Daily Routine: Five things to do - 30 April

Stay strong with Olympic Channel's top 5 things to try at home during lockdown, including skateboarding, a Throwback Thursday, and some workout inspiration.

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It's Thursday. It is definitely Thursday today. It's sometimes hard to tell but, there is no doubt, today is Thursday.


What day is it again?

To celebrate the fact that it's 100% (probably) Thursday, we've put together a list of five things to keep your spirits at optimum Olympic level.

We've an old video of skateboarder Tony Hawk shouting 'do a kickflip' out of his car and pictures of Olympic champion Elaine Thompson's cute outfit (and cute pets). Plus, a couple of workout suggestions and a photo of Simone Biles on her sofa.

1) Do a kickflip

A kickflip is a skateboarding trick. It's not the hardest trick in the world. It's most certainly not the easiest either.

Here's a 10 minute tutorial if you want to dust off your skateboard and give it a try indoors.

The skating community came together yesterday to 'do a kickflip' for skating legend Eric Koston's birthday.

Below is 12-year-old Brazilian skater Rayssa Leal performing an absolute textbook kickflip.

She's definitely one to keep an eye on ahead of skating's first trip to the Olympic Games at Tokyo 2020.

For those without a skateboard, and no intention to skateboard, you are still invited to watch skating legend Tony Hawk yell 'Do a kickflip' out of his car window in 2019 to random members of the public.

SPOILER ALERT: It's actually really funny and surprisingly heart-warming.

2) Put on a cute outfit

Just because there's nowhere to go - that does not mean you can't dress up.

Double Olympic champion Elaine Thompson put on her party dress and posed for a couple of photos with her cute dogs Sky and Bella.

And seeing as it's Throwback Thursday, it could well be time to relive Elaine's iconic moments from Rio 2016.

The Jamaican became the first woman since 1988 to become Olympic champion in both the 100m and 200m.

Elaine Thompson: My Rio Highlights

The best moments from the 2016 Summer Olympic Games

3) Dream

Has anyone else been having really vivid dreams during lockdown?

Internet searches for 'weird dreams' have apparently doubled since isolation began.

It seems like four-time Olympic champion Simone Biles has also been in the 'Dream Team'.

Simone's USA team mate, Olympic champion, and general gymnastics superstar Laurie Hernandez joined us this morning on Instagram for an 'Incoming Call'.

If you missed it, there's more on what she had to say, here.

You're not dreaming, Laurie really was on that call.

And if you want to know more about the two of them, check out our Olympic Channel Podcast episode with both Simone and Laurie.

Can anyone keep up with the gymnastics workout of phenom Laurie Hernandez?

Fitness duo Austin and Julian try training with U.S. Olympic gold medallist...

4) Cheer on the Dream Team

Everyone has been going crazy for the brilliant 'Last Dance' documentary series about basketball great Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

If you can't get enough of your 90s nostalgia, then come on over to our free live stream of the latest game from 1992 Dream Team's epic battle for Olympic gold.

Full details of when all the games are being streamed are here.

Tonight is USA going up against Germany and it starts at 6pm EST.

5) Work out with steeplechaser and former model Colleen Quigley

US runner Colleen Quigley gave up a promising modelling career to become an Olympian.

Colleen brought her smiles, enthusiasm, and creativity to the Olympic Channel on Instagram for a live workout.

If you missed it, don't worry as Colleen has literally LOADS of workout ideas on her YouTube channel.

Plus, we clipped up the whole thing and stuck it on Facebook so you can watch it and join along anytime.

We'll have another live workout on Monday with British snowboarder Katie Ormerod at 3pm BST.

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