Maharashtra sits atop as Delhi leapfrogs UP at KIYG

Abhay Bhatu, Poorva Sawant shine as Maharashtra extend their lead with 11 gold, 10 silver and 13 bronze medals.

By Olympic Channel Writer ·

Sunday saw Under-21 high jumper Abhay Bhatu and Girls Under-17 triple jumper Poorva Sawant clinching gold medal for Maharashtra in track and field to further help the state’s cause to sit at the top of the table.

Apart from them, cyclists Madhura Waykar (Under-21) and Pooja Danole (Under-17) of Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education also won their Individual Time Trials to keep their hopes high.

In archery, Tisha Kamlesh Sacheti beat top-ranked Pramilaben Barla (Gujarat) 6-4 in the semi-finals to set up a title clash with Haryana’s Himani in the Under-21 recurve competition. Himani defeated Maharashtra’s Sakshi Vinod Tote to reach there.

Two gold medals each in cycling and athletics meant Maharashtra finishing with a medal tally of 34.

The second best was Delhi, who saw its athletes winning three gold medals – two in judo and one in 3000m – to go past Uttar Pradesh to sit on the second spot. UP sits third on the table with 16 medals, two fewer than Delhi.

Kerala shines

Kerala did well to climb up the table buoying on Ancy Sojan, who won two golds – Girls Under-21 100m and the long jump. While she clocked the 100m race in 12.21 seconds, she created the meet record with a jump of 6.36m in long jump.

Hailing from Thrissur’s Nattika Government Fisheries Higher Secondary School, Ancy’s five brilliant attempts, all of which exceeded 6m, read – 6.11, 6.36, 6.29, 6.08 and 6.13 - before she ended up fouling her final jump.

Kerala was followed by Tamil Nadu in the long jump as Sherin Abdul Gafoor won the silver medal. Gafoor had set a mark of 6.15m last year and went to have six successful jumps reading 5.99, 6.16, 6.11, 6.06, 6.30 and 6.13.

Haryana sits sixth with 20 medals in their bucket. Nuzrat Ali and Kunal Kaushik helped the state with two gold medals in the Boys Under-21 100m and Boys Under-17 shot put respectively.

Paras Hooda of Haryana is now the only recurve archer left with a chance of defending the title won last year by the state. He will face Chandigarh’s Divyansh in the Boys Under-17 final.

The results


Boys Under-21 100m: 1. Nuzrat Ali (Haryana) 10.77 seconds; 2. Abhinav Panwar (Delhi) 10.82; 3. Love Preet Singh (Punjab) 10.83.

High Jump: 1. Abhay Bhatu Gurav (Maharashtra) 2.07m (Equaled Meet Record. MR: 2.07, Gurjeet Singh, Pune, 2019); 2. Uchhal Kumar Roy (West Bengal) 2.04; 3. Akash (Haryana) 2.01.

Discus Throw: 1. Ikram Ali Khan (Madhya Pradesh) 53.82m (New Meet Record. Old: 53.50, Surjeet Gurra, Pune, 2019); 2. Abhay Gupta (Haryana) 53.81; 3. Basukesh Poonia (Rajasthan) 53.27.

Girls Under-21

100m: 1. Ancy Sojan (Kerala) 12.21 seconds; 2. Rajashree Prasad (West Bengal) 12.27; 3. Kirti Sanjay Bhoite (Maharashtra) 12.38.

3000m: 1. Chanda (Delhi) 9:44.93 (New Meet Record. Old: 10:09.88, Pune, 2019); 2. Kiran (Haryana) 10:00.78; 3. Muskan Dilipbhai Chotia (Gujarat) 10:01.51.

Long Jump: Ancy Sojan (Kerala) 6.36m (New Meet Record. Old: 6.15, A Sherin, Pune, 2019); 2. A Sherin 6.30; 3. TK Sandra Babu (Kerala) 5.99

Discus Throw: 1. M Karunya (Tamil Nadu) 46.18m; 2. Grima (Haryana) 45.21; Paramjot Kaur (Punjab) 44.44.

Javelin Throw: 1. Hema Malini (Tamil Nadu) 46.54m (New Meet Record. Old: 46.36, Manpreet Kaur, Pune, 2019); 2. Anjani Kumari (Bihar) 44.32; 3. Pingki Brahma (Assam) 44.24.


Boys Under-21 Individual Time Trial (30km): 1. Dinesh Kumar (Odisha) 40:11.133; 2. Anil Manglaw (Haryana) 40:23.361; 3. Raju Bati (Karnataka) 41:05.179.

Girls Under-21 Individual Time Trial (20km): 1. Madhura Waykar (Maharashtra) 30:36.594; 2. Megha Gugad (Karnataka) 31:05.423; 3. Soumya Antapur (Karnataka) 31:33.206.


Boys Under-21 Artistic Individual All-Around: 1. Gaurav Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 72.30 points; 2. Omkar Ishwar Shinde (Maharashtra) 68.70; 3. Ankur Sharma (Uttar Pradesh) 67.55.

Table Tennis (Doubles):

Girls Under-21 Semi-Finals: Srushti Surendranath/Shreya Shirish (MHR) lost to Selena Deepthi/Deepika Neelankandan (TN) 2-3, Kaushani Nath/Surbhi Patwari (WB) bt Kowshika Venkatesan/Yashini 3-1

Boys Under-21 Semi-Finals: Deepit Rajesh Patel/Raegan Reul (MHR) lost to Jeet Chandra/Wesley Do Rosario (HAR) 1-3.


Under-21 Boys Semi-Finals: Maharashtra 38 bt U.P 38-20, Haryana bt Chandigarh 44-42.

Under-21 Girls Semi-Finals: Himachal Pradesh bt Chhattisgarh 34-28.

Archery (Recurve):

Under-21 Boys Semi-Finals: Sachin Vedwan (MAH) bt Mayur Sudhir Rokade (MAH) 6-2, Jagdish Choudhary (RAJ) bt Sunny Kumar (HAR) 7-3.

Under-21 Girls Semi-Finals: Premilaben Barla (GUJ) lost to Tisha Kamlesh (MAH) 6, Sakshi Vinod Tote (MAH) lost to Himani (HAR) 5 (7)-5 (8).


Under-21 Boys Semi-Finals: Siddhant Gupta (DEL) lost to Mukul Sharma 145-147, Rishabh Yadav (HAR) bt Harsh Parashar (HAR) 146-143.

Under-21 Girls Semi-Finals: Sunaina Devi (J & K) lost to Raginee Markoo (MP) 140-144, Muskan Kirar (MP) bt Srishti Singh (MP) 143-142.


Under-21 Boys: Uttar Pradesh bt Gujarat 3-1, Tamil Nadu bt Haryana. 3-1, Punjab bt Assam 3-0.