Daily routine: Five things to do - 5 May

Stay strong with Olympic Channel's top 5 things to try during lockdown this Tuesday including a boxing drill, a piano lesson, and getting into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo 

By Olympic Channel ·

It’s the fifth of May, or Cinco de Mayo in the Spanish speaking world.

Today is a usually a day of celebration in Mexico as they commemorate the victory of the Mexican Army over the French Empire.

The date has also become synonymous with the celebration of Mexican-American culture, especially in the United States.

And with the history lesson complete, it’s time to get into the Olympic Channel’s five activities to help you stay happy and healthy today.

1) Try out these simple boxing drills

You don't need to be a boxer to learn some of the sport's basic moves. 

If you were ever thinking of getting a boxing workout under your belt, who better to guide you than the head coach of Team USA, Billy Walsh 

The Irishman who competed in the 1988 Olympic Games shares a few basic boxing drills that you can do from the comfort of your home

2) Get into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo 

If you consider yourself a global citizen of the world, then why not get In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo and delve into the thinking behind the Mexico 68 Olympic Games’ logo design. 

These were the first Olympic Games to be staged in Latin America and the first to be staged in a Spanish-speaking country. 

The basis of the design was derived from traditional forms of Mexican culture and it’s a fascinating story that you can discover in our series Design Focus.

Design Focus: Mexico 1968

In 1968, Mexico City introduced a new modern vision of the host country thr...

And to celebrate Mexican-American heritage, you can relive the moment when USA's Sarah Robles, who is of Mexican ancestry, won weightlifting bronze at Rio 2016.

3) Have a laugh 

The New Zealand Olympic Committee is running a competition where athletes reenact historic Kiwi Olympic moments - and the result has been some hilarious videos. 

To get a taste, you can have a look at professional squash player Paul Coll having a go at reenacting pole vault’s Eliza McCartney’s bronze medal win at Rio 2016.

And there's plenty more of that on the team's Instagram page that could tickle your tummy.

4) Take a piano lesson with Billy Jean King 

Tennis legend, Billy Jean King, takes on the #learneverywhere challenge and has posted a quick lesson about her favourite musical instrument, the piano.

The American former world number one professional tennis player who has 39 Grand Slam titles to her name gives a brief introduction about the instrument before breaking into a lovely display of skill which is comparable to her on court performances.

 King has subsequently tagged the likes of four-time Olympic tennis champion Venus Williams and six-time Olympic track and field medallist Jackie Joyner-Kersee, so keep a look out to see what they post. 

 And what would be your #learneverywhere skill to showcase?

5) Vote for your favorite Olympic Torch 

It’s time for you to decide which Olympic torch design you like the best.

The competition starts today with the round of 16, so be sure to head to Instagram or Twitter and vote for your torch all the way into the finals and onwards to victory.