Explained: Boxing scoring for Tokyo 2020

Boxers at the Olympic qualifying events and during the Games will be judged on punch quality, tactical superiority, and sticking to the rules, while judges have limited time to submit their scores

By Andrew Binner ·

Boxing scoring at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will make use of human judges and technology to ensure impartiality.

In the bout itself, men and women both compete over three rounds of three minutes each. Contests are decided by knockout, stoppage inside the distance by the referee, disqualification or on points based on the verdict of five judges at ringside.

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Five judges score fighters on the number of quality blows landed on the target area, technical and tactical superiority, and take into account any point deductions for infringing the rules.

Judges award 10 points to who they believe to be the winner of each round, while the loser gets seven to nine points.

Scores must be submitted within 15 seconds of the end of the round, and after the final round each judge has their scores combined to determine a winner. A computer then randomly selects three scores to decide the match result.

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