Indian Grand Prix 2: Hima Das wins 200m, Dutee Chand picks 100m crown

Hima Das was tipped to race Dutee Chand in the women’s 100m but pulled out at the last moment. None of the Indian athletes managed to make the Olympic cut.

By Utathya Nag ·

The much-anticipated Dutee Chand vs Hima Das women’s 100m race at the Indian Grand Prix 2 didn’t take place after the latter pulled out of the event at the last moment.

But both sprinters ended the event with a gold medal each – Dutee Chand with the 100m win and Hima Das triumphing in the 200m.

Dutee Chand, who won the event at the first leg of the Indian GP at NIS Patiala last week, clocked 11.44 seconds in Race B. She won her pet event through time trials, beating Karnataka’s Dhaneshwari (11.89 seconds), who was in the same group.

Though Dutee Chand’s time wasn’t enough to beat her own national record of 11.22 seconds or the Olympic qualifying entry mark of 11.15 seconds, it marked a minor improvement compared to her first leg finish (11.51 seconds).

Hima Das won the women’s 200m gold clocking an impressive 23.31 seconds – just short off the Olympic qualifying mark of 22.80 seconds.

Delhi’s Simran Deep Kaur came second with a 24.91. Karnataka’s Kaveri Laxmango Patil – the only other runner at the event – couldn’t finish after seemingly pulling a hamstring shortly after the start.

It was a welcome return to the track for the Assamese sprinter, who has been struggling with injury for the past couple of years.

Men’s 200m saw a big upset as Tamil Nadu’s S Arokia Rajiv (21.24 seconds) edged out Kerala’s Muhammed Anas Yahiya (21.44 seconds). Anas holds the national record (20.63 seconds) in 200m, which he set in 2018. The Olympic qualifying mark for the event is 20.24.

The men’s 100m event was won by Maharashtra’s Krishnakumar Rane (10.71 seconds), who successfully fended off national record holder Amiya Mallick (10.74 seconds). Rane had won the first leg as well, where Amiya settled for bronze.

Ace javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, whose entry was listed at the Indian GP 2, did not participate. The Tokyo-bound athlete is expected to turn up in the fourth leg in June.

The third Indian GP is next in the domestic season on March 5 in Patiala.

Indian GP II results

Men 100m: 1. Krishnakumar Rane (Mah) 10.71; 2. Amiya Kumar Mallick (Odi) 10.74; 3. Amit Tiwari (Del) 10.81.

200m: 1. S Arokia Rajiv (TN) 21.24; 2. Muhammed Anas (Ker) 21.44; 3. Ashok Kumar (Pun) 21.80.

400m: 1. Amoj Jacob (Del) 46.00; 2. Sarthak Bhambri (Del) 47.12; 3. Angrej Singh (Har) 47.32.

1500m: 1. Ajay Kumar Saroj (UP) 3:44.31; 2. Rahul (Del) 3:45.98; 3. Ajeet Kumar (Guj) 3:51.30.

Long jump: 1. M. Sreeshankar (Ker) 8.05m; 2. Yugant Singh (UP) 7.85m; 3. Muhammed Anees (Ker) 7.76m.

Shot put: 1. Tajinderpal Singh Toor (Pun) 19.49m; 2. Sahib Singh (Del) 17.69m; 3. Amandeep Singh (Pun) 16.96m.

Javelin throw: 1. Sahil Silwal (Har) 77.40m; 2. Rohit Yadav (UP) 77.33m; 3. D.P. Manu (Kar) 75.28m.

Women 100m: 1. Dutee Chand (Odi) 11.44; 2. A.T. Daneshwari (Kar) 11.89; 3. Diandra Valladares (Mah) 11.92.

200m: 1. Hima Das (Asm) 23.31; 2. Simrandeep Kaur (Del) 24.91.

400m: 1. M.R. Poovamma (Kar) 53.60; 2. Kiran Pahal (Har) 54.88; 3. V. Subha (TN) 55.29.

1500m: 1. Chanda (Del) 4:15.54; 2. P.U. Chitra (Ker) 4:20.98; 3. Lili Das (WB) 4:21.32.

400m hurdles: 1. R. Vithya Ramraj (TN) 59.49; 2. Nanhi (Har) 1:00.13; 3. V.K. Salini (Ker) 1:00.44.

Shot put: 1. Srishthi Vig (Del) 15.46m; 2. Kachnar Chaudhary (Raj) 14.15m; 3. Tulnai Narzary (Asm) 13.95m.

Javelin throw: 1. Annu Rani (UP) 61.22m; 2. Sanjana Choudhary (Raj) 53.27m; 3. Sharmila Kumari (Har) 50.93m.