Caster Semenya to miss World Championships after Swiss Federal Court reverses ruling  

Swiss Supreme Court reverses prior ruling that had temporarily suspended IAAF regulations preventing the double Olympic champion to defend her 800m world title in Doha

Caster Semenya will not be able to defend her 800m title at the World Athletics Championships in Doha.

The Swiss Supreme Court has reversed its ruling that temporarily lifted the IAAF hyperandrogenism regulations imposed on the double Olympic champion.

On Tuesday, the Court dismissed Semenya's request for the provisional suspension of the regulations stating "for the time being, the Eligibility Regulations are again applicable to Caster Semenya."

"I am very disappointed from being kept to defend my hard earned title but this will not deter me from continuing my fight for the human rights of all of the female athletes concerned," the three-time world champion said in a statement.

Semenya vows to fight on

Semenya is appealing the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruling on Mat 1 that supported the International Association of Athletics Federation's (IAAF) eligibility regulations.

These regulations force female runners at distances between 400m and one mile to take medication to lower their elevated testosterone levels.

Semenya has repeatedly refused to do so.

Tuesday's decision means she can no longer run at her favourite distance as she was allowed to do in June and July.

The Swiss Federal Court also stated however, it has not yet reached a final decision on the appeal itself.

"We understand the Swiss Federal Tribunal will be issuing its full decision on this order tomorrow and the IAAF will comment once the tribunal makes its reasoning public," said an IAAF spokesperson.

Semenya has won 31 straight 800m races since 2015.

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