Pan American Games | Day 16 and Closing Ceremony - As it happened

Closing Ceremony highlights, results, and all the fun and from Sunday 11th August, the last at the Pan American Games at Lima 2019.

By Ken Browne ·

The 18th Pan American Games were a celebration of sport and life in Peru, and day 16 at Lima 2019 had it all. Read on to find out how it happened, and let us know on social media what your favourite Pan Am moment was.

We'll be rounding up the best bits in an article tomorrow, and you can find plenty more about the event including exclusive reaction below.

Live Blog - Sunday 11th August and Closing Ceremony

Scroll down to see how it all happened on the final day at the Pan American Games. All times are local to Lima (Peru Time/PET), which is UTC/GMT -5.

9:33pm - Hasta luego Peru!

There go the fireworks and that's that, the 2019 Pan American Games end as spectacularly as they began.

Peru knows how to throw a party.

Gracias Peru, this isn't adios, it's hasta luego!

But come back tomorrow for our full round-up of the top moments you might have missed, and a couple of other special videos from Lima.

Lima 2019 goes out in a blaze of light and sound

Hands up for Peru!

Dancers perform during the closing ceremony of Pan American Games Lima 2019 at Estadio Nacional de Lima on August 11, 2019 in Lima, Peru. (Photo by Leonardo Fernandez/Getty Images)

9:25pm - "A Games we'll never forget"

9:22pm - Hashtag Gracias Peru!

9:09pm - Jhonatan dabs tears

"I just want to say thanks to all the people who made this marvellous sporting event possible."

9:06pm - DJ Shushupe is the beeeest!

Says Twitter user Ms. Geeniaz.

She's not wrong either, serious sounds, get this girl on the system.

9:02pm - Athletes dance to DJ Shushupe

Now the athletes are invited to dance to the tunes spun by Peruvian DJ Ursula Talavera, better known as DJ Shushupe.

The athletes duly oblige.. Best dancers?

Brazil so far.


8:55pm - Peruvians watching Gian Marco

"Gian Marco's music is everything good about life," says Joss.

8:46pm - Gian Marco Zignago

Playing a charango, which looks a lot like a ukelele, he sings "get out and dance!", fantastic rhythm and dancing, gotta love a latino party.

"Tonight we all play, tonight we all capture the attention," says Gian Marco, seated on the stage, before leading the crowd in a song that absolutely every Peruvian in the stadium sings.

"Contigo Peru," it finishes, 'with you, Peru.'

Pan American Games - Lima 2019 - Closing Ceremony - Estadio Nacional, Lima, Peru - August 11, 2019 - Singer Gian Marco performs during the XVIII Pan American Games closing ceremony. REUTERS/Henry Romero

8:39pm - The flag, the singers, the Amazon

Sebastián Piñera, president of Chile, receives the Panam Sports flag, as the next Games are Santiago 2023.

Now it's the turn of the singers.

Chilean singer Francisca Valenzuela is up, she was nominated for a Grammy Latino in 2015, and plays Lollapalooza, Viña del Mar and ThePop festivals.

It's time for the flame to go out, but not before a giant light-filled homage to the Amazon and the depth of its diversity.

8:25pm - How to celebrate Pan Am gold

This was how the Venezuelan camp celebrated BMX freestyler Daniel Dhers' gold early today!

The Argentine U-23 football team gold medallists know how to do it too.

8:23pm - "The best fans in the world, you did it"

Pan Am Sports President Neven Ilic is at it again, capturing the moment, the applause and the adoration of the Peruvian public.

"The best fans in the world, you did it! You're the best this nation has to offer, the best this world has to offer!"

"I will never forget Tejeda and Pacheco crossing the line, the surfing, and the best fans on the planet! Thank you to all of Peru!"

Carlos Neuhaus, president of the Organising Committee of the Pan American Games said "These are your Games, this is your legacy. Vamos Peru! Let's keep playing!"

"Thank you Peru, we've had the best Pan American Games in history!"

8:22pm - "May it never end"

That's what the Peruvian Olympic Committee wants!

8:16pm - Highlights: The best images from the Lima 2019 Closing Ceremony

Pan American Games Lima 2019 Closing ceremony. Pic: Getty Images 

8:08pm - "Proud of my Peru"

"So proud of my Peru, and I'm being serious," says Juanjo, "the closing ceremony is beautiful, it's hard not to shed tears seeing this display of our indigenous heritage."

8:05pm - Emotion

"It's all so beautiful I think I'm gonna cry."

8:02pm - Dance of diversity

All of those dancers from distinct cultures and histories all come together now in a great dance of diversity.

Spine tingling, stadium shaking. Literally!

8pm - DJ Shushupe!

7:54pm - Dances

We've seen art and dances from the Moche culture which flourished from about 100-700AD, along with an afroperuano dance which is seen in the Ica and Lima regions

Now the dance of los tulumayos this is the dance of the 'selva' or the jungle.

And la diablada, the dance which represents the eternal struggle between good and evil.

7:51pm - Tribute to the volunteers

They deserve it, they've been amazing.

President of Lima 2019 Organizing Committee Carlos Neuhaus gives official mascot to volunteers during the closing ceremony of Pan American Games Lima 2019 at Estadio Nacional de Lima on August 11, 2019 in Lima, Peru. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images for Balich Worldwide Show)

7:46pm - The story of Peru

The story of Peru continues with traditional dress and dance from Andean cultures on a map of Peru, with a river flowing through the centre.

You'll see many of people dressed this way if you go to Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

Much of tonight's music was composed by Peruvian musician Lucho Quequezana and Dj Shushupe.

7:43pm - The flagbearers

Flag bearers of participating countries walk thru the field during the closing ceremony of Pan American Games Lima 2019 at Estadio Nacional de Lima on August 11, 2019 in Lima, Peru. (Photo by Raul Sifuentes/Getty Images)

7:38pm - Prehispanic remembrance

Peru's history and diversity is on show now with representations of the country before the arrival of Europeans in the 15th Century.

7:29pm - Gian Marco Zignago

Peruvian singer/songwriter Gian Marco Zignano who is responsable for hits by Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan and Diego Torres has his moment tonight, "Our challenge to put on an even better show than the Opening Ceremony," he said.

Tough ask.

We just watched a video montage of some of the top moments from the Games, the biggest roar was for Peruvian marathon gold medallist Gladys Tejeda who won the hosts' first gold medal of the Games.

7:25pm - Peru has poured the coffee

The country is setting in for closing spectacle, if it comes anywhere near the Opening ceremony then we're in for a treat.

7:23pm - We have to agree

7:05pm - Closing ceremony

We've just had the Peru national anthem and here come the athletes for a final farewell.

The Peru officials are out, now Argentina, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Barbados, Belize, Brazil.

There's a really nice piece of electronic music with indigenous echoes playing which sounds very Nicola Cruz, the live blog shazam says: no results.

Must be an original composition.

Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico...

The Dominicans are all wrapped up, it's 14 degrees celsius, 57 fahrenheit.

Some are dancing to stay warm, showing off their medals.

Gladys Tejeda of Peru holds her national flag during the closing ceremony of Pan American Games Lima 2019 at Estadio Nacional de Lima on August 11, 2019 in Lima, Peru. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images for Balich Worldwide Show)

6:26pm - The Closing Ceremony

It's already warming up outside the stadium!


The Peruvian memes have been part of the fun here in Lima, here's the best of the best:

Memes! All the best memes, Tweets, jokes, pics and funny stuff from the Pan American Games 2019 

6:24pm - And that's it!

The doing of the sport is finished for the Pan American Games 2019 in Lima!

6:12pm - Archery: Mexico and Canada final golden flourish

The final medals of the Lima 2019 Games go to Mexico and Canada.

Alejandra Valencia Trujillo fires her way to victory in the women's individual recurve event adding another gold to Mexico's glittery pile.

She outshot USA's Khatuna Lorig 7-3, her USA teammate Casey Kaufhold completes the podium.

In the men's event Canada's Crispin Natanie Duenas takes home gold after he was more precise than Brazilian archer Vinicius Dalmeida

Another Brazilian- Eric Lingfeng Peters, travels home with bronze.

5:56pm - Final karate gold medal

Venezuela's Andres Madera Delgado triumphs in the men's -67kg category to close out the karate competition at Lima 2019.

He beat Camilo Velozo from Chile by hantei. Velozo will take silver home.

Bronze medals apiece for Dominican Republic's Deivis Ferreras and Brazilian karateka Vinicius Figueira.

There was gold for Chile in the fight before that, he won the -60kg and the USA's Scott Thomas also ended his Games on a high note, defeating Brazil's Hernani Verissimo 2-1 in the men's under-75kg final.

5:30pm - USA win mixed teams golf

The United States top the leaderboard in the mixed teams golf with Paraguay claiming silver and Canada bronze.

A magnificent performance from Paraguay's golfers at the Pan Ams, they go home heroes with men's gold, women's silver and team silver from the three events on offer.

4:59pm - The pride of Cuba

4:37 - Daniel Dhers: Venezuela's Superman

Venezuela's BMX freestyle gold medallist Daniel Dhers confirmed his Tokyo favourite tag by winning the gold medal in the men's freestyle BMX with a score of 88.50 today.

Here's what he said:

"It was a day of complications, but every competition is different, and we have to make changes as we go along, particularly in tough competitions like this.

"Even if you give 110 per cent in a contest like this one, you still need to fight for the result."

He stormed to victory with 88.50 in his final run.

"I started the final run with a 360 with plenty of air, and if I didn’t pull it correctly, I would have crashed to the ground.

"Then I did a 720 with no hands and a Superman, which I almost never do, but I knew I had to pull it out today.

"In the runs I saw that there were some tricks that no one did, so I went into my last run and tried a lot of those things."

Dhers is excited about BMX at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games for the first time:

"I didn’t know this [freestyle BMX in the Pan Am Games] would even happen in my time, let alone be included in the Olympics as it is next year.

"It's amazing to think young people can aspire to medals like this and that I can be a part of encouraging them."

Pan American Games - Lima 2019 - Cycling BMX - Men Freestyle BMX Final - Costa Verde Beach Circuit, Lima, Peru - August 11, 2019. Venezuela's Daniel Dhers celebrates with Argentina's Jose Torres and Justin Dowell of the U.S. on the podium after winning gold, silver and bronze respectively. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

4:15pm - Golf: Gold for USA and Paraguay

And one of the last events to see champions crowned has confirmed medallists.

Emilia Migliaccio of the United States is victorious in the women's golf competition, eight under par on 276 strokes secures the gold medal.

Julieta Granada of Paraguay wins silver, four under par on 280, and Colombia's Paula Andrea Hurtado is three under par on 281 for bronze.

In the men's event Paraguay's Fabrizio Zanotti stand on the top plinth finishing 15 under par for 269.

Today not his best day, shooting -1, but he did the hard word with his 64, 67, 68, 70 to close out on 269.

Guatemala's Jose Manuel Toledo Novales is in second, while Guillermo Artur Pereira Hinke finishes third.

4:09pm - Tokyo bound

The U.S. archery team is one of many who have secured safe passage to Tokyo.

Time to get practising the arigatos!

3:51pm - Going out in style

We're coming to the end of the medals but there's still much more to come, stay with us for the Closing Ceremony, another magical night awaits!

3:37pm - Dowell: "Daniel Dhers handles it like a king"

The USA's Justin Dowell was happy with his freestyle BMX bronze medal here in Lima, this is what he had to say:

"I put down a pretty solid run. There were a few things I messed up on, but walking out with bronze is an achievement.

"I wasn't disappointed in my riding. I knew on my second run, there were a few little bobbles."

Dowell had to go out after Argentina's Jose Torres scored a scary 87.33 in the second round, putting him in first place.

"It doesn't phase me because I know what I'm capable of.

"Under the right circumstances the scores can be very different. There's multiple ways to organise a course, multiple ways to do a run, so unfortunately for me he did the better this time."

Dowell was full of praise for gold medallist Daniel Dhers.

"I knew Daniel Dhers was after me. His first run would've won anyways, but he fell on a front flip on the spine, and knowing Daniel, he's a veteran, I've ridden with him my whole life. He handles moments like this like a king. I didn't watch the second run, but I heard it over the speakers that he got into first.

"Mosquera, he was riding well but he wasn't able to improve what he did in the qualifying. He was pretty maxed out. But Daniel, you never know what he's going to come out with."

Dowell had nothing but good things to say about competing at Lima 2019 ahead of the Olympic debut of freestyle BMX at Tokyo 2020:

"This was phenomenal seeing how the dorming is, the dining hall, seeing how the teams operate. This was very valuable towards seeing how Tokyo will be."

3:10pm - Dhers' message for Venezuela

Pan American champion 2019 Daniel Dhers wanst to win gold at Tokyo 2020 and bring joy to the people of Venezuela.


Daniel Dhers' emotional message for fellow Venezuelans

Venezuela's high roller wants to give his countrymen "a little piece of hap...

3:05pm - Practice makes perfect

2:57pm - Hannah Roberts: "Breathtaking"

USA's Hannah Roberts was catching her breath after winning the gold medal in the women’s freestyle BMX with her top score of 86.67 at Pista de San Miguel, Costa Verde San Miguel today.

So what's it like to win the first ever Pan American Games freestyle BMX gold medal?

“It’s the craziest experience. BMX freestyle is getting out there and it’s meaning a lot to the riders that the professional aspect of the sport is being recognized at this level. 

“Today has been breathtaking, it’s awesome and I’m looking forward to the Tokyo 2020 [Olympic Games] selections in May next year.”

Despite winning the competition by a clear 10 points, Roberts says she still has a few more tricks in the locker:

“I held a few things back from my bag of tricks that aren’t quite ready for contests yet. 

“I had a few mistakes and I just had to work through them. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do but I am happy to take the win.”

Why try that double tail lift that didn't quite come off, when she had already won and had the gold medal in the bag? 

“I tried to do a double tail lift where you spin the bike around two times. I landed it in Japan, the first girl to land it in a contest, and I thought I could do it here, but I landed it a bit low. It happens.”

2:30pm - Daniel Dhers wins Pan Am Games gold!

Daniel Dhers is the first Pan American Games men's BMX Freestyle champion.


Jose Torres takes silver, Justin Dowell bronze.

  1. Daniel Dhers (VEN) 88.50
  2. Jose Torres (ARG) 87.33
  3. Justin Dowell (USA) 85.17

2:14pm - Men's BMX freestyle

Argentina's Jose Torres puts down a MONSTER run!


Everyone saving their best for last, it's Mosquera up now.

As it stands, it's Torres first, Justin Dowell second, his best run scores 85.17...

Hoooo! Daniel Dhers!

The Venezuelans are dancing!

88.50 from Dhers.

Only Julio Mosquera left, can he better that?

1:44pm - Gold for USA's Hannah Roberts!

Hannah Roberts has won the first ever BMX freestyle park gold medal at a Pan American Games!

Her first run was a monster 86.67 and she only needed one!

No-one was going to touch that score (The final takes the best score from two runs).

The 18-year-old celebrated her birthday yesterday, she brings her schoolbooks on tour but she only has more celebrations for homework tonight!

This girl is gunning for gold at Tokyo 2020, make no mistake about that.

It finished:

  1. Hannah Roberts (USA) 86.67
  2. Macarena Perez (CHI) 76.67
  3. Agustina Roth (ARG) 71

The men's final is up now, with Ecuador's Julio Mosquera top seed, they'll have two runs each and the best one counts.

1:25pm - Dominican Republic are women's volleyball champions!

A massive smash finishes it off in style!

Dominican Republic are Pan American Games 2019 gold medallists!

In a tournament containing world powers USA, Brazil and Argentina, this is a victory to be cherished and celebrated, and no doubt they will.

Here's how they won it:

25-20, 19-25, 27-25, and 25-16.

1:03pm - Women's volleyball final

The Dominican Republic lead two sets to one, they took the first, Colombia the second, it's a real cliff-hanger for colombianos and dominicanos watching here and at home.

The DR lead: 25-20, 19-25, 27-25, and 8-1 in the 4th set.

18 points for DR's Jineiry Martinez who Colombia simply cannot contain.

Dominican Republic two points from the gold medal!

12:55pm - Men's BMX freestyle park

Wow, Ecuador's Julio Mosquera has laid it down in the men's BMX second round run.

All riders get two runs and an average is taken of both.

Mosquera lights up the Costa Verde San Miguel course next to the beach with an 84.67 run.

He is amped, here are the final qualifying scores:

  1. Julio Mosquera (ECU) 83.50
  2. Daniel Dhers (VEN) 80.42
  3. Justin Dowell (USA) 79.92
  4. Kenneth Tencio (CRC) 79.58

12:43pm - Chile's golden dozen

A twelfth gold medal for Chile comes in judo, Thomas Briceño winning by Ippon over the U.S. judoka L A Smith in the -100kg.

That is the greatest return ever from a Pan Ams for Chile.

Brazil's Mayra Aguiar also won by ippon in the women's -78kg, and Cuba's Idalys Ortiz has defeated Puerto Rico's Melissa Mojica in the women's +78kg bout.

The final gold medal clash comes in the men's +100kg contest, Venezuela's Pedro Pineda faces Andy Granda from Cuba in the battle of the big units.

12:33pm - Men's BMX qualifying

In the men's event Julio Mosquera from Ecuador has put down the biggest opening run scoring 82.33, Costa Rica's Kenneth Tencio is second on 80.00 and Venezuela's Daniel Dhers third on 79.33.

Don't discount USA's Justin Dowell either after his 78.83 opening ambit.

Daniel Dhers has been getting to know the streets of Lima:

12:25pm - Hannah Roberts tops BMX qualifying

A first run of 85.00 and a second of 83.83 gives USA's Hannah a huge 84.42 overall.

Way ahead of nearest rival, Chilean Macarena Perez on 72.50.

12:07pm - Ecuador on the double

And there are two gold medals for Ecuador in the 50km walk!

Claudio Villanueva wins the men's in 3:50.01 and Johana Ordoñez the women's in 4:11.12. (The time in the tweet below is incorrect, that's from an earlier stage in the women's race, the official time is: 4:11.12)

11:55am - Colombia on the comeback trail

7-3 to the Colombians at one stage but the Dominicans drag it back, 9-7.

More good work from Colombia's matadoras Coneo and Valerin Carabali.

13-8 to Colombia.

Jineiry Martinez leading the way for the Dominican Republic, she has 12 points already, 6 in each set.

Fantastic atmosphere inside the Callao Sports Centre.

11:34am - Women's volleyball final

Women's volleyball has been one of the most watched and closely followed sports at Lima 2019, particularly because Peru's women had a good run, but it's been engrossing and engaging from the start to the finish.

Brazil and Argentina, the pre-tournament favourites, just played the bronze medal match, with Argentina taking it 3-0, and now we have a high-octane final between Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

The DR up 22-18 in the first set with Colombia fighting their way back into this opening set.

Huge smash from Colombia's Amanda Coneo brings them one closer but the DR reply, and there is the set!

First set to the Dominican Republic 25-20.

11:25am - And Canada claim gold!

No sooner had we turned our attention to the Canadians, and they get another gold medal.

Their Men's Recurve Team beat Chile in a shoot-out!

It was level after 4 sets, and the Canada trio of Eric Peters, Crispin Duenas, and Brian Maxwell shot 9, 8, 10 in the extra set. Chile's 8, 8, 8 wasn't enough. They take silver.

That's the last Team action from Rugby Field.

The Men's and Women's Recurve Individual medals will be decided later, from 13:00 lima time.

11:05am - Flying to Canada and back again

The closing ceremony is rapidly approaching in Lima, and Canada have just announced that Ellie Black will be their flagbearer for it.

Remember Black claimed the individual all-around gymnastics title, her second in succession at the Pan American Games!

She flew home to Nova Scotia after the gold medal performance, but is back in Peru for the ceremony later according to the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) Press Release.

While we're on the subject of all-around, have you watched episode one of our Original series?

10:42am - And another gold for USA... from a week ago

The U.S. have their third gold of the morning, although it's actually from last week's men's doubles bowling competition.

That's because Puerto Rico have been stripped of the title due to a doping failure.

It means USA are elevated to gold, Colombia to silver, and Mexico get a bronze.

Organisers Panam Sports announced that Jean Perez Faure tested positive for the diuretic and masking agent Chlorthalidone.

The Puerto Rico Olympic Committee confirmed the news on social media.

10:37am - More medals for Argentina

We told you earlier about Argentina's success in the pool with star swimmer Deflina Pignatiello speaking to us after winning three golds.

Well the South American nation just took another medal at Lima 2019, this time on the volleyball court!

Their women's team beat Brazil 3 sets to 0 to take Pan American Games bronze a few moments ago and are celebrating wildly inside the Callao Sports Center. Lucia Fresco was their top scorer.

Colombia play Dominican Republic shortly for gold.

10:32am - USA claim second gold of the morning in archery

The U.S. have doubled down on the gold at Rugby Field.

They just added Women's Recurve Team gold, beating Mexico 5-3 in the final.

Kasey Caufhold was involved again for her second title of the morning, alongside Erin Mickelberry, and Khatuna Lorig.

Colombia beat Brazil for bronze.

The Men's Recurve Team medals will be decided next.

09:50am - USA women's archer gets a Tokyo 2020 spot

Not only did Ellison and Kaufhold bag themselves a gold medal, they also netted a spot for Team USA at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Unsurprisingly, USA Archery are happy with that!

09:42am - What else is happening?

We'll have reaction to that USA victory shortly, plus news of the other archery finals.

But first a quick round-up of all the other sport that's underway. We've got golf, race walking, and the women's bronze medal clash in volleyball is also taking place right now. Argentina won the first set but are trailing Brazil 8-6 in the second. Viewers in some counties can watch that live here.

09:35am - USA WIN GOLD!

USA scored a near perfect 39 in that final set and Colombia couldn't match it.

The American pair of Brady Ellison and Casey Kaufhold took it 39-32 to seal a 5-3 victory in the final.

They're the new Pan American Games Mixed Recurve Team champions.

09:33am - Team USA fight back to level the final

The Mixed Recurve Team gold medal will be settled in the final set!

It's all square after 3 sets, after the third finished level at 35-35.

Brady and Kaufhold just 4 arrows from victory.

Colombia could only manage a 7 with the final arrow there and have been feeling the pressure ever since taking that early lead.

Can they win the fourth and claim gold?

09:28am - Team USA fight back to level the final

It's back all-square, with USA scoring 38 points in set 2, to Colombia's 31.

That's a big swing, but it's still only worth two points to the U.S. at Rugby Field.

At the halfway stage it's 2-2 with 2 sets remaining.

By the way, Ellison may be a legend of the sport, but the 30-year-old's photo on the official Lima 2019 website is not a flattering one!

Regardless, he was selected as Team USA flagbearer for the closing ceremony later today. Will he be

09:25am - Going for gold in the Mixed Recurve Team archery competition.

They're underway in the shoot-out for silver and gold on Rugby Field.

The USA duo of Brady Ellison (male) and Casey Kaufhold (female) scored 37 with their 4 arrows in set one.

Colombia's Daniel Pineda (male) and Ana Rendon (female) hit 39 to give them the set, and 2-0 lead overall.

USA have 3 more sets to claw it back, which is the kind of pressure that usually helps world record holder Ellison come alive.

09:15am - Archery Mixed Recurve Team update

It's bronze for Mexico!!!!

A 9 with their last arrow was enough to give them a 36-35 win in the fourth set, and a 5-3 win overall. Both teams scored a total of 142 from their 16 arrows, but the Mexicans did what was needed at the right time.

High fives and hugs all round. Next up - the gold medal match between USA and Colombia.

09:10am - Archery Mixed Recurve Team update

The second set finished level, and Mexico won the third, so it's all level at 3-3 going into the fourth set - will this be the decider for the bronze? or will we need a shoot-off?

09:05am - Canada take first set

The battle for bronze is underway, with Canada duo Stephanie Barrett and Crispin Duenas taking the first set, 36 to 32 against Mexico's Angel Alvarado and Alejandra Valencia.

Three more sets to go.

08:30am - Archers ready

The medals in the Mixed Recurve Team archery competition will be decided out in the next hour over at Rugby Field.

First up it's Canada v Mexico for the bronze, then USA v Colombia for gold and silver. If you were with us at the start of day 15, you'll remember Colombia came through shoot-offs in both their quarter-final and their semi to make it to this gold medal contest.

We'll be bringing you updates right here as the arrows fly.

07:30am - Race walking underway

The final day of sport is on! The race walking began 30 mins ago. There are men's and women's 50km races and the medals will be decided in a couple of hours.

Here's how the medal table stands ahead of Sunday's action. Still time for a few nations to make moves?

Those titles for Delfina put Argentina above Cuba. Could they overhaul Canada in terms of total golds before the end of the day?

07:15am - Delfina the swim queen looks ahead to Tokyo

A lot of the hype leading up to the swimming events at Lima was about a certain young Argentine lady.

Delfina Pignatiello is a superstar in her home country, thanks in part to her medal winning exploits and grandmother tribute at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

Could she turn that YOG success into more silverware at the Pan American Games? Could she!

Three gold medals for the 19-year-old whose name translates as dolphin. Very appropriate for the first swimmer from her country to do a Pan Am treble.

And she told us that having qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics prior to arriving in Peru helped take some of the pressure off.

Delfina Pignatiello never stops thinking about the Olympics

The 19-year-old became the first swimmer from Argentina to clinch three gol...

06:45am - Sore heads?

There will be some sore heads across parts of South America this Sunday morning, with many nations proudly marking the achievements of their sporting stars over the last few days.

Brazil is no stranger to a night of celebration.

Olympic judo champ Rafaela Silva gave Rio cause for a party in 2016 when she claimed gold, and now she's back in the medals after a couple of years where she admits she lost her focus.

There was no issue with focus for the Brazilian at Lima 2019, where Silva added Pan Am Games gold to her collection, and afterwards told us that her sights are firmly set beyond the upcoming world champs and that her main target is the defence of her Olympic title at Tokyo 2020.

"We always have Tokyo 2020 in mind" - Rafaela Silva looks ahead after return to form

Rafaela Silva admits she lost focus after her Rio 2016 gold medal. But winn...

05:30am - One last day!

Our live blog for the final day from Lima 2019 will start shortly.

Bookmark this page and come back for more. In the meantime, here's what to get excited about:

What to look out for on Day 16 - the final day at Lima 2019

Let's start with BMX freestyle.

Another discipline making its debut at Lima 2019 will let us into the exciting world of frontflips, flairs, and fakies.

Big names have come to Lima in preparation for the sport's big Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020, and it's set to be epic.

5-time X-Games champion Daniel Dhers leads the field, the Venezuelan has his sights set on Olympic gold in Tokyo and winning gold at Lima is the perfect way to gear up.

It won't be easy riding for Dhers though, with the likes of young USA star Justin Dowell and Costa Rica's Kenneth Tencio about.

In the women's event look out for the USA's Hannah Roberts, the 2017 world champion who has one eye on Tokyo.

The men's event starts at 12:01pm with the final at 1:13pm, while the women's starts at 11:25am and gold medals to be decided before that at 12:37pm.


Daniel Dhers' emotional message for fellow Venezuelans

Venezuela's high roller wants to give his countrymen "a little piece of hap...


We said adios to la Videna athletics stadium yesterday as track and field went out in a blaze of glory, records bowing and history books rewritten.

But athletics isn't over yet, we have the men's and women's 50k walk at the Parque Kennedy starting at 7am.

Expect to hear of winners before 11am.

Women's volleyball final

Argentina vs. Brazil. That's the final most expected at the beginning of the tournament but that is going to be the bronze medal match taking place at 9am.

The gold medallists will be decided between Colombia and the Dominican Republic who beat the two regional powers at 11am.


Gold medals are the target in archery's penultimate day.

USA Archer Brady Ellison broke a world record on Wednesday - Day 12 - shooting 702 from a possible 720 in the men's recurve, beating Korean Kim Woojin's mark of 700 that was set at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Ellison is only the second recurve archer in history to break the 700-point barrier. But he'd probably swap it all for a gold medal on day 16.

The morning session sees him go for one in the final of the Mixed recurve team. There's also women's and men's recurve team medals up for grabs from 9am, then the individual finals from just after 2pm.

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There are three sets of medals to be played for on Sunday: the men's and women's individual events, and the mixed team event.

All tee off at 8am.

Judo finals

Here come the heavyweights: Women's -78kg, +78kg, and men's -100kg, +100kg champions will br crowned from 9am Lima time.

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Karate Kumite

Titles are there for the taking in this new Olympic discipline. Kicking off at 9am with finals from 1:20pm.

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The Closing Ceremony

Get ready for spectacular final flourish as Peru says adios and the curtain falls on Lima 2019. We'll have all the details right here.