Adam Rippon And His Barbecue-Flavoured Medal!

'America's Sweetheart's' Olympic medal is one-of-a-kind

If medals were awarded for making people laugh then Adam Rippon would be America’s most decorated Olympian in history.

In an interview with Variety alongside two-time skiing gold medallist Mikaela Shiffrin, Rippon revealed that his bronze medal from PyeongChang is stained with barbecue sauce!

Rippon explains that the condiment is “in a groove, it’s stuck there forever.”

When the interviewer suggests he can have it cleaned, Rippon declines.

“You know what, I’m going to keep it there,” he said.

“It adds character,” Shiffrin said.

“And flavour,” Rippon adds. “It’s barbecue flavoured.”

Cooking And Medals Don’t Mix

Rippon won a bronze medal at PyeongChang 2018 in the figure skating team event.

While in Korea, he sampled some fried chicken live on television where the sauce may have found its way onto the prized Olympic medal:

Adam simply can’t stay out of the news these days.

Last month he won a special athletes edition of Dancing With The Stars.

The BBQ-flavoured Olympic medal is definitely not the first time he has made us chuckle, chortle, gush, or guffaw.

Remember when he called himself a “Hot mess”?

'Hot mess' Rippon reflects on surreal Olympics

'Hot mess' Rippon reflects on surreal Olympics

Then there was the time he appointed himself ‘America’s sweetheart’.

Relive Rippon talking about being 'America's sweetheart'

Relive Rippon talking about being 'America's sweetheart'

Perhaps Adam has finally answered the age-old question of why athletes bite their medals.

Actually this video actually gives a much better answer to that question, it’ll make you laugh too!

Don’t let Adam’s easy way and sharp sense of humour fool you.

He’s an amazing skater and a fierce competitor. Here’s his free skate from PyeongChang. Enjoy!

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