Dawid Godziek lands world's first mountain bike quadruple tail whip

Polish rider landed outrageous trick at Audi Nines in Germany.

There’s a new king of mountain bike tricks and his name is Dawid Godziek.

The Polish rider has become the first person to land a quadruple tail whip at the Audi Nines in Germany.

“I landed the triple whip pretty easy, so I decided to try for one more,” said the 24-year-old professional mountain biker.

“I hadn’t been thinking about this trick at all, but the jump here at Audi Nines turned out to be the perfect jump for it. It’s huge and there’s a lot of airtime to do it.”

The ‘Send it to the Moon’ jump

The huge jump features a five metre takeoff ramp, specially designed to help mountain bikes achieve maximum air time.

Godziek’s trick, which is a staple in the BMX world, required him to spin a much less maneuverable mountain bike around the handlebars four times in the air.

After a few fails, the successful land has unsurprisingly gone viral on social media already.

With that now ticked off, will he attempt five spins?

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