World Para Swimming Championships London 2019 | Day 5 As it happened

Results, highlights, news, and interviews from our live coverage of Day 5 at the para swimming world champs in London, with Tokyo 2020 Paralympic qualification places on offer.

By Ken Browne ·

London 2019 Day 5 Highlights

Relive another amazing day of swimming at the London 2019 Worlds where Alice Tai made it six out of six, the British relay team smashed a relay world record and Carlos Serrano, Nelson Crispin, Liesette Bruinsma, and so many more lit up London.

Scroll down to find out how it all happened.

Join us again tomorrow and for the penultimate day of action live from London.


9 - 15 Sep 2019

2019 World Para Swimming Championships - London

United Kingdom

Day 5: Highlights

9:33pm - Make way for the record breakers!

9:32pm - Men's Russian medley team celebrate

9:28pm - A Team

9:15pm - Britain shatter world record!

The hosts finish on a high, the women's relay win and they break their own record by almost 9 seconds!

The Paralympic champions become world champions and set a new world standard.

USA win silver after a big finish from KcKenzie Coan.

Spain round off a really good night by taking bronze.


  1. Great Britain 4:36.31
  2. USA 4:58.39
  3. Spain 5:00.51

9:10pm - Alice Tai in the water again

5-time world champion Alice Tai has just won her leg of the Women's 4x100m Medley Relay 34pts Final, is she going to make it 6/6?

Great Britain have a 10m lead as Brock Whiston keeps that advantage, GB are the world record holders and favourites here.

Jess Long is in the water, but can anyone catch the British?

Strong swim from Toni Ward, in goes Steph Millward. Britain ahead by half a pool.

World Record?

9:05pm - Russia win men's relay

Russia top an exciting Men's 4x100m Medley Relay 34pts Final.

The Russians got their tactics right and take home gold.

MOZGOVOI Bogdan, KALINA Andrei, SKALIUKH Alexander, NIKOLAEV Andrei are your winners

It finished:

  1. Russia 4:09.16
  2. Italy 4:10.26
  3. China 4:18.02

9:54pm - Cameron talks to us

The kiwi record-breaker just picked up his prize and had this to say:

8:47pm - Liesette Bruinsma is unbeatable!

Maryna Piddubna had the fastest start but Liesette Bruinsma has the finish!

Back-to-back world titles for the flying Dutchwoman, delight for the fans in orange who are here to support her.

More hardware for China as Li Guizhi bags bronze.


  1. Liesette Bruinsma NED 1:07.26
  2. Maryna Piddubna UKR 1:07.92
  3. Li Guizhi CHN 1:08.30

8:41pm - Hua Dongdong grabs gold

The Chinese swimmer's power brought him home, leading after 50, he lead at the end too.

It finished:

  1. Hua Dondong CHN 57.43
  2. Kirill Belousov RUS 57.84
  3. Wendell Belarmino Pereira BRA 59.09

8:35pm - Four races left to come

Coming towards the end now, the freestyle S11s and the relays await.

Don't go anywhere, plenty of drama still to come.

Brazil's Wendell Belarmino Pereira, Hua Dondong from China and Russian Kirill Belousov are the men to watch in the Men's 100m Freestyle S11 Final.

Remember, these swimmers are totally blind, and just to make sure they use blackened goggles, they are tapped by the coaches to tell them when to turn.

In the women's race Maryna Piddubna is flying the flag for Ukraine and Liesette Bruinsma set a new championship record early today.

Netherland's smiling assassin broke a world record yesterday, could she do it again here?

8:30pm - Yip Pin Xiu is a force of nature

Singapore's golden girl does it again!

There were no heats so it was a tough one to call beforehand, but when Singapore's Yip is in the pool then you know she's there to do damage.

It's gold for Xiu in the Women's 50m Backstroke S2 Final.

She has lit up London again, she's such an amazing ambassador for the sport, and for the Paralympic movement.


  1. Yip Pin Xiu SGP 1:04.43
  2. Angela Procida ITA 1:13.98
  3. Aly Van Wyck-Smart CAN 1:18.86

8:25pm - Russia's golden hat-trick

Another golden hat-trick for Russia's Alexander Makarov!

His stroke rate was off the scale in the Men's 50m Backstroke S2 Final and no-one could keep up.

Poland's Jacek Czech splits two Russians as Vladimir Danilenko claims bronze.


  1. Alexander Makarov RUS 56.70
  2. Jacek Czech POL 58.82
  3. Vladimir Danilenko RUS 1.00.18

8:23pm - Julia Gaffney speaks to Olympic Channel

8:18pm - Next up: Men's 50m Backstroke S2 Final

The crowd is clapping along to the Italian anthem once again at the medal ceremony as Carlotta Gilli picks up her golden hat-trick.

Next up is the men's 50m back - Chilean Alberto Abarza lead this morning, but with Russia's Vladimir Danilenko and Alexander Makarov in the pool, along with Poland's Jacek Czech, nothing can be taken for granted.

Abarza is fresh out of the pool from the Lima 2019 Parapans where he won three gold medals and one silver.

Can he win gold at the London Worlds?

8:13pm - Arjola Trimi on the money again!

Gold for Trimi, gold for Italy in the Women's 50 m Freestyle S4 Final.

Australia's Rachael Watson was .62 of a second away.

Peng Qiuping bags another bronze for China.


  1. Arjola Trimi ITA 40.02
  2. Rachael Watson NZL 40.62
  3. Peng Qiuping CHN 42.22

8:08pm - Leslie Cameron smashes world record!

Wow what a swim!

Japan's Takayuki Suzuki led for large portions but New Zealand's Leslie Cameron has a finish in him.

Cameron is gold in the Men's 50m Freestyle S4 and it's a new world record - that's stood for 15 years!


  1. Leslie Cameron NZL 37.14
  2. Takayuki Suzuki JPN 37.56
  3. Roman Zhdanov RUS 39.14

7:57pm - Gold for Brazil!

Maria Gomes continues her fine showing at London 2019 winning the Women's 100m Freestyle S12.

She was faster than Becca Meyers this morning, and so it was in the final too.

Meyers was in the water just a few minutes ago winning a silver medal and she has another here: bronze.


  1. Maria Gomes BRA 59.66
  2. Anna Krivshina RUS 59.81
  3. Becca Meyers USA 1:00.72

7:47pm - Second gold for Denysenko

Yaroslav Denysenko shifts gears and blasts his way to the wall in the men's Men's 100m Freestyle S12 Final.

It's a Ukraine 1-2 as Denysenko holds off the fastest man in the world in this event - his teammate and compatriot Maksym Veraska.

Salei Raman (Who shared a bronze medal with his brother earlier in the competition) adds another bronze medal to ihs take-home kitty.


  1. Yaroslav Denysenko UKR 52.02
  2. Maksym Veraska UKR 52.66
  3. Salei Raman BLR 52.99

7:40pm - Carlotta Gilli pips Becca Meyers

It was billed as USA v Italy, Meyers v Carlotta, and so it was in the the Women's 200m Individual Medley SM13 final.

Finishes don't come any closer, or more exciting than that.

Becca Meyers is .01 of a second behind Gilli Carlotta.

Joy for Italy.

Official times:

  1. Gilli Carlotta ITA 2:24.46
  2. Becca Meyers USA 2:24.56
  3. Daria Lukyanenko 2:27.91

7:34pm - Ihar Boki: Like a boss

He lost his first of the competition last night, but there was no chance of that happening in the Men's 200m Individual Medley SM13 Heat 2.

Boki is off like a bullet and wins by more than 7 seconds.


  1. Ihar Boki BLR 2:05.04
  2. Alex Portal FRA 2:12.14
  3. Kyrylo Garashenko UKR 2:12.24

7:26pm - Ukraine 1-2!

The Women's 50m Freestyle S6 belongs to the Ukraine.

Another brilliant 50m final, earlier today Viktoriia Savtsova set a new championship record, then her Ukraine teammate Yelyzaveta Mereshko broke it again, Mereshko has just done it again!

A new championship record in the final.

It's gold for Mereshko, silver for Savtsova, and another medal for the breakout star of London 2019:

China's Jiang Yuyan - she adds bronze to her precious collection, that's two golds and two bronze medals for her now.

Home heroes Ellie Robinson and Maisie Summers-Newton finished 4th and 5th.


  1. Yelyzaveta Mereshko UKR 32.94
  2. Viktoriia Savtsova UKR 33.35
  3. Jiang Yuyan CHN 33.53

7:19pm - Cumbia for Colombia

Carlos Serrano's heroics have been backed up as Nelson Crispin Corzo doubles down on their gold medal haul tonight in the Men's 50m Freestyle S6.

Antonio Fantin takes silver and Laurent Chardard bronze, both fractions of a second away from gold.


  1. Nelson Crispin Corzo COL 29.19
  2. Antonio Fantin ITA 29.92
  3. Laurent Chardard FRA 30.74

7:17pm - Alice Tai speaks to Olympic Channel

Here's what GB's five-star swimmer had to say after her latest feat:

7:05pm - 5/5 for Alice Tai

Well what's left to say about this girl.

Alice Tai wins her fifth gold medal in five races in the Women's 50m Freestyle S8.


Tai set a new championship record this morning and has just reset it in the final.

Brazil's Cecilia De Araujo is so close - .90s off - she sets a new Americas record, Claire Supiot wins bronze.

  1. Alice Tai GBR 29.55
  2. Cecilia De Araujo BRA 30.45
  3. Claire Supiot FRA 30.54

6:59pm - Gold for Greece

Dimosthenis Michalentzakis wins the Men's 50m Freestyle S8 Heat 2 splash and dash in a lightning 26.54.

Yang Guanglong, is .27 of a second behind him, Ben Popham .40 off in the photo finish.

That was fast.

  1. Dimosthenis Michalentzakis GRE 26.54
  2. Yang Guanglong CHN 26.81
  3. Ben Popham AUS 26.94

7:51pm - More gold for the USA!

Mikaela Jenkins wins the Women's 100m Butterfly S10 Final!

More joy for stateside swimmers.

And what a finish!

Five swimmers within a second of each other... Jenkins touches out Italy's Alessia Scortechini, only 0.39s behind.


Australia's Jasmine Greenwood only .70 behind too.


  1. Mikaela Jenkins USA 1:07.07
  2. Alessia Scortechini ITA 1:07.46
  3. Jasmine Greenwood AUS 1:07.69

7:43pm - Krypak gets it done

The Ukraine grab their first gold of the evening as Maksym Krypak brings home gold in the Men's 100m Butterfly S10 Final.

Italy's Stefano Raimondi swam the fastest time this morning but Krypak had more in reserve for the final.

Col Pearse completes the podium for Australia.

Official times:

  1. Maksym Krypak UKR 54.83
  2. Stefano Raimondi ITA 55.31
  3. Col Pearse AUS 58.60

7:41pm - Where in the world are you watching from?

Tell us on Olympic Channel Twitter, Insta or Facebook.

7:33pm - Julia Gaffney edges Mallory Weggeman!

Joint gold?


Julia Gaffney wins the Women's 200m Individual Medley SM7 by a nanosecond! Atoms between them.

Weggeman led for most of the race as she did in the qualifier, but Gaffney timed her attack perfectly.

There was only 0.01s between them this morning, and in the final it's 0.02s, but Gaffney has reversed the order and wins gold.

Canada's Tess Routliffe rounds off an all north-American podium.


  1. Julia Gaffney USA 2:55.98
  2. Mallory Weggeman USA 2:56.00
  3. Tess Routliffe CAN 2:58.06

7:25pm - Loaded

What a loaded field this is in the Men's 200m Individual Medley SM7 event.

Colombia's Carlos Serrano Zarate has the best breast stroke here, that's unreal, he goes from 6th to 1st in 50 metres!

A championship record and a gold medal for Colombia's golden swimmer!

Mark Malyar couldn't catch him, and neither could Andrii Trusov, Australia's Matthew Levy and Evan Austin finish outside the medals.

An electric final.


  1. Carlos Serrano Zarate COL 2:31.11
  2. Mark Malyar ISR 2:33.83
  3. Andrii Trusov UKR 2:35.28

7:18pm - Lakeisha Patterson wins gold!

Australia's Patterson has put distance between her and the field already in the Women's 400m Freestyle S9 Final, she's in control from the start.

She broke the field and never looked back.

Patterson finished a full 9 seconds ahead of closest rival Yulia Gordiychuk from Israel in her heat this morning and carried on in that manner tonight.

GB swimmer Toni Shaw takes silver, Ellie Cole makes it an Australian sandwich by winning bronze.

Official times:

  1. Lakeisha Patterson AUS 4:38.29
  2. Toni Shaw GBR 4:43.20
  3. Ellie Cole AUS 4:45.56

6:05pm - Day 5's first gold medal goes to...

Spain's Jacobo Garrido sprung a bit of a surprise in qualifying this morning topping the two heats.

It's so close, four swimmers in the reckoning.

And Garrido has won his maiden world title!

The 17-year-old has beaten the world champion!

The Spanish swimmer has beaten the Paralympic champion Brenden Hall who will have to settle for silver.

France's Ugo Didier touches out Morlacchi for bronze.


  1. Jacobo Garrido SPA 4:17.17
  2. Brenden Hall AUS 4:17.44
  3. Ugo Didier FRA 4:17.53

London calling!

Race 1 highlights

5:55pm - Breaking news!

5:45pm - We're back!

Warming up for tonight's finals here in London.

Apart from the amazing swimming, there are some incredible stories to be told here in London.

Abbas Karimi is just one example.

We caught up with Abbas last night after he qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

12:43pm - End of the morning session

And that concludes this morning's heats, so much to look forward to later.

And you can watch the finals live on our Olympic Channel stream too this evening, keeping our live blog open while you watch of course!

We'll be back a half an hour before the finals begin, at about 5:30pm London time.

See you soon.

12:37pm - Men's and women's 100m Freestyle S11

Brazil's Wendell Belarmino Pereira, Hua Dondong from China and Russian Kirill Belousov are the men to watch later.

In the women's version Maryna Piddubna is flying the flag for Ukraine and Liesette Bruinsma sets a new championship record!

Netherland's smiling assassin looks on form again today after she broke a world record yesterday:

12:26pm - Alberto Abarza in pole position

The Chilean took silver yesterday in the men's 200m Freestyle S2, and today he's looking to perform some alchemy and turn silver to gold in the Men's 50m Backstroke S2 Heat 2.

He has a challenge on his hands holding off Russia's Vladimir Danilenko however, who was less than half a second from Abarza's leading mark of 59.18.

Poland's Jacek Czech and another Russian Alexander Makarov both swam well too.

Abarza won three gold medals and one silver at the Lima 2019 Parapans and has an amazing story to tell.

12:17am - Rachael Watson tops class

Australia's Rachael Watson wins her heat with 5 seconds to spare, clocking the fastest time of qualifying: 39.86.

Italy's Arjola Trimi and Chinese challenger Peng Qiuping will push her all the way for those podium places later.

12:10pm - Cameron-Takayuki in 50m sprint showdown

New Zealand's Leslie Cameron and Japan's Takayuki Suzuki are fastest over two heats in the Men's 50m Freestyle S4.

Suzuki's 37.98 is the leading time.

Suzuki's impairment affects all four limbs, so how does he swim?

Find out here:

12:00pm - Becca Meyers tops another heat!

Incredible swimming from the Team USA's torpedo.

Meyers topped Women's 200m Individual Medley SM13 and four races later she's lighting up the leaderboard again.

This time she finishes first in the Women's 100m Freestyle S12 Heat 1 but only just in a three-way finish.

Brazil's Lucilene Da Silva was 0.51s late to the board, and Alessia Berra from Italy just 0.53 off.

Meyers' 1:01.68 wins heat 1.

But another Brazilian raises the ante in heat 2, Maria Gomes swimming 59.81.

Fina out more about Becca Meyers' story here:

11:55pm - Men's 100m Freestyle S12

Yaroslav Denysenko underlines another impressive morning swim session from the Ukraine, his time is fastest in these two heats: 53.37.

Jason Braeden the Aussie swimmer won the other heat, beating an Oceania record with his 54.05.

Salei Raman (Who shared a bronze medal with his brother) is in the conversation too.

11:48pm - Becca Meyers-Gilli Carlotta showdown

USA and Italy are in prime position to battle it out for gold later on in the Women's 200m Individual Medley SM13 final after Becca Meyers and Gilli Carlotta aced their heats.

Meyers has the edge after her 2:28.69 leading time.

11:41am - Ihar Boki taking care of business

He lost his first race of London 2019 yesterday, taking a bronze medal in the Men's 100m Breaststroke SB13 Final behind German prodigy Taliso Engel, but he's back to business today.

Boki tops the Men's 200m Individual Medley SM13 Heat 2 and sets the fastest time by far: 2:09.95.

Belarus' most intrepid precious metals collector is aiming for more tonight.

11:34am - Championship Record broken twice in two heats!

The Women's 50m Freestyle S6 is another mind-blowing sprint series.

First Viktoriia Savtsova goes 33.93 to set a new championship record, then her Ukraine teammate Yelyzaveta Mereshko breaks it again swimming 33.68!


Home heroes Ellie Robinson and Maisie Summers-Newton were second in those two heats meaning they're very much in podium contention in later's final.

11:32am - Men's 50m Freestyle S6

Wang Jingang swims 29.96, Nelson Crispin Corzo swims 29.95.

The splash and dash is a crowd fave again, that was fun - the final will be even more so.

11:28am - Alice Tai rules the pool

She's fed off the crowd all tournament, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Alice Tai is on fire.

She swims a championship record in the Women's 50m Freestyle S8.

Tonight Alice Tai could win her fifth gold medal in five races.

Truly extraordinary.

11:22am - Lightning fast 50's

Dimosthenis Michalentzakis and Gabriel Silva speed through the Men's 50m Freestyle S8 Heat 2.

Yang Guanglong, Ben Popham, Michal Golus are all in within a second or two.

Fastest time is Michalentzakis'.

The final is not to be missed later.

11:09am - USA lays groundwork

Some standout swimming form the U.S. this morning, which could lead to fireworks later.

Mikaela Jenkins topped the Women's 100m Butterfly S10 Heat with Australia's Jasmine Greenwood 1.70s behind.

Jenkins lays down a marker with her 1:07.22 lead time.

10:58am - Men's 100m Butterfly S10

The Ukraine and Italy throw some shapes in the two heats.

Ukranian Maksym Krypak just touches out Russian Dmitry Grigoryev in heat 2, Krypak clocks 58.07, the Russian only 0.65 off.

But the fastest time was set in heat 1 by Stefano Raimondi: 57.94.

Another mouth-watering final in prospect.

10:49am - Mallory Weggeman and Julia Gaffney bossing it

The two U.S. swimmers boss the Women's 200m Individual Medley SM7 Heat 1.

They are 5.33s faster than Canada's Tess Routliffe but only 0.01s away from each other.

Weggeman pips it by the barest of minimums, she's the world record holder in this event.

Watch out for that Team USA duel later this evening.

We caught up with Mallory after her gold medal win earlier in the competition:

10:40am - Mark Malyar chasing more history

He's already given London 2019 one of the most memorable moments and he's out to make more history in the Men's 200m Individual Medley SM7 event.

His time is fastest over the two heats.

Malyar's 2:37.54 is 1.74s faster than Andrii Trusov and 1.78 faster than Colombian hero Carlos Serrano Zarate.

Australia's Matthew Levy swims 2:37.97 in heat 2 with Evan Austin also in the mix.

This is going to be some final.

If you missed Mark Malyar's magic 400m S7 world record swim, here it is again:

10:32am - Lakeisha Patterson puts it down

Heat 2 is dominated by Australia's Lakeisha Patterson, wow, she finishes a full 9 seconds ahead of closest rival Yulia Gordiychuk from Israel.

That's the fastest time of the morning in the Women's 400m Freestyle S9 trials.

4:49.05 is Lakeisha Patterson's mark, giving her that middle lane.

Spain's Nuria Marques is third in that second heat, the Spanish swimmer is determined to make up for a disqualification earlier in the week when she finished second in the race.

10:27am - Toni Shaw leads the way

GB swimmer Toni Shaw bests the great Ellie Cole in the Women's 400m Freestyle S9 Heat 1.

Shaw's 4:58.71 is 1.26s faster than Cole's mark.

10:16am - Italy's Morlacchi first in men's 400m free S9

Federico Morlacchi tops heat 1, strong final 50 from the Italian, and Poland's Igor Hrehorowicz also powers home impressively, just 1.16 off the Italian's time.

Portuguese swimmer David Grachat is third.

In heat 2 Spain's Jacobo Garrido has the fastest 400 in the two qualifiers - 4:21.71, Brenden Hall - who set the world record back in 2013 - is second and France's young gun Ugo Didier third.

10:01am - First race of the day

First up are the Men's 400m Freestyle S9 heats.

Brenden Hall is the world record holder in this event and he's in heat 2, French swimmer Ugo Didier is the pretender to the throne, and in heat 1 Timothy Hodge and Federico Morlacchi are two names that stand out.

Portugal's David Grachat is going well in heat 1, leading after 300m.

Federico Morlacchi second, Timothy Hodge third.

9:56am - Olympic park enjoying the sun

The Olympic Park is looking beautiful this morning, a sun-soaked British morning.

The London Aquatics Centre sparkling in the sun. Photo:Olympic Channel

9:49am - Tight at the top

These are your five dominant nations so far, but we've seen a good spread of awards too, the U.S. are always there and thereabouts, Germany and the Netherlands had a good day yesterday, Chile and Croatia won their first gold medals on Day 4.

Argentina were on the podium too on Day 4, we've seen big moments from Israel and Colombia has had a good Worlds, we have also seen some exciting young swimmers from Turkey.

More today!

9:45am - Amazing stories, all week long

Here was Elizabeth's extraordinary swim last night.

9:34am - Morning!

We're in place for Day 5, poised for more electric live blogging.

The morning sesion is about 25 minutes away.

Time to catch the highlights of another day of top swimming from yesterday.

What to look out for on Day 5

Day 4 was another simply stunning day of swimming:

Alice Tai made it four gold medals in a row, the British mixed relay team finished on a high and Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Russia and the Ukraine all shone at the London Aquatics Centre.

Expect nothing less on Friday.

The day 5 blog will be live for the morning session from 10am local time, and will stay live covering all the swimming throughout the day.

Keep it locked.

Friday 13th September Qualifiers Schedule

Morning heats

10:00 Men's 400m Freestyle S9 Heat 1

10:06 Men's 400m Freestyle S9 Heat 2

10:12 Women's 400m Freestyle S9 Heat 1

10:20 Women's 400m Freestyle S9 Heat 2

10:27 Men's 200m Individual Medley SM7 Heat 1

10:32 Men's 200m Individual Medley SM7 Heat 2

10:37 Women's 200m Individual Medley SM7 Heat 1

10:45 Men's 100m Butterfly S10 Heat 1

10:48 Men's 100m Butterfly S10 Heat 2

10:51 Women's 100m Butterfly S10 Heat 1

10:57 Men's 50m Freestyle S8 Heat 1

10:59 Men's 50m Freestyle S8 Heat 2

11:02 Women's 50m Freestyle S8 Heat 1

11:04 Women's 50m Freestyle S8 Heat 2

11:07 Men's 50m Freestyle S6 Heat 1

11:09 Men's 50m Freestyle S6 Heat 2

11:12 Women's 50m Freestyle S6 Heat 1

11:15 Women's 50m Freestyle S6 Heat 2

11:18 Men's 200m Individual Medley SM13 Heat 1

11:22 Men's 200m Individual Medley SM13 Heat 2

11:27 Women's 200m Individual Medley SM13 Heat 1

11:31 Women's 200m Individual Medley SM13 Heat 2

11:36 Men's 100m Freestyle S12 Heat 1

11:39 Men's 100m Freestyle S12 Heat 2

11:42 Women's 100m Freestyle S12 Heat 1

11:45 Women's 100m Freestyle S12 Heat 2

11:48 Men's 50m Freestyle S4 Heat 1

11:51 Men's 50m Freestyle S4 Heat 2

11:54 Women's 50 m Freestyle S4 Heat 1

11:57 Women's 50 m Freestyle S4 Heat 2

12:01 Men's 50m Backstroke S2 Heat 1

12:06 Men's 100m Freestyle S11 Heat 1

12:09 Men's 100m Freestyle S11 Heat 2

12:13 Women's 100m Freestyle S11 Heat 1

12:15 Women's 100m Freestyle S11 Heat 2

Friday 13th September medal events

18:03 Men's 400m Freestyle S9 Final

18:10 Women's 400m Freestyle S9 Final

18:19 Men's 200m Individual Medley SM7 Final

18:25 Women's 200m Individual Medley SM7 Final

18:31 Men's 100m Butterfly S10 Final

18:35 Women's 100m Butterfly S10 Final

18:49 Men's 50m Freestyle S8 Final

18:53 Women's 50m Freestyle S8 Final

19:06 Men's 50m Freestyle S6 Final

19:10 Women's 50m Freestyle S6 Final

19:23 Men's 200m Individual Medley SM13 Final

19:29 Women's 200m Individual Medley SM13 Final

19:43 Men's 100m Freestyle S12 Final

19:47 Women's 100m Freestyle S12 Final

20:01 Men's 50m Freestyle S4 Final

20:05 Women's 50 m Freestyle S4 Final

20:18 Men's 50m Backstroke S2 Final

20:24 Women's 50m Backstroke S2 Final

20:37 Men's 100m Freestyle S11 Final

20:42 Women's 100m Freestyle S11 Final

20:57 Men's 4x100m Medley Relay 34pts Final

21:05 Women's 4x100m Medley Relay 34pts Final