2019 ICU Asian Cheerleading Championships: Live streaming and everything else you need

The next big date on the cheer calendar is the Asian Championships in Shenzhen, China, and you can watch it live on the Olympic Channel from 1 - 3 Nov. 

By Ken Browne ·

Get ready for pyramids and scorpions, crowd attacks and candlesticks, tucks and touchdowns, as the 2019 ICU Asian Cheerleading Championships sets it off in Shenzhen, China, at the beginning of November.

The global viral phenomenon that is cheerleading is just getting started and it's all eyes on China, where the best on the continent converge to do their thing.

And you can watch it live on Olympic Channel from 1 - 3 November.


1 - 3 Nov 2019

ICU Asian Championships - Shenzhen


Taking the world by storm

The Shenzhen Institute of Information and Technology Stadium hosts this high-energy festival of flips, where we'll see Team Cheer, Pom, Jazz, and so much more.

Cheerleading was once the domain of the USA but the rapid rise of popularity of cheer worldwide has seen levels soar internationally.

With its combination of gymnastics, dance, sync, pumping tracks and big throws, cheer is exploding and has a cross-gender appeal with young people.

It's one of the few sports where all genders compete together and everyone is welcome to the party.

Cheerleading has taken the world of sport by storm and teams from across Asia will bring their local culture and creativity to the spectacle in Shenzhen.

Who to watch


Home advantage will be big for China. The hosts are expected to put on a show with a big, loud crowd getting behind them.

Team China from Xiamen won the Pom Doubles’ gold medal at the 2nd Asian University Cheerleading Championships in Seoul in August, and progression in other disciplines promises plenty of cheers for the local support too.

The Philippines

Watch out for the Philippines, they finished just off the podium in 4th at the 2018 World Championships All Girl Elite competition.

They also made the podium in the team hip hop competition, and should be strong cross-discipline.

Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei stunned the USA by winning the Coed Premier World Championships gold medal in 2015, and were close again in 2018 finishing just behind the States for silver.

This year at the 2019 Worlds they were on the podium again, taking home bronze behind the U.S. and Canada.

Thailand could also threaten in the Coed competition, their juniors won Worlds gold this year, and South Korea are contenders in the Coed Elite discipline.

Their seniors finished fifth at the 2019 Worlds - the highest finishing Asian team.

Chinese Taipei will be favourites to take top spot in the Coed event, but will have to watch out for Japan's flow of favourites.


Japan will roll into the Asian Champs like the big boss.

At the Orlando Worlds in April this year Japan were crowned world champions in:

Hip hop Doubles, Freestyle Pom Doubles, Team Cheer Hip Hop, Team Cheer Freestyle Pom, Doubles Team Cheer Hip Hop, and Doubles Team Cheer Freestyle.

The sport is getting so big that there's even been a reasonably big-budget film released this year (2019) about a male cheerleading team called 'Cheer Boys'.

Japan will be expected to leave Shenzen with a freshly minted collection of big coin.

And if the Asian University Cheerleading Championships in Seoul this August were anything to go by - Japan won four of seven titles - leaving as the biggest winners by a stretch, then Shenzhen could be another goldrush for Japanese cheerers.

They won the All-Female Elite, Pom, Hip Hop, and Hip Hop Doubles in Seoul, bringing that perfect blend of creation, passion and execution to the competition.

"We tried hard to synchronize for each choreography. The complexity of our stunts and choreography were our biggest strengths, and that makes us a winner," said Japan's Matsuo Masaki.

Beyond the competition, look out for elevations and extensions, deadmen and dismounts, cupies and cradle catches.

The 2019 Asian Cheerleading Championships is going to be lit.