Haryana leapfrog Maharashtra to top of the medals table

Kabaddi, archery lead Haryana’s gold rush as they rise to first place in the medals tally at the end of the fourth day of the Khelo India Youth Games.

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Four days into the 2020 Khelo Indian Youth Games (KIYG), Haryana proved why they are one of the best sporting states in the country as they vaulted over Maharashtra to the top of the medals tally with their athletes amassing medals at will in Guwahati on Monday.

Haryana dominate kabaddi

The contingent from the north of India pocketed as many as 12 gold medals -- four in kabaddi, three each in archery and athletics and one in cycling and gymnastics -- to surge ahead from sixth to the top of the leaderboard. At the end of the fourth day, Haryana leads the tally with 17 gold, 16 silver and 14 bronze while Maharashtra stay on their heels with 16 gold, 20 silver and 35 bronze medals to their name in second place. 

They were expected to rule the kabaddi mat at the 2020 Khelo India Youth Games, and the script panned out in an all but similar fashion for Haryana. While the boys’ teams in the U-21, the U-17 and the girls’ side in the U-17 categories barely faced any challenge, the girls U-21 final saw Himachal Pradesh take the fight to the favourites.

Haryana recorded a fine 41-27 win over Maharashtra to win the gold medal in the Boys U-21 category. Image courtesy: KIYG media


The State nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas rallied from a six-point deficit at half-time to draw parity and push the match into extra time. But they couldn’t prolong the fight as the Haryana side wrapped the match 35-32 to take home the gold.

Their dominance was evident in the archery field too as Haryana pocketed a total of six medals, including three golds.

In the recurve category, Himani Kumari beat Tisha Sacheti of Maharashtra 7-3 to take the yellow metal in the girls U-21 section while in the boys half, Sunny had to be content with a bronze. In the U-17 section, Tisha Punia got the better of Tamanna 6-2 in an all-Haryana final with Paras Hooda going down to Chandigarh’s Divyansh 4-6 in the match for gold.

Meanwhile, in the compound segment, Haryana’s only medal came in the boys U-21 category with Rishabh Yadav beating Mukul Sharma of Rajasthan 143-140 in the final.

Haryana’s Himani Kumari (centre) with the gold medal at the 2020 Khelo India Youth Games. Image courtesy: KIYG media

Field day for Haryana

Haryana’s success was not limited to kabaddi and archery alone as their athletes did well to win a handful of gold medals at the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium as well. 

Competing in the boys U-21 category, Prashant Kanhaiya won the pole vault gold with a meet record performance. The Haryana athlete covered a distance of 5.10 metres to win the top prize, obliterating the previous best of 4.70 metres set by Rakesh Gond at the Pune Games last year. 

Uttar Pradesh’s Shekhar Pandey was a distant second with a best of 4.90 metres, while Deepak Ramsevak of Maharashtra completed the podium with an effort of 4.80 metres.

In the hammer throw, Haryana’s Ravi bagged gold for his effort of 66.01 metres while Rajasthan’s Jaichand Balram (64.63 metres) and Afsar Ahmed of Uttar Pradesh (60.48 metres) won the silver and the bronze respectively.

Haryana’s Prashant Kanhaiya won the pole vault gold with a meet record performance on Monday.

In the boys U-17 high jump, meanwhile, Deepanshu Rathee claimed gold for his effort of 1.94 metres with the Maharashtra duo of Dhairyashil Gayakwad and Aniket Mane taking home the silver and the bronze, separated only the basis of countback.
Results (All final):

Archery: Recurve: Boys Under-21: Jagdish Choudhary (Rajasthan) beat Sachin Vedwan (Maharashtra) 6-4. Bronze medal: Sunny (Haryana).**

Girls Under-21:* Himani Kumari (Haryana) beat Tisha Sacheti (Maharashtra) 7-3. Bronze medal: Sakshi Vinod Tote (Maharashtra).*

Boys Under-17:** Divyansh (Chandigarh) beat Paras Hooda (Haryana) 6-4; Bronze medal: Parth Sushant Salunka (Maharashtra).

Girls Under-17: Tisha Punia (Haryana) beat Tamanna (Haryana) 6-2; Bronze medal: Ridhi (Haryana)**

Compound: Boys Under-21:* Rishabh Yadav (Haryana) beat Mukul Sharma (Rajasthan) 143-140; Bronze medal: Siddhant Gupta (Delhi).*

Girls Under-21:* Muskan Kirar (Madhya Pradesh) beat Raginee Markoo (Madhya Pradesh) 143-135. Bronze medal: Shristi Singh (Madhya Pradesh).*

Boys Under-17:* Chirag Vidyarthi (Madhya Pradesh) beat Rajesh Bishnoi (Rajasthan) 146-145; Bronze medal: Kunderu Venkatadri (Andhra Pradesh).*

Girls Under-17:* Sanchi Dhalla (Delhi) beat Priya Gurjar (Rajasthan) 142-138. Bronze medal: Isha Ketan Pawar (Maharashtra).*

Athletics: Boys Under-21:**

800m: 1. Anu Kumar Mahipal Singh (Uttarakhand)1:53.89; 2. Gaurav Yadav (Tamil Nadu) 1:54.38; 3. Chaitanya Vilasrao Holgare (Maharashtra) 1:54.69.

10000m: 1. Kartik Kumar (Uttar Pradesh 30:43.97 (New Meet Record. Old: 31:58.16, Dinesh Singh, Pune, 2019); 2. M Sathish Kumar (Tamil Nadu) 31:21.30; 3. Vishal Vashrambhai Makwana (Gujarat) 31:42. 08.**

400m Hurdles:* 1. Dhaval Mahesh Utekar (Gujarat) 51.42 seconds (New Meet Record. Old: 52.43, Dhaval Utekar, Pune, 2019); 2. Arnold Peter Mendes (Maharashtra) 53.17; 3. Ruchit Mori (Gujarat) 53.64.*

Pole Vault:** 1. Prashant Singh Kanhaiya (Haryana) 5.10m (New Meet Record. Old: 4.70m, Rakesh Gond, Pune, 2019); 2. Shekhar Kumar Pandey (Uttar Pradesh) 4.90; 3. Deepak Yadav Ramsevak (Maharashtra) 4.80.

Long Jump: 1. S Saran (Tamil Nadu) 7.41m; 2. Bhupender Singh (Haryana) 7.30; 3. R Sajan (Kerala) 7.29.

Hammer Throw:

1. Ravi (Haryana) 66.01m; 2. Jaichand Balram (Rajasthan 64.63; 3. Afsar Ahmed (Uttar Pradesh) 60.48.


1. Assam (Bhum Machahary, , Rajib Brahma, Pallab Gogoi and Subarna Kalita) 42.45 seconds; 2. Tamil Nadu 43.16; 3. Maharashtra 43.17.

Girls Under-21: 800m:

1. Priscilla Daniel (Kerala) 2:11.81 (New Meet Record. Old: 2:13.81, Ankita Chahel, Pune, 2019); 2. Rakhi Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 2:12.23; 3. Durga Prasad Deore (Maharashtra) 2:13.04.

400m Hurdles:

1. Preeti (Delhi) 1:00.25 (New Meet Record. Old: 1:01.48, Nanhi, Pune, 2019); 2. Nanhi (Haryana) 1:00.91; 3. Nidhi Yogendra Singh (Maharashtra) 1:02.40.

Pole Vault:

1. Pavithra (Tamil Nadu) 3.50m; 2. Babita Patel (Madhya Pradesh) 3.50; 3. Malavika Ramesh (Kerala) 3.40.

Triple Jump:

1. P Babisha (Tamil Nadu) 12.83m; 2. R Aishwarya (Tamil Nadu) 12.41; 3. Lizabeth Carolin Joseph (Kerala) 12.37.


1. Kerala (VS Bhavika, Mrudula Maria Babu, Ann Rose Tomy and Ancy Sojan) 46.77 seconds (New Meet Record. Old: 47.22, Maharashtra, Pune, 2019); 2. Tamil Nadu 47.00; 3. Maharashtra 48.85.

Boys Under-17: 800m:

1. Pradeep Senthil Kumar (Tamil Nadu) 1:52.51; 2. Irfan (Uttar Pradesh)1:52.22; 3. Parvej Khan (Haryana) 1:55.36.

High Jump:

1. Deepanshu Rathee (Haryana) 1.94m; 2. Dhairyashil Dhanaji Gayakwad (Maharashtra) 1.94; 3. Aniket Subhash Mane (Maharashtra) 1.94.

Discus Throw:

1. Arvind Sharma (Delhi) 54.47m (New Meet Record. Old: 52.45m, Ashish Kumar, Pune, 2019); 2. Harish Kumar (Uttar Pradesh); 3. Ankush Pundir (Uttar Pradesh) 52.29.

4x100m relay:

1. Tamil Nadu (Mohammed Anas, R Vijush, Aravind Akash and Mohamed Saad) 43.48 seconds; 2. Assam 43.81, 3. Jharkhand 43.95.

Girls Under-17: 800m:

1. Stephy Sara Koshy (Kerala) 2:14.58; 2. Laxita (Gujarat) 2:15.10; 3. Sneha (Haryana) 2:15.26.

Discus Throw: 1. Kiran (Rajasthan) 44.77m (New Meet Record. Old: 41.01, Pooja, Delhi, 2018); 2. Neetu Kumari (Rajasthan) 43.37; 3. Sanya Yadav (Haryana) 39.42.

4x100m relay:

1. Maharashtra (Sudeshna Hanmant Shivankar, Shrushti Ramesh Shetty, Pranjali Dilip Patil and Shreya Shedge) 48.36 seconds; 2. Tamil Nadu 49.05; 3. Kerala 49.96.

Cycling: Boys Under-21 road race (100km):

1. Anil Maglaw (Haryana) 2:33:36.282; 2. Sachin Sharma (Gujarat) 2:34:15.635; 3. GT Gagan Reddy (Karnataka) 2:34:15.764.

Girls Under-21 road race (60km):

1. Gongutri Bordoloi (Assam) 2:11:52.16; 2. Swasti Singh (Odisha) 2:11:52.21; 3. Chayanika Gogoi (Assam) 2:11:52.31

Boys Under-17 road race (50km):

1. Arshad Farid (Delhi) 1:09:36.25; 2. Ravi Singh (Haryana) 1:09:36.43; 3. Siddhesh (Maharashtra) 1:09:36.49.

Girls Under-17 road race (30km):

1. Pooja Danole (Maharashtra) 55:42.32; 2. Muskan Gupta (Gujarat) 55:42:47; 3. Ishika Gupta (Delhi) 55:42:71.

Gymnastics: Artistic: Boys Under-21 Floor Exercise:

1. Amruth Muradbet (Karnataka) 12.24 points; 2. Gaurav Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 12.15; 3. Anas Ali Shaikh (Maharashtra) 12.10.

Girls Under-21: Individual All-Around:

1. Ritu Das (West Bengal) 44.10 points; 2. Srishti Manchanda (Delhi) 42.40; 3. Vaidehi Dewoodkar (Maharashtra) 41.40.

Uneven Bars:

1. Ritu Das (West Bengal) 10.30 points; 2. Vaidehi Dewoodkar (Maharashtra) 8.25; 3. Poorva Vijay Kirve (Maharashtra) 8.10.

Rhythmic: Individual All-Around:

1. Aditee Ajit Dandekar (Maharashtra) 52.95 points; 2. Bavleeen Kaur (Jammu and Kashmir) 50.45; 3. Richa (Maharashtra) 47.00.

Judo: Boys Under-21: 55kg class:

Aniket Bansod (Gujarat) beat Pratham Gurav (Maharashtra). Bronze medals: Salim Ansari and Harish Har (Assam).

60kg class:

Shiva Kumar (Punjab) beat Nongmekapam Somorjit Singh (Manipur). Bronze medals: Krishan (Delhi) and Vivek Yadav (Uttar Pradesh).

66kg class:

Jagdish Metei Laishram (Manipur) beat Kamdon Boi (Arunachal Pradesh). Bronze medals: Vipul Chaudhary (Gujarat) and Sumit Yadav (Uttar Pradesh).

73kg class:

Aryan (Chandigarh) beat Nishant Gaurav (Maharashtra). Bronze medals: Aryan Kumar Patel (Gujarat) and Rahul Sevta (Rajasthan).

Girls Under-21: 44kg class:

Alpaben Vadher (Gujarat) beat Akansha (Rajasthan). Bronze medals: Rohini Mohite (Maharashtra) and Laxmi Kumari (Delhi).

48kg class:

Rishta Kareliya (Gujarat) beat Rekha (Haryana). Bronze medals: Antim Yadav (Madhya Pradesh) and Rani Bajirao Khomne (Maharashtra).

52kg class:

Chinglunmawii (Mizoram) beat L Nganthoi (Manipur). Bronze medals: Swaita (Delhi) and Snehal Khware (Maharashtra).

57kg class:

Huidrom Matouleibi (Manipur) beat Shubhangi Raut (Maharashtra). Bronze medals: Ankita (Haryana) and Anju (Chandigarh).

Boys Under-17: 81kg class:

Vishal (Haryana) beat Hamaza Nagori (Gujarat). Bronze medals: Anish Tokas (Delhi) and Pradeep (Maharashtra).

Kabaddi: Boys Under-21:

Haryana beat Maharashtra 41-27 (Half-time 19-14); Bronze medals: Uttar Pradesh and Chandigarh.

Girls Under-21:

Haryana beat Himachal Pradesh 35-32 in extra time (Half-time: 17-11; Full time: 27-27); Bronze medals: Uttar Pradesh and Chhattishgarh.

Boys Under-17:

Haryana beat Rajasthan 42-26 (Half-time 21-13); Bronze medals: Bihar and Rajasthan.

Girls Under-17:

Haryana beat Tamil Nadu 25-20 (Half-time: 15-13); Bronze medals: Chhattisgarh and Bihar.

Shooting: Boys Under-21 10m Air Rifle:

1. Rushiraj Bhagirathsinh Jadeja (Gujarat) 249.4 points; 2. Hriday Hazarika (Assam) 247.5; 3. Shahu Tushar Mane (Maharashtra) 227.2.

Boys Under-17 10m Air Rifle:

1. Rudraksh Patil (Maharashtra) 252.4 points; 2. Keval Prajapati (Gujarat) 250.5; 3. Manvendra Shekawat (Rajasthan) 226.7.

Table Tennis: Boys Under-21 doubles:

Shubham Ambre and Chinmaya Somaya (Maharashtra) beat Jeet Chandra and Wesley Rosario (Haryana) 11-5, 10-12, 11-9, 13-11. Bronze medals: Parth Virmani and Shreyans Goyal (Delhi).

Girls Under-21 doubles:

Selena Deepthi and Deepika Neelakandan (Tamil Nadu) beat Kaushani Nath and Surbhi Patwari (West Bengal) 11-8, 5-11, 11-7, 11-3. Bronze medals: Koushika Venkatesan and Yashini (Tamil Nadu).

Boys Under-17 doubles:

Jeho Puingeta and Alberto Ruata (Mizoram) beat Yashanish Malik and Payas Jain (Delhi) 11-8, 11-7, 11-8. Bronze medals: Vishwa Deenadayalan and Suresh Preyesh (Tamil Nadu).

Girls Under-17 doubles:

Munmun Kundu and Prithoki Chakraborti (West Bengal) beat Vanshika Bhargava and Lakshita Narang (Delhi) 7-11, 11-7, 11-4, 11-6. Bronze medals: Swastika Ghosh and Diya Chitale (Maharashtra).