Neeraj Chopra, Shivpal Singh can reach 90m-mark coach believes

The German legend Uwe Hohn wants his wards to trust his process to help them go the distance.

By Olympic Channel Writer ·

Having been with the Indian javelin contingent for a while now, legendary coach Uwe Hohn believes that both Neeraj Chopra and Shivpal Singh have it in them to cross the 90-metre mark in the discipline.

Speaking to the Indian Express, the German, who’s the only athlete to throw the spear beyond 100 metres, said that Indian javelin duo had the potential to climb greater heights. 

“At the moment with Neeraj, the aim is to slowly move him into the 91-92 metre mark. It will take time but it is possible. If you ask me about Shivpal’s potential, I believe he can also reach the 90-metre-plus mark. 

“There is a lot of talent so things can move in a positive direction,” he pointed out.

However, the process is not without its challenges according to the German, who’s been with Shivpal Singh in South Africa over the past few months.

Germany's Uwe Hohn is the only athlete to manage a distance of over 100 metres in javelin throw.

“It takes time to gain the trust of athletes because they are used to a method or a particular way and are not ready to change it because a previous coach told them it was a good method or they are just used to it,” said the 57-year-old.

“Trying to make athletes change their technique or training methods is a challenge, it takes time. But hopefully, things will move in a better direction now. When they start to perform after following the method you have told them they will trust and listen faster.”

Though it might look easy to the eye, javelin throw, Uwe Hohn insists, is not as simple as it seems. And that’s one of the primary reasons why the German wants his wards to trust his process.

“The javelin throw is not only about trying to apply the most force,” he said. “The release speed is also important and every movement of the body has to be perfect. A thrower has to understand the event and trust the process, believe in the coach and work as a team.”

Uwe Hohn’s impact on the Indian javelin team has been evident with the performances of Neeraj Chopra and Shivpal Singh.

While Shivpal Singh recently qualified for the 2020 Olympics last week, Neeraj Chopra made the Olympic cut with a throw of 87.86m at the Athletics Central North East meeting, South Africa in January.

And with them slowly starting to trust the process, it won’t be a surprise if the Indian javelin duo come up trumps at Tokyo 2020.