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Kaplina breaks world record as Boldyrev and Barashchuk claim European speed climbing titles

First day of competition in Moscow sees Kaplina become second women under 7 seconds as Russia and Ukraine each win a gold.

By James Pratt ·

Ekaterina Barashchuk and Danyil Boldyrev claimed speed climbing titles on Saturday (21 November) with wins on a dramatic first day at the 2020 European Championships in Moscow, which also saw the women's world record broken, live on Olympic Channel.

Barashchuk beat Elizaveta Ivanova in a close all-Russian women’s final, while Ukraine climber Boldyrev took the men's win, with a time of 5.697 to beat Lev Rudatskiy of Russia by 0.044 seconds.

Marcin Dzienski took the bronze medal, winning the small final in 5.596 seconds for a new men’s European record.

The women's bronze went to Iuliia Kaplina of Russia. She set a new world record in her qualification round win, with a time of 6.964 seconds.

That made her only the second female under 7 seconds in the sport.

It's the 10th time Kaplina has set a world record.

The former fastest woman was Aries Susanti Rahayu, who was the first female to break the 7 second mark for the 15m climb with a time of 6.99 seconds.

The Indonesian, known affectionately as 'Spiderwoman' set her mark in October 2019.

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The European Championships continue with the bouldering on Monday 23rd November, and lead events on Wednesday 25th November.

There are then two Olympic qualifying places available in the Combined event on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th November, with semi-finals and finals live on Olympic Channel.