Daily routine: five things to do - 8 April 2020

With many of us staying home, Olympic Channel is giving you five things to do to stay active, stay positive, and stay healthy!

By Ken Browne ·

During these challenging times when so many people around the world are staying home to help fight the coronavirus outbreak, we're all looking for a bit of motivation.

We here at Olympic Channel are sharing inspiring and emotional moments to help us all stay safe, strong and healthy.

Here are five things for today.

1. Home Workout

Staying active physically and positive mentally is more important than ever right now, and with a little imagination, staying in top shape is still possible.

We have been asking Olympians to help by sharing their home workouts, and they are amazing!

You can watch Tongan viral sensation Pita Taufatofua's daily workouts right here.

And stay tuned to our social channels @olympicchannel as we bring you live daily workouts to help you stay active during lockdown.

Here's Mexican diver Rommel Pacheco taking over:

2. Read

Need a good read?

Sadly the figure skating season was cut short right before the 2020 World champs where we were all looking forward to seeing a mouthwatering showdown between Nathan Chen and Hanyu Yuzuru - and the history-making 'Triple A' in action.

But you can read back over the highlights this season right here, and all about the stars of the future here.

Also, we have been reporting on how athletes have been handling the lockdown around the world, click here to see.

There's some news today too:

The 2022 World Athletics Championships have been moved forward by three weeks to avoid a clash with the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

Read the BBC report here.

And you can read all about the rise of Mikkel Hansen - Denmark's superstar handball player here.

Some say he's the best in the world.

But French Nikola Karabatic fans may have something to say about that.

If you're looking for something shorter, we like to post plenty of positive quotes.

Like this one:

3. Watch

We all miss sport, but this break has given us a moment to reflect on just how good we've had it.

Sports nostalgia is trending and you can watch classic Olympic finals and Opening/Closing Ceremonies live on Olympic Channel TV.

We also have plenty of Original Series that are free to watch right now.

For example, have you ever heard of Teofilo Stevenson

He is arguably the greatest heavyweight boxer who never became world champion. 

When George Foreman was asked at the 1976 Olympics: 'What would happen if Teofilo Stevenson came to the United States to turn pro?' 

He answered: "Stevenson would undoubtedly become champion of the world." 

So why did he say no to fame, glory, and millions of dollars? 

Find out right here:

The People’s Fighters | Five Rings Films

The powerful story of how a revolutionary boxing experiment produced Teofil...

Want more?

Gorge on hours and hours of free sports, movies, events and original series right here on Olympic Channel.

No sign-up, just hours and hours of inspiring Olympic content.

Click here to get started.

4. Listen

We all need a little inspiration in times of social isolation.

Listen to our latest podcast with Paralympic sprinter Scout Bassett for the most uplifting tale you'll hear this year.

Bassett was nearly eight years old when she was adopted from a Chinese orphanage to move to a small town in Michigan, USA, where she was the only person in her county with a disability.

Her story of beating the odds to become a successful athlete via a scholarship at UCLA is a remarkable one.

But she's clear: this is no Cinderella story.

Speaking from her apartment during the coronavirus lockdown, Scout told us her story.

5. Try this

We've been posting plenty of challenges online: physical and mental.

Here's gymnastics and All Around star Morgan Hurd's toilet-roll challenge:

Spot the difference

Not quite as flexible as Morgan Hurd?

Don't worry, neither are we!

Here's a different kind of challenge:

Who's missing?

Here's another one, keep an eye out for more across our social media channels.

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