Daily routine: Five things to do - 21 April

Stay active this Tuesday with Olympic Channel’s top five suggestions for a healthy, productive, and active day

By Olympic Channel ·

It’s Tuesday, the week is well and truly underway, and there are plenty of things to keep you motivated and productive, no matter where you are in isolation.

In these uncertain times, having something to listen to, to watch, and to inspire your workouts can make all the difference to your daily mindset.

Here are today’s five things…

1) Home assault course!

Firstly, Olympic Channel recommends you DO NOT try this at home!

British gymnast Nile Wilson demonstrates supreme agility and balance to reel off a host of backflips, and even manages a perfect landing.

This is just a great watch in itself, but why not try making your own (slightly less dangerous!) course at home and get some light circuit training done?

We've been showcasing the top home workouts on this special page every day, as we encourage everyone to #StayHealthy, #StayStrong, and #StayActive.

2) Calling all swimmers!

Missing the water? Why not try Katie Ledecky's aqua-burpees?

Once those are done, you're likely going to need a sit down.

The five-time freestyle Olympic gold medallists also recommends reading, so why not take a look at this feature on why she would like to start racing against men.

3) Tune into Rafa and Roger’s chat

Rafa Nadal has decided to use some of his time in isolation to catch up with old friend and rival Roger Federer.

Despite Rafa showing that he is not as handy with technology as he is with his tennis racket, the two-time Olympic gold medallist pulls it out of the bag and shares plenty of laughs with 2008 Olympic champion Federer.

4) Race like the Hoys

Need some inspiration for a family activity?

Six time cycling Olympic gold medallist Chris Hoy is clearly missing competition, and has combined that with some fun for the kids - a mini cycling race!

He’ll be hoping to improve upon that bronze finish though...

5) Guess the missing star

Fancy a less physical form of competition?

Test your Olympic knowledge out and guess which athlete has been cut out of the photo!