Kiara the volleydog, Mo Farah races dinosaur and Hanyu's first gold medal: Updates from around the world

With many of us staying home, we're sharing inspiring moments to help us all stay safe and cope with these challenging times. 

By Ken Browne ·

Friendship, excellence, and respect are the three core Olympic values, and we have been touched by the way the sports world has responded to these challenging times.

And not just Olympians either.

The Olympic family as a whole, and that's all of us, have come up with brilliant ways to help and lift each other up.

Here's a collection of tweets, posts, memes, gifs, gags, and messages that have brought us inspiration and motivation - and made us smile!

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6:50pm - Yuzuru Hanyu wins first Olympic gold medal

Remember when Yuzu won his first Olympic gold medal?

You can relive the whole thing right here, almost four hours of figure skating!

For a little bit of context, this short film (less than three minutes) shows how earthquake survivor Yuzuru Hanyu went on to become one of - if not the - greatest figure skaters ever.

How earthquake survivor Yuzuru Hanyu persevered to achieve his dream

Yuzuru Hanyu became double Olympic champion after surviving the huge earthq...

6:25pm - Get in!

Beach volleyball's Alex Horst is serving up some delights on social media.

The Austrian has the best nickname the live blog has heard all day: The Pterodactyl

He sends this one soaring over the house.

5:45pm - USA Dream Team 1992 Olympic final

We're all missing sport right now.

But it also gives us time to look back on greatness and relive special moments that changed the course of sporting history.

In 1992 NBA players were allowed to play in the Olympics for the first time ever.

Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Scottie Pippin, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, Clyde Drexler...

It was an unforgettable moment in Olympic history and changed the sport around the world forever.

Watch the whole of the final against Croatia here:

USA vs Croatia: Men's Basketball Final | Barcelona Dream Team

One of the most memorable moments in Olympic history was when the USA 'Drea...

Here are some extras if you want some more Dream Team magic.

5:33pm - Spot the difference!

5pm - Cat Cricket

Ok, it's not an Olympic sport, but we don't like cat cricket, we love it!

4:30pm - Anything Renaud can do...

Mondo Duplantis has been in world record breaking form of late.

And he's trying to stay in that form by returning to where it all started: the back yard.

Mondo has had such an incredible year that some are even talking about him as a successor to Usain Bolt as the leading light of the Olympics.

But what does he think about that?

Read his response here.

4:05pm - The pole vault set-up in your back garden

London 2012 gold medallist and Rio 2016 silver medal winner Renaud Lavillenie is still living his high-flying lifestyle.

Handily he can practice in the back garden.

3:30pm - Home volleyball workout

Works a treat.

2:48pm: Everyone loves a final...

Is there anything more exciting than an Olympic final?

Olympic Channel has launched the Classic Finals Channel - a dedicated collection of the most thrilling medal finals from past Olympic Games.

Check out our schedule article, which details which finals are being shown daily, including all start times. On right now is the nail-biting Greece vs Italy women's water polo match from Athens 2004.

2:26pm: How about some cross training?

USA speedster Carlin Isles is the fastest man in rugby.

In our 2019 interview with him, he told us about his NFL contract offer, as well as his intention to compete in rugby sevens as well as track & field at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

True to form, isolation has brought out another sporting talent of his... freestyle wrestling! Perhaps his brother is regretting grappling with an elite athlete.

2:07pm - Train in isolation like the sub-10 second 100m king!

All prospective sprinters listen up!

Jamaican Olympic gold medallist sprinter Asafa Powell - who has broken the 10-second mark more than any other 100m sprinter in history - is the latest star to take to Instagram to share his workout programme... and it is SO Jamaican.

We have reggae, sunshine on his home patio and a lot of sweat!

1:35pm - Who am I?

I'm an international rugby sevens player chasing Olympic qualification, reality TV star, have over one million Instagram followers, am a qualified lawyer, and a former international sprinter too.


Olympic Channel had fantastic isolation chat with 2019 Love Island winner Greg O'Shea, so keep it locked on our website and podcast, where the full interview will be out soon!

1:05pm - A lift for all the family

New challenge!

Can you do press ups with your entire family on your back?

"Which fitness boss can do this and with how many family members?"

That's the rallying cry from Netherlands judoka Roy Meyer.

Careful with this one!

12:56pm - Peter Sagan: Gladiator

Road cycling star Peter Sagan has just uploaded how he's training at home.

He dons a gladiator mask and right after he says 'stay safe,' proceeds to do squats while balancing precariously on an exercise ball, fully dressed in cycling kit.

Not sure if the live blog team is going to try this one.

Probably not.

12:55pm - In Vogue: South Korea's Chang Hyejin

Two Olympic archery gold medals "made me a celebrity in Korea," says Chang.

The Korean archer revealed how winning two Olympic golds at Rio 2016 changed her life: she has a fanpage, appeared on many TV shows and even made the cover of 'Vogue' magazine.

Chang Hyejin: Archery made me a celebrity in Korea

The Korean archer revealed how winning two Olympic golds at Rio 2016 change...

12:37pm - Mo Farah vs. Dinosaur

Sir Mo Farah is keeping fit - and the rest of us entertained - with this workout video.

It's Sir Mo racing evolution, survival of the fittest in High Definition... go Mo!

12:10pm - Rafa Nadal dominates the net

Improvisation is the name of the game in quarantine, here's one you could even do in the living room.

Spanish tennis ace Rafa Nadal is keeping his net game sharp with his sister Maria Bel Nadal.

Nadal has two Olympic gold medals, he won the singles competition at Beijing 2008 and the men's doubles at Rio 2016.

Here's his gold medal winning point from Beijing:

Nadal's gold-medal winning point

Spain's Rafael Nadal seals men's tennis gold in style at the Summer Olympic...

This was the amazing Rio 2016 semi-final between Nadal and Del Potro, what a match.

Nishikori would win the bronze medal match, but Rafa left Brazil with gold, winning the doubles competition with Marc Lopez.

And this was Nadal at 16, a superstar in the making.

Rafael Nadal at age 16

Sporting talent runs in Rafael Nadal's family, but by his mid-teenage years...

11:19am - Spikes and likes

Kiara the dog has Olympic potential.

Those sets are perfect!

It isn't the first time Kiara has made the internet fall in love, check out their training routine:

11:05am - The Phelps backslap challenge

Remember that backslap routine swimming icon Michael Phelps used to do?

Well if you can do a good impression of it then you can win prizes.

Here's the first winner:

10:55am - Singing in the rain

Four-time figure skating world champion Kurt Browning has brightened everyone's day with his version of this classic.

Did you know, Kurt Browning was the first person ever to land a quad jump in figure skating?

For a quick, fun history of figure skature skating jumps, watch here:

Why don't figure skaters get dizzy?

Research has shown that years of training can enable athletes to shut off s...

10:30am - Morning!

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