Vikas Krishan stands tall in Asian boxing Olympic qualifiers

Day 4 of the Asian boxing Olympic qualifiers also saw Naman Tanwar fall as India stumbled to their first loss in Amman.

By Andre Pitts ·

It was a mixed day for India in the Asian boxing Olympic qualifiers on Friday with Vikas Krishan winning his welterweight bout and Naman Tanwar succumbing in his heavyweight clash.

Vikas Krishan, though, put on a boxing clinic for India, dominating his opponent in all three rounds. After softening his opponent up in the first, he proceeded to drop him more than once in the second and then used his ring generalship and experience to close out the third round.  

"That's how I want to fight because my next opponents are going to watch the fight and they are going to see 'man this guy is a beast, stay away from him,'” Vikas Krishan told the Olympic Channel. “That's the message I want to pass to them."

Vikas Krishan will represent India in his third consecutive Olympics in Tokyo

Vikas Krishan shows his class

Vikas Krishan, who’s eyeing a third consecutive Olympics appearance for India, looked firmly in control of his bout against Kyrgyzstan’s Nursultan Mamataly from start to finish.

The opening round saw the two-time Olympian from India getting a measure of his opponent. Fighting with high hands and a low chin, Vikas Krishan looked to make his experience count and pick apart his opponent.

His strategy worked as he made solid connections with a few uppercuts and left crosses that were enough to win him the first round 5-0.

It was the second round, though, that the gulf in class between the two boxers came to the fore with Vikas Krishan completely outpunching the Kyrgyzstan pugilist.

The Indian seemed to step on the gas and began the second round primarily using his left cross and left hooks to the body and head at the start of the round.

Nursultan Mamataly falls to the canvas

However, it was a thudding right counter punch that put Nursultan Mamataly on the canvas even though the referee deemed it a slip.

Another right hand straight that broke through Nursultan Mamataly’s guard stunned him and had him all wobbly, leading to a standing count by the referee.

Vikas Krishan continued to put Nursultan Mamataly to the sword, unrelenting in his approach and took the second round 5-0 as well.

The final round was more of the same as the Indian welterweight kept inviting Nursultan Mamataly into the pocket, where he picked him apart with two-shot combinations to the body.

Nursultan Mamataly, to his credit, went till the final bell despite enduring a lot of punishment. However, he was no match for Vikas Krishan, who won convincingly by unanimous decision.

Vikas Krishan will face Japan’s Quincy Okazawa in the Asian boxing Olympic qualifiers quarter-finals for a berth in the 2020 Olympics.

India suffer first loss at Asian boxing Olympic qualifiers

The second bout of the evening featuring an Indian was a heavyweight (81-91 kg) clash between Naman Tanwar and Syria’s Alaa Ghousoon.

Both fighters didn’t hold anything back from the start, looking to catch the other with heavy punches in the opening exchanges.

Naman Tanwar was fighting on the front foot and that played into the Syrian’s hands as he consistently managed to do damage while backing up with his left-hand counter.

A clash of heads led to a cut above the Syrian southpaw’s left eye but that didn’t affect his approach in the slightest.

He kept attacking till the end of the round, getting in a heavy left hook to Naman Tanwar’s chin before winning the first round unanimously.

The second round was a similarly scrappy affair albeit with a slightly more conservative style at the start from both boxers.

Alaa Ghousoon came into his own as the round progressed, while Naman Tanwar struggled to get his jabs away and make better use of his superior reach.

The Syrian continued to chip away at Naman Tanwar with his left cross and also landed a heavy left straight to the Indian’s midriff at one stage.

Alaa Ghousoon won the second round by unanimous decision too and remained largely untroubled in the third while continuing to get his counter punches away effectively en-route to a comfortable win.

When and where to watch the Asian boxing Olympic qualifiers

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