Pan American Games | Day 5 - As it happened

Highlights, results, and all the fun and Games from the fifth day of medal events - Wednesday 31st July - at the Pan American Games Lima 2019. 

By Ken Browne ·

Pan American Games 2019 highlights

Day 5 of medal events at the Pan American Games 2019 in Lima was another unforgettable fiesta of multi-medal fun.

Scroll down to find out how it all happened on Wednesday 31st July!

Come back on Thursday for all the action live on Day 6. Here's a schedule and everything else you need.

Live Blog - Wednesday 31st July Highlights

11:15pm - Badminton the winner in Peru

Peru made all the noise but America's shuttlers let their skills do the talking.

“Ay cariño, nunca pero nunca me abandones cariñito” ("Oh honey, never but never leave me darling") 'Cariñito' by Bareto - the undisputed smash hit song of the Pan Am Games - pumped out of the stadium system in another full house at the Polideportivo 3 stadium.

Things were already pulsing before badminton Day 3 got underway.

When the final point was played in this women's doubles quarter final, the crowd went crazy.

But it wasn't to celebrate a Peruvian win, the local shuttlers Danica Nishimura and Daniela Macias had lost to Brazil's Jaqueline Lima and Samia Lima 2 sets to 1 (21-15, 15-21 and 24-22).

The cheers were pure appreciation of the fight that Peru's duo put up, they gave it their all, and so did their fans - a snapshot of Lima 2019 so far.

The match featured long points, strategy and tons of smashes.

Daniela Macias leaving it all on the court in the quarterfinal against USA's Iris Wong on Day 5. Wong won the game 2-0. Photo: Getty

“Playing with these fans the whole game was a huge pressure. We are used to it but at this stage of the competition, concentration is a key and it demanded lots of our energy to stay focused,” said Samia Lima after the match.

The Brazilians will play against the winner of Cuba and the United States in the semifinals.

The men’s Peruvian doubles team also lost their quarterfinal too, falling to Canada 21-13 and 21-10. The Canadians play Cuba in the semifinals.

“We started really unfocused but as the match developed we got confidence and could stand up,” said Canada's Nyl Yakura.

“We've played the whole year at this rhythm, so we are used to it. But the pressure of being at a Pan Am Games makes it more complicated.”

It was a long evening but it was badminton at its best, lots of doubles and singles matches were played, the highlight of the singles matches was the quarter final triumph of Nikte Sotomayor of Guatemala over Brazil's Fabiana Silva.

The guatemalteca made history by winning her quarterfinal and guaranteeing her country their first ever women's badminton Pan Am medal.

“I started playing badminton because I was really bad at every sport, and here I am, playing Pan Ams making history," Sotomayor said with a smile.

Tomorrow she’ll play against Rachel Honderich of Canada in the semifinals with at least bronze already guaranteed.

While Peru didn't have a big victory tonight, the exposure and passion showed for the sport of badminton can only mean good things for the future.

10:30pm - Squash queen Amanda Sobhy relax? Ha!

"All the stress will go away once I win three gold medals again,” said Amanda Sobhy before her third gold medal chance in the women's team final.

She - and Team USA, including her younger sister Sabrina - won, defeating eventual silver medallists Canada.

But was the six-time Pan Am squash champion ready to relax?

Not likely.

She's already looking forward to 2023:

"I’m looking to repeat my three gold medals in the next Pan Am Games. I have to do it," Sobhy said after the final.

Her identity is secure - for now at least - as the reigning queen of Pan American squash, but she wants more.

Sobhy led her team to victory at the Villa Deportivo Nacional – Videna - to become the first woman to take six straight golds in the singles, doubles and team events across two successive Pan American Games.

“There was lots of hard work behind it. Over the past four years I was dreaming of it, believing in it, visualising it. And here we are.” the 26-year-old multi-medalist said.

United States, Canada, Colombia and Mexico on the podium on Day 5 at the Pan American Games. Photo: Getty

And while the highest-ranked US player of all-time is hugely proud to represent the United States, she says that much of her squash pedigree can be traced back to her Egyptian roots.

“I grew up with an Egyptian background. I often went to Egypt to play and from there I inherited my attacking style," she said.

"In addition I have a strong foundation with the British style [of playing],” she said. “My attacking style is my strength and my power, and I also use my attacking nature."

Looking back at what she has achieved at Lima 2019, SOBHY says that clinching the singles title was “a massive relief”.

“It was a long week. The individual event was the toughest because you play the top players in the draw and I had a lot of pressure to win my gold medal again,” she said.

At least she celebrated a little with her little sis' Sabrina.

9:39pm - Double double for Canada!

The best on the continent, Canada has swept the artistic swimming events again winning gold in both the duet and the team competitions.

Just as they did at Toronto 2015.


Mexico are rewarded for some magical swimming with silver and the USA's robots earn a well-deserved bronze.

The totals finish:

  1. Canada 179.6731
  2. Mexico 175.1243
  3. USA 170.8114

9:35pm - Rise of the robots

Here come the USA, shimmering in metallic silver.

They're the last up, plenty of fans a-hootin' and a-hollerin' here, great atmosphere!

Another really solid swim, good height on the throws and a marked improvement from just a few months ago.

The U.S. is a team on the rise.

Their 86.6667 free routine gives them 170.8114 overall.

21:19 - Canada corner

It's the Canadian fans' turn, they're concentrated next to the media and are raising a reasonable racket.

Another seruously tight routine from the Canadians gives them 90.7333.

A class above.

They total 179.6731.

Mexico are up.

Beautifully fluent, but they don't have the precision or technical execution of the Canucks.

88.8333 in the free means Mexico go into second, they have 175.1243 overall.

Silver lining?

9:05pm - Peru raise the roof!

Here they come!

What a roar, the song 'como no te voy a querer' (How am I not to love you) sounds right before their entrance, it's a Real Madrid fan favourite that song , and the Peruvians have adopted it for their football and all other national teams!

So much energy from the stands and you can see the girls responding.


The crowd is on their feet! Flags flying, people screaming, superb support.

The artistic score is 30.667 - their highest - and the total is 75.8667, they won't win the competition but they have achieved victories in many ways here.

This experience will stand to them.

8:50pm - Authoritative start for Argentina basketball

The favourites for most of the experts, Argentina make a strong opening statement by disposing of Uruguay 102-65.

16 points and 8 rebounds for 2004 Olympic champ Luis Scola.

Being 39 is fine when you play like you're 29.

7:41 - Artistic swim final underway

The Lima Aquatics centre is packed with Peruvians wearing their iconic white football shirt with the diagonal red stripe, plenty of maple leaves and star spangled banners on display too.

Guatemala just danced to Pirates of the Caribbean, some great moments, good throws and execution, the crowd enjoyed that, they can be proud of their performance at the Games.

To qualify for the Pan Ams alone was a big victory for the guatemaltecas,

Their free program harvests 62.2667 points giving them a total of 124.8088.

Cuba's up next, that's a confident entrance, the crowd love it!

66.0333 for Cuba, 124.8088 overall.

Brazil's up next.

7:35pm - Beach volleyball highlights

Chile won the men's and USA the women's beach volleyball finals yesterday, catch some highlights here:

7:21pm - Jamaica's gymnast brings Bolt and Bond with her

Jamaica's gymnast Danusia Francis is a born entertainer.

From her Jamaican-inspired beam routine to a James Bond floor exercise, big hair, custom-made patriotic leotards and mimicking of Usain Bolt’s famous victory pose, Francis brings personality to every meet.

“That is definitely something I’ve naturally done. I remember when I was younger I always loved doing my floor routine to the judges,” she said.

“On competition day I naturally just smile and be a bit cheeky.”

Born in the Great Britain, Francis switched to competing for Jamaica in 2015. One of her parents is Polish so she could also compete for the European country. But Jamaica spoke more to her artistic side.

“When you think of Jamaican sports, you think of Usain Bolt, and next to his results are his personality and his character,” Francis said. “That was a big reason why I decided to switch to Jamaica because I think I fit in.

“There is a sort of charisma and that outside view of sport as something very charismatic, where you need that personality. It’s not just about the sport.”

Jamaican Danusia Francis does the 'Bolt'. (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

At Lima 2019, the 25-year-old made history by becoming the first Jamaican gymnast to advance to a Pan American Games final, which she did in the individual all-around and beam.

She finished seventh in both, while her lively performances have brought on an outpouring of support from the Caribbean island.

“We’re so good at track and field and used to getting medals, so I wasn’t sure whether people would perceive seventh place as being that good, but they have,” she said. “They’ve realised that we’re making steps in gymnastics and hopefully in the future the medals can come.”

6:53pm - Shotgun wedding for golden couple?

"Oh, man, that’s putting pressure on me,"

- Derek Haldeman (USA)

Shooting duo Derek Haldeman and Ashley Carroll are the perfect match on and off the range, but have no plans for a ‘shotgun’ wedding.

Not yet anyway.

First the couple has to celebrate winning the mixed team trap gold medal at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games after a shoot-off victory over fellow USA pair Brian Burrows and Rachel Tozier.

But it looks like Haldeman forgot to bring the ring to Lima and has no plans to fire off a proposal to his girlfriend.

“Oh, man, that’s putting pressure on me, joking about that," said Haldeman, who also took silver in the men’s trap.

“It’s good fun being partners, but there is a rivalry when we are training together. And living with Ashley I get to harass her when I’m shooting better than her."

Carroll has just completed a memorable month in which she was also crowned world champion before winning the women's trap event at Lima 2019 on Monday.

“We don’t have bets on who does the cooking if they shoot better but I think we are going to start that,” CARROLL joked after her latest success.

“The fact we’re partners is kind of why we shoot together. I was doing trap originally and he was double trap, but he switched over.

“When the mixed team came onto the Olympic program we decided to get together and it has worked ever since.”

6:08pm - Softball

Yesterday Argentina cruised past Peru to qualify for the softball playoffs - the semi-final stage.

The world champions beat Perú 13-0 to reach the final four and face the USA for a place in the final match.

“We played without underestimating our rival," said Argentina's Teo Migliavacca, "we know they are just starting and today we have to focus just on our game and get our playoff ticket and that was what we did.”

“We came here as the World Champions and it was really difficult for us to change our mentality for this tournament. That’s why we started slowly but match by match we are getting to our best version."

"Now it’s time to beat the USA.”

Birds eye view of the Complejo Deportivo Villa Maria del Triunfo where the Lima 2019 softball is taking place. This was Mexico vs. Venezuela on Day 3, July 29, 2019 in Peru. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

From the Peruvian perspective, there were some upbeat aspects from this match, including the experience of participating in a Pan American Games.

“This is a really young team, they are only 16, 17 years old and being part of this huge event is a real experience, thinking about the future of this sport," said Peru coach Exiquio Echarte Leiva.

"The players in the first days were surprised by the audience and the great support from the fans,” he added.

Now the playoffs start.

The winner of Argentina-USA will face Mexico after they downed Cuba by 7 runs to 4 today.

“The team is showing improvement on their game and this is giving them confidence for the final stage. We have to work on our mentality for these final matches, but we want the gold medal,” said Argentina coach Julio Gamarci.

Look who just rocked up in Lima.

The women's tournament is up to bat on August 4, with the final six days later on the 10th.

6pm - Duet champs ready to do it again

Jacqueline Simoneau and Claudia Holzner won duet gold earlier for Canada and they'll be back in the water to anchor Canada's final team effort.

Gold and a ticket to Tokyo are there for the taking!

This spectacular image comes from the people at Pan Am Sports.


5:52pm - USA on target in trap

The U.S. finished first and second in the mixed team trap final, Canada finished in third place.

5:43pm - Artistic swimming limbering up

Cuba are getting ready for the team free routine finals here at the Lima Aquatics Centre, is it going to be a Canada-Mexico-USA podium as it was in the duet, and after the technical on Monday?

Cuba are loosening the limbs, just over two-and-a-half hours to go.

The event starts at 8:30pm, and here's the order, technical scores and standings:

  1. Guatemala 62.5421 (8)
  2. Cuba 64.8664 (7)
  3. Brazil 80.3928 (4)
  4. Colombia 77.9755 (5)
  5. Peru 73.0739 (6)
  6. Canada 88.9398 (1)
  7. Mexico 86.2910 (2)
  8. United States 84.1447 (3)
Stretch it out: Cuba getting ready for the artistic swimming team finals. Pic: Olympic Channel

This is the Lima Aquatics Center where it'll all happen.

5:31pm - Next week!

5:01pm - Volleyball: Peru is all heart

Volleyball was a smash hit on its first day of competition with Peruvian fans in typically fine voice.

Pan American Games host Peru began the opening session with a tough ask against Toronto 2015 4th placers Puerto Rico, losing in four sets by 25-14, 25-20, 21-25 and 25-11.

Fan passion fuelled Peru at the Polideportivo Callao and the rojiblancos fought right to the death.

“We are really amazed by the fans that showed up today. It’s the first time this happens at a Peruvian volleyball game and we are really excited. These are new emotions we are getting to know inside the field so we have to start to get used to,” explained Eduardo Romay, the captain.

Puerto Rico lost the bronze medal to Canada in Toronto 4 years ago.

They arrived in Lima with the goal of winning a medal, which won't be easy, but with none of the top sides bringing their A-team, - including Argentina and Brazil - there might be a surprise on the cards here.

“The Peru fans made it tough for us today," said Puerto Rico's Maurice Torres.

"We didn't play our best volleyball but we have to look forward and think about our next rival. We arrived in Lima knowing we'd face an improved Peru side, but we need to focus on us”, said Torres.

For the Peruvian team, this kind of event is an amazing opportunity to continue on their development path.

Growth and international experience point to a brighter future. Next up Peru face the mighty Argentina, while Puerto Rico will meet Cuba.

“Our major goal is to give a good show for the fans and that they get to know our volleyball. This is our first time playing at home and we want to make history," continued Peru's captain.

"We want to get more experience and the fans' support is the key. So we are here to play and win, but also to fight for a place in the hearts and minds of Peruvians”, Romay said.

4:52pm - Someone say goal?

3:47pm - One-two finish for Brazil closes artistic gymnastics competition

Brazil's Francisco Barretto and Arthur Mariano finished first and second in an exciting high bar final that marked the close of artistic gymnastics in Lima.

Mariano went early in the final, posting a 14.533 score for his routine that included a daring layout Tkatchev, straddle Tkatchev, Tkatchev-half release series.

Barretto was last to go and slipped past his teammate after he nailed his full-twisting double layout dismount for a 14.566.

An ecstatic Barretto and Mariano jumped up and down with the Brazilian coaches once the score was flashed.

Cuba’s Huber Godoy was the bronze medalist, earning a 14.200.

3:33pm - Steve Jobs' daughter at the Pan Ams

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' youngest daughter Eve will take part at Lima 2019.

Eve Jobs is part of Team USA's equestrian team and will compete in the show jumping event.

From a young age Jobs has had a love of horses and a passion for equestrian competition.

"Riding a horse helps keep you humble ... That taught me independence, devotion and perseverance," Eve Jobs said in an interview in 2016.

The 21-year-old will compete in the equestrian jumping event scheduled for August 5 in the Army's Equestrian School in La Molina district.

The equestrian sport in the Pan Am Games includes three disciplines and is one of the few sports in which men and women directly compete against each other.

The competition will last three consecutive days: the horse training event starts on August 5, Day 10, the cross country event on Day 11, and the horse jumping event on Day 12 - Wednesday August 7 - when the medals will be awarded.

Follow it here with us!

3:15pm - Brooklyn Moors gives Canada more gymnastics gold

It’s another women’s gymnastics gold for Canada but this time for Brooklyn Moors! A fan favorite on the floor exercise - she told Olympic Channel Saturday she spent months coming up with a new floor routine - she earned a 13.900 to win the gold medal.

Fresh off her balance beam gold medal, Kara Eaker added a silver on the event with a 13.800. Brazil’s Flavia Saraiva was the bronze medalist, scoring a 13.766.

Ellie Black just missed her sixth medal of the Games in fourth.

Mexico's Isaac Nunez was the parallel bars champion, holding off Brazil's Caio Souza who won the all-around title Monday. The USA's Cameron Bock was third.

3:05pm - GOOOOOoooool

Our Colombian commentator is at it again.

Colombia defeat Jamaica 2-0 in their women's first round Group A match.

Earlier Paraguay defeated Mexico 2-1 meaning right now Colombia the group with Paraguay on 4 points, Mexico second with three and Jamaica still awaiting their first point.

Later today at 5:30pm it's Group B's Panama-Argentina and at 8:30pm Costa Rica take on Peru.

2:47 - Golden Duet for Canada

Canada's artistic swimming duo Jacqueline Simoneau and Claudia Holzner takes gold with 89.3343 in the free and 180.0343 overall to qualify for Tokyo 2020!

Mexico were very impressive again, Nuria Diosdado Garcia and Joana Jimenez Garcia's 88.0333 free wins them silver, just over 5 points behind the Canadians and the USA finished with bronze, their free was scored 85.9333.

Here are the totals:

  1. Canada 180.0343
  2. Mexico 174.3661
  3. USA 170.6698

2:32pm - When Bob Marley's daughter saved Jamaica's Reggae Girls

What do football and Bob Marley’s daughter have in common?

More than you might imagine.

Cedella Marley rescued Jamaica's 'Reggae Girlz' from the abyss in 2014 after a lack of funding left them unable to compete, and in 2019 they qualified for the Women’s World Cup in France.

Now they're here at the Pan American Games growing for the future.

It's not going to be an easy road though, they're playing Colombia right now and we have a Colombian football commentator here who left us in no doubt that Colombia have scored:


Colombia 1 - 0 Jamaica.

Find out more about the Reggae Girlz here:

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The 17-year old student has become one of Jamaica's biggest hopes for their...

1:48pm - Stunning routine from Eaker earns redemption, Pan Am gold

Monday night, Kara Eaker slipped off her signature event - the balance beam. But not today! She was basically flawless in the apparatus final, earning a massive 15.266 score.

Her routine included a stunning aerial cartwheel to two layout series and stuck two-and-a-half twist dismount.

Canadian Ellie Black earned her fifth medal of the Games with a silver on beam with a 13.566. Eaker's American teammate Riley McCusker (13.333) settled for bronze after rolling backward on her double back dismount.

In the men's vault final, the Dominican Republic's Audrys Nin won with a massive Dragulescu vault and a 14.416 average.

Jorge Alfredo Vega of Guatemala took second (14.383) followed by Cuba's Alejandro de la Cruz (14.183).

1:32pm - Argentina basketball favourites at Lima 2019

Here's our basketball preview from Day 3 if you missed it!

The USA may have swept the 3x3 events, but many see Argentina as favourites in the men's 5x5s.

It's been almost a quarter of a century since Argentina won Pan American Games men’s basketball gold, but that streak is expected to end by the time the curtain comes down on Lima 2019.

Led by the experienced Luis Scola, Argentina's team is solid from top to bottom and will use the Pan American Games as part of its preparation for next month's FIBA World Cup in China.

At 39 years of age, 2004 Olympic gold medallist Scola still has a lot to give on the international stage.

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Defending champion Brazil would have been Argentina's strongest challenger, but the Brazilians did not qualify for the Lima Games, leaving Argentina with a golden chance to win their first Pan American gold since 1985.

But assumptions are alwys dangerous with the United States around.

The USA, which has won this competition a record eight times, is seeking its first men's basketball gold at the Pan American Games since the 1983 team that featured hoops legend and two-time Olympic champ Michael Jordan.

This USA roster was chosen from a pool of student athletes entirely from the university-level BIG EAST Conference. It will be the first time a single Division I conference will represent USA men's basketball.

Canada went all-in four years ago at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games - when they took silver behind Brazil - but the Canucks decided to sit this one out as the national team prepares for the world cup.

The other teams in the eight team competition are Mexico, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Scola, still going strong, played more than 700 games in the National Basketball Association and played in China last season.

But he is not the only Argentine expected to showcase his talents when basketball takes place between 31 July - 4 August at Coliseo Eduardo Dibos.

Nicolas Laprovittola and Facundo Campazzo are two of the top players for Real Madrid in Spain’s top league, Liga ACB. 

Laprovittola won the league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award this past season, while Campazzo took the award as the play off MVP.

Nicolas Brussino is another veteran who will be relied on. He played 58 games in the NBA for Dallas and Atlanta and was with Zaragova of Spain's top league last season. At 2.03 meters, he will play as a small forward.

More than half the Argentine roster plays professionally in Europe, and to leave Lima for the world cup in China without gold hanging around the players’ necks would be seen as a blow to the program.

“We have to fight for a medal because of the history of Argentina,’’ said Brussino. “The talent, the attitude, the desire and the commitment of this team makes us deserve to be on the podium.”

“We have a lot of talent. We have the mix between the youngest and the veterans that is needed, and we also have lot of desire. Although we still feel there are flaws to correct, the individual talent so far has solved it. But we have to improve so that our talent does not just solve the flaws, but serves to enhance the team's game.”

Men's basketball starts Wednesday 31 July, and goes on for five days until the final on Sunday 4 August.

The women's 5s run from August 6 - 10.

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1:24pm - Winning start for USA basketball

The USA have won their opening game of the basketball competition, this young team - which is basically the Big East all-stars - defeated the Virgin Islands 119-84.

12:56 - Quote of the Day

"The bar is high for me. All the stress will go away once I win three gold medals again.”

- USA squash Toronto 2015 triple gold medallist Amanda Sobhy

No pressure then.

USA squash sensation Amanda Sobhy won three gold medals at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games. She is on target to repeat the feat at Lima 2019, with two already round her neck and the USA have just made the women's team final

Sobhy won her match 3-0 against Mexico's Diana Garcia Fierro, and her younger sister Sabrina is on the same team.

Sabrina Sobhy won her match too, 2-0.

The U.S. face Canada in the final at 4:30pm, about two hours and twenty minutes from now.

12:45 - Artistic swimming duets

The duet free routine finals are on, these will decide the gold medallists and who's going to Tokyo! It's winner takes all..

Peruvian supporters really got behind local synchro swimmers Cielomar Garcia and Carla Morales in the Lima Aquatics centre, just as they've got behind every Peruvian representation at Lima 2019.

Leaders Canada went first and put on a show, a tight routine that earned them a whopping 90.7000 points, they have 180.0343 overall, only Mexico and the USA can come close to that, they're up soon.

El Salvador's Grecia Mendoza Mendez and Fernanda Cruz Pineda in action during the Artistic Swimming Duet Free Routine Finals at the Pan American Games - Lima 2019 -  - Aquatic Center Lima, Peru - July 31, 2019. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

7:27pm - Pace yourself

It's Day 5 today, day seven really if we count the two qualifying days and the Opening Ceremony, with the 2019 Pan Americans going on until the closing ceremony on August 11th.

Rest is essential for every elite athlete - and policia K9s.

Pace yourself, the Pan Ams will go until August 11th! Pic: Olympic Channel

11:59pm - Speaking of Peruvian food

This meme is a fair description of us after all the deliciousness here in Peru, we're loving the ceviche, aji de gallina, huancaina and all the rest!

Olympic Channel will be going home in shape - a spherical shape.

"Must be the collar."

Must be the collar!

11:57pm - 7 things to know about Peru

Beautifully put together clip from the World Food Programme:

11:46am - Badminton

The badminton competition is underway, Canada won their first three match-ups and Guatemala's Kevin Cordon just defeated Mexico's Luis Montoya, stay with us for more updates on all the best shuttlers from across America.

Badminton 1st day - Morning schedule

11:30 - Meet Eduardo Dibos Coliseum

The Virgin Island's basketball player is ready for Lima 2019!

11:23am - Team USA basketball

The 5x5 basketball competition started this morning and first up is the USA vs the Virgin Islands, the U.S. lead 56-43 at half-time.

Can the 5's match Team USA's gold medal in the 3x3's?

10.15am - Luis Fonsi likes you

Star of the Lima 2019 Opening Ceremony Luis Fonsi showed the Olympic Channel a little love online, gracias Fonsi!

Relive the Opening Ceremony highlights here. (Yes he did sing Despacito, of course ha sang Despacito!).

When Luis Fonsi like your Tweet.                                                                                                                            (Photo of Colombia's Maria Camila Lobon by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

What to look out for on Day 5

A Canadian double double in artistic swimming?

The duet and team reigning Pan Am champs from Toronto 2015 are in action and they're leading in both heading into today's finals.

The duet free routine finals begin at 12pm midday and the team free routine finals are in the evening session from 8:30pm.

Mexico are sitting in second in team after the technical routine but the USA are growing in confidence after their "best swim ever" on Monday.

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Artistic gymnastics wraps up Wednesday with five gold medals up for grabs.

Ellie Black of Canada who has won a medal in every final thus far in Lima will feature in both the balance beam and floor exercise finals along with all-around silver medalist Riley McCusker.

And how about Kara Eaker who helped the U.S. squad win team gold?

On the men's side, competition will close out on the always exciting horizontal bar where 2016 Olympic floor exercise bronze medallist Arthur Nory of Brazil was the top qualifier.

Don't miss it!

There's a gold medal and a ticket to Tokyo up for grabs in dressage, men's and women's team squash finals, and medals in the cross-hair at the mixed team trap final.

Men's handball begins as well which gives us a chance to see Gary 'Hangtime' Hines in action with the USA who are getting serious about the sport.

It's the third day of badminton, baseball and hockey, 5x5 basketball begins, softball is in its final stages, surf and tennis are also in their third day and volleyball steps into the Pan Am arena for day 1.

Keep up!

And keep it locked on our live blog.