IOC invites Young Change-Makers to apply for funding for grassroots projects

The Young Change-Maker+ programme wants applicants to use sport to build a better world in their community.

The IOC Young Change-Maker+ programme is inviting Young Change-Makers to apply for funding to deliver their own grassroots projects.

The projects all leverage sport to combat a social challenge in their community, and could each be awarded up to 5,000 Swiss francs.

Launched in 2016, YCM+ is now in the third cycle of the programme with a total of 70 projects being delivered across five continents and reaching a total of 25,000 individual participants.

The Young Change-Makers are inspiring young leaders selected by their National Olympic Committees to guide their respective athletes through their Youth Olympic Games journey and help them embrace and live by the Olympic values beyond the Games.

Here are some Young Change-Makers.

Betsmara Cruz Lebron - Puerto Rico

Betsmara works to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle through the delivery of lessons in schools.

Eric Mitchell - Canada

The Olympic ski jumper’s joint project with Maggie Brennan is a campaign for LGBT rights that has so far reached more than 900 students.

Mathatho Manaka - South Africa

Mathatho combines sport with health, social development, life skills, and career guidance for the young people in Soweto.

Olga Ponomar-Becker - Russia

Olga created a specialised YOG booth that educated 300-400 young athletes about clean sport.

Olga Ponomar-Becker - Russia

Olga Ponomar-Becker - Russia

Sakina Valiyeva - Azerbaijan

Sakina developed a programme that brings athletics and table tennis to a new generation – especially young girls, by organising an outreach programme targeting schools and orphanages.

Christel Saneh and Tony Tarraff - Lebanon

Christel created a board game with Tony Tarraff that is distributed in schools, and used to promote Olympic education.

Valery de Falbaire - Mauritius

Valery rolls out weekly sports classes to 400 participants in 10 villages across the island, aimed at tackling obesity and preventing non-communicable diseases.

Pedro Cavazzoni - Brazil

Pedro’s programme introduces cross-country skiing to children living in the favelas in São Paulo and has grown to nearly 100 participants.

Vira Perederii - Ukraine

The Olympic rhythmic gymnast helped develop an outreach programme by taking educational workshops to schools.

She is now working on a project that aids athletes with their career transition.

Waleed Abu Nada - Jordan

Waleed runs ‘The Champ Camp’, which works to empower young boys and girls in Jordan’s Al-Baqa’a Refugee camp.

Juan Sanchez - Colombia

Juan founded an organisation that helps companies foster social responsibility through user studies, trend analysis, and strategic forecasting.

His project promotes conflict resolution and social integration in the unstable region of Buenaventura while providing the communities with opportunities to develop a career path in sports.

Erin Kennedy - USA

Erin helped more girls to reach their potential through rugby by expanding to three new pilot locations across the USA.

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