this partisan crowd.

That puts Peru on 37 medals, their stated goal was 20 before the Games.

Brazil's Altobeli Santos won the race, Colombia's Carlo Sanmartin won silver.

5:13pm - Dramatic close to athletics

The 4x400m relay has gone to Colombia after another tearing run from Anthony Zambrano, Trinidad and Tobago's Machel Cedenio made his move on the curve going past Wilbert London III, but is was to be Colombia's race.

The USA led for much of the relay with a strong run from first up Mar'Yea Harris, but it stayed close right to the end when Zambrano turned on the afterburners to take gold.

And the Colombians are dancing!

USA's London beats the track in frustration, but it's cumbia for Colombia.

It finished:

  1. Colombia 3:01.41
  2. USA 3:01.72
  3. Trinidad and Tobago 3:02.25

4:45pm - Women's softball: USA triumph

The USA win the final against Canada 4-1 with runs from Kirsti Merritt, Delaney Spaulding, and Michelle Moultrie.

Canada's only run came through Holly Spears.

3:19pm - New Pan Am record!

The athletics is under way and Canada's Marco Arop has just run a Pan Am record in the 800m.

He went 1:44.25.

The previous mark of 1:44.58 was held by Cuba's Yeimer Lopez since the 2007 Rio Pan Am Games.

2:55pm - Colombia's speed skate stars

A regional force in this event, Colombia is dominating at Lima 2019, we had four speed skating events today and Colombia has won all four.

That's five from a possible six gold medals available at the Games overall, only Chile prevented a clean sweep by skating to gold in the women's 300m time trial.

2:22pm - Volunteer at Lima, get a tattoo

10,000 people have signed up to help out here at Lima 2019, and they've been amazing, helping, guiding, pointing, solving problems, answering the same questions again and again.

Thousands of Peruvians have volunteered their time, Eraida is 25 and helping out the main press operation at the Lima convention centre.

"This is a unique experience for me," she says, smiling, "I'm from Tacna in the south of Peru, on the border with Chile, and I want to be a sports journalist, so this is a great opportunity."

19-year-old Claudia sitting next to her says "me too!"

Daniel, who's helping bewildered photographers and heavily laden cameramen find their way around says for him it was an easy choice: "I love sport," he says, in a room with ten screens showing all the action happening at the Games.


But while Peruvians make up a big part of the volunteer force we've also met a number of people who've travelled a long way to be part of Lima 2019.

Rozhina Mazhar is here all the way from Iran helping out at the aquatics centre along with Destiny Campbell from the Cayman Islands, and Aura Macias from Mexico.

All three study in boarding schools in the U.S. and Canada.

One of the volunteers even got a tattoo on her ribcage to mark the experience.

Just don't tell her mother.

"You can have the photo of the tattoo if you don't print my name, she says."



2:10pm - Highlights: Nathan Adrian's first career medal

2:02pm - USA win water polo!

Water polo powerhouse USA once again asserted their authority in the Pan AM final defeating Canada by 24-4.

But there is a silver lining for the Canadians - apart from the silver medal - they have qualified for Tokyo 2020.

Work to be done.

1:52pm - MEMES!

We've been adding to the gallery throughout the Games to create this collection of gems, or gemes...


Memes! All the best memes, Tweets, jokes, pics and funny stuff from the Pan American Games 2019 

1:12pm - Yulimar Rojas on top of the world

Jamaican Fraser-Pryce wasn't the only global star breaking records yesterday, Venezuela's Yulimar Rojas also lit up the Estadio Atletico, leaping to a Games record in the triple jump.

Rojas clinched Venezuela's first gold medal and brought the number of nations who have won gold to ten.

Rojas’ great rival and defending champion Caterine Ibarguen may not have been there, but Rojas still managed to beat her, surpassing the previous Pan Am record set by the Colombian at Gudalajara 2011.

“This medal is like the heart and blood of Venezuela for me,” Rojas said afterwards, “the pride and passion of my country went into this. This means life. This means Venezuela.”

Olympic Channel was there to catch her reaction right after that amazing jump:

Record breaker Rojas reacts to winning Pan American Games gold

After winning the triple jump title at Lima 2019, the Venezuelan was in ref...

12:50pm - Fraser-Pryce's sacrifice for 40-year record

To get to the level that Jamaica's sprint Queen Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is at you have to sacrifice.

The Jamaican 'mommy rocket' won the 200m gold medal and broke a Pan Am record in Lima yesterday, but she missed her son Zyon's second birthday.

After two years out of the spotlight to give birth to her first child Zyon, Fraser-Pryce has been back to her best this season with seven sub-11 second 100m times.

She is officially the fastest mother on earth.

And she proved it on the Lima track by storming out of the blocks and streaking to a Games record of 22.43 seconds, beating the mark of 22.45 set by USA's Evelyn Ashford 40 years ago at San Juan 1979. 

It was only her second international 200m crown but her first gold medal since returning to action following Zyon’s birth in 2017.

“It’s a long time since I’ve broken a record so I feel great about that,” she said. “But it was very hard you know as a mum. My son’s celebrating back in Italy where I’m based with my husband and I’m here. These are the sacrifices we make for our job.

“But you know, it was worth it to win the gold here. Now I’ll be able to show it to him and put it around his neck.

“He’s my biggest supporter now. My husband said when he saw me on the TV in the semifinals he was smiling and cheering, so that’s something to be proud of.”

With her brand new Jamaica-green hair-do dye job, she was unmissable.

“I always love to color my hair and I decided ‘OK Peru, you definitely need to see some color’,” she said. “It’s always an honor to represent Jamaica and have some fun. But I also represent my son now."

Lima 2019 - Athletics - Women's 200m Final - Athletics Stadium, Lima, Peru - August 9, 2019. Jamaica's Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce celebrates her gold medal finish. REUTERS/Henry Romero

12:27pm - Chile rowing masterclass

Chile has finished top of the medal table in rowing winning four gold medals and eight overall.

Los chilenos stated their intentions early winning gold in the men's lightweight coxless four in the first race of the day ahead of Mexico and Cuba.

Then they won the women's quadruple sculls an hour later at 10am to bring their overall haul to 8 medals, half of them gold.

In other races Mexico's Kenia Lechuga won the lightweight women's singles sculls, Angel Fournier from Cuba won the men's equivalent, and Argentina were victorious in the men's eight final with Chile taking silver and Cuba bronze.

10:30 am - Archery shootout drama

Colombia needed a shootout to reach the semis of the Mixed Recurve Team competition... and they needed one to win the semi-final with Mexico too!

And what a shootout.

Colombia's Daniel Pineda hit a 10 with the first arrow in the shootout.

Alejandra Valencia matched it for Mexico.

Then Ana Rendon hit a 10 for Colombia,

It was all down to Angel Alvarado, but he could only hit a 9, which meant disappointment for Mexico. They'll battle Canada for bronze.

Colombia are through to face the USA in that final on Sunday morning.

By the way, it's the the first time this archery event has appeared at a Pan American Games

10:05 am - Archery

Right now there's some archery ongoing, and that man, new world record holder Brady Ellison in action for the USA. The two-time world champ and partner Casey Kaufhold are facing Canada in the Mixed Recurve Team semi-finals.

And as I write this, Ellison just hit a 10 with his final arrow while under a lot of pressure. It's enough to make it 38-37 in the fourth set and seal a 6-2 win for the Americans, who guarantee themselves a medal.

They'll be going for gold (or silver) tomorrow morning at Rugby Field. Colombia and Mexico are about to start the other semi.

09:45 am - Rojas reacts and has words for Ibarguen

When a sportsperson wins a gold medal at the Pan American Games, there's a huge demand from media and fans to hear how they did it, what it means to them personally, what's next, and what they think about their rivals.

Well women's triple jump winner Yulimar Rojas didn't disappoint in her answers. We've been keeping you informed about her desire to forge a better career than Colombia's Olympic champ Caterine Ibarguen in these blog pages, and the Venezuelan just added another amazing quote to their friendly rivalry.

Check this out:

Record breaker Rojas reacts to winning Pan American Games gold

After winning the triple jump title at Lima 2019, the Venezuelan was in ref...

07:50 am - Ready for some sport?

We're just 10 minutes away from the first sporting action of the day in Lima.

Just like yesterday, the opening events of the day are in golf and water polo.

Before that begins, here's a reminder of where we stand in terms of the medal table going into the penultimate day.

07:00 am - Hitting the wall

A place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is up for grabs later, with the winners of the Men's hockey event getting a golden ticket to the Games next year.

It's between Argentina and Canada, just over 10 hours from now at 17:15.

They're the only two nations who have ever won gold in this event, with Canada boasting 4 crowns to Argentina's 9.

One man who could have a big say in whether they make it to double figures is the Argentina goalie, and you can watch our profile to find out more about the man they call 'The Wall'.

'The Wall' of Argentina has an eye on defending Olympic gold at Tokyo 2020

Argentine men's hockey goalkeeper Juan Manuel Vivaldi wants to win another ...

04:00 am - Saturday in Lima

Our live blogging will start with the sport in a few hours time.

Bookmark this page and come back for updates throughout Saturday!

Until then, here's a comprehensive guide to what's going on in Lima later.

Who and what to look out for on Day 15

The medals are glinting and the podiums have been polished up to a fine shine, it's the penultimate day of the 2019 Pan American Games and 20 sports will see champions crowned tomorrow.

Let's start with the swimming's grand finale,

Argentina's Delfina Pignatiello has had a sparkling Pan Ams so far and it could get even more glittery if she wins more gold tonight.

The 19-year-old is scheduled to race the women's 1500m freestyle final at 8:30pm.

A third individual gold medal?

Argentina's swimming hope Delfina aims big

Double Youth Olympic Games silver medallist swimmer Delfina Pignatiello fir...

The USA has been showing off its next-gen swim stars in Lima, with a few established Olympians thrown into the mix.

They've already snatched 17 gold, 13 silver and 7 bronze medals, a total of 37 medals that puts them way ahead on the overall medal count.

Can Nathan Adrian add to his mixed relay gold, and two individual silvers at swimming's Lima swansong?

He's certainly found the motivation, and the inspiration to do it.

Nathan Adrian's new motivation

The five-time Olympic champion is back on the blocks, more motivated than e...


There are no fewer than ten athletics gold medals on offer, among them the men's 800m and 100m hurdles, pole vault, triple jump, javelin, 4x400m relay and the women's 3000m steeplechase, and hammer.

The honour of the final athletics event of Lima 2019 goes to: Women's 4x400m relay.

Yulimar Rojas, Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce and the Brazil relay team broke Pan American Games records yesterday, who's it to be today?

Women's basketball final

After big semi-final wins yesterday, Brazil and the USA will go head-to-head in the women's basketball final.

Both teams come into this final unbeaten, both score 62 points in their semis, both want it bad.

The final happens at 9pm, right after the bronze medal match between Colombia and Puerto Rico which begins at 6pm.

Follow it live right here.

Road cycling

The men's and women's road racing takes to the streets, defending champ Jasmin Glaesser from Canada is keen on staying on the throne she took on the streets of Toronto four years ago.

Dethroning her will be the objective for teammate Miriam Brouwer who swaps track for road after snaring two track silver medals in women’s team pursuit and madison at the Velodrome here in Lima.

Venezuela's Miguel Ubeto won the men's race in Canada in 2015.

Both races will take place at the Circuito San Miguel, Costa Verde San Miguel, the women's at 9am, and the men's at 1pm.


The men's football final between Argentina and Honduras is happening at 8:30pm, these are the U-23 sides that we may see at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The final kicks off at 8:30pm in the San Marcos stadium.

Argentina's men could heal a little of the hurt that the women's team are feeling after they lost on penalties to Colombia last night.

Water Polo

Women's final 12.30pm

Canada are out to put an end to 20 years of hurt against old rivals the United States in the women's final.

The last time the Canucks tasted gold was when the women’s event was introduced in Winnipeg 1999.

Since then they have lost four successive finals against their close rivals.

Victory over Brazil has them high on confidence, and as the USA already qualified for Tokyo 2020 as reigning world and Olympic champions, Canada is guaranteed their ticket to Tokyo.

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Men's final 7:30pm

The men's final is another all-North American affair as the U.S. face Canada.

The U.S. had a disappointing Worlds in Gwangju Korea, finishing 9th and Canada didn't even qualify.

That makes this final all the more valuable as a gold medal and a golden ticket to Tokyo 2020 are on offer for the winner.

Both the men's and women's events take place at the Villa Maria del Triunfo Aquatics Complex.


Bodybuilding makes its Pan Am debut! A sport that has worldwide popularity has a continental stage to shine here.

That will be on show at the Coliseo Mariscal Caceres, Peru pushed for this sport and should do well.

Two events will be contested: one for men (classic bodybuilding) and one for women (bikini fitness).

A total of 32 bodybuilders (16 per gender) are scheduled to compete.

The male event starts at 4pm and the women's at 5pm.


Gold medals are the target in archery's penultimate day.

USA Archer Brady Ellison broke a world record on Wednesday - Day 12 - shooting 702 from a possible 720 in the men's recurve beating Korean Kim Woojin's mark of 700 that was set at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Ellison only the second recurve archer in history to break the 700-point barrier.

But he'd probably swap it all for a gold medal today.

The mixed team compound final at 2pm, the women's compound individual gold medal at 3.01pm and the men's equivalent at 3:35pm will set apart the best bowmen and women in the Americas.

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Basque Pelota

It's the final day of basque pelota, a sport a lot of people are seeing for the first time at the Pan American Games.

Finals start early at 9am, with ten gold medals polished up and ready to be won.

We went behind the scenes to find out more about the sport here:

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The men's hockey gold medal match is between Canada and Argentina, we'll see judo and karate gold medallists galore, and it's also the final day of racquetball, rowing, softball, speed skating, table tennis and wrestling.

Wow. Busy day! And it's all on Olympic Channel.