Paris 2024 proposes Breaking for Summer Olympic Games debut

The four sports are pending approval from the IOC after being recommended by Paris' organising committee.

Breaking, sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding have been recommended by Paris 2024 organising committee for inclusion at the Summer Olympic Games.

The four sports will feature in the French capital, pending final approval from the International Olympic Committee.

The IOC Programme Commission will discuss the proposal prior to the next Executive Board meeting from March 26 to 28.

The IOC Session in June is expected to offer provisional approval, before they are officially confirmed after the Games in Tokyo 2020.

Three-time canoeing Olympic champion and head of the Paris 2024 organising committee Tony Estanguet said the new sports would make the Olympics more 'more urban' and 'more artistic.'

Breaking into a new era

Should the IOC approve its place at Paris 2024, breaking will spin to even greater heights as it makes its full Olympic debut.

The sport was a big hit at Buenos Aires 2018, where it was included at the Youth Olympic Games for the first time.

Russia's Sergei Chernyshev, a.k.a. Bumblebee, won gold in the boys' event in Argentina, while Japan's Ramu Kawai won the girls' title.

Olympic Channel went behind the scenes at the final, and you can get a taste of the action below.

  • Youth Olympic breaking champ Bumblebee calls Paris 2024 decision

    Youth Olympic breaking champ Bumblebee calls Paris 2024 decision "evolution"

Building from Tokyo 2020

Sport climbing, surfing, and skateboarding could make their second Olympic appearances in Paris, after being included at Tokyo 2020.

The sports are in line with the Olympic vision of appealing to the youth audience, incorporating more diversity and urban culture alongside traditional sports.

A total of 248 athletes would compete across the four new sports proposed by organisers.

The recommendations will come as a blow to several other sports hoping to have a competitive presence in France.

Squash, billiard sports, and chess unsuccessfully campaigned for inclusion at Paris 2024.

Baseball, softball, and karate are included on the programme for Tokyo 2020, but could miss out four years later.

Reaction from sports likely to miss 2024

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) released a statement following the news, saying:

_“We would like to congratulate surfing, climbing, skateboarding and breakdancing for being shortlisted for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. WBSC remains fully committed to boosting the growth of baseball-softball in France and around the world. We believe our inclusive, accessible sports can promote the Olympic Values globally and connect young people with the Movement for decades to come. _

We will continue working hand in hand with all stakeholders in the lead up to our spectacular Olympic comeback in Tokyo 2020. We expect sold out crowds, an electric atmosphere and a clear demonstration of what our strong sport and its global fanbase can bring to the Games throughout the competitions.

Our community spans from little leagues, to national federations and players associations, all the way up to professional leagues, and our unified participation at Tokyo 2020 will showcase the tremendous bond across the global baseball-softball family. We will be looking forward to further information from the IOC and LA 2028 Organising Committee on the process for new sports 2028. The WBSC is a strong and solid federations governing a major global sport, we remain convinced of the value that we can bring to the Olympic Programme.”

World Karate Federation President Antonio Espinós said of their exclusion:

“France is one of the strongest countries in karate. We had founded hopes to be in Paris 2024 due to the strength and popularity of our sport in France. Sadly, we have received the very bad news for karate that our sport will be excluded from this list."

The virtual Games

Paris 2024 organisers also announced that their Games would allow the public to 'Move from the role of spectator, to actor', immersing themselves in the Olympics through virtual and connected sports.

Members of the public will also have the opportunity to run the marathon course on the same day as the event, giving runners a first-hand experience of what the conditions were like for the Olympians.

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