Champion wrestler Sushil Kumar turns vlogger: Guides youngsters on boosting immunity

Sushil Kumar advises youth to avoid sleeping late 

By Samrat Chakraborty ·

Star wrestler and two-time Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar has a wealth of experience, having represented India in three Olympics apart from numerous major events like the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games.

The 37-year-old, only Indian to have won two individual Olympic medals post-Independence, is not done yet and is looking to represent India in the Tokyo Olympics, set to be held later this year.

Even as he enters the twilight of his career, Sushil is looking to inspire the youth of the country to take up sports as a career, thereby turning India into a sporting nation.  

He has donned the avatar of a YouTube vlogger, having started a channel in his name where he hopes to guide aspiring sportspersons, especially wrestlers, with tips and helpful information on fitness, technique and more. 

In one of the first videos on the channel, Sushil has focused on fitness and immunity in general for everybody, not just athletes. 

Sushil, who is currently training to get fit for the upcoming Olympic qualifying tournaments, takes examples from his own regimen to give tips for youngsters on how to improve their immunity.  

“First thing I would like to tell you guys is that you should train (everyday) for 45 minutes. 45 minutes of exercise is a must for boosting immunity. You can do any kind of exercise in that period. You can do Yoga, running, walking or you can play any sports,” he said in the video.  

“But 45 minutes of exercise is very important for your body and you will feel it yourself that your immunity has been boosted. Your confidence also increases.”

Sushil also stressed on the importance of including Vitamin C in your daily diet and listed out some sources of the same he consumes.  

“A good diet is very important. You need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Food rich in vitamin C is very important. Some foods I eat myself are Amla (Gooseberry), Mosambi (Sweet Lime) and Oranges. Vitamin C is crucial for immunity.” 

"Mental fitness is also very important, especially during this pandemic. One should not stress yourself unnecessarily,” he added. 

Another factor which will affect fitness and immunity of young people specifically is the habit of sleeping late, feels Sushil Kumar. 

“Also, please don’t sleep late at night. Sleeping late has a lot of negative effects on your body. My advice for the youth of India is that please sleep on time. Your body’s clock will function much better if you sleep on time.  

"I can tell you with confidence that if you do these things, you will feel the difference within a week.” 

The champion wrestler, who fights in the 74kg category these days, also had a message for the youngsters, imploring them to stop taking drugs of any sort.  

“Also, it is very important to say no to drugs. They weaken your immunity and diminish your body’s capability to fight diseases.”